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  1. I haven't done a Revell 1/72 Camel for a couple (or more) decades, but I agree, it doesn't look right. And when I built my last one (Roy Brown, of course), I didn't have the Datafile, or any other authoritative reference. All that being said, here is an idea I came up with, along the vein of using Strutz. Assemble the struts as you have indicated -- interplane with the strut bar to the top wing, so you can blend that sort-of-a clever idea into the wing. Cabane struts to the fuselage. Don't shorten anything yet! Figure out where your struts meet the wings -- interplane to the lower, cabane to the upper, and mark the locations. Now, drill locating holes at those intersecting points, just large enough for the struts to poke through. You might need to create airfoil-shaped holes with the aid of a sharply pointed hobby knife. Set your wing where it should be, apply your choice of glue. Let it dry, then trim your projecting struts, sand them down flush with the wing, and do your paint touch up, or if you left the 2 wing surfaces unpainted, go paint them. All this presumes that you have the rest of the model painted, and you will be able to cover the entire model while you paint the top wing upper surface, and the bottom wing lower surface. Should be relatively simple, and negates the need to do any guessing/measuring as to how much strut to chop off. Good luck. Bob C
  2. Didn't Modeldecal also make some between the wars serials? I seem to remember not too long ago, old sheets could still be found. Might try Hannants? Good luck
  3. To anyone who has this kit, I'd like to ask a favor. I'm almost finished the 1/72 MPM kit of this plane, and I'm going to try to re-create the part (no idea what it is; the kit does not identify it) that is located in front of the pilot's cockpit, on the right side of the plane. It is Part A4 in the WNW instructions. But there are no good angles to judge the size of it, only to make estimates. Would it be possible for someone to measure this part? I'd need the height of the part overall, not including the base that is part of the fuselage, and not including the locating peg on the bottom. And maybe the top part, which is the largest component of the item. The more precise, the better -- remember, I'm taking this down to 1/72. Intending to use several pieces of telescoping alum. tube. Should be an interesting chore. But just in case this doesn't work, I haven't drilled the hole in the fuselage. And if anyone has a close up of the real item, that they could post (or just identify it), that would be great. I suspect it has a perforated top, but can't quit make it out, not that it is vital to the attempt. Unfortunately, I am no longer involved in a photo-hosting site, so cannot provide pictures. Thanks, Bob C
  4. Re the film clip -- OH NO!! An interior green cockpit!! How could they? Bob C
  5. I'm with ya, Mike. Been working on Eduard 1/72 Fokker D VII and MPM/Toko/Pegasus H-B W.29 since end of last year (?). I've had some setbacks lately, so what were going to be sure thing completions are in doubt. If I don't get at least one done, I will tie your record (for not completing the Zero). So I guess I should get back into the hobby room and get working. Bob C
  6. Hi Graham, Not sure which one I'm after, except that it should be US, prior to 1945. It's just that I've been baffled that the only kits out there (?) for this vital trainer have been horribly outdated (Airfix), or post war (Heller, Academy), so when I found the Special Hobby kit (when I was looking for their new Bf 109E-1 kits), I was quite surprised. Based on the above helpful comments, I have since ordered one. Some of the info above cites specific US boxings in the works, but they don't seem to have been produced yet. Thanks to all who have steered me in the right direction. Bob C
  7. I thought this might have been discussed somewhere before, but Search didn't reveal it, so: I see Special Hobby has a Harvard kit which their website implies is a WWII version (kit #72447). Would this kit make a US WWII version (with the right decals)? Would this be the correct base kit, with modifications? And, of course, if yes, what are the required modifications? Any info is helpful, Bob C
  8. Bob C.


    Vinnie, The company name is actually MisterKit. Paul is right about needing some luck with them. I placed an order 8-8-21, received it to east coast US (after a couple queries) on Oct 12. And based on what the recent interpretation of NIVO seems to be, it does seem to be a little light., almost a slightly darker, more olive Brit int green. But overall, I do like their paints, in spite of the fact that I generally have stayed well away from truly water-based acrylics. And Misterkit NIVO is #BC 04.
  9. Not always difficult, but always a PIA! But, yes, that came out very nicely. And thanks for giving the paints used. Always especially interested in that aspect of a build. Bob C
  10. Oops, Guess I should have read a bit further on my copy of #130. Per that sheet, 1/48 #131 has the SPADs VII, XII as on #130; 1/48 #132 has the Nieuports, SPAD XIII, XVII, and Voisins as on #130; 1/32 #133 has 8 Nieuports from #130; 1/28 #134 has 9 SPAD aces, but not Garros. Bob C
  11. Given the lack of availability of these decals, this may not help you, but: Americal Gryphon 1/72 sheet #130 "Groupe de Combat12 - Les Cigognes II - Escadrille 26, 73, 103" has Garros' SPAD XIII aircraft #30, serial number "unknown", as of their publication date of 1997. The same markings (?) are in 1/48 on sheets #131, 132; in 1/32 on sheet #133; in 1/28 on sheet #134. Given that all sheet numbers were listed at $12.50 (in 2006) on the list that I have, I find it unlikely that all the markings (48 different aircraft/markings) on the 1/72 sheet are on one sheet in 1/32 and 1/28, but I have no way of telling which particular markings are on those sheets. Happy Hunting, Bob C
  12. Just an FYI: Per Jon Guttman's Osprey SPAD XII/XIII Aces of World War I, p. 20, 15409 was the aircraft Garros died in. Unfortunately, no photos or profiles. I seem to think that I've seen decals for a Garros plane, but can't figure out where. Americal/Gryphon, maybe? I'll try to check later. Bob C
  13. Patrick, what a great finished project. I just found a couple of these double-boxings, and if I didn't have about 8 other projects started, I would surely be starting one of these kits. Did you do some sort of work in progress? I didn't see it on the first page of BM's WIP. You certainly deserve a nice bottle of champagne! So what is your preferred brand? Congrats, Bob C
  14. HR Models does (used to do?) the Hanriot (I and II?). Check Hannants. Also look for OOP Pegasus kits. Good luck, Bob C
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