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  1. Cracking job Ernie, very nicely done. All the best Chris
  2. Cracking job Ernie, have them in the stash to build. All the best Chris
  3. Well done Korras, cracking build, love the subtle weathering. All the best Chris
  4. Federation Models do a PNT set of decals for the D; https://www.federationmodels.com/ Despite what is posted on federation models JT Graphics are still live and kicking, ive used them recently and they are very good, just bear in mind its operated on a part time basis, so there may be some delay in a response. As for advice i would strongly recommend using a decal setting solution to conform to the lumps and bumps. For stripping the paintwork, acetone free nail polish remover works wonders, apply with cotton wall balls, leave for a few minutes and wipe off with co
  5. Very well done, love the look of this Akula. All the best Chris
  6. Have fun Roger, its a nice kit bar the ommisions. Beefy you have a short memory LOL, heres a link to mine that i built a while ago. All the best Chris
  7. Ive struggled with this in the past and have just tried this method with good results, especially as building submarines, not a gloss surface in sight and generally ending up with a less than satisfactory finish with decals, until now. So decal time for the GWH Toon F-35A. Hand painted in humbrol matt enamels, main body and wings. Time to see if Decalfix by humbrol does as it says on the tin Captain. Some of you may already be using Decalfix, some of you may not know of its existence like me until recently, struggling with gloss coats on matt and satin finishes. Pringles lid, ma
  8. Calling these done, all 1/700 USS Ohio, 1 by Dragon, cold war conjecture along with the Soviet Alfa, decals most went on a few wrapped themselves into a ball. At 1/700 not a lot you can do, as the were tiny. but a good result for old decals with the help of Humbrol decalfix. Waterline on Alfa decal white stripe, a sharp learning curve at this scale. The other 3 are all OKB Grigorov resin kits. USS Ohio , USS Tullibee & USS Cavalla. Its interesting to compare the cold war model against the actual boomer in scale. The sail, width of the missile deck and other differences are apparent. The Oh
  9. Mikromir have just announced the Long hull USS Parche in 1/350, cant wait. All the best Chris
  10. Cracking job Roger, welcome to the dark side (submarines), a lovely build of a VIIB, enjoy. Ref the IXB, isnt that by Bronco, didnt know AFV did one? All the best Chris
  11. Some very nice RN submarine releases from OKB, 1/350 C class group 2 http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/product/854/1-350-rn-c-class-submarine-group-2.html, 1/350 R class R1/R2 & R7/R12. also GMU are releasing a 1/35 sleeping beauty submersible canoe. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10715878. Just had delivered Hobbyboss's 1/350 PLAN 031 Golf Class after a 2 year wait LOL All the best Chris
  12. Martian there is a brief description of the cockpit in Underwater Warriors by Paul Kemp on page 159, a seat from an austin seven, joystick from a spitfire a foot pump and simple instruments. All the best Chris
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