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  1. Hi Ryan, 1) The colour photos ive seen of Alfa's were generally a green anti-fouling paint as they operated at greater depths, but pics are few and far between, all the websites i used to access have disappeared. 2) The Russian Kilo's are red up to the mid hull, with black above and a white waterline mark on the black, but wether this is for the full length of the hull is open to debate as i discovered with the Typhoon, the red was only applied to areas to keep clear of, such as sonar and propellers. The PLAN Kilo's are as per instructions, red to waterline.
  2. According to the website the endo skeleton is complete in 120 issues @ 5.99 e.a works out at about £720 all in. I too mentioned it to SWMBO, got my head bit off as still got the Victory and U-96 to build LOL All the best Chris
  3. Only one word describes your build, SUPERB!! Youve captured the right look for a U-boat, with subtle weathering and finish, looks like she has just returned from patrol. All the best Chris
  4. Hi Stuart the windows are mainly blue tint and not very transparent, with the exception of the main cockpit glazing and some curved side windows, Seats and stuff would generally not be visible, i did contemplate this myself when i built mine and experimented with bits to see how it looked. All the best Chris
  5. Hi Martian, if your referring to the horizontal tubular thing over the front its actually the windscreen wiper motor support. Kallisti, a tip before you paint the interior, some of it is visible through the windows, very noticeable at the front. I painted the inside white with a black area at the front to represent the cockpit. You can see it in the photo you posted, heres another one. All the best Chris
  6. Hi Flintstone, the hull halves do need trimming at the top, have double checked reference photos i have also looked at photos of Holland 1 in submarine museum, did a google search. A Also seen her in person at the submarine museum. The deck casing sits over the raised portion on the model, the plating you refer to is only at the bow and is clear of the deck casing. The lower hull does not need any work as it sits tight in the mould, its only the top edge that has the excess. If you want a second opinion have a look at Mikromir's Holland 1/144 model. Hope this helps, any reference material you need for submarines, just drop us a line. All the best Chris
  7. Eric wishing you the very best at this hard time and our deepest condolences for the loss of your dearly beloved. All the best Chris
  8. So further to a request for more Royal Navy subjects its only fitting to start at the beginning. This will be a build of the Holland 1, a 1/72 resin model by Choroszy Modelbud. Clean up on isle 7 i hear you say and you wouldnt be wrong, there is a lot of cleaning up and prep of parts, as youd expect with a limited run resin kit. The mouldings are not bad, most bits look as they should. The biggest challenge will be the hull halves, as on the top edge a whopping 4mm needs to be trimmed off on each half! This is to allow the deck casing to sit properly on the cast guides. So heres some picks to start with, some parts have had the excess trimmed off, as ive made a tentative start. All the best Chris
  9. Having called Warspite correctly odds on it is Resloution for the fourth boat, a fitting tribute to our first SSBN and years of faithful service as one of our nuclear deterents on patrol. All the best Chris
  10. I present something a little different, a Japanese Water Bus called Himiko, designed by a famous Comic Artist in Japan. The kit is by Fujimi and is a lovely thing to put together with no fit issues, but be warned it is not for the faint hearted as it comes with a 165 piece mask for the windows. It is hand painted in humbrol enamels, it is probably better suited to being spray painted as i had a number of runs under the mask but such is life LOL The hardest parts to mask were the hemispherical windows with 6 masks a piece, the smallest being at the front, a mere 4mm in diameter, good fun. So with no further ado here is the Himiko in all her glory; And finally a size shot All the best Chris
  11. Hi Stuart looking good so far, will follow with interest. The inaccuracies of the hobbyboss typhoon were covered a while ago, by myself and Ken (Flankerman), i built an Alangar typhoon and modified it to reflect an accurate typhoon model link Ken built the Hobbyboss one and we took a photo of them side by side, pics at bottom of post. All the best Chris
  12. Just seen a pre-order ad for Revell 1/72 type IXC u-boat with early conning tower and deck guns, due in september 2019. All the best Chris
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