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  1. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    So assembly now complete, painting next. Torpedo doors open, 1 cut down and one scratch built as the second part went ping into the ethos towards the back of the desk as i was cutting it down. Rigging done, 0.5mm rod for the handrail posts, 0.2mm rod for handrail and ariel's. It is worth noting that the ariel arrangement is not symmetrical, one support post sits further forward than the other. This is born out by photo i have of UB10. All the best Chris
  2. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    Small update, PE handrails and ladder fitted with superglue and toothpick, still a PE novice but getting there, also forward dive planes refitted the right way round. As for kit parts all thats left are the torpedo doors and an ariel mast. To scratch out of 0.5mm & 0.2mm brass rod, handrail post's, handrail and ariels. All the best Chris
  3. whitestar12chris

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    Well im with the consensus that its inter dimensional, a piece of etched railing dropped of my model this morning to disappear completely. Got on hands and knees, much to the amusement of Gizmo our Saluki cross puppy. (whos a stonking 26 inches to the shoulder at 10 months old!) and Tara our rotty/staffie cross who likes to curl up under my desk. Shone torch over carpet, rubbed hand across carpet rug, not a sausage. Checked clothing and bare feet as was super gluing at the time, to no avail. Made a cup of coffee, came back to desk and there sparkling on the floor was my PE, in the middle of my search area. Carpet inter dimensional being, I BELIEVE!!!
  4. Cracking job Kuro, very nicely painted. Only one slight error, the ladder on the conning tower is upside down, the extended stringer should be above the conning tower on the right, as a hand hold. Billy D The mikromir box art railings around the conning tower were a later edition, also the T mast for the additional ariel was added later, (these you will have to scratch build to add to the Mikromir kit)
  5. whitestar12chris

    ICM Seehund 1/72: my first floaty RFI

    Cracking job John, very nicely done. All the best Chris
  6. whitestar12chris

    Not another 1/144 XX1 U-2540 Submarine!

    Coming along very nicely Peter. All the best Chris
  7. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    Many thanks Andy well spotted, it would seem i misread this on the plans, photo of UB10 confirms this. Will detach carefully and refit the right way round. All the best Chris
  8. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    A build update, conning tower built with PE porthole surrounds and hatch handle. Again no fit issues. Macro mode is not what it should be LOL Deck gun and conning tower attached with 1 ariel mast and periscope added Next couple of shots show the PE tie rods, rudder & dive plane control rods added. The sub is just under 200mm (8") long. Next are the PE handrails around the tower and the cut back torpedo doors. All the best Chris
  9. whitestar12chris

    Terminator Hunter Killer Tank 1/32

    Mart dont tempt me, ive been contemplating getting the HK flyer and endoskeletons by pegasus and doing just that, so far ive behaved and resisted. But never say never LOL All the best Chris
  10. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    So moving on, the hull halves go together very well, no filler required just a light sanding on the join. The torpedo tube ends are PE on a bulkhead. A simple but effective stand is included, next the diving planes and the deck went on, again a very nice fit, filler free so far. Next to do is the conning tower with its PE rails, ladder, portholes and so on. All the best Chris
  11. Here we have Mikromir's lovely WW1 u-boat UB 1, there are lots of detail on this kit and with a little extra gumption a very nice example can be produced. There are markings provided for a number of boats, including eyes, nostrils and mouth depending on which one is built, also a very nice camo scheme. Ive plumped for UB 10, which has a deck gun and ive found some reference photos for, as the rigging arrangement is not very clear. The example on the box seems to be a later UB as 20 were built in total, if you wish to build this you will need to scratch guard rail around the conning tower and a radio T shaped mast. So heres the box art. So starting with the hull halves i have opened up all the flood holes and the torpedo tube openings. Its worth noting that internal detail of the tube doors is included but only closed doors, so i will have to do some trimming as these seem to be of a camshell arrangement. All the best Chris
  12. whitestar12chris

    1/350 Trafalgar Class SSN

    Cracking job Stuart, nicely presented. All the best Chris
  13. whitestar12chris

    What kind of modeller are you?

    For me it depends on the subject and whats available, i do OOB, detailed and super detailed, scratch built etc etc. The key for me is my enjoyment in building, painting and weathering (when i feel the need) with stretching of my skills at times. All the best Chris
  14. whitestar12chris

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Just grabbed a bargain for a tenner, Thunderbirds 1, 3, 5 and the Mole in egg plane style, 5, 4 to get, 3, 2 to get, 1 Thunderbirds are go, Fab 1 to get, for a set of fun builds, thats the plan anyway. All the best Chris
  15. Cracking job, still one of my favourites, kudos on doing jokers trousers, i gave up on mine, ill have to try harder. All the best Chris