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  1. Cracking job Tcoat, very nicely done. All the best Chris
  2. Alistair, Starling are releasing an S class in 1/350, its on their webpage as coming soon. All the best Chris
  3. Very nicely done Alistair, for your first attempt youve done well. All the best Chris
  4. Cracking job on the Maiale, very nicely weathered, well done. All the best Chris
  5. Looking very good Martian, i will have to crack on with my 1/72 Holland in resin which has stalled (due to the amount of cutting and sanding required LOL) I am really looking forward to seeing the finished articles. All the best Chris
  6. Hi Fletch, ive built the Batwing, it is a beast but your right the price tag is a bit on the high side, i didnt pay full price for mine as it was mis boxed and i had to source replacement parts from moebius and pay the postage, but i was still well shy of the asking price after all that. The box has no spare room and is full of plastic, it can build into a number of poses, so you wish you had two, the fit is very good requiring very little filler. Sadly its a question of if you want the kit, are you willing to pay the price for it. In the end i had to for Moebius's Proteus at
  7. Good to see you back Martian, having seen first hand what you did with Mikromir's Turtle im looking forward to seeing this. All the best Chris
  8. With Starling models 1/350 S class on the horizon and OKB's recent group 2 C class in 1/350 & 1/700 the RN submarines are on the increase, so who knows whats coming Stuart, as Mikromir and OKB generally release them without little or no warning. All the best Chris
  9. Well Mikromir keep them coming, finally they have filled the gap in their US SSBN's with two new releases in 1/350 SSBN-608 Ethan Allen (this was the first fully designed SSBN class following the cobbled together George Washington (stretched skipjack) class) Also they have released a spec ops version in 1/350 USS John Marshall, c/w dry deck shelters. So with Mikromir you can now build all SSBN classes up to but not including the OHIO. All the best Chris
  10. My order from shapeways was delivered today by UPS, 1/350 HMS Spartan Dry deck shelter and pieces to modify airfix Trafalgar Class to a Swiftsure class. No additional charges paid, box marked as prepaid, clearly marked as 3d printed plastic.. So i can only assume its a lottery, small items getting through without a problem. I have another order to place for a slightly dearer item, ill keep you updated. All the best Chris
  11. Its a great kit and will provide you with hours of modelling, there is a lot of aftermarket available, so the level of detail is down to you. OOB its impressive, only snag with the kit is that the forward dive planes are too far forward and foul the anchor, but TBH no one notices. All the best Chris
  12. Ive just ordered a small item from shapeways for 16.45 euros with 8 euros shipping, ill keep you informed as to what happens. Shapeways is the only source for some of the stuff im after, unless i print it myself, which i currently cannot do, so this is a tester to see if its worth my ordering from them. Most of the models i buy are from the ukraine, bulgaria and japan. Its always been a game of chance re customs. One of the sellers i buy from has now included 20% vat in his sales price. All the best Chris
  13. So my first completed build of 2021, Thunderbird 3 from the awful 2004 movie. The kit is by Bandai and is typical of their quality of kit Being a snap kit which i still glued together, the fit was superb, requiring very little sanding and no filling. Sadly the decals were self adhesive, leaving very little room for maneuver when placing. Hand painted in humbrol enamels and finished in a gloss clear cote. A fun build, the money shot is at the end as to actual size of the model. All the best Chris
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