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  1. Best option would be to try and find a Fisher Model TF33 engine set, perhaps on Ebay....
  2. JeffreyK

    F7 U Cutlass

    This may help: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/waCut.html Cheers, J
  3. Great news! Not enough into the B-36 to get an HPH 1:48 kit and 1:72 isn’t my scale. So 1:144 is always a nice compromise and can’t be “confused” with 1:48 in the display case
  4. Yes. the bulges were on upper AND lower wings and therefore a thin wing Phantom is probably the least likely for the moment. I've read this comment elsewhere recently, though "different upper wings for B/N".... , so I was starting to question my own sanity. Luckily you came to the rescue and reassured my world order! J
  5. The B-52's have landed! Many thanks once again to those who helped making it happen. Thank you to HPH for making this great kit and for the much improved communication Good thing we've started building a new house - we're going to need it. Cheers, J
  6. Newsflash: "B-52's inbound to Japan" Not sure if it was because of, despite or entirely unrelated to this thread, but thank you anyway to everyone who chimed in. In any case, things moved pretty quickly over the past few days. I'll report once they've landed! Jeffrey
  7. Hi Andy, we're well, thank you, I hope you're too! Well, as it turns out, the seal strips ARE going to be separate parts, on the same runner as the nozzles,a s posted on ARC... Cheers, Jeffrey
  8. The fuselage is moulded without the engine/exhaust seal strips. As they's be quite flimsy as individual parts my guess is that they'll come moulded onto the exhaust nozzles. So FM can produce both nozzle types (-10 and -17 with long petals and -8 and -15 with short petals) with the correct seal strip (cut back and straight). So another pointer into the direction of short nose Phantoms in the future... J
  9. Just to play devil's advocate: You know you want to build an EA-3B, even a particular one and you know that due to the electronics suite and consoles there aren't any windows on port side of the cabin. Why would you try to make a whole resin fuselage plug for port side? If the cabin had plugged windows there the detail would be more or less disappearing in 1:72. Even in high res photos it's hard to see on the original... I'm usually the first to support a strive for total accuracy but this might just be a little too much trouble for hardly any benefit...? Perhaps a simpler option would be plotter-cut thin vinyl stick-on detail for the windows. They line up along the refuelling probe so placement should be relatively easy. Cheers, J
  10. Not a Tomcat guy here, but that looks spectacular! Almost makes me want to buy a kit Cheers, J
  11. I think the electronics suite is built along the port side of the cabin with the seats on starboard, facing port. So I don't think there would be windows on post side. I can't access my books at the moment though... J
  12. Thanks very much - and guess what? I received an email reply from HPH a few minutes ago Standing by, hopefully a solution is in sight! Trust me, I wouldn't have posted had I not tried various channels repeatedly. I'm a business owner myself and know how things are customer service and reputation related. If things turn out well I will say so as well. J
  13. Thanks Marc. I have Katerina's, Jiri's and Mirek's email addresses, but basically only received replies from Katerina. I also posted on LSP (back at the beginning of the year when I tried to get my order sorted). Last I heard was in February. I've sent two further emails and tried to call on the phone, but no reply. I also used Facebook messenger. They initially replied, asking how they can help, but when I briefly stated what it's about no further reply came. Very frustrating... Not only my money, but I ordered a second kit for someone else at the same time. This is not exactly petty cash. I deliberated for quite some time whether I really should order. In Telford last year I briefly spoke to Jiri and Mirek and told them I intended to buy one kit for me and one for someone else. They are nice guys making nice stuff, but is this a way to do business? I keep thinking what if the company has defaulted and the money is gone..? Jeffrey
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