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  1. My Sonic Mini 4K is on order as well, hopefully here by the end of November...Should have ordered earlier, but wanted to see some initial reviews first. J
  2. Most customers order standard, untracked delivery and the CN22 customs sticker Japan Post issues for that purpose doesn't have anything on it to mark anything about tax/VAT. J
  3. The fun continues... Back to an agent in the VAT section. What's new? She claims that none of the changes apply to non-EU countries!! Yeah, right! Update: now she is saying it DOES apply. And the parcels will be identified by new or updated customs declaration documents. So all postal services around the world will issue new customs stickers or documents so UK customs can identify which parcel have and which haven't VAT already paid for?? J
  4. As advised by the VAT advisor at HMRC yesterday, I'm now chatting with an advisor at the Excise and Customs Import/Export section to get to the bottom of how sending parcels are supposed to work. Guess what? They don't know! The agent insists (even after consulting with two technical advisors) that it's a VAT section question and I have to go back and ask the VAT section. Comedy? J
  5. I just chatted with an advisor at HMRC and she basically couldn't tell me anything further to what is written in those documents. She referred me to a "VAT guide" https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-guide-notice-700 to help me understand how the registration, VAT reporting and payment works. My questions on how this is policed and how Customs or Royal Mail will know that VAT has been paid couldn't be answered. She referred me over to HM Excise and Customs, Import/Export section to try and get an answer. Still trying... J
  6. What are those "added costs" that have been mentioned here a few times which are supposed to make doing business unviable? VAT would be paid by the customer and added to the bill total. Are there fixed running fees for the privilege of paying HMRC?? In theory, the system could have some benefits in that you don't have to pay VAT on shipping costs and potentially the RM handling charge could be done away with. What I don't like at all is the lack of detailed information on how it's supposed to work in practice and the lack of preparation on the HMRC website and application form
  7. No, the article says the product price only. That’s an advantage. J
  8. Especially if they don't make the application form a bit more unambiguous and also offer it in different languages. Also, as I said in the other thread on this, there's absolutely no indication or explanation how this is supposed to work in practice. I.e. how would the tax make its way from the seller somewhere in the world to HMRC? And how would UK customs know that an incoming parcel has UK VAT paid on it? Would all postal services around the world need to make separate forms or stickers and how would this be policed?? J
  9. But EU shops already charge VAT on all sales, unless they plan to stop that for sales to the UK after Brexit?
  10. Perhaps @Mike Mods can merge the two threads on the subject? It's a very important subject and any help and info on trying to get to the bottom of it is greatly appreciated. J
  11. Very worrying and totally confusing. Just spent some time reading through it all and it's all but clear. The VAT registration form is mainly tailored only to UK based companies and there's absolutely nothing on how the process is supposed to work in practice. How does HMRC collect the VAT from me in Japan? How will customs declarations on the parcels look like so UK Customs would know VAT is collected? In the HMRC article linked above contains a paragraph "Direct sellers - businesses making sales direct to GB customers rather than via an OMP" in there is a link to another arti
  12. Thanks! Yes, that's certainly something to be aware of. As I don't have a printer yet I don't know how much resin is supposed to be in the vat anyway... Cheers, J
  13. Hi print-gang, as resin is a liquid, I was wondering if printers have to be levelled when they are set up? I know there is a procedure of adjusting the print platform to be in perfect parallel to the bottom of the vat/screen, but would it matter if the printer itself was not 100% level and as such the surface of the resin not parallel with the build platform? My guess is that it doesn't matter, but I thought I'd ask... Cheers, J
  14. Great news: after nearly 6 months of drought, air mail from Japan to the US is now operational again. For now, it's only for standard, i.e. non-recorded, letter and small parcel items, but at least something Delays can and should still be expected but the normal compensations for loss or damage apply. Air mail to a a number of countries remains restricted or suspended though, the latest full list is here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html Cheers, Jeffrey
  15. Very good! I'll keep this in mind and my replicate it when needed. Cheers, J
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