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  1. Your weathering on this is superb. Love the staining around the cowling and the overall colours used. Well done
  2. Great work on the Frank. Nice colour choice on the came and great to see another of the new Arma kits built. Cant wait to get my hands on one
  3. Thanks once again for the comments guys, really appreciate it! I have a couple on the go at the moment (an MPM Kikka & a Sword "Randy") but might have to start another one shortly with a NMF & do a build log once again. Many thanks Toryu. With such a small amount of photo's it's hard to be conclusive to what the final finish would have been. Here are the other 2 I used plus a 3rd I used for the aerial wire (still machines from the 5th though) I also liked this colour profile for the demarcation line With all the pictures above I think I was as accurate as I could be with the angles I had. Plus I was able to confirm the wing roots were not Black brown & the trim tab on the rudder was white. I also think the nosecap was a darker steel colour rather than brown. The panel lines I don't mind to much. From a normal viewing distance they dont stand out to much at all but close up I can see what you mean
  4. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment, really appreciate it and glad you like the model! Thankyou very much. No I don't seal my metal paints at all because of exactly what you said, it affects the shine. The only downside is having to be careful how you hold the model as it can rub off of the high spots or sharper edges (like wing leading and trailing edges). Lacquer paints are very durable though and can stand up to quite a bit of weathering
  5. I managed to complete this one a couple of weeks ago but just realised I never post it up as complete on here This aircraft is quite a controversial one because of it's paint scheme. The aircraft in question was flown by the 5th Sentai out of Kiyoshu Airfield and belonged to Maj Yoshiaki Yamashita. It was stripped of it's factory night paint scheme on the upper surfaces but retained the paint on it's underside, control surfaces and the engine cowls & faring's. This was done to try and raise the performance of high altitude interception of B-29's but was not approve by higher command. There are a only 3 photo's of the machine that I know of but the main one you will mostly see is this one (Credit to the owner of the original photo) In the Hasagawa boxing of the Kai Tei of the 5th flight regiment this paint scheme is supplied but they show the upper wings being brown, the rudder as red as well as the nosecap. After speaking to Nick Millman we both agree that this was not the case. I have painted the model in the best interpretation we could come up with. The model is painted using SMS paints, the metallic's being a mix of Super Silver & Stainless Steel with Steel being applied on the darker upper areas. The underside is a custom colour to make the Japanese night black brown colour. All markings were painted on accept for the tail insignia & text as well as the odd stencil here and there. Weathering was done with Tamiya panel liner & some pigments. I was also lucky enough to take home Gold in the 1/72 Out of Box category with this one at the recent local model show which I was pretty happy about Hope you like it!
  6. Thanks for all the kind words guys! Really appreciate it. The SMS metallic are very easy to use. I mainly use the Super silver and tone it down with washes etc but the stainless steel is just a great look. The base underneath is gloss black which I was very happy with. Once dry I used a thin panel liner wash then just pigments over the top for wear. The interesting effect comes when you apply stainless steel over the top of Super silver, brings out the gold tones in the colour which is what I doing at the moment on my current build I have also given up on the Eduard version though maybe one day I will get it
  7. Thanks for the kind words guys! The idea I had for the base is very similar to creating rolled steel texture on armour. The thin putty isnt to bad of a surface to start with but the light sand is what knocks off the ridges to create the smooth surface. Once the primer hits is it the surface texture is almost exactly what I wanted for concrete
  8. The Ki-115 was an aircraft that was designed purely for suicide attacks & was to be flown by unskilled pilots. Nakajima started designed for the aircraft in January 1945. It was to be built with non strategic materials & would utilise a variety of engines, though in practice all machines were built with the Ha-115. A semi concealed bomb was to be carried on the underside of the aircraft and the landing gear would be jettisoned after takeoff. First flights were made as early as March, 1945 & a number of problems were found such as issues with visibility, the unsprung gear caused vibration & take off was difficult. Though problems were fixed it never saw combat & never received an allied code name because of this. 104 machine were built before the end of the war with one left in existence today. The Special Hobby kit was quite surprising as you get quite a bit for your money & the detail was pretty good. The panel lines were finely engraved plus you got a small sheet of etch & some resin parts such as the engine, exhaust stubs, intake & the bomb. The best part is I found this one locally second hand from another modeller for $10 The boxing covers 3 different paint schemes which were the 3 stages of paint completion at the Ota factory (NMF, NMF with dark green around insignia & Dark green over grey green). My heart straight away went to the first stage of completion, which is overall NMF with just the insignia painted. Some quick research found a series of pics from inside the factory around September 1945 So I got straight into the build, with minimal pictures taken during construction because I wasn't sure if this was one that would work out or not. A quick test fit showed with a little adjustment things were lining up pretty good which was promising. Unfortunately no cockpit shots either, not that you can see much, but the pit was overall wood so brown tones with some interior green on the side walls. With that finished the rest went together pretty quick with no real issued other than the wing underside join to the body. The joint itself was fine but I found I had to sand away some material to round the insert to match the fuselage. The majority of the smaller round or tubular parts were replaced with brass tube in matching diameters, except for the main gear which was just cleaned up & used. I even remade the rear shock absorber on the tail skid by wrapping some copper wire around brass tube. The canopy was dipped in Future for clarity & masks were used on the tiny canopy for painting. The hardest part were the exhaust stacks, which had to be trimmed and glued onto the edge of the cowl otherwise they would not have sat properly. The overall colour is SMS Stainless steel as I wanted the darker, shinier tone to match the pictures. The empennage & Ailerons are SMS Super silver to represent painted fabric as seen on the last existing example of the aircraft. The wingtips & landing gear are SMS Steel & the anti glare strip is SMS anti glare. All insignia were cut using my Cricut cutter then painted on. Though I modified the included propeller to have an enclosed spinner I decided to leave it off as I prefer the aircraft with it removed & wanted to display as it was found in the Ota factory. The weathering was done with a small amount of Tamiya panel liner & weathering pigments. Now I did say I wanted it to look as it did back in the Ota factory, so that would require a factory floor! I used a piece of styrene for the base, covering the surface with Tamiya grey putty thinned with extra thin cement & stippled on with a short brush. When dry some groves were cut with a scribe & once again stippled with the same mix, then lightly sanded once dry. The base was primed in black before various grey tones were marbled on & a flat coated applied. Finally Tamiya panel liner was used to highlight the groves, scratches & dents as well as producing oil stains. Not to bad for a first attempt at anything like this though maybe a little to blue grey. Now I just got to work out what I am going to stick the base to! Very happy with this build and how it turned out & would happily build this kit again if I ever found another.
  9. Nice job on all the kits. Your Ki-100 & Ka-Go are really nice, great colour choice and detailing
  10. I assume this is the Tamiya Kit. I have this one in the stash but I have built the Tamiya 1/72 and I agree it's awesome. Your finish is very nice & love natural metal finished Tony's with home defence bands. Very well done
  11. Thanks Troy. Great tip on the prop blades and I hope prop modellers take note as that is 100% correct. I did actually do this on my blades though the pics don't show it. I love the silver that I use on my kits but it only reflects when light is directly on it, otherwise it blends with paint around it quite well. Here is a pic from the build process after I had painted the blades. I could have weathered them a touch more but didn't want to take them over the edge. Haha, good point. The attacker version of the Dinah didn't achieve the same sort of performance as the recon version, though just as pretty in my eyes anyways. Thanks for very kind words guys. It was a labour of lover this one.
  12. I could but I did secure another kit last night I have been very keen to get my hands on, the Hasegawa 1/48 Ki-45 Kai Tei Here is the link to the topic in the RFI section for the Ki-46:
  13. Just finished my first build of 2022, Tamiya's fantastic 1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-46-III Otsu Hei 'Dinah' Aircraft "24" belonged to the 16th Dokuritsu Chutai, based at Kiyosu in the summer of 1945. The Chutai was incorporated into homeland defence as the B-29 raids intensified & was equipped with this heavy armed Boku Sentoki (Air defence fighter). The aircraft were armed with twin 20mmm cannons in the nose and an upward firing 37mm cannon mounted in the central fuselage. The units emblem on the tail is the Kikusui (floating chrysanthemum) The Tamiya kit is a dream to build with no fit problems at all. Added was the Eduard PE set for the interior as well as their canopy masks. Also used were the Quickboost exhausts & their upgraded 20mm & 37mm guns. Brake lines were added with copper wire & the aerial wire is MIG rigging. The majority of the paint used throughout are SMS, mixing some custom colours where required, in particular the topside green to achieve the right tone. Pigments were used for the exhaust & walkway stains. All markings were painted on accept for the unit marking on the tail which is the Tamiya decal. The build thread can be found here : Here are the pictures of the finished kit :
  14. Thanks, glad you have enjoyed the build. I totally agree, It's coming to a close I am don't want it to end either! Really appreciate your comments Mark. I also really enjoy your builds and the Avenger is looking awesome. Glad I have helped with some ideas for the future and looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Soo..... This is going to be the final update on this one as I just finished the build. I have been working on the panel wash the last few nights and left it 24 hours to make sure I was happy. I went for a very light panel wash around the main airframe. Photo's of the Dinah never show it too dirty and as a fast recon aircraft it should be slick. The custom mix was made from Tamiya Panel liner light grey, black & brown, applied lightly and cleaned off with white spirit From here the process was only really a couple of hours work. The final assembly was done first, leaving the guns & pitot tube to the very end of course. Once the cowl's were finally fitted I was able to create the exhaust stains. Though I have tried air brushing I have never really like the results. For me pigments are the way to go and my usual go to is the Tamiya weathering master sets. For this aircraft only soot was used for the staining as it looked the best to me, though I apply the pigment powder with a cut off stubby brush then blend it with a larger, softer brush. Once happy some smaller oil/fuel leaks were applied with AK oil stains & weathering pencils. For the dust & dirt along the port wing various pigment colours like European earth, light dust, sand & light earth were used, again stippled on with my stubby brush & blended with the bigger brush. Once the nav lights were painted it was time to attach the guns & pitot tube thought some small details missing on the rear canopy. On a photo of the aircraft it shows a small rail above the rear canopy frame & a circular port with a small length of tube sticking out on the rear Perspex portion. I found I had a small disc left over on the PE sheet so this was applied with white glue before a small length of brass rod was cut for both the port & canopy. Once painted the aerial cable was strung out between the tail & cannon with a small return back to the rear canopy. And with that it was complete. I will post it up in the RFI section now but until I add the link here is a small teaser
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