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  1. whitestar12chris

    HMS Valiant is 2nd SSBN

    From a submarine name perspective, they should name the next boat HMS Conqueror for obvious reasons. But following the line of Nuclear submarines in the RN based on the naming of HMS Valiant this is the logical list. 1) HMS Dreadnought 1963 2) HMS Valiant 1966 3) HMS Warspite 1967 4) HMS Resolution 1967 All the best Chris
  2. whitestar12chris

    DSRV-1 Mystic

    The white legs are the berthing cradle fitted to the mother submarine. All the best Chris
  3. whitestar12chris

    New Ship Related Releases

    Well more surprises in submarine releases, OKB has just released two new full hull submarines in 1/700, 1) RN M1 http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/product/707/1-700-hms-m1.html 2) Enrico Toli class http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/product/706/1-700-enrico-toti-class-submarine.html keep em coming All the best Chris
  4. whitestar12chris

    Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Great charity and a worthy cause,
  5. whitestar12chris

    Pravda Class Submarine Iskra, (Spark). 1:350

    Great review, may Mikromir live long and prosper, the range of Submarine kits keeps growing thankfully. All the best Chris
  6. whitestar12chris

    USS Benjamin Franklin and USS Kamehameha. 1:350

    Shar youve missed the Ethan Allen class SSBN's which followed the George Washington class to complete the line up, great review. I concur these are great kits of subjects that are hard to come by, a very nice size in 1/350. All the best chris
  7. whitestar12chris

    Type VII U-Boat, Model Warship Builder Cartoon Ship

    I have built one of these they are great fun, the fit is superb, just requiring a little force in places to put together. All the best Chris
  8. whitestar12chris

    New Ship Related Releases

    Hias promised some pics of Starling Models gorgeous T class Pictures dont do the resin hull justice, lovely defined flood holes and surface detail. A lovely photo etch fret Cast resin details And metal gun barrels The kit has a very nice colour instruction booklet, with a little time and effort you can have a T class group III proudly sitting on your shelf. Hats off to Mike at Starling Models another Royal Navy Submarine to bolster the lacking subjects in the RN Submarine fleet. Starling are also releasing a 1/700 version with both full hull and waterline included in the same kit, looking forward to this as well to go with my 1/700 RN subs from Astute down to Oberon in full hull. All the best Chris
  9. whitestar12chris

    New Ship Related Releases

    Picked up Starling Models, newly released superb 1/350 T class Submarine (full hull) kit HMS Tabard at Telford, will post pics shortly, 1/700 full hull and waterline to follow. Happy Days All the best Chris
  10. whitestar12chris

    BM Armageddon GB

    Sounds like fun Sarge, sign me up Ive got enough SSBN's to lay waste to the whole solar system LOL All the best Chris
  11. whitestar12chris

    British K- Class Submarine

    Stuart there is a very helpful book on the K class, "The K boats" by Don Everitt The real challenge comes with adding the railings which will have to be scratch built. All the best Chris
  12. Cracking job, ill echo the others great display base. All the best Chris
  13. whitestar12chris

    Spanish Civil War GB II 33 and STILL growing!

    count me in all the best chris
  14. Here we have Revell's 1/144 Lockheed Sea Shadow, dating from 1996. A bit of an unusual build, due to its shape, with a little care the kit goes together well, with a nicely detailed interior which can be glimpsed through the glazing and the open doors. The only problem with the assembly is you are left with two gaps between the underside and the outriggers on the inside, so a lot of filler is required. Hairystick painted in humbrol enamels, with a final satin cote. The decals were a problem, the set with the model were not in the best of condition, luckily i thought i found a spare set on evilbay. Being aware of ghosting especially on black i soaked the first in decal fix, the water;line decals broke and had to be put on in bits, fortunately i tried the inside of the out riggers first, when dry massive ghosting. Checking my research pics the waterline markings were removed later in the project, so i decided to go with the minimal decals i could, not to draw attention to the ghosting. So here she is for your perusal. All the best Chris
  15. whitestar12chris

    USS Nautilus SSN 571 Question

    The black on the bow is the sonar covering, as courageous has said, the only windows are on the sail. reference the Revell Nautilus kit, it is a product of cold war mis-information. The kit bears little resemblance to the real Nautilus. The best kit of the Nautilus at 1/350 is by Mikromir Hope this helps All the best Chris