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  1. So my first completed build of 2021, Thunderbird 3 from the awful 2004 movie. The kit is by Bandai and is typical of their quality of kit Being a snap kit which i still glued together, the fit was superb, requiring very little sanding and no filling. Sadly the decals were self adhesive, leaving very little room for maneuver when placing. Hand painted in humbrol enamels and finished in a gloss clear cote. A fun build, the money shot is at the end as to actual size of the model. All the best Chris
  2. Some cracking stuff there Will, keep em coming. All the best Chris
  3. Some cracking builds there Stuart. All the best Chris
  4. Another useful reference book is Paul Kemps Underwater Warriors, with a detailed descriptions of the x-craft paint schemes and equipment. All the best Chris
  5. Merry Christmas to all, happy modelling and may santa (SWIMBO) shower you with models. All the best Chris
  6. Cracking job, love what youve done with the display and lighting. All the best Chris
  7. Cracking selection of models Kallisti, look forward to hopefully seeing them in the flesh in 2021. All the best Chris
  8. So not a bad turn out this year, not as many as i hoped with a couple of stalled builds. Firstly a bit of a beasty, 1/25 Batwing from Batman VS Superman. Then some 1/700 submarines continuing my build of US submarines. USS Richard B Russell USS Permit The ill fated USS Thresher Then i finally finished my 1/200 Nitto I-19 with scratch built super details. Then a fun build 1/350 U-2540 Type XXI from the Japanese Anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel, with resin mods and some snazzy decals.
  9. Well submarines are coming thick and fast, Mikromir has just released another 1/350 US Nuclear boat in the USS Tullibee SSN-597, ive ordered mine already. All the best Chris
  10. A bit surprised that no one has posted this little beauty due in Jan, pre orders already being taken. World War One U-Boat SM U-9 in 1/72, looks awesome. https://www.das-werk-models.com/products/german-u-boat-sm-u9/ Also a 1/350 Oberon from Ozmods has been released, Mike at Starling is getting some in. http://www.ozmods-kits.com/ship-kits-1350 All the best Chris
  11. The Hobbyboss 1/350 kits are nice and easy and reasonably priced, the revell VIIC/41 is a decent kit as well. others will be harder to get hold off and dearer as OOP. all the best Chris
  12. Cracking job Ernie, very nicely done. All the best Chris
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