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  1. Tony, It is brilliant work. It looks real: I cannot think of a higher accolade, Michael
  2. It looks great and all the more so for a good, context-rich story, Michael
  3. That Camel represents outstanding work on your part. The superb paintwork and weathering is one thing, the rigging of a 1/72 biplane is another. Michael
  4. Not in my library so I am unable to say, especially as it will be a few weeks before my Valiant Wings (misprint) copy reaches our Australian shores. However, I have been wary of SAM publications after purchasing one of their works on the Lancaster some years ago because of several errors even a non-cognoscenti such as I was able to detect - almost as disturbing as that description in Bird's 'Coastal Dawn' of a 'Blackburn Stuka'. Michael
  5. So that's where it went and well done you. I had my eye on that item - the only one I could locate and then it disappeared! Michael
  6. Should anyone be interested in purchasing an imperfect copy of the original edition, they are in limited quantity, airmail post-free at; https://www.valiant-wings.co.uk/ekmps/shops/valiantwings/imp-airframe--minia ture-no12-4594-p.asp Michael
  7. Thank you Giorgio, I think you put that rather well. The Valiant Wings publication appears to be the one best suited to my needs. Although out of print, they have advised that a revised edition will be available early 2021 and I will purchase that, Michael
  8. I am looking for a definitive guide. Does one exist? Say, for example, the transition from the Spitfire Mk 1a (1/72 Airfix) to the Mk 1b (as in Kovozavody 1/72) and onward through all marques. Which had what aerial, which had Kaufmann bulge over electric, etc Advice most appreciated, preferably in print form but anything will do, Michael
  9. It looks spot on in all respects. The exhausts look particularly realistic. Some very sharp work on the ball turret too - even with the Eduard masks, I find that area to be problematic, Michael
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