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  1. So to sum it up: you're saying the decals are pretty much spot on? J
  2. RP Toolz. I have a smaller Historex Agent's set too (for larger diameters), but the most of the time I use my RP Toolz set. Top quality, precise and very easy to use. J
  3. No, definitely not compulsory. I was just trying to find the relevant paragraphs from the EU legal bulletin I had saved but I forgot where I saved it ... You may want to pass that on to the IPMS board as well. If you want to register, you need to register for the "Import One Stop Shop" on one EU country, but as things stand now, you may need to do that via an intermediary, resident and tax paying person in that EU country. If you don't you can still send your parcels as before and customers can order without pre-paying VAT. It's just that there's no low value VAT-free threshol
  4. There are two differences: most importantly, the EU system, while very similar to the now operative UK system, is NOT COMPULSORY. You can still legally sell and send items to EU countries after July 1st, it's just that the customer then will guaranteed have to pay VAT plus a handling charge on every penny (cent) spent. Secondly: if they wanted to register for VAT in the EU the foreign vendor will need an intermediary resident in a EU country to act as a legal tax representative. Either you know someone really trusted or you need to hire an accountant. Probably prohibitively expensive
  5. I had another web chat with an HMRC advisor yesterday, my sixth in total! This time the advisor really made an effort, she seemed to understand the difficulty of the situation and tried to get the right information, taking a long time between lines written, apologising for taking so long... But, she ultimately failed. She had to escalate the problem to a higher level of customer support and I was booked in for a phone appointment in February (they will call me, hopefully). She said there are so many strands of information and updates and the issue of selling from abroad to the UK tou
  6. Yes, I use 99% IPA. But I find the results are a bit better with denatured alcohol, i.e. ethanol. It's something like 85-90% ethanol, IPA and 10% methanol J
  7. ... a small update: I'm now getting much better results. The most important change I made was my wash procedure. I didn't realise that just immersing the parts in a wash station (with IPA) and running the cycle doesn't actually remove the small layers of uncured resin around the detail etc. What I do now: quickly rinse the build plate in an IPA bath to remove the most of the excess resin, and wipe the plate with paper towel. Then I put the plate and prints in the wash station (now with 85% anhydrous Ethanol rather than IPA), give it a 30sec "spin" and blow off the alcohol and resin w
  8. Given that this company is based in Argentina and logistics, in particular postal, to South America have ground to a screeching halt during the pandemic I think they have a healthy advantage on the local market. J (p.s.: they say they sold out their initial production run are are making small on-demand runs so nothing to worry about )
  9. Thanks for the clear-up! I went with the cockpit walk-around I had from the FJ-2 in the Hornet museum, it looked so dusty and in some areas incomplete that I took it for unrestored. Is there a possibility the area was painted black at a later stage? Anyway, let's go with the above as the standard. Cheers, J
  10. Just seen this, very nice work Duncan! Great job about the barrier guard as well. Just wondering - I always thought everything aft of the ejection seat rails was painted black in the cockpit (i.e. turtle deck etc.)? But you certainly have more info than me on the subject... J
  11. Yep, THAT's a good one, about time! Nice companion to my Alley Cat resin kit. J
  12. No, that's not correct. It's called the ""import One Stop Shop" for the very reason that you only need to register on ONE EU state and do all your necessary paperwork and payments with that one registration, for all business with all EU countries. Two significant facts: - for a non-EU business in order to register for the scheme you need to appoint an intermediate agent located in the EU country you chose for registration. That intermediate then has to handle all the correspondence with the tax/VAT office one a month (!). - there's no obligation to use this scheme. You can send
  13. That has been my main Q to HMRC all along, in three separate online chats to them no one could give me an answer. The Customs section said it's a VAT question, the VAT section said it's a customs/import question and back again. As I do online label printing with Japan Post I can enter a tax code and special instructions on the label, both for standard and recorded small parcels. I wonder if that will work... J
  14. Thank you very much for your advice guys! As for the slicer: Phrozen has a Chitu motherboard and comes with Chitubox slicer software so I started out with that. I then tried Lychee (free) as many recommend it as being a better slicer and now I'm trying out Formware, which is the most powerful and option-rich of the three. Drawback is it's not free, costs around €130 after your 30 day trial. I also did some tests with UVtools and its pixel dimming function. There is also an option to load a grayscale filter mask to even out the light output of your LED array, Haven't tried that yet.
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