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  1. JeffreyK

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Cheers Tom! That's interesting and good to know. Where did you get your fuselage measurements from? The Daco book? I'm crazy enough to contemplate buying the (forthcoming) HPH kit for wings and fuselage and combine it with parts from the Sanger kit for the early tall tail/J-57 version... But the HPH kit is just soooo expensive! Difficult to justify... Jeffrey
  2. JeffreyK

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Tom, when you fabricated your bulkheads, did you find there was a lot of inconsistency in the cross sections? I.e. is the fuselage straight and with a constant plastic thickness? Or did you have to adjust the bulkheads for each and every location? Cheers Jeffrey
  3. JeffreyK

    JASDF Hyakuri Sept. 2018

    This map may help with planning. http://www.oja.link/htmlfiles/airports/jp/rjah.htm I was told to avoid Fridays as there's no flying. Also, try to get there early. Flying can start from 8am, which is why we were there at that time. It turned out that apron activity didn't start until 8.30 that day (weapons and tanker movements, airframe checks, GPU's starting etc.) and the first take offs were around 9am. Should you try the south-east side, bring a good supply of food and water as counter to my expectation there's no vending machine anywhere near. There are porta-loos though. Entry fee to the towers is ¥1500 and the owner needs to be called if the gates are closed.
  4. JeffreyK

    Hypersonic Models back open!

    Thanks! Yes, that's the plan. Flight and hotel booked...Will be a new experience. J
  5. JeffreyK

    JASDF Hyakuri Sept. 2018

    ...forgot one:
  6. JeffreyK

    JASDF Hyakuri Sept. 2018

    Thanks guy! Andy, I don't think Iruma yields anything that could fancy Akira's interest after all those years but I might go there on my own at some point, after all it's a lot more accessible than Hyakuri. J
  7. Hi guys, earlier this month I went on a trip to Hyakuri JASDF base in order not to miss the chance to see some of the last remaining active Phantoms in action. My friends had organised everything perfectly in advance - the land owner of the famous "peace towers" was informed prior to our arrival and we timed the trip from Saitama Pref. for a nearly dead-on arrival at 8am. Drove directly onto the land, right next to the towers, located in next to, or literally in the air base. We had planned to change location around mid-day due to movement of the sun, but we found this not to be necessary and stayed put until our departure around 3pm. The weather was perfect, sunny with the occasional clouds passing through. Location and light were so good I never had this many good shots!! Flying activity? You couldn't ask for more! Phantoms galore and a number of welcome visitors too. Komatsu F-15J's had been on deployment and were leaving on that morning. What a phantastic day!!!! Sorry, lots of pictures, I hope you're not getting bored... Cheers, Jeffrey Shouldn't your hand be on the throttle? A surprise visitor - just one pass along the runway and we almost missed it! The taxiway is VERY close: Another one-pass visitor: Underside detail? Oooooh, the blue one:
  8. JeffreyK

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Wow, that is beautiful! And great, detailed photography as well. One to be proud of! Cheers Jeffrey
  9. JeffreyK

    David Hannant RIP

    Shocking and sad! My sincere condolences. He's made an extremely valuable contribution to the success of this hobby in the preset age. Jeffrey
  10. Hi everyone, after five months of being closed, Hypersonic Models is now back, the web shop is open for business. A few things have changed since then - I'm now operating from Japan and hence all orders will be processed here and sent from Japan. Naturally, this has some influence on postage, depending on where you live, and you need to consider possible VAT charges as well (although small parcels like these often get through). The website has had a little cosmetic update and there is now a currency converter tool as well (only to give you a good estimate, not the exact final figure after PayPal!). I hope things will work smoothly, but please be patient in case there are any initial "snags" when the ball starts rolling. I will keep co-operating with the retailers mentioned earlier, so for instance can you take advantage from ordering from inside Europe by using the48ers.com Thank you for keeping the faith, Jeffrey
  11. JeffreyK

    Big ideas about a big wing

    I know, there was the Collect Aire kit, but apart from it's other issues (https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/coll/kit_coll_wb-57.shtml) I still think resin is not great for the wings unless cast in halves and thin, but with some sort of spar reinforcement made of metal, carbon rod or fibreglass. J
  12. JeffreyK

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Standing by, poised! Love the big wing Canberras. I was wondering how feasible an RB-57F conversion would be, but I don't think resin is really a suitable material for this. More like vac wings... But I haven't got machines large enough for either anyway. Could be an HPH job! Jeffrey
  13. It's up to every modeller to decide for themselves whether they "need" it (well, who "needs" a model in the first place...). I love the ZM Phantom kits, but shape is important to me and I want this error to be fixed. Yes, you have to cut up the fuselage and do some sanding so it's a bit more involved than most of my other sets, but I've tried to make it as easy as possible, with sticky cutting guide strips and thorough instructions included. Also, I've added some more detail to the surface. J
  14. I think that resin with this kind of pot life is generally not very suitable for vacuum degassing, it's still not enough time before the reaction sets in. However, your resin may have absorbed moisture, which causes excessive bubble production. I de-gas only my clear resin which has a pot life of around 15min and doesn't produce much heat on its own. Either mix very carefully and cast without degassing, just into the open mould or use a pressure pot setup. For the aluminum powder, decant and measure your required quantity of the thicker part of the resin first (usually the polyol), mix in the powder, then de-gas just this mix. Then add the other part, mix carefully and cast. J
  15. JeffreyK

    1/48 F-86F-40 Sabre, 338 Sqn

    Wow, that's nice! Beautifully built , well integrated slats and a very nice NMF. But please, a note to all F-86 builders: the speed brakes an ALL F-86's, any marks or variants, look like this when open: