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  2. Hawker Typhoon Mk. 1B

    Must say I do like your tiffie, nice job on a great kit, it looks the business!
  3. I'm happy to join this forum!

    Hello Marc ... welcome to Britmodeller from america i build mostly WW2 and Cold war aircraft. Your English seems pretty good to me. Your post seemed very clear to me. English is a lot better than my French would be. Dennis
  4. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Just got a look at your tracks... they look a little tight, but I think running 80/82 will be way too loose, I wouldn’t worry about it too much because once the side skirts go on they’ll be hard (as in flip the model over to see) to see. The difference in the dismount hatch is actually a different between variants. The kit is an M2 which is the Infantry Fighting Vehicle (more dismount seating, less ammo capacity) which is designed for carrying troops into battle and providing fire support. My photos (and my service) are M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle which is basically the same thing, except built around a reconnaissance mission, so less dismount seating, significantly larger ammunition capacity. Since you’ve decided to honor me with the build, I’m willing to overlook the variant difference. I’m taking lots of notes from your build for when I get the courage to build my own (probably in a few years). If you manage the make a stencil or decals of the skull I would GLADLY pay for it. The skull is the logo for Crazyhorse Troop 3/7 Cavalry which was unfortunately disbanded in early 2015 as part of the Army drawdown. During the invasion (2003) they were painted on the front (like the photo) during my time (2009-2015) we painted them on the bustle rack right behind the TOW launcher with TC and Gunner names on the TOW launcher, and track name centered across the back (mine was CRUSHKILL, hence the screen name). We call the skull the Nowatay Skull (supposedly “Nowatay” is Lakota Sioux for “it’s a good day to die” which is from a longer phrase “It’s a good day to fight, it’s a good day to die”). Nowatay was the Troop motto and both the word and the skull managed to find themselves spray painted all over Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else a Crazy Trooper has been. My wife even has the decal (her choice) on her car! As as far ammo cans, LiveResin makes some good ones but I wouldn’t worry too much about them, you’ve got just as much chance of seeing them as not. I personally never mounted them there (with the exception of my pyro can). I messed around with aluminum foil this afternoon and I think it would be a perfect way to do the tarp, I’ll take some photos and show you the folding process we use (I’m fairly certain it’s Army standard, I remember learning it in basic training). The A/C units are a deployment modification that get put on and taken off overseas, so a lot of my photos the track doesn’t have it installed, and all the combat photos I have, you can’t see them, feel free to install, we sure loved them! The identification panels (CIP) came with the tracks but they have to be removed to put on the reactive armor and we never bothered replacing them in Iraq (no need when only friendly forces were in armored vehicles and the enemy doesn’t have thermal or night vision). The sensor your talking about is an anti-IED device, in my photos we only had one antenna, as the two antenna system had yet to be applied to Bradley’s (we had it in some trucks, not all). The two antenna system is accurate for a vehicle though if you’re building a 3rd ID Vehicle, stick with the 1 antenna. Keep bringing up questions, it’s fun to help, as the Bradley seems to be as unloved in the modeling world as much as it is in the real world. Also, please if I point out an inaccuracy or inconsistency it is only for your knowledge, not a mark against your skill or buildin choices, I would rather you enjoy the build and create something great than be too worried about perfection in accuracy. I’m not a river counter, I don’t expect you to be one either, your work is great and it’s fun to watch!
  5. Ignore

  6. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    Coming along very nicely indeed. Good job on the repair. As you said earlier there really is a lot of wing area on the Kate isn't there.
  7. Until very recently I didn't even own a single Star Wars kit - pretty much for the same reason that I don't own any German Armour kits, so many people build them that I don't feel the urge to join in... until now that is. I picked this up on eBay a few weeks ago and when it arrived I thought it looked very nice so since we are doing "Anniversaries" as our Telford theme, what better way to commemorate the 40th Anniversary than to take the plunge and build some Star Wars! So lets start with this... Nice decal sheel - I love that they give you clean and damaged versions of the markings Japanese instructions... oookay... English ones! Construction is fairly strightforward so it didn't take long (ie pretty much a single evening) to get to this stage The R2 unit and the detail strip behidn the pilot is nice and paints up very well I have begin painting and will be doing some paint chipping effects, so more on this later...
  8. Nice Mustang, good to see a B, well done you.
  9. Some 1/1 modelling! A-10

    I asked if we were going to pre-shade it. We decided on getting a water bomber to fly over loaded with some Flory wash.
  10. Ignore

    Oh really, It explain pretty well ! Now I know the way I became a bad boy ! ! Sincerely. CC
  11. Ignore

    Right, that's it. I'm ignoring the lot of you. This started as a perfectly good post about ignoring, but now it is just getting silly. On with the next post
  12. Some 1/1 modelling! A-10

    Is that real ?? I don,t see any panel lines ?? Looks like one of those replica things like James May made
  13. 1/48 Stuka recommendation

    DDELK: I think the newer issue of the kit which is the R2 will be applicable... Have a look here... hope this link works https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/junkers-ju87b-2-r-2-stuka-1-72.html It even has the snake motifs that you want
  14. Short 184 at RNAS Newlyn.1916-18

    Rob, the one I've got is:- 'Royal Air Force, the aircraft in service since 1918' , Michael turner, Temple Press ISBN 0-600-34933-0. Foreword by Raymond Baxter.
  15. FOUR better - or worse!

    a well known cure
  16. ML

    Not the right forum maybe. But I'm having trouble viewing forums over on Missing-lynx. Just getting re-directed to a Network54 not found and search page (when searched no mention of ML forums) If anyone is also a member on ML, can you have a peek and let me know. So I can figure out if it's something on my end. Ta very much Tom
  17. Minion's Finnish pencil

    A very nice Pencil on the way, Craig!
  18. Was that the one on eBay recently? I almost put a bid in but managed to restrain myself...
  19. Jason, sorry, I've just googled them out writing "boeing 281 Spain" and then looked at the graphics. I do not know the book... Epimedium - regarding roundel on SCW subjects. I think your interepretation is highly possible. I think that if the airplane was in service before outbreak of Franco rebel it has roundels. So this is like with boeing 281, I think. Good example are Martyniside Buzzards - at the very begining they fly just with roundels, than red strips were added. Similar with Bregs XIX. However if the camo was added from top I do not belive, that there was any reason to keep roundles not overpainted. Therefore I do not belive that NiD 51 or Fury wear still roundles when they became camouflaged. Perhaps only from bottom, which was left alu so in pre-war livery. If it was painted light blue I think the roundles should be also overpainted. This is just for logic. Is there any photo evidence against this logic? Best regards J-W
  20. The Power Loader is a great kit,The Ripley figure is an abomination,I used a Neca Ripley figure instead in mine
  21. 80's Front Line Asia, we are 30!!

    It will be an honour for us to be your first GB @celt! GB's are a great place to get inspired and to learn and to have some fun too, there are some really knowledgeable and helpful people so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. And very well done for being number 30 on the list and getting us over the threshold for the GB vote! Craig.
  22. Ignore

    I should say that I agree ! But I'm a nozy guy, so I can surely give it a try ! Blutwurst is about the same that black pudding no ?? Aaaaa Hum ! The Olympic breakfast from the little chef in the '90 But Frûhstuck is pretty good too ! Dears, I'm going to be hungry again ! Let's have a shot of Lamb's Sincerely. CC also a great fan of Panzers ! PS Have a real Panther at 22 kms from my home
  23. Dornier Do 18-D

    Many years ago, before I was married and got to touch a lady on the (semi-)regular, I used to attend GenCon, a very large Dungeons and Dragons convention, which not incidentally in sartorial terms makes Telford look like London debs being presented to HRH The Queen. I always wore a suit, because one has a responsibility to raise the tone.
  24. 80's Front Line Asia, we are 30!!

    It certainly does Dave! Excellent choice of subject, glad to have you aboard. Craig.
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