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  1. Just finished watching this series, it was worth a watch. As a submarine modeller i laughed my socks off at a lot of it, some really far fetched stuff in it. Typical BBC approach to anything underwater, like their mini series The Deep, reality takes a huge stretch to wormhole proportions. Heres a glimpse of the insides of a Vanguard class, note the hatch sizes LOL https://www.businessinsider.com/step-inside-nuclear-submarine-2016-7?r=US&IR=T As for the sail and the big gaping opening with a hatch and access tube you could swing your arms in, LMAO Well enjoy, all the best Chris
  2. Any chance of keeping the thread on track, the terms of entry have been posted, covid passport, no mention of further tests. With just over three wees to go, i am personally looking forward to going. If your going your going or not going. If you are look forward to seeing you there. Conjecture is best left to a seperate thread, i personally only want to read about SMW updates and who's going. All the best Chris
  3. Cracking job Hunter, love what youve done with this. Al the best Chris
  4. I will be attending with West Middlesex Scale Model Club both days, come along and say hi. All the best Chris
  5. References to the original cgi can be found here http://www.starshipmodeler.com/b5/b5tech.htm good resource for modelling. All the best Chris
  6. Hi Mike i think youll find this helpful, photo of torpedo trolley and rail wagon further down. https://amp.rokket.biz/docs/amp_final_return.pdf All the best Chris
  7. Hi Bootneck, did a google search and found some photos below; https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/our-own-production/cmk-kits/maritime-line/ww-ii-german-torpedoes-incl-transport-chocks.html?cur=1&force_sid=lp1a1v9ie9nchhpef89tjsics1&lang=1&redirected=1 https://www.google.com/urlsa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.granger.com%2Fresults.asp%3Finline%3Dtrue%26image%3D0894890%26wwwflag%3D1%26itemx%3D1&psig=AOvVaw2r49paJW5O2HbdVVw44ZrR&ust=1631908353923000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCNDVhMiihPMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAL https://accurate-armour.com/aa-products/naval-products/s03 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Załadunek_torped_na_okręt_(2-2517).jpg Hope this helps
  8. Very nicely done Brian, a cracking job. All the best Chris
  9. So calling this one done, Batmobile from Batman and Robin, 1/25 by Revell/Monogram. Hairystick painted gloss black, polished with Tamiya polishes, then sealed with a humbrol gloss cote. Not quite the flawless polished finish i was aiming for but, enough is enough. The perfectionist in me isnt happy, but the hairy stick modeller in me is quite pleased, so that will do. Biggest headache was the simulated light blue lighting and the overall finish as each affected the other. All the best Chris
  10. There are quite a few, i have listed what i know are available in various scales from Mikromir, Choroszy Modelbud, Italeri, Finemolds, Bronco, Mr X, Pavla to name the most known manufacturers. Germany - Biber, Seehund, Molch, Hecht, Seeteufel, Marder, Neger, Hai, Hase, Schwertal, Delphin, Grundhai Soviet - Siren GB - Welman, Sleeping Beauty, Chariot Italy - Maiale Japan - Type A, Type D, Kairyu, Kaiten, Kaiten II, Kaiten 10 All the best Chris
  11. There is no easy answer, it depends on what level you are going to build at. 1) OOB 2) OOB with Photo etch 3) with aftermarket and photoetch including opening out the flood holes. 4) super detailing As there are wooden and brass decks, 3d printed extras, various photoetch, resin detail sets, figures, resin pressure hull and so on. All the best Chris
  12. Lovely build Nelly, well done. Re your query about panel lines the Revell offering is not based on TOS Enterprise but rather the reimagined Enterprise used for an episode of Deep Space Nine called Trial and Tribbleations, which is how Revell got the license as AMT still holds it for TOS Enterpise. All the best Chris
  13. Firstly Martian, thats a fantastic amount of detailing, well done. Secondly regarding the rivets, have you done them as raised rivet heads? I ask this question as one of the findings of the Hunley's restoration is that she was actually assembled with countersunk head rivets, so the rivets laid flush with the surface of the sub. http://civil-war-picket.blogspot.com/2015/01/hl-hunley-scientists-peeling-away-crust.html Martian it is your model and your interpretation, i am always impressed by skills. All the best Chris
  14. Many thanks F-32, glad you think so. All the best Chris
  15. Great review Julien, sadly Revell havent corrected the position of the forward dive plans which foul the anchor, a mistake carried across all their Type VII offerings. All the best Chris
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