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  1. Most, if not all of your questions are addressed in detail in Wingleader Photo Archive numbers 5 and 15. Having read everything about Lancasters that I could get my hands on since 1959, I would consider these two publications the most complete,, well researched and profusely illustrated works. Michael
  2. and I would like one fitted in my car! Wonderful work, Michael
  3. It certainly passes my "does it look real?" test. What a great result, Michael
  4. Well I am very relieved to learn someone else has experienced this - always thought it was me. A wonderful build! Michael
  5. This is brilliant work. It is beyond me how you have managed such a magnificent result. The jig alone is remarkable, Michael
  6. No, not as lucky as that little bloke in the picture, Michael
  7. Great builds on both. The Neptune brings back Laverton airshow memories - what a sleek machine it was for its time, Michael
  8. A really nice build and really well photographed. TAA and Ansett Viscounts were a common site in the air and on the tarmac at Essendon airport in the fifties and sixties. Your kit brings back fond memories of these machines, Again, a really nice build, Michael
  9. You lucky people. Such superb machines and finely captured images as well. No such luck here, Michael
  10. Excellent photography, fine model, wonderful memories - all in one post, Michael
  11. I think that anti-glare panel is Olive Drab. There are some good reasons given above by other forum members for assuming this. A look at Roger Freeman's "the Mighty Eighth Warpaint and Heraldry" is a visual exercise in how many variants of colouration there are. Combine that reference with his "The Mighty Eighth in Colour" and one may wonder if any colour in a photograph really looks as it appeared to the eye at the time. Although I do not believe Freeman specifically mentions the vagaries of assessing colours based on the film type used, the authors of the Wingleader Photo Archive publications do. Their Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire volumes make much reference to the effects on colour of different film types. The only people who claim certainty in 'correct colours' appear to be the model paint manufacturers. I don't trust them, Michael
  12. Another fine build - a lot of work in that, Michael
  13. It was a wonderfully engaging box of parts for its day and it did make up to an impressive-looking Sunderland. I bought one of these in the early sixties for the princely sum of AUD 29 shillings and sixpence in Melbourne. I think it was earlier than 1964, if memory serves me correctly. An uncle had served on 10 Squadron RAAF. In those days, there was no shortage of people who could talk about the real thing. It may not be as accurate as the newer releases but it is atmospheric! Michael
  14. Impressive build of an impressive aeroplane. Very nice photographs, Michael
  15. These are excellent builds and very engaging to view, perhaps because the liveries are so clean and understated - no blobs, swirls or over-assortment of colours in the graphic schemes for these two airliners. I think you are on to something about the pastime. Video games yield faster results. Michael
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