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  1. The exhaust is that of a J75 engines plane so not correct for a U-2A. I’m also unsure about the vertical tail - in the real U-2 it’s tilting slightly aft (incl. the chord of the horizontal stabs)...
  2. Would like to have one too, but I don't think I'll make it to their table in time - usually I only manage to do "do the rounds" on Sunday.
  3. JeffreyK

    EA-6B Prowler

    Looking very very nice!! J
  4. JeffreyK

    F-4 C from ZM

    Yes, you are right, the speed brakes droop open slightly, but not fully open. The ailerons did droop, sometimes at different angle between left and right. Cheers, Jeffrey
  5. JeffreyK

    F-4 C from ZM

    Hi, sorry to cast a bit of bad news, but as you're building the "C" kit, it's got the -15 engines with the short petals and the original, wide shroud strip at the end of the fuselage panels. ZM's C and D kits have both the shortened (for J, S and E) and the wide shroud parts in the kit, a fact that most other kit mfs have ignored so far )and I was very happy to see as it's a distinctive feature). It looks like you used the wrong, shortened parts instead of the wide ones... J
  6. Oh, so the B(I)8 canopy didn't open?? Had I known this I would have added this to the instruction sheet as you have to fill and eliminate the hinge detail then...and obviously leave off most of the inner detail parts as well. Yeah right, the F-101 will follow suit in 2028. I do think about a "correct" Canberra Bomber canopy, but again, not for a couple of years or so... J
  7. JeffreyK

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    While the OP's post was a bit tongue in cheek and I can definitely see the humour in the OTT potential of this topic, I have to say that I'm quite shocked by some of the reactions that seem to portrait a rather less humorous "couldn't care less" attitude. I think it does no harm to think a little bit, show a little bit of consideration and perhaps add some common sense as well...? Nature has evolved over billions of years and what humans have been doing, in particular over the last couple of hundred years is not designed into nature's system and inevitably it's having an effect. Our ways of living need to change, energy, materials, food... and sometimes a bit of hysteria might help catalyse a change in mindset. Plastic will not go away in the near future, but perhaps gradually they way we use it, dispose of it etc. may change. And yes, I totally agree with this: But as long as the fundamental mindset of "we'll be better off if we have more children" prevails this won't change. J
  8. Hi, only three weeks until SMW '18! Hypersonic Models will be there, this time in Hall 1 (where Airfix has their booth), position G3 (wall to Hall 2). Space for carrying stock is limited so please make use of my show order setup - order through my website, with "Personal Pickup/Show" selected in the postage options and then you will receive a 10% discount by way of a refund. Items currently listed as "out of stock" can be added to your order when you message or email me. See you at the show! Cheers Jeffrey
  9. JeffreyK

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Wow, impressive, great work! Will you bring this to Telford (finished or not...)? Last year I missed all your nice Canberras as I only had time for a good look around on Sunday. Cheers, J
  10. JeffreyK

    JASDF Phantom stencils

    This question comes up quite often and while I cannot 100% vouch for the 1:72 version as I'm only interested in 1:48, I'm pretty sure the same applies. The stencils are black, on most (if not all?) of the F-4EJ schemes. They were applied to the basic grey airframes. When the special schemes were applied (incl. the sea blue schemes) the stencils were masked over. So after painting there is now a grey rectangle of original grey camo paint with the black stencils on. Hasegawa produced them as one, black stencilling on a grey rectangle. It's difficult to see on the sheet at first glance, but at least on my 1:48 sheet it's definitely there. And when I look closely at the pictures on the 1999 website I think I can see the grey background rectangles as well...I could be wrong though... Cheers Jeffrey
  11. JeffreyK

    1/48 Italeri Hercules - opinions please

    All types of engines are incorrect on the Italeri kits. From memory, the "A" model kit had more or less the right nacelle length in front of the wings, but they were too short under the wings. The E and other kits came the same nacelles, but were therefore incorrect and too short in front of the wing. The J kits have different engine nacelles, but they again are too short. Attack Squ. made both E/H and the long J engine nacelles, but they're oop now. There was another resin manufacturer who once made replacement resin engines (was it Cutting Edge? Not sure...) but also long oop. You may be able to find the Attack Squ sets second hand though. J
  12. JeffreyK

    1/48 Eduard Bell X-1

    Great work!! J
  13. The box art did get the stabilators correct. Maybe that person should work the CAD next time... J