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  1. Don't understand why they didn't make the tires weighted/sagged?? Such a wasted opportunity. Would have been a 100% 2x buy from me but not so... J
  2. There isn't that much of a wing fillet/blend, just a butt-joint. So the re-design shouldn't be too difficult. You need to observe plastic material thicknesses though and maybe put the upper/lower surface split away from the leading edge... J
  3. Hi everyone, now available in my web shop and from a few retailers is my latest set, a slatted wing conversion for the Zoukei Mura F-4E (early) hard wing kit. Yes, I know that ZM will eventually release their own, but this is for those who really want to build their slatted F-4E now and maybe also offers a little bit more than the out-of-the-box option will do later... In the package are: slatted outer wings (the main wing parts are cast in extra strong resin to prevent warping), drop-in slat inserts for the inner wings, ARN-101 system antenna, TISEO, upgraded WSO cockpit conso
  4. Yes, the application form only needs to be filled once in order to obtain the VAT number. However, you need to add a couple bits more information onto the customs label on your parcel. The you need to keep the invoices of UK orders separate and file a VAT return quarterly on the HMRC website. One thing I haven't quite worked out yet is which conversion rate to use. I charge my prices and as such VAT in Yen and that's how it appears on my invoices. However, HMRC of course want to be paid in Sterling - do I convert the total at the time of filing my return, or converting each transaction with th
  5. That is strange indeed, I filed the application form sometime in December 2020 and I didn't encounter any issues. I don't have an EORI number and it was not required to provide one when completing the VAT application. I had online chats with five HMRC staff and they all said basically different things...I always had to point them to their own published documents. And the issue of how parcels were to be identified at the border when VAT was indeed already paid wasn't answered by anyone. One very helpful staff at least admitted that it was a question falling between the departments of VAT a
  6. First of all, you don't need an EORI number to apply for a UK VAT number or a HMRC Government Gateway account. I actually had an existing account from my time living in the UK, however I found that I was not able to use if for VAT purposes and had to create a new one, with my now relevant details here in Japan and that was very straight forward. The application form for VAT is admittedly very lengthy and after submitting I received another long questionnaire in reply as I'm a non-UK applicant and as such a few mroe details were required. After that I received my VAT number within I think 10 da
  7. Slotted on the larger runner but a separate unslotted one on its own runner. J
  8. Well, there is hope - the speed brakes are mounted in the correct position J
  9. Thanks very much, that's very good to know. Cheers, J
  10. From this year, the green stickers are not to be used anymore in Japan. Japan Post has circulated messages that hand-written CN22 labels will cause delays or are refused by customs abroad altogether (like the USA). All international mail labels need to be created electronically through an online portal, you print out the label and stick it into the (far too large for my small boxes) pouch. Electronically, the info you put in is sent to customs of the destination country where they are supposed to be matched... But no mention of VAT and VAT registration on the label at all? Sounds like UK
  11. Was there any indication on the box or label regarding VAT number, a phrase like "VAT PAID" or the like? I've found that despite having an entry row for a VAT number and any remarks for customs in the online label creator for Japan Post, it does NOT print onto the label. So far I've had to hand-write it onto the label... J
  12. ...and we're on again! The issue is sorted and I already had a successful order with VAT calculated correctly coming through. (sigh of relief!) J
  13. ...and another update: UK orders on hold again - something still doesn't work with the VAT setup. Very sorry about this. J
  14. ...a bit of backtracking is required unfortunately: the £135 automatic VAT threshold is not working yet. You can order through my site with 20% VAT added for the UK, but the VAT addition does not stop yet at £135 as planned. My web shop developer is working on the implementation but it's not running smoothly as yet. So I'd like to ask you, if ordering from the UK, not to exceed an item total of ¥19,000 (to be safe) for the time being. Otherwise I'd have to refund VAT and wouldn't even know how to file and proof that in the VAT return with HMRC. Cheers, J
  15. Fündekals also have that very same jet on their latest sheet. Just a shame their website is currently down. But I think you can order through Hobby Zone and Victory Models. J
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