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  1. The Mk.5 seat in the pic above (Tommy's blog) is not a Phantom H5 seat, but a Mk.P5. The is different in a number of ways from a Phantom seat and closer to a Mk.F5 found in F-8 Crusaders. Here is the H5 (Navy variant) for the Phantom: J
  2. Photos are hard to come by as still existing MK.H5 seats are probably extremely rare. The best pics are in the Daco book, page 116 (although I do think the face curtain pull ring was always double, not single as in those photos). These may help as well: Navy type: Air Force type:
  3. The top seat is not a Mk H5 for a Phantom. It's a Mk.P5 (F4D Skyray etc.). The H5 seat looks quite different from that. J
  4. Not discrediting your sources but that is astonishing, to say the least. A kit of the size and complexity of the 1:24 Typhoon would be in the £150k region, minimum, based on what I know and the prices I get quoted. If that was really true then Airfix have got some real bottom bargain basement prices there, out of reach of anyone else and I wager that this is perhaps not industry representative and transferrable to other companies and kits... Wow!
  5. ...as the question popped up in another thread, just to confirm: Despite the approach of a "competitor's kit" the development of the GasPatch/Hypersonic Models SR-71A is still going on. We are both small companies and as such both have the same problems but also the same advantages. We are on the same page in terms of what we want the model to be like and if you know GasPatch's kits (look at their recent Me 163 for instance) you get an idea what that is. We are both very limited in time resource though - we can't work on more than one large project (i.e. full kit) at a time, while at the same time handle all the day-to-day business like resin casting for me, 3D printing for GasPatch. So things take their time...perhaps a bit too long, but that's they way it is and we're soldering on. All sub-assemblies, details and various options are ready in CAD and are now being integrated into one and prepared for tooling. I do hope that this process will be completed by autumn, fingers' crossed. As the work currently taking place is of a very "technical" nature I haven't been sharing much as there just isn't that much excitingly new to see. But I'll of course report of any new developments as they come along. In the meantime, get some more AG-330 start carts, you want them for the "other" kit as well, don't you?? DONT YOU??? Cheers, Jeffrey
  6. Very well is. Currently working on large parts splits and integrating all the various sub-assembly CAD's (which are basically ready) into one, or more than one, for different versions. Gaspatch were extremely busy finalising their ME 163 kit but now finally work on the SR-71 is rolling. No, we won't beat Revell on time but I think our kits will offer things you won't find in R's kit, with a different approach. But that's all for now, this is a Revell thread...more on either my FB or in a separate thread on here. Cheers, Jeffrey
  7. Japan release is July 10th, with kits hitting shops from about the 15th. It's bizarre that the kit is available everywhere else so much in advance to the home market. Looks like I'll have to order from outside of Japan (Luckymodel) in order to not be out-run by competitors in terms of aftermarket. J
  8. Another vote for a round edge blade on a hard surface, my preference is a large steel ruler, but glass or ceramic tile are fine as well. You simply roll the blade over the connecting tab, repeat until it breaks. I have Xuron cutters as well, but I find the can distort or even destroy delicate PE parts. Jeffrey
  9. I will re-open my web shop in the coming week, I'll start some resin casting in the coming days and if there's no issue I'll be back in business real soon. Cheers, Jeffrey
  10. 3D printed detail/upgrade set now available: https://www.facebook.com/GasPatchModels/posts/3818963051556584 Cheers, Jeffrey
  11. The panels, doors, vents and scoops around the centre fuselage are all different due to the different engines, Hasegawa took care of the differences. Possible of course to sand everything off and re-scribe but quite a lot of work... Hasegawa did re-release the A-4C kit a couple of years ago, IU managed to buy two, but could kick myself for not buying more as they all went in a jiffy and no even here in Japan none are available anywhere (unless second hand for ridiculous prices). J
  12. Shimomura Alec "Hyper Cut" Saws. You never look back and wondered why you ever use anything different. I use this one here with a 0.1mm blade mainly, but there are quite a number of others available: http://shimomura-alec.co.jp/product/pdf/alk27.pdf http://shimomurado.cart.fc2.com/ca3/102/p-r3-s/ In distribution also by Platz: http://www.platz-hobby.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=53&products_id=3727 HLJ, 1999 and Amazon as well as hobby shops world wide (not sure about the UK) sell some Shimomura Alec tools as well. And once you've seen what other tools they make you stop wanting to buy kits, you just want all those fabulous tools Cheers, J
  13. So that's where Kitty Hawk got their idea from! J
  14. Funtec, Japan have been making these for quite some time and I use them regularly. Great tools! http://www.fun-tec.co.jp/products/#kirewaza J
  15. Don't understand why they didn't make the tires weighted/sagged?? Such a wasted opportunity. Would have been a 100% 2x buy from me but not so... J
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