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  1. Great model ! I realy appreciate to see that, good job Harry Ivan
  2. That's perfect Giampiero ! Details, paint, weathering all are great ! Well done Ivan
  3. Arresting hook is provided in the kit. photoeteched part #Z29. http://fanakit.free.fr/analyse/2000_modelsvit/07.jpg http://fanakit.free.fr/analyse/2000_modelsvit/12.jpg Ivan
  4. I have received the kit yesteday, very happy with the details, panel lines etc... but chocked by the windshield size : http://fanakit.free.fr/forum/winds.jpg near 3mm too short compare with Hasegawa Ivan
  5. Very nice model Tom ! Beautiful sheme rarely seen on 72nd scale. Great to see that. You are talking a book on F-4Ej could you please tell more ? Thanks. Ivan
  6. Hello http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2019/12/30/arma-hobby-plans-for-2020/
  7. Hello I have received two kits, one from Hobby Easy and another from LuckyModels Both contain 6 x Sparrow Missiles and 6 x Phoenix (3 sprue of 2 Phoenix body of the missile mould in one part) Ivan
  8. Hello, Not a complete review but just few pics of this awesome kit : 2 airbrakes are provided, allowing open and close position keep in mind that the real size of the wheels below are maybe 5 five times smaller details on the electronic bay behind the cockpit left side of the cockpit Ivan
  9. I've just received mine (From Hobby Easy as Trenton Guy) An amazing kit ! Ivan
  10. Impressive ! It's a great pleasure to see your models ! Awesome job you have done Paul ! Ivan
  11. Awesome model ! Great job on detailling, painting, and weathering. Very realistic result ! Ivan
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