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  1. Pappy googled RAN Oberon pics, no markings visible from what i could see (looked at quite a few photos) checked RN as well, no markings. All the best Chris
  2. Woodstock, have done a google photo search and its clear this is the only position, these are found on the propeller. Even did a bing maps birds eye view. All the best Chris
  3. Hi Woodstock just caught this, have a pic of the propeller in question hope it helps. All the best Chris
  4. You call that a stash LOL, My stash of over 430 kits is my retirement fund, to keep me busy in my old age. I build what sparks my interest at the time, as well as continue building to a theme (1/700 USN subs), to be followed by Royal Navy & Russian and everyone elses, before moving up to 1/350 and larger. So there is no golden rule, just enjoy your modelling.
  5. Wall mounted cabinets in the stairwell and dining room, plus 2 large display cabinets, emptying of figure collection and filling with models. Also some kept in boxes for model shows. Chris
  6. Cracking job Mark, well done the weathering was just right, love the result. All the best Chris
  7. Cracking job Ken, i notice youve even kept the paint mask on the sail, well done. All the best Chris
  8. After a battle with humbrols new colour 37, which is more like putting fluorescant paint on as goes on uneven and semi translucent, i give you Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. Its a resin 3 piece model, hand painted in enamels with a lor coffee lid for a base. Much mixing of different paints to get the shades i needed, Revell and Humbrol mixed together. She will go nicely alongside my Batgirl figure from the same movie. All the best Chris
  9. You need madmonks lighting kit, its a work of art. Orbital drydocks mask here direct. https://orbitaldrydock.com/JJprise, Found a pearl white acrylic paint by Amsterdam, for doing TMP and JJ's Enterprises and last but not least Paragrafix's PE set Matt. or just build OOB, mines still in it with all the goodies screaming build me!!! All the best Chris
  10. So just got shipping confirmation, finally bagged a Moebius Proteus from Fantastic Voyage on evilbay for a score, 16 inches long with full interior. Now just to bag some figures for a reasonable amount. I foresee some hinge work to expose the rear interior if there isnt a facility in the kit. Seriously tempted to source a lighting kit as well, even seen a scale schnorkel for sale, now weres my copy of the film, ooh behave LOL All the best Chris
  11. I would agree Ken, having looked at Navsource photos, there is a sensor in this area. I would leave this area flat black. All the best Chris
  12. Hi Ken, having read the description id agree its just the top side in orange. enlarged photo on Navsource, definitely vertical tail plane.
  13. I know bit left of field but thought better posted here than sci-fi, something a little different for your perusal. Aoshima 1/350 U-2501 from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Painted in a mix of Humbrol and Revell enamels, decals placed on gloss cote, sealed with a final coat of matt cote. A little kit that was a joy to build, no fit issues, no filler. (re boxed AFV Club type XXI with resin mods). Scale shot. All the best Chris
  14. Cracking job Ken, another fine addition to the 1/350 fleet. All the best Chris
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