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  1. 1/72? Amazing result. Exquisite paint work, Michael
  2. What an amazing piece of modelling. How you get that rigging detail in that scale is beyond me. BTW, that base is most appropriate - its height relative to the model and the absence of excessive detail gives focus and value to the subject, I think, Michael
  3. And another great piece of modelling, with fine paintwork, Michael
  4. That Cat looks great. Superb paint job, Michael
  5. And thank you for bringing back happy memories. Yes, those were the days, when a boy could incinerate himself setting planes on fire, lose an eye with a homebuilt cracker gun, go tone deaf from blowing up plastic soldiers in the sand pit with thrupenny bangers and still be ready for school the next day, Michael
  6. The most eye-catching civil scheme seen in quite some time. Very interesting back story too. The things some people get up to is amazing (I refer to the pilot and the organisers of that last flight). Michael
  7. A lovely piece of work there. I hope your grandson appreciates it. My three year's old grandson loves the models I give him but one needs to know it will not be seen in that condition again, Michael
  8. Thanks Niall, A PM from another forum member put me onto the site you recommend. I registered earlier today and the response has been very encouraging, Michael
  9. Jamie, Tom and Niall, Thanks for the extra advice and directions to other sources; much appreciated. The interweb holds a variety of sources relating to R/C conversion. For the low-tech types such as myself, is there a single, illustrated source that explains the optimum layout for batteries, rc gear, motor, prop. shaft, rudder mechanism etc? Any advice would be most appreciated, Michael
  10. Thanks Jamie, I did have the original Lambert book but it was sold off to a bookseller some time ago. Given its current asking price, I wish I had kept it. I have ordered Lambert and Brown's 'Shipcraft Special: Flower Class Corvettes'. As far as I can tell, this would be the next best option. Ships are not my area of expertise so do set me on the right course should you consider other print sources to be more appropriate, Michael
  11. Troy, Jamie, This has been of great help and is most appreciated. It looks like the disruptive pattern will be the more accurate choice. Thank you again, Michael
  12. I am planning an RC conversion of the Matchbox / Revell 1/72 kit of the Flower Class corvette. I am not all that keen on the disruptive camouflage patterns. Was there a period at War's commencement when these vessels were devoid of camouflage and if so, what colours would be most appropriate for the hull and superstructure? Any advice would be appreciated, Michael
  13. A very impressive build. I imagine this was not the easiest kit to build - I'm too scared to go near these kits - and you have done it proud. Michael
  14. If there is one thing that really gets my attention, it is a 'context rich' build: the kit is almost secondary to the background story. I think you have done a great job on bringing the plastic to life with the account of those four young men. By the way, where did you get that mug? Michael
  15. What a beautiful model. It exudes reality. That finish is spectacular. I will now go back and read through the WIP to see how this was achieved, Michael
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