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  1. Very nicely done, did you scratch build an interior for it? All the best Chris
  2. As a member of one of the clubs that displayed i have a few things to say in response; 1) I object to you calling them the Junta, they are all elected by us the members of the IPMS at the yearly AGM, the work they do is all voluntary to promote the hobby. As a member you have a say, you want to change things get yourself elected and dedicate your spare time to the IPMS. 2) As a club we travel up to Telford, stay in a hotel for two nights and put on a display for the enjoyment of members and the general public, which we man for two days. All this is out of our own pockets. This year we contributed to the cost of the additional tables for a twelve foot display, which came out of our club funds. Here you are moaning about possibly having to pay an entrance fee for a show that is put on purely by volunteers, to cover the cost of the venue so the the IPMS break even for trying to promote our hobby. 3) Im sorry but you come across as a freeloader, for the £23 membership fee you get a free mag and free entrance to what is one of the biggest model shows in the world, plus a printed booklet from the AGM which you can see what costs what, if you bother to read it, its all there. 4) I was in the meeting, and the clubs and sigs were in agreement about possibly covering the extra costs of tables so the show could continue, this would come out of club funds to help put on the show. So what do you propose to do to help? All the best Chris
  3. Cracking job, well done Rob, amazing seascape. all the best Chris
  4. Cracking job, Kallisti, a coincidence as i have just watched the episode with the hawks (Wargames), well done. All the best Chris
  5. West Middlesex will be there with myself, looking forward to it. As usual last minute scramble to complete builds for Telford, hopefully a tongue in cheek diorama will be finished on time. Drop by the stand and say hello, see you all there. All the best Chris
  6. Another one off the production line, 1/96 scale Kylo Ren's shuttle by Revell from the recent Star Wars movies. Hand painted in satin black enamel (a task in itself lol) with details/lights painted in enamels. Its a fair size (see last pic) Went together relatively well, no filler needed. Comes with a working access ramp below, sadly missing some detail to the upper wings, which cannot be posed, one position only. There is an aftermarket kit for putting them in the V flight position. A relatively quick build for me, something different from the dark side, of submarines and sci-fi modelling. All the best Chris
  7. Brad you are right the Glen had the wings & floats removed, leaving just the fuselage. Wings and floats stored either side of the fuselage. All the best Chris
  8. Jon the bulge infront of the conning tower is a watertight hanger, the plane folds up and is stored inside. One of these boats was responsible for the unsuccessful bombing of America, firebombed forest and it rained. All the best Chris
  9. Absolutely stunning build, love it, the lighting is just out of this world. hope to see the finished model at Telford. All the best Chris
  10. Cracking job Kallisti, well done. Just seen the pre order for the 1/72 version, umm arghh. Look forward to seeing your Aries 1B, build. Ive aquired the smaller stargazer one, crikey i didnt realize how small, til it turned up LOL All the best Chris
  11. Hi Keith, sadly not seen one yet. One may pop up 3d printed but no news on kit front. This is an area of submarine modelling that is lacking models. All the best Chris
  12. yes they were lowered before diving, as well as the crane, there are recesses for them in the deck. Cracking job Brad, this is how she looked pre ww2, after pearl harbour they were painted black upper hull and had white landing stripes added across the front and rear deck. All the best Chris
  13. Cracking job Josep, love the finish, have one in the stash, id be pleased if it turned out half as good as yours. All the best Chris
  14. Hi Rob, mines ordered and winging its way from Mike. Its a great kit to go alongside Starling's T class. With regards to PB10, im using this colour for my HMS Upholder build and have secured an acrylic version by Hataka, after much looking this is the only one i found. Hence switching from enamels to acylics for this build. As Jamie says colours for RN submarines are a minefield and good references are hard to find. All the best Chris
  15. What a find, will follow with great interest. This is on my wish list for submersibles. I have the Fujimi rerelease in the stash, with a few mods it will build up as the original Alvin configuration from 1964. It may help to contact Woods Hole for Jason details, they have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WoodsHoleOcean Alvin has just been certified to 6500m following a major refit and is still very much in use. All the best Chris
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