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  1. Mike, A really good link; thanks for posting. Michael
  2. A fine build and a lovely picture of the real one too. These things were all over the skies in the fifties and sixties, along with civil Ansons and Dc-3s: a wonderful time to be fascinated with aeroplanes. Your fine work brings back fond memories, Michael
  3. I am unable to identify guns in the photograph, even when enlarged. I have not heard or read or seen images of a Stirling fitted in this way before, only early Halifaxes. Very interesting stuff. Michael
  4. This is a marvellous build. Presently. I have one of these half-completed on the desk. I was going to post it when finished but your superb paintwork and weathering has scared me off. Did you have issues with undercarriage assembly or was I holding the instructions the wrong way 'round or something? I ended up with a splayed undercarriage, only partly ameliorated by flattening the wings at their attachment points. That jig looks a smart idea. Again, excellent work, Michael
  5. Nothing in Victor Bingham's excellent Halifax: second to none either. Your observations on the 'A' are the most plausible explanation, insofar as it has crept onto the Mk III narrative by error. Michael
  6. Cannot find mention of a Mk IIIA in Rapier's Halifax at War or Merrick's The Handley Page Halifax. There is mention of a Mk IIIA in the Haynes Halifax Workshop Manual at page 30 in the sub-heading 'GR Mk IIIA, Met Mk II/1A, V/1A, III and VI' but no further details in that source can be found. Michael
  7. Lovely work indeed. PS-U gets my vote. Michael
  8. Great work. I have bemoaned the tolerance issue elsewhere on recent Airfix kits and having failed to persist with both Blenheims, have ordered two more: the Mks I and IV. I enjoy suffering. If they turn out half as good as yours, I'll be happy, Michael
  9. I love Airfix, it's been with me since the 1950s. I vividly remember building their original Lancaster and wondering at its beauty. Of course, this was pre-PE, Pre- pre shading and pre the rise of obsession with accurate lines versus someone else's published plans. The Revell Dambuster on this post looks great and I am waiting on a Revell Lanc's arrival from Germany. It should get here any year now. I have felt disappointment with some recent Airfix releases: their new Lanc and their 1/72 Blenheims I and IV in particular, where tolerances are so fine in some areas and sloppy in others ( the canopy fitting on the Blenheims, the engine nacelle cover plates on the Lancaster) in particular. I am not an expert builder, even after over sixty-five years at the task, but the new Airfix regime of accuracy conflicting with precision has left me a little dismayed. I look forward to the yet-to-arrive Revell Lancaster. There are well documented dihedral issues but frankly, they do not show up in your Revell Dambuster rendition. I have decided to get over this accuracy business and just enjoy the build, hence the Revell Lancaster purchase. So why, I ask myself, have I just ordered both Airfix 1/72 Blenheims for a second go at both? And why oh why do I have yet another Airfix Lancaster I/III and Lancaster II on backorder with Hannants? Michael
  10. Great looking Beaus. I shouldn't be too concerned with the grey: 'scale colours' seem okay to me, Really nice work, Michael
  11. And all this time I thought it was me who was going mad. Your observations - if I read you correctly - over what I see as an Airfix conflict between precision and accuracy has confounded me with this kit, the Mk 1 version and their new Lancaster. Of course, it could be me but somehow I doubt it. Michael
  12. Lovely work. Why there isn't a non-resin, mainstream kit of the Manchester for the less talented like me is something to ponder, Michael
  13. Brilliant work. Aside from the aircraft, the detail on the pilot alone is most realistic, Michael
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