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  1. Folks, I've just released a couple of new resin products. First of all, to coincide with Hasegawa's re-release of the A-4C kit there is a new nose gear door suitable for all early Scooters until the A-4C. It differs in quite some way from the kit supplied door which is the later type, only suitable from the E onwards. The other item is a canopy detail set for the Zoukei Mura Phantoms (all variants), in the same way as my sets for the Hasegawa and Academy Phantoms. Unfortunately, a little bit of extra work is required in that a moulded-in raised detail on the inside of the forward ZM canopy has to be sanded off first. For this, a pre-cut piece of masking tape is provided in the set so you can protect the canopy transparency from damage when sanding. Available at now at hypersonicmodels.com Cheers, Jeffrey
  2. Very very cool, the detail, tidiness of the build and realistic finish. The RBF tags add even more realism and a splash of colour as well. Was it Hataka Orange line paint? The only nitpick I'd have is the intakes would be fully up when the engines are off... Cheers, J
  3. TwoBobs did a decal sheet with F-104J's in two-tone camo ( https://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p141.html ) . I don't have it and it's OOP, but you may be able to get one second hand or ask around for people to identify the colour call outs. J
  4. Hi Unc, many thanks, but indeed I'm not 100% sure what you're talking about ... The Testors/Italeri kit has a completely wrong shape, both in profile and plan view. It's notably too narrow and pointed (more like an A-12) and, as you say, the cockpit section is too flat. So any nose you try to fit onto the Testors kit will look very different to my design, unless you have substantially reworked the forward fuselage as well. The chines begin to taper roughly in the area of the nose wheel well, so aft of the cockpit. But anyway, here are: the OBC nose: The SLR nose: and the ASARS nose: I hope this helps ?? Cheers, Jeffrey
  5. Thank you! If anyone spots anything questionable, any mistakes, something wrong with the design, please don't hesitate to speak up! I'm only human and will (or have already) make mistakes. If stuff gets spotted before it goes to tooling it can (within reason) still be changed or at least be looked at. Cheers, Jeffrey
  6. Doyusha re-box and sell Academy kits in Japan as I believe there is a bit of politics involved with Academy being a "maker non grata" in Japan. You can hardly find any Academy kits in Japanese shops, such as the Academy Phantoms, but you can in when they're in Doyusha boxes. J
  7. Still "out of stock" on the website though...?
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