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  1. Jerry are there any known pics of the one that went to the US?
  2. i think he was talking abiout the under carriage doors
  3. oh now this is the news i have been looking forward to..............now for the bank account
  4. thanks Moa....yours is amazing. thanks everyone for the kind comments
  5. this is the VERY old LS kit built straight out of the box..turned out to be a great kit to build very simple but lovely surface detail. 70383229_1066464460215592_4097222753969504256_o (1) by paul sabin, on Flickr 70415481_1066464523548919_5700116609104871424_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 70672482_1066464486882256_2522526286845313024_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 70847621_1066464583548913_4475047479355637760_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 71113580_1066464620215576_8190451351562485760_o by paul sabin, on Flickr the paint is Tamiya AS12 rattle can with a clear gloss coat over the top and the cowls are satin black props are alcad duralaluminum.
  6. i moved the radiator back in the wing and dropped the bottom of the cockpit about 2mm....pretty easy stuff but it does make a difference...i also left the canopy open which hides the fact the shape is a little wrong and added the stay between the pilot armour and the rear part of the cockpit.
  7. i was given this Classic airfames kit already built but paintwork partially stripped...so i finished stripping it and missing a few parts...i got the decals out of my classic airframes kit in my stash(i plan using the other set when i build it) the scheme is an early scheme with the half black underside..the prop blades are cut down P39 ones. 69796366_1047756945419677_1491301529519390720_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69536220_1047757008753004_9131222276568514560_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69329737_1047756965419675_8967622952174485504_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69231119_1047756865419685_4278284174143520768_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69127483_1047757065419665_2557998219879514112_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69104648_1047756912086347_5435333176681562112_o by paul sabin, on Flickr the silver one is the much maligned Trumpeter kit with a couple of simple improvements 69298189_1047757092086329_6562739534713323520_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69942466_1047757038753001_482981192832909312_o by paul sabin, on Flickr
  8. 68798355_1042443399284365_7240505062152208384_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 69237144_1042443425951029_2688026202987298816_o by paul sabin, on Flickr and now thanks to Toryu she has a full set of gear doors and the correct spinners...thanks again Micheal
  9. god i hope he paints in the Finnish colors,,,it;s a part of the war that is often over looked
  10. seems to be a thing running...JohnHaa and Toryu i have recently finished a Nichimo KI45...this was a rescue that i was given by a friend ...it had been built and painted but i wanted to redo it..luckily i was able to get the canopies of as it had no interior at all...so redroo Beaufighter seats were fitted as well as a scratched up instrument panel..the decals are from the Special attack squadrons sheet....i have given it minor weathering...and am still looking for an inner right hand gear door(as you look at it from the front) if anyone has one? 66778315_1020344831494222_2883907132938256384_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 66872253_1020344894827549_8694064149946171392_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 66473373_1020344914827547_5878992715558944768_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 66691785_1020344861494219_3740105547681103872_o by paul sabin, on Flickr the paints are Gunze JAAF green and JAAF grey with Tamiya smoke for the exhaust and grey brown and black wash's Paul
  11. great job on them both....especially the KI102
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