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  1. Jerzy, Really impressive collection. So is that the famous 56 FG plum? How did you do that? It looks subtle, but with a nice color to it. Also, was there a particular reason you went with the Tamiya D to get the P-47M, rather than the Revell P-47M? I've got a few of both to work on. Best wishes, Bob C
  2. Opus, I just found this thread, and read it all the way through start to finish. You've certainly come out on top with a great result. Your perseverance is to be greatly commended. I was thinking at about February 15, I would have said "Nuts to this, I'm going to do an Eduard FW 190A 5/8 or Spit VIII/IX" (even with about 5 other projects started, I've been fooling around "de-spruing" a couple parts on one of their Fokker DVII). Intending to do the Sachsenberg yellow and black checkerboard. Way cool! I've got that Condor creature, and I'm glad you showed me how wise it is
  3. Hello John, I also give thumbs up to Aviattic. I just used the 1/72 A-H sworl decals (that's my Roden/Encore Polish Albatros in his gallery -- pretty far down). His lozenge instructions say use a gloss white to put them on -- I'd go with that. I either misplaced the instructions that came with them, or didn't get them with that most-recent purchase, and went with a CDL. It was ok, but white is better, after I repainted, after having Richard set me back on the right track. He is always good for helping out. One thing Richard advised is that they have a little bit of a stretch to the
  4. Hey Brian! How've you been? Seema like you survived the past year, keep staying safe! The Albatri (?) look great. Especially like that prop, and I think the dragon came out nice. That is one of the markings I intend doing someday. I should probably look this up before I type (but I'm not going to), but I think it wasn't so much the need for synthetic rubber - in those days, that was (OK, I had to look it up) the natural color of rubber. Pre-war, it could even be white. Acceptable WWI colors are indeed pink, and light gray. Seems like it was the very end of the war when ca
  5. Bob C.

    WW1 paints

    Good heavens. What I just posted above was a repeat of what I posted on this same thread, but about 2 years ago. Sorry about that. Talk about "losing the thread" on something. Bob C
  6. Bob C.

    WW1 paints

    For (especially) Duncan B. --Here is a link to a prior discussion about WWI paints. In post #17, I give a couple links to a then-WIP Eduard SPAD XIII (1/72), using all (I think -- maybe not the black?) MisterKit. I still stand by what I said -- they spray on beautifully, and brush touch-up perfectly. Other criticism of their fragility is somewhat valid, though. All the handling needed for rigging and final assembly took some paint off leading edges -- but that's where brush touch-up ease came in quite handy. Not that I'm an expert, or close to one, but I was happy with the colors, exce
  7. OK, Didn't quite make it to bed yet -- had to look for that Hyperscale article. And found it. It looks like this arrangement makes more sense than the WNW depiction, the shoulder harness being attached more towards the top of the seat than in the middle, as depicted by WNW. Unfortunately, I already glued the shoulder harness based on the WNW depiction, and don't want to fool around with it. We'll just say that OEF did it one way, and OAW (?) did it another way.
  8. Bob C.

    WW1 paints

    Found it!! Below is the email with my questions, and Sergey's (Drooling Bulldog's) answers. From: Sergey Mertens [mailto:info@droolingbulldog.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 5:21 AM To: Bob Cope Subject: Re: Recent paint order Hello Bob! You shouldn't mix paints, all necessary shades it is possible to get. For an albatross you will be to demand these paints: it is gray green on a cowl and disks of wheels https://www.droolingbulldog.com/products/grauesgrun/ green https://www.droolingbulldog.com/products/chromoxid/ light green https://
  9. Wow -- I guess I should go to bed. This (in this space) was a long post -- but it was to another thread. Good night.
  10. Here is the link to D S Abbott's remarks http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35730 Bob C
  11. Dave, Thanks for that idea. I had thought of WNW site (which do not have an OEF D III), but not the Eduard. Unfortunately, this didn't pan out. The Eduard instr. show the shoulder harness anchor ends draped over the back of the seat, which I'm pretty sure is not correct. I did manage to find a post from Dan San Abbott on Aerodrome which explained (not specifically for OEF Alb) that the shoulder harness was anchored to the aircraft's frame system. So I am going with the not-entirely-satisfactory diagram in the WNW site, showing the anchor ends attached to (I assume) something behind
  12. Bob C.

    WW1 paints

    When I made my purchase in Feb 2018 (direct from DB), I asked the owner some questions as to the color nomenclature and uses. He did reply to me with the info I needed. I am now looking for that email, without much luck so far. If I find it, I will post it.
  13. Bob C.

    WW1 paints

    Sorry about that. I should have given a link. In an attempt to make up for my faux pas, I shall provide 2 links to reviews. It appears that at least a couple people hold them in their good graces. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6905-drooling-bulldog-paints/ https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/topic/472-drooling-bulldog-paints/ Bob C
  14. Bob C.

    WW1 paints

    James S -- Re your question on brush painting Misterkit -- I say yes. In fact, they are one of the few (only?) paints I have ever used that the brush painting touch-up is indistinguishable from the spray-painted portion. As I said above, a primer is needed. But I have not brush painted large sections, only touch-up. Duncan -- I realize I may be late to your game here, but you might try Drooling Bulldog for German paints, although when I bought some about a year before, the colors were limited to Albatros and Fokker (?). Maybe some British, too -- time to visit his websi
  15. I am working on the 1/72 Encore (Roden) Albatros (OEF) 253. Am about ready to close up the fuselage, finally, but want to do the seat harness properly. I have the kit's PE, and PART PE, both of which have lap belts and a shoulder harness. But my references, for what they're worth as far as the interior goes, don't really show a shoulder harness. References are the NASM book, Datafile #19, Guideline/Warpaint #122, and JaPo Alb D. II/D. III Oeffag. Can anyone give me a definitive picture (even in words) of the Oeffag Alb seat harness arrangement? Thanks, Bob C
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