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  1. Oh, that's sad news, my condolences. I was never at the shop(s), but did order a fair few kits from them and also often bought stuff at the Hendon model shows (RAF museum). Prime Hasegawa dealer back in the day, they had pretty much the whole line. Jeffrey
  2. Nice! The Phantom price went up from 7500 to 7900 Yen (before tax)! Won't keep me from buying one though J
  3. With a few conversion parts (such as Flightpath or Belcher Bits) and some scratch you can also get there from one of the SH-3 boxings. Building an early Mk.41 is somewhat easier as it's got the early radome, as in the Belcher conversion set, as Watanabe-san has done here: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/explanatione-fr.html For later Mk.41's you probably need the HAR 5 boxing to get the large, square radome. J
  4. I'd take the Plusmodel pilots over these any day. Those Tori suits have quite a bit of "artistic license" to them and SR-71 pilots also didn't wear the chutes on their backs like WWII pilots. The chutes were installed in the seats and the crew were then strapped in/connected up by PSD personnel. What Tori have modelled as some sort of strap adjusters near the shoulders actually should be the female Koch fittings where the shoulder harness/risers from the seat and chute are buckled up to. The figures look nicely sculpted but they are more fantasy than fact... J
  5. If this will be a continuation of the "Kitty Hawk standard" then I hope not as I'd prefer an accurate Cutlass... KH had a few gems but the majority just had so many accuracy issues. And Trumpeter/HB are not exactly known for accuracy as their strong point either. J
  6. GWH. From what I've read, the only real issue is the fit of the engine nacelles (but I haven't built mine yet though). Detail and accuracy wise, leagues above Monogram and Academy (reboxed by Eduard for instance). J
  7. I have the pylons in my line: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4-phantom-outer-pylons-navy-72 Cheers Jeffrey
  8. Ah, that would have been nice, wouldn't it? The only early B/D canopy I currently have is a vac piece from the RVHP resin conversion kit. And it has a bubble/flat spot in it... Of course C-1 seats would be needed though. J
  9. Wow, stunning, that paint work is exceptional. Especially around the engines. I have the Su-27 in the stash and love all the detail in the box. But that exhaust area painting scares me... J
  10. They are locks that clasp around the oleo and prevent it from getting compressed. A common sight on museum aircraft as well as in the maintenance hangar so that the aircraft is stable and the landing gear doesn't sag even at loss of pressure etc. I too have lots of pictures with the landing gear having them but they are all from museums, i.e. not active airframes. Have a look here http://www.arcair.com/awa01/101-200/awa126-SR-71-Kiriokos/00.shtm , this airframe is very light (stripped equipment, no fuel, possibly no engines) the upper portion of the oleo that usually moves in and out is polished while the lower part retains its dark titanium appearance. J
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