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  1. its only the codes that are wrong thought to be normal grey rather than red. (red roo have done it in the right colours)
  2. well it's nice to have a new A6M2,seeing as Tamiya seems to have forgotten it.
  3. thanks they were only used for a short time...not even sure they did a mission(we had 8 in total) and were replaced by F4 Lightnings.
  4. my latest project is the new Dora wings P34B lancer in markings for RAAF 1 Photo reconnaissance unit 1942 it's a nice kit a little fiddly here and there but overall a nice representative of a rare plane....the paints are SMS RAAF colours. 243669188_1646822065513159_115154185900833720_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 243575004_1646822078846491_356716759722111769_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 243508621_1646822012179831_215368451829756272_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 243482647_1646822092179823_5112655156117971838_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 243751055_1646822035513162_57955751055973550_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 243872915_1646822108846488_5271506459527553120_n by paul sabin, on Flickr overall i am very happy with it..and adds another unusual airframe on my shelf.
  5. yup i'm fine....just think sharks teeth are over done...but thats me 29261602_731461403715901_8823084096340989349_n by paul sabin, on Flickr
  6. i have been avoiding sharks teeth on all my P40's
  7. my latest finished kit the newish 1/48 tomahawk MK11 ,decals are from the kit for a plane flown by 26SQN army cooperation command. this is a great kit completely out of box except for belts. 228980488_1616921185169914_8358737109518946764_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 238927494_1616921305169902_2781794979447430713_n (1) by paul sabin, on Flickr 238600899_1616921135169919_7047747835032463846_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 236087956_1616921351836564_6269187658389983669_n by paul sabin, on Flickr and with my recently finished Tamiya P38. 235764166_1617019888493377_6048186629934286270_n by paul sabin, on Flickr a really fun build.....my next one wont be far away.
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