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  1. There are quite a few, i have listed what i know are available in various scales from Mikromir, Choroszy Modelbud, Italeri, Finemolds, Bronco, Mr X, Pavla to name the most known manufacturers. Germany - Biber, Seehund, Molch, Hecht, Seeteufel, Marder, Neger, Hai, Hase, Schwertal, Delphin, Grundhai Soviet - Siren GB - Welman, Sleeping Beauty, Chariot Italy - Maiale Japan - Type A, Type D, Kairyu, Kaiten, Kaiten II, Kaiten 10 All the best Chris
  2. There is no easy answer, it depends on what level you are going to build at. 1) OOB 2) OOB with Photo etch 3) with aftermarket and photoetch including opening out the flood holes. 4) super detailing As there are wooden and brass decks, 3d printed extras, various photoetch, resin detail sets, figures, resin pressure hull and so on. All the best Chris
  3. Lovely build Nelly, well done. Re your query about panel lines the Revell offering is not based on TOS Enterprise but rather the reimagined Enterprise used for an episode of Deep Space Nine called Trial and Tribbleations, which is how Revell got the license as AMT still holds it for TOS Enterpise. All the best Chris
  4. Firstly Martian, thats a fantastic amount of detailing, well done. Secondly regarding the rivets, have you done them as raised rivet heads? I ask this question as one of the findings of the Hunley's restoration is that she was actually assembled with countersunk head rivets, so the rivets laid flush with the surface of the sub. http://civil-war-picket.blogspot.com/2015/01/hl-hunley-scientists-peeling-away-crust.html Martian it is your model and your interpretation, i am always impressed by skills. All the best Chris
  5. Many thanks F-32, glad you think so. All the best Chris
  6. Great review Julien, sadly Revell havent corrected the position of the forward dive plans which foul the anchor, a mistake carried across all their Type VII offerings. All the best Chris
  7. Well blow me down, Mikromir have a number of releases coming thick and fast, Latest release a 1/144 USS Sturgeon SSN (yes 1/144!), recently released 1/35 Kaiten 10 and an upcoming release of a 1/72 Russian early submarine Krupp Forel, which will sit well with their Delfin. All the best Chris
  8. Finally calling this one done, 1/1400 AMT Klingon Vor'Cha cruiser, hand painted in humbrol enamels. Colour scheme from DS9. 30 year old decals given a coat of decalcote before use. No disintegrating decals, yeah and a localised matt cote to seal them. Picked up a good tip, scan a copy of your decals to your computer before use, just in case, then if need be print a set off. As builds go this was a sweet build, no fit issues or filler required, which is a surprise as previous AMT larger scale Star trek builds have been woeful. A word to the wise, if your contemplating getting one, pick up a first issue as the painting guide is more in depth than the Vorcha re-release which leaves a lot of the detail painting out, whose instructions you can download from round 2. All the best Chris
  9. Hi Beefy, I have one in 1/144 in the stash, when i did a bit of research photo wise, its worth noting that what is called silver on the paint intsructions, you are better off using humbrol 56 (aluminium) or similar as the real thing is aluminium. All the best Chris
  10. Cracking job Tcoat, very nicely done. All the best Chris
  11. Alistair, Starling are releasing an S class in 1/350, its on their webpage as coming soon. All the best Chris
  12. Very nicely done Alistair, for your first attempt youve done well. All the best Chris
  13. Cracking job on the Maiale, very nicely weathered, well done. All the best Chris
  14. Looking very good Martian, i will have to crack on with my 1/72 Holland in resin which has stalled (due to the amount of cutting and sanding required LOL) I am really looking forward to seeing the finished articles. All the best Chris
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