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  1. Nicely done, love the addition of the fish and sand. All the best Chris
  2. Absolutely cracking job Carts, well done. All the best Chris
  3. Some cracking builds there Chris, loved the interesting stufff, not the run of the mill aircraft, well done. All the best Chris
  4. Many thanks Bigbadbadge, much appreciated. Many thanks Corsaircorp, the thunderbird kits are by Bandai and a joy to build, plus they dont take up much shelf space. Many thanks Bertie Psmith, glad you like the bust, he was 31 when lost at sea, Tin Tin for now LOL All the very best Chris
  5. So 2021 a few modelling set backs and a hectic year. Heres my lower than usual offering for 2021 builds. 1) 1/350 Thunderbird 1 from that nameless movie. 2) Klingon Vor' cha cruiser with DS9 livery, lot more exciting than the plain Next Gen livery. 3) Some 1/700 USN Nuclear submarines, 1 SSN & 2 SSBN's 4) The Batmobile from Batman & Robin, experiment in gloss black and polishing, mixed feelings about the end result. 5) SR-71 egg plane with replacement decals from a BSG Viper, piloted by Lt. Starbuck LOL 6) A joy to build E-2 Hawkeye resin egg plane. 7) A build in two halves, the bust completed, submarine to follow for my HMS Upholder build. Happy modelling to all, all the best Chris.
  6. Cracking jobs, love the Thunderbird 2 & UFO Moon mobile. All the best Chris
  7. Cracking models as always Kallisti, love what you did with the Starfury. All the best Chris
  8. Love the Thunderbirds All the best Chris
  9. Cracking build Martian, well done. look forward to seeing it in the flesh over the weekend. All the best Chris
  10. Cracking build with superb weathering, not OTT but just right, well done. All the best Chris
  11. Cracking job Will, love your review, read it before seeing this, well done. Was tempted to pick one up as being a submarine and sci fi modeller, but yet to build my I-400 in 1/350 from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. All the best Chris
  12. Cracking job, superb absolutely love them, well done Thommo. All the best Chris
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