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  1. a stunning model....i am looking at doing something like this but with a twist....do you know where i can get the conversion from?
  2. there was only one,it's the first production airframe and was use for mapping in Mexico till the early 60's then bought back to the US for a tanker conversion..unfortunately it was lost in a crash in 1968.
  3. yup that is an LSM conversion as well...the tigercat is an all resin kit with an LSM tank and caracal decals.
  4. my latest finished kit(and first for 2021) is a lone star conversion of the monogram P61 ..it has a completely new fuselage pod and boom fronts and cowls i replaced the supplied engines with Quickboost ones and the wheels are from the GWH P61 as the Monogram ones are pretty toy like...it also has the lone star firebomber conversion....it was an interesting build and i am very happy with the final result. 136365259_1466872110174823_1937874212664495051_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 135563076_1466872196841481_7118969983431584692_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 135625392_1466872236841477_30
  5. i wonder why 2 A26k's
  6. and thats what i am waiting for!!!!...and maybe down track am MKviii
  7. OH HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. well the year that was...started with a spitfire 83171320_1180390115489692_6180200447064670208_o by paul sabin, on Flickr an Airfix MKxii....and i loved the build...i may have to chase another one when EN224 flys again 89997074_1218076011721102_5538739715538157568_n by paul sabin, on Flickr next was a back dated Tamiya Beaufighter using red roo tailplanes seats and short exhausts i created a very early MK1f beaufighter. 91560990_1229834767211893_988109573506203648_n by paul sabin, on Flickr then a Tamiya KI61 using Hasegawa decals for a pretty unique aircraft...an
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