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  1. Heavens, NO! The Testors kit doesn't get anywhere near my project. All data come from first hand measurements and a 3D scan of the real aircraft plus manuals and other Lockheed drawings and tons of photos. My kit will come with a full inlet and exhaust/AB detail.
  2. JeffreyK

    F-35A Meng, 1:48

    Once again a perfect example from the Becker Aircraft Works. I have to say this plane starts to slowly grow on me... J
  3. JeffreyK

    Hypersonic Models closing (temporarily)

    Life relocation and making HM my main job. Today our shipment arrived - I'm unpacking and setting up the work shop, hopefully being able to start some casting in a couple of weeks... Cheers, J
  4. JeffreyK

    RAF 100 Years Flypast Over London July 10th

    Try as I might, but I couldn't find any site where I could see a live stream from outside the UK. Even ADS-B exchange is down...
  5. As much as I'd like an A-12 kit myself, I don't think it's viable as an injection moulded kit. It would require probably something like 80% new tooling and as such make it a whole new kit (and investment), but for a much smaller market. Testors/Italeri wrenched all variants (except the A-12) from the basic SR-71 kit because they didn't know any better (at the time), but you can't do that without making major sacrifices and compromises on accuracy. Even with a totally new forward fuselage, to get to an A-12 you'd still need to change the tail cone and all associated fillets between wing and fuselage, all the RAW panels around the wings, the cockpit and the wheels (not sure about the nose wheel bay, there might be differences as well). J
  6. Thank you for the attention - I hope it'll be good enough to live up to the hype! Rest assured though, progress is being made! Currently fine-tuning the cockpit area and then integrating all sub-assemblies into one unified exterior shape. Then it's on to interiors and details, by which time we need to think about manufacturing aspects as well (wall thicknesses, detail orientation, tolerances...). Updates in due course! Cheers J
  7. JeffreyK

    got to replace compressor.

    Nope, no hiss at all...just a "Klick" when the mechanism triggers and shuts off the motor, and another "Klick" when the motor comes back on when the pressure is low. You can avoid even that by manually turning off the motor before the auto-shut off kicks in. A full tank gets a long way for just airbrushing. J
  8. JeffreyK

    got to replace compressor.

    Relief valve? Don't know about that to be honest... I've had the compressor for five years, basically in daily use, but never used a relief valve or had one triggered. When the max. tank pressure (ca. 8.5 bar) is reached the motor shuts down automatically and comes back on when the tank pressure drops below something like 4 bar. I drain the tank and moisture filter once a month or so, but that's it. J
  9. If McD's own loft drawings are anything to go by (and at least I went with them) then the Academy fuselage is off at the other end of the spectrum - i.e. too lean, sloping away too much. The closest match is the Hasegawa fuselage. My correction set is at an advanced stage, but I need my full tool and work shop equipment to arrive in Japan before I can complete the masters. J
  10. Godspeed. He came across as such a positive, charming, nice guy in the interviews I've seen and what I've read about him. Very sad, and hard to fathom there are only four human beings alive now to tell the tale how is was to walk on the moon...
  11. Yes, but they still show the burners lit in that artwork. A/B and closed nozzles won't work at the same time. But any way, it won't sway my purchase decision one way or the other (and there are certainly worse box arts, just look at HB's A-6E. That's close to being an Escher painting). I'm very curious about this kit, but not a great Tomcat fan overall...Let's see..
  12. JeffreyK

    Me.262A-2/U2 Almost OOB 1:48

    Looking very good!!! But what's wring with the SBS one? https://sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-48033/kfz.385-opel-blitz-t-soff-conversion-set-for-italeri-kit Cheers J
  13. JeffreyK

    New Hyperscale webpage

    I think Brett had no choice as N54 was bought up by Tapatalk. What I liked about the old format was that you could see the whole topic and its sub-topics/replies at a glance and you could head your reply with your own headline. But I disliked how current, open and vibrant discussions very quickly dropped out of sight with newer posts pushing stuff down as only the date of the first post counted. You just have to get used to new formats every now and then I guess, it was the same here not that long ago, although it was a less dramatic change. J
  14. JeffreyK

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Doubt it - the Shizuoka show is dominated by the local brands (Tamiya, Hasegawa...). Trumpeter is not very welcome there and hence has only a very minor presence at the importer's table. I'm also guessing that the pic shows a 1:144 example, but perhaps this IS the GWH kit used as a marketing ploy for the actual (1:48?) kit that's currently in design....