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  1. Black Knight, In case you are not settled entirely on WWI paints, here is a prior discussion, in which MisterKit (true) acrylic paints are discussed, including my $.02. Bob C
  2. Bear Paw That is definitely excellent! Your photos are just what I was looking for (and more). And many thanks for the info. Bob C
  3. Bear Paw, To which paint in Bughunter's quote did your comment apply -- MR Paint, Alclad, or Drooling Bulldog? And I wouldn't mind a photo of your Albatros, or a link, to get an idea of the color of the Richtofen Red. Suitable for his Dr.1, perhaps?
  4. Very nice job on a very interesting aircraft. Hmmm … I wonder if that is still available? Bob C
  5. sroubus, The OAW Profipack kit (70131) comes with OAW mid and OAW late fuselages. I'll bet (and others have opined) that a Royal boxing will provide many other options. And who doesn't need another 6 or so (or whatever) different Fokker DVIIs? To replace/add to all the Pegasus and Roden kits we already have (sigh).
  6. Bought one of these when they first came out -- mostly against my better judgement, but I imagined what it would look like if done right. So wishing you best of luck. Not sure it would be a useful application here, but I recently bought some of these https://www.albionhobbies.com/connecto/ in different sizes, intending them for boom/strut structures on aircraft like F. E. 8, etc. Might be easier than using plastic rod, for instance, on that underwing assembly, or even the landing gear? Going to be very much looking forward to seeing your work on this. Bob C
  7. Bob C.

    Aeroclub Biplane Jig

    Woops. Looks like I should have read all the way to the bottom before getting my hopes up like that. But here's hoping, anyway.
  8. Bob C.

    Aeroclub Biplane Jig

    John, Excellent!! I have a half (or so)-finished Meikraft Ca 3 that would be the perfect victim/guinea pig for it. Can't wait. Bob C
  9. Greetings rp & c,, Very nice job, glad you were able to complete it You're a better man than I. See https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MINA7213 for the Mini World LMG. They also have an extraordinary number of other WWI, WWII (and post-war ? - not my area, didn't notice) gems. Somewhat expensive if you have a couple dozen German/French/British WWI kits to show off, but worth the investment when you can. I am quite tempted to abandon at least one (https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/trumpeter-sturmgeschutz-iii-b-t319935.html ) of my current 6 projects (some barely started) to start on the Fokker, but I am bound and determined to see it (and the rest) through before going on to something else. Kind of "half a league, half a league …" and so on. If you are talking about the Eduard 1/72 SPAD XIII, it is a nice kit, although not a "fall together" one. It was actually (for me) more challenging than I was expecting, but came out ok in the end. A little hard to remember now, I think it was lining the struts up properly. OK, I'm trying to post a couple photos, but apparently I am not getting it. Maybe you have some (simple) advice on doing so, since you obviously have it down pat? Do we still have to go from an image-storing site? Anyway, looking forward to the final stage. Very nice. Bob C
  10. Looking very good. I actually found both the standard Profipack, and the limited edition MAG kit -- arrived at my door just yesterday. BTW, the MAG kit also has the OAW fuselage as well. Can't wait to get some of the Pheon decals on it/them. But I don't get why Eduard couldn't have made one-piece wing rib tape decals, with the rib tapes exactly spaced for their kit. Some would probably call that cheating, but I'd call it giving me more time to work on another (Eduard) kit. I just looked at those louvres. They will be pretty tricky to try my above suggestion on, even with a brand new blade. Looks like I'll have to experiment with that (to be unused) MAG fuselage. Also, the Eduard plastic MGs are not bad, but, on your masterpiece, the Mini World LMGs would really add to it, especially since the D VII has such a (relatively) high-mounted upper wing. Great job on the lozenge, too. Looking forward to the finished product. Bob C
  11. Very nice job all around, especially like that engine.. And the colors look very good. I know it is too late for this one, but if I may make a suggestion -- take an Xacto knife with brand new blade (#11?) and scrape/scribe out the back of the engine panel louvres. Slowly but surely does the trick. I don't have the Eduard D VII yet (seems to be hard to find at my normal US suppliers), but have done this on 1/72 FW 190. Adds a lot, if you look at it that closely. Nice job on that lozenge, too. John DCM -- Avia lozenge? Do you mean Aviattic? If yes, I absolutely agree. I have a bunch and they look fantastic. Guess I need to search for the Eduard kit more diligently. Bob C
  12. I'll reiterate everything said above, especially that if you anticipate a long interest in this hobby, you will eventually break down and get an airbrush, with a compressor. That being said, when I first started out being a "serious" modeler, but one with not much money, I bought myself a cheap plastic Badger airbrush ($10 - $20 in about 1973?). It actually came with an attachment designed to connect to a car tire valve. Now this had as many disadvantages as benefits, but I made it work (along with Badger cans) for several years. I have no idea if something like this is even still available, but the advantages were that you weren't using ANY chemicals (other than your paint/thinner), and could transport your rig anywhere. The main disadvantage was that you really had to overinflate the tire to guarantee sufficient power for even a medium size job. Good luck. Bob C
  13. Bob C.

    Dragon 1/72 SdKfz. 232

    The Search for “Seydlitz” Part 2 For anyone who may be considering a depiction of this vehicle, you and I are in luck. The name “Seydlitz", and decals for that very vehicle, are available on Peddinghaus sheet #72 1216 Kfz 231-234 8 Rad Fahrzeuge. The only blip I see to be worked out is that the decals identify the vehicle in 6 PD (yellow xx), not 5 PD as noted above. Extra good news is that the quality of Peddinghaus’ decals has greatly improved since I first purchased some of their sheets many years ago (10 +/-?). On the other hand, their instructions leave much to be desired. There are no decal placement diagrams as such. There are single color profiles for 4 of the vehicles, and a single not-great photo for each of 2 other vehicles – for a decal sheet with 8 subjects! It is also possible that the divisional symbols on 2 (including my intended 232) are a bit large. Not that that can’t be easily solved from my accumulated extras, but still … I will say that the smaller details, like the license plate and data plate numbers, are perfectly legible. So, anyone who can shed some light on this vehicle – which division, where located, markings placement, will be greatly appreciated. Bob C
  14. Well, wrong again. There is an extra step in searching for these new kits on Dragon USA. Looks like they have the DS tracks, not all-in-one suspension. Still can't tell what makes them "2 in 1".
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