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  1. That's coming along great!! I love the winch cable detail. J
  2. Great save! I hope you didn't mind me pointing it out... Cheers. j
  3. Really nice, well done!!! I like the weathering in particular, a very convincing and realistic finish. n.b. I think the forward nose wheel door seems to have slipped, the top edge of the door should be more or less right up against the fuselage. Cheers, J
  4. Fantastic, I really like it, including the base! J
  5. A really superb build! I'm sorry about the ill-fitting centre canopy section! I do test fit and usually mention all potential pitfalls in the instruction sheets, but I only had Zoukei Mura's F-4D and an F-4S to hand. I did test fit Hasegawa's F-4J when I first developed the canopy sets, but didn't know the Zoukei Mura J panel was that tall... But you managed well in the end . Cheers, J
  6. Black, or various degrees of fading/weathering to shades of grey, but no blue. Very different kind of paint than for example on early U-2C's. J
  7. Hello, while the Kitty Hawk FJ-2 kit hasn't even arrived in the shops in some places, I have the first correction set out already The kit comes with FJ-3 type ribbed elevators and rudders, which is not correct for FJ-2's until they were transferred to the Navy Reserves late in their service life. All Marines schemes from the decal sheet require the -2 type smooth control surfaces. To make things simple, I made it a non-cut set so the elevators come together with the stabilisers, just as the kit. (With the all-flying stabiliser design the elevators were not usually seen deflected anyway). More Fury bits are in the works... Cheers Jeffrey
  8. Hi folks, I've just discovered a few wrong PE frets in a storage box that is reserved only for the PE frets to go with my set HMR 48032, F-4 Stabilator Upgrade for Zoukei Mura. The correct PE fret has the corresponding SKU on it "HMR 48032". If a fret without a number is in the set then it's the wrong one, this is for my earlier stabilator set for the Hasegawa and Academy kits (HMR 48012/ HMR 48013). I think the last restock of PE frets was before Telford, but of course I have no way of knowing right now if this was an extensive mixup or only a handful of wrong frets went into the box. (I do hope this problem didn't start any earlier than that). I do glance over them when packaging, but in the frenzy before Telford this might have gone unnoticed. Everyone who bought this set, could you please have a quick look? Please get in touch and I will replace the wrong frets of course. I'm sorry for any inconvenience! The correct PE fret: The incorrect PE fret (from the Hase/Academy set): Cheers, Jeffrey
  9. I like to think that despite our usage of plastic and volatile organic compounds, modellers are recycle masters and relatively low-impact in terms of waste. Except for paper towels drenched in various kinds of liquid my modelling bin remains quite empty most of the time. Cardboard from boxes gets recycled, spare parts go into the spares box, sprues I often cut up and keep for raw material such as stretched sprue etch. But I also have to say I tend to agree with Mike in that I'm always a fan of packaging that strikes the balance between part protection and conservation of space and materials. The more packaging, the higher also the cost for transport and storage etc. J
  10. Hi everyone, after the Telford pre-release, my new AG-330 Start Cart kit (1:48) is now officially released. It's available directly from my website: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/ag-330-start-cart as well as: the48ers F4dable Models BNA Modelworld Thank you for your attention Cheers, Jeffrey
  11. JeffreyK

    Desk lamp

    Never skimp on the light source! I used to have a Shesto/Lightcraft daylight task light, but I regularly had to change the tubes in it... I think LED is the better was, The Daylight Company have a few task lights in their range, I now have this one https://www.amazon.com/Industrial-Task-Lamp-European-Style/dp/B015GETB2M but it's for US/Japanese voltage... Jeffrey
  12. First time I've heard or read about this - is this a new-tool kit(s)? Or a rebox? Tried to Google it, but didn't come up with much either. J
  13. When the days slowly start to get that autumn feeling about them you immediately think: it must be time for Telford! Three weeks to go and show pre-orders are open in my web shop. With the Pound-Yen exchange rate going up and down like a yo-yo I've decided to increase the usual pre-order discount to 15% this year. Please select "personal pickup/show" in the deliveries tab and I will send a 15% refund back to you. New items at my table: A-3 Skywarrior "Version" canopies (very limited supply, be quick!) A-4B/C Nose Wheel Door F-4 Phantom canopy details for Zoukei Mura kits F-4 Phantom Stabilator Upgrade Set for Zoukei Mura and: my first full kit, the AG-330 Start Cart will be available as a pre-release in limited numbers and at a special price. A general note on pricing: nearly all Sterling prices have either been kept the same or rounded down compared to last year, again to offset the exchange rate fluctuations. According to the hall map, me and my friends from ModelArt have been moved to a centre isle end position, a bit unusual! You can find us in Hall 1, position G6 (more or less opposite Airfix/Hornby). Cheers Jeffrey
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