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  1. JeffreyK

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-18C Hornet

    Looks really good indeed! J
  2. JeffreyK

    H&S needles

    Thank you, I'll have an eye on the website. In the market for a 0.2 and 0.4 incl. new nozzles. Cheers, J
  3. JeffreyK

    H&S needles

    Hi Paul, just wanted to ask whether you already stock the new H&S needles as spare parts? Cheers, Jeffrey
  4. JeffreyK

    Fire at Sovereign Hobbies

    I wish you all the best of luck and success with getting back to normal. A home fire is a horrendous thing and I'm glad you're weathering the storm well. J
  5. Not good news for Tanmodel. Will they abandon their plans for a 1:72 Bucc and just do the 1:48 version now? J
  6. Great! But I hope it's done by the same people who did the Intruder... otherwise I won't hold my breath... J
  7. JeffreyK

    Vulcan B2 - 1/144 GWH+Shelf Oddity

    To echo the others: absolutely stunning work! One of the best Vulcan I've seen, irrespective of scale. J
  8. JeffreyK

    Luftwaffe F-4 drop tanks

    Just to clarify some potential confusion: We have five different external tanks on the F-4. For the 600gal centre line tank, there was the original F-4 specific tank, with its two small tail fins that intersected with the fuselage belly (made by Royal Jet?) Later, this was replaced by the "F-15 style" centre line, "High Performance" tank, I think at pretty much every F-4 operator. For the 370gal wing tanks there was the original F-4 MacAir tank, parabolic shaped, with prominent weld seams on either side and a separate pylon (this pylon was also utilised as the outboard weapons pylon by the USN/USMC), the much less common Royal Jet tank, also parabolic shaped, but with shorter weld seams. Lastly, the Sargent Fletcher tank, with cylindrical centre section and and only one seam along the lower quarter. It's the most common wing tank variant and I think the only one operated by non-US F-4 operators. This is the wing tank in most F-4 kits. Jeffrey
  9. JeffreyK


    It nearly got me to the point of beating the s*** out of the automated checkout tills "Thank you for shopping at Liddle". NO, for Christ's sake it's Leeeedl. You're supposed to get this right, you're a computer, programmed by people working for Lidl who're supposed to know this! Sorry, got a bit carried away here. Thankfully, no Lidl in Japan.
  10. JeffreyK

    X-15-1 - 1/144, Dragon

    Great job, very convincing, even in this scale! The landing skids and engine area are particularly impressive as is the paint finish! Very well done. Yes, you're right - by the time the wing tip pods were used, the nose boom and XLR-11 engines were long gone. Also the bug-eye cameras aft of the canopy were gone by then. The dorsal sensor probe should be a bit further forward... Those panel lines on the fuselage top, near the wing centre are from the extended X-15A-2, so they shouldn't be there on a short X-15...But those are nit-picks from an X-15 nut. The only thing that makes the model look a tiny bit "funny" are the oversized nose wheels...kind of like an off-road X-15 Cheers, Jeffrey
  11. You can still buy directly from me in Japan, postage costs are very reasonable (but you may incur VAT charges upon import). Otherwise, use the48ers.com . Very good reputation vendor and my exclusive outlet in the EU. Cheers, J
  12. Thank you! The set will certainly stay as is, it would be too late to change anything now anyway Jeffrey
  13. That’s what I was thinking, too... J
  14. The exhaust is that of a J75 engines plane so not correct for a U-2A. I’m also unsure about the vertical tail - in the real U-2 it’s tilting slightly aft (incl. the chord of the horizontal stabs)...