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  1. A western from 1976, looking sloppy even when C. Bronson is main actor. Very interesting end or how to loose a identity .
  2. If You want resemblance somehow that lead to Don't get it yet But Mosquito TT.39 resemblance to SB-2? Idea is the same(fast bomber).
  3. ...Of postimage missing of amazing smell of spring
  4. As previous said, but early Il-2 interior was in primer or even unpainted(at least what I found on net).
  5. aircro

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    What about accuracy of http://fighters.forumactif.com/t64852-revell-p-38f-f-4c-lightning ? According to https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-216-lockheed-p-38-f-f-4c-lightning--311341 is the same kit with different parts to J/M version of Revell To me looks far better than Airfix (have it - lot of work) - cabin, gondolas bulbous coolers(inner is the same thing with far newer kits), but have same mistake as Airfix - main wheels covers are angled not hanged (90° angle?).
  6. A hot water? Youst where bending starts (about engine nacelle) upper and lower side of the wing put under tap of hot water and... Plastic is thick, there is engine nacelle so I don't think that it will cooperate immediately. Good luck. And not too much pressure. P. S. Also easier way to straigh the wing is to cut lower part next to engine gondola(outer side) and put some stirene in it (You have expirience in that ). P. P. S. One thing is to straigh one half, but already glued halves so... cut down, hot water up , straigh/and pull it bit more up , part of stiren glued one side of open trench (that is what I will do on my model), You will see how wide will be gap, don't forget, stiren in gap will be squeezed , depends on glue (I use Revell, in that case - more pressure/stiren melting/gap narower).
  7. Ah fit, for proper modeller (aka Victory-is-in-the-Kitchen, btw Your interior look better than mine, I used streched sprue for ribbs of fuselage) those gaps are nothing. I just hope it will be motled - IF AINT MOTLED AINT ITALIAN.
  8. At that time I was not born yet to warn You (nor internet, time mashine do not exist as far I know ), but You could always build another one - Airfix SM.79 really fits to mesaures and drawings. And for Victory-is-in-the-Kitchen (a good nick) well , my Airfix SM.79 is on hold for some time, it will be with open fuselage door so ... Anyway, I have some resin Bristol Mercury engines waiting (actually didn't check difference visually - my option, for now ) but is 9 cylinder. P. S. This Sparviero could be painted even without engines, just covers of engines provisionally 'glued' for example by tinny bit of Loctite super attak , at least I will do that (before finding proper engines, unless...). So happy finishing Victory-is-in-the-Kitchen
  9. Really great job also on the engines but warning, those kit engines are not of proper type https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_125#Specifications_(Alfa_128_R.C.21) unless is irrelevant
  10. Photos I found on net (forget where) And there is good cutaway in "The Wellesley: Geodetics in Action." Air International, Volume 18, No. 1, July 1980
  11. Is there known any other photos with serial numbers of Warburton's Martin Maryland except that: And did this(Warburton's) plane ever get RAF serial number?
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