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  1. What a superb build and with a context-rich background story, Michael
  2. Fine work with a context-rich account of the 1/1 version, Michael
  3. But do they look real? Yes they look very real - great work! Michael
  4. Outstanding work - I have no idea how you achieve that finish - beyond me. Michael
  5. Superb work, especially those sharp colour demarcations on the wing. I was unaware of the QANTAS use of these aircraft, Michael
  6. Most impressive results on both the trio of kits and the diorama pieces. I must commit to building the Blenheim Mk 1 after seeing these, then the Beaufort, then the Beaufighter, all in my to do hangar. Just how Australian deliveries of the Beaufort arrived so early is beyond me, but then so is your superb paint finish on that Beaufort in particular, Michael
  7. My goodness, what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. That paintwork sets new standards for realism, Michael
  8. I have read about those strakes somewhere but cannot remember where. I think they are something to do with enhancing structural integrity on early versions. I think such a fix was also applied to some Spitfires (I may be wrong). A photograph of another early Lanc. with strakes appears on page 48 of the Wingleader Photo Archive number 5 book. Michael
  9. Given my limited modelling skills, the earlier Airfix Lancaster was always easier - more forgiving , if you will - to build. The current version is, doubtless, better in some respects but it is not an easier build. I wonder how much 'better' kits have to be before we pass the point when, in a previous form, they were at their 'best', Michael
  10. Great work, again. That green Mk VIII does look sleek, Michael
  11. Fine work indeed - a really impressive build of an imposing beast, Michael
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