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  1. whitestar12chris

    Spanish Civil War GB II 33 and STILL growing!

    count me in all the best chris
  2. Here we have Revell's 1/144 Lockheed Sea Shadow, dating from 1996. A bit of an unusual build, due to its shape, with a little care the kit goes together well, with a nicely detailed interior which can be glimpsed through the glazing and the open doors. The only problem with the assembly is you are left with two gaps between the underside and the outriggers on the inside, so a lot of filler is required. Hairystick painted in humbrol enamels, with a final satin cote. The decals were a problem, the set with the model were not in the best of condition, luckily i thought i found a spare set on evilbay. Being aware of ghosting especially on black i soaked the first in decal fix, the water;line decals broke and had to be put on in bits, fortunately i tried the inside of the out riggers first, when dry massive ghosting. Checking my research pics the waterline markings were removed later in the project, so i decided to go with the minimal decals i could, not to draw attention to the ghosting. So here she is for your perusal. All the best Chris
  3. whitestar12chris

    USS Nautilus SSN 571 Question

    The black on the bow is the sonar covering, as courageous has said, the only windows are on the sail. reference the Revell Nautilus kit, it is a product of cold war mis-information. The kit bears little resemblance to the real Nautilus. The best kit of the Nautilus at 1/350 is by Mikromir Hope this helps All the best Chris
  4. whitestar12chris

    Abingdon IPMS Show 2018

    Many thanks to Abingdon for a great show, always a warm welcome, a great time was had by all.. We wish to extend our thanks for voting us the best display of 2018. Which was put on by myself Chris K (whitestar12chris), Rick D (taking photo), Dave W (ex Panzer Vor) and Martin H (Wiley coyote). All the best Chris
  5. whitestar12chris

    Abingdon IPMS Show 2018

    Hi West Middlesex will be in attendance, looking forward to it. All the best Chris
  6. whitestar12chris

    Best boot sale or other bargain model?

    My best finds so far round a boot sale; 1) Revell's 1/96 Saturn V moon rocket £15.00, imagine my surprise when got home and unpacked kit for closer look, it had the super detailing set, resin and etch worth over £85 on its own inside, bargain! 2) Republic star destroyer £2.00 box was scrap, sold for over £50 on evilbay, funded more submarines LOL 3) 1/72 Babylon 5 Starfury limited edition still sealed £8.00 4) Resin 1/6 scale repop of Stargate Horus £15.00 on a similar vane a full set of star trek micromachine ships for £4.50, made over £127 selling them on evilbay. All the best Chris
  7. whitestar12chris

    Swiftsure class SSN

    Flankerman did a swiftsure conversion a while ago, its worth searching his thread out. Most of the Swiftsure class were fitted with the pump jet, with the only exception be HMS Swiftsure, the lead boat. All the best Chris
  8. whitestar12chris

    Polystyrene, Resin, Vacform - what is your preference?

    As a submarine and sci-fi modeller, i build in all available as not everything is represented in styrene by a long chalk, Have had great results in resin and challenges, ABS has had some challenges, done a few vacforms in the past, tempted to try a 3d printed model as some interesting models available in the sci-fi stuff. All the best Chris
  9. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    Hi Andy heres a link to details about the u boat off the Isle of Wight, a UB III type a development from the UB I coastal boats https://www.uboat.net/wwi/boats/?boat=UB+81 All the best Chris
  10. whitestar12chris

    Smallspace 7

    Ill be there as West Middlesex along with Pete Hutton and his scratch built Gerry Anderson models. Look forward to catching up with some old faces and a great show to boot. All the best Chris
  11. whitestar12chris

    Today’s the day! IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 5 August 2018

    Looking forward to it Nick, one of the highlights of the year, not to be missed. All the best Chris
  12. whitestar12chris

    Japanese Military Transport ships

    Hi interesting builds Ray, lovely job, just a footnote, on the last ship the type A submarine would have been black all over, All the best Chris
  13. whitestar12chris

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Id become a sex god, probably with no worshippers though. On a lighter note probably tour the country as i do enjoy driving, except in city or town. ( I can hear Chris Rea in the background then). Chris
  14. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    Cheers Andy, the stand actually comes with the kit, i just painted it brass for effect. All the best Chris
  15. whitestar12chris

    1/700 Tamiya Scharnhorst

    Cracking job, looks fantatstic. Bitzer. All the best Chris