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  1. I have a couple of sets (engines/props) and they certainly look very nice! J
  2. Those shots are amazing, so totally in-focus and yet prop blur etc. Superb skill (and probably a bit of good kit as well). Possibly any shots of the helis in the air? Despite being a BoB air show, those three Westlands would have been my favourite part of the show. J
  3. Looking at the profile drawings, it looks like it does not have the NACA intake. My kit is on order so I'll investigate... J
  4. Hi Rob, I've got Smooth Cast 305 in my inventory as well, I use it mainly for really small or thin parts. It has one huge disadvantage: it sticks to the moulds and starts to deteriorate them much more quickly than any other resin I use. Even the use of mould release spray (which I don't normally use) helps with that....And this happens with all sorts of RTV brands, even with Smooth-On's on Mold Star range. It's extremely important to de-mould the parts as soon as possible as the longer you leave the cast parts in the mould the more they will stick. Do you have any experience like that? Cheers, J
  5. With scale models not visible on high streets, shopping centres, department stores etc. and also not playing any role in the average young household, I strongly believe that model shows, and in particular those small local exhibitions, are an important part in introducing young, or generally, new people to the hobby. There is the notion of "Oh you can find everything on the net" - well, yes - but you need to know it's there or what to look for in the first place. Small shows are things you "stumble" upon, there may be a poster, an advert, maybe a blip in the local paper. Scale modelling is a physical activity and as good as the internet is with promoting the hobby (or the hobbyist's output) there is no match to actually seeing that physical object with your own eyes. That is the inspiration and motivation that actually gets you to step away from the computer/laptop/phone and take up that physical activity, try yourself. So I do think shows, small and large, are important for the hobby and in the end the industry and it would be a shame if it all went the way of the Dodo, just as the high street presence has. I'll have to give SMW 2021 a pass unfortunately as international travel is just still too unpredictable and there is a huge unknown about visitor attendance. But I do hope I can attend 2022, even if the show is somewhat smaller. Jeffrey
  6. Guys and gals, some new items are available at Hypersonic Models. For the new Tamiya F-4B (and other future variants...) I've got: A centreline pylon, designed to fit onto the kit's tank mounting tab with an easy modification And then the McD (early) 370gal wing tanks have made an improved come back, with the tanks easier to clean up and assemble. For the moment, they are available with new pylons for the Tamiya kit. Pylons for Hasegawa (will work for ZM as well) and Academy are also re-designed and will be released soon. What's coming: F-4B plain fin cap for Tamiya, FJ-3 Fury cockpit update set and nose correction as well as very likely an F-4N conversion, again for the Tamiya F-4B kit. Cheers, Jeffrey
  7. Well, a lot of words in this thread but no one attempted to answer the question... I can only answer for 1:48: Hobby Boss A-6 family: yes, offset Kinetic EA-6B: yes, offset (both fore and aft) Revell EA-6A "Electric Intruder": yes, offset (quite a lot actually, probably too much). Cheers,
  8. Nice work! Just fyi how the ejection seat looks like: http://www.ejectionsite.com/x15seat.htm Are you going to re-isntate the step around the nose wheel door cutout, matching the door? Cheers, J
  9. You can try Amazon.co.jp (set language to English at the bottom of the page). Most Alec tools are listed and shipping to Ireland seems to be possible, although not cheap... Another option is HLJ for instance.
  10. JeffreyK

    Olympics anyone?

    I watch on Sportschau.de, very broad selection of the various events live. Of course, with a VPN connection the streaming speed/quality is not top notch, but still more than acceptable. Commentary in German of course...But that's not a problem for me J
  11. JeffreyK

    Olympics anyone?

    Is that really the case?? So that's why I haven't been able to find anything on the iPlayer as on previous games. Japanese TV covers, well, 95% Japanese athletes' participation only (to the point where they cut away from a "foreign" gold medalist in order to interview the Japanese 6th place...) and Japanese TV doesn't have online on-demand or catch-up (why not???) so I mainly watch the games on German TV via VPN connection. As for the Olympics in general: in every day life I couldn't care less about sports - club leagues like football, baseball and what not you'd have to pay me to make me watch it. But every four (five) years I really REALLY get excited about the Olympics, could watch it all if I had the time. Was lucky that we got to see a couple of events live at London 2012, didn't get any tickets this time. Well, lucky with hindsight. Just sad for the athletes that there are no spectators allowed, but that was the only option available I guess. J
  12. The F-4B comes in a particularly large box. Packed into an outer posting box or padding it comes exactly to 90cm combined edge length which is the maximum size for a "small parcel". Anything added to that means it has to be sent as parcel post, EMS or courier with the accordingly large price tag. As for the flap set: Kasl are "traditionally" high priced but ummm, that is hefty... EDIT: Just read on KASL's FB page that the USD price is supposed to be $17.90. That sounds a bit better J
  13. The Mk.5 seat in the pic above (Tommy's blog) is not a Phantom H5 seat, but a Mk.P5. The is different in a number of ways from a Phantom seat and closer to a Mk.F5 found in F-8 Crusaders. Here is the H5 (Navy variant) for the Phantom: J
  14. Photos are hard to come by as still existing MK.H5 seats are probably extremely rare. The best pics are in the Daco book, page 116 (although I do think the face curtain pull ring was always double, not single as in those photos). These may help as well: Navy type: Air Force type:
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