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  1. Bristol Beauforts in Canada Here’s a link to a handy reference on Canadian use of the Beaufort: https://www.silverhawkauthor.com/post/canadian-warplanes-3-bristol-beaufort
  2. From time to time, two Group Builds overlap where a kit is eligible for either one. An example would be the current “Canadian” and “Classic Revell/Monogram” GBs — multiple kits would be equally appropriate in either one. I didn’t see this addressed in the general GB FAQ. Is there a general rule, or is it up to the individual GB coordinators?
  3. I’m in with this one- the new Airfix kit. Will be doing in the markings of the Canadian 2nd Armored Brigade. The kit doesn’t have markings for this, but I found a sheet at Black Lion Decals: https://www.blacklionshop.nl/en/ -Bill
  4. I did a test- masking and painting the fin and top side of the stabilizer. My current favorite for USCG airfcraft red-orange is the old Pollyscale Railroad color “Santa Fe Scarlet”. ( I have about half of a large bottle left, don’t know what I’ll do once that is gone! ) The masking held up well, only had a couple of tiny spots where the paint seeped under the tape. (In a panel line- it will be easy to fix.) I now have to solve the issue of how to mask the big stripes on the front of the fuselage. You can’t just put tape at the right spot and run it at the correct angle- the place where the left and right side stripes meet at the top of the fuselage is not a point- it is a smooth flowing curve. The stripes follow an oval path- the easiest way to visualize it is to take a tube or dowel and cut it at a 60 degree angle. From the side, it looks sharp, but from above it is curved. I tried masking it freehand, and quickly realized I’d never get it symmetrical. So now I’m playing around with my Cameo4 cutter- to see if I can get one fuselage side correct- I can then reverse the image and make a symmetrical mask. We’ll see how that goes….!
  5. Looking forward to hearing about your 2nd build! After re-reading your article, I was wondering- Is adding some material to make the fuselage a little closer to the Revell fuselage in width a valid option to fix the strut alignment issues? (Or is Revell’s fuselage too wide?)
  6. Note that Paul’s review is no longer in “the last but one issue posted” of Cher Ami, as a few more issues have been posted since he wrote that. You want Volume 10-1, from Feb. 2021. It is well worth the effort to download and read his review, IMO. I was about to fall for “ooh, a shiny new Special Release”, when I re-read Paul’s article, which reminded me why I sold my KP kit and kept my Revell one last year….! -Bill
  7. Despite the lack of updates, I am still working on this when I have some free time. (I did finish two major bathroom renovations, though!) Three times now, I have gone to the bench with the intention of starting to mask and paint the trim colors- and each time, I’ve found another flaw or missed spot that required a bit of sanding a another coat of Tamiya flat white. I hope I have hit the last of those today……
  8. I originally bought it because it was so unusual- and I figured the guys in the club would get a chuckle out of it. Then I thought about building it with some 1/350 scale aircraft to enter in our local show as “A model of a contest in a model contest”. But for now, If I can find a couple of 1/350 Japanese aircraft, I’d certainly be in for the GB!
  9. Does this one qualify for the GB? (Yes, I have it in my stash!)
  10. Sign me up!! I just stumbled across this as well - I saw the banner in someone’s signature in a reply to the P-40D thread in the WW2 section. My club just happened to pick this same theme as our 2022 Theme build, so I had already started compiling a list and acquiring a few kits. I am definitely going to do an Airfix 1/72 Sherman Firefly Mk.VC in Canadian 2nd Armored Brigade markings- I had ordered the decals from Black Lion Decals (in the Netherlands) a week ago. ( They have decals for three different Canadian units, in both 1/72 and 1/35.) I will also be doing one or more of the following (all in 1/72): Eduard Nieuport 17 in “Billy” Bishop’s markings. (If I can find the decals) Roden Sopwith Camel, William Barker. Revell Sopwith Camel, Lloyd Breadner. Roden SE-5a, Bishop. (I’ve got one I built 17 years ago, it could stand a replacement.) Airfix Beaufort Mk.I, in either the 32 OTU or Torpedo Squadron 149, based in Victoria, BC. (Here is a great site for info on Canadian Beauforts: https://www.silverhawkauthor.com/post/canadian-warplanes-3-bristol-beaufort ) Academy F2H-3 Banshee, kit includes decals for two RCN aircraft. That should be enough to pick from…! -Bill
  11. Finally had another day that was both warm and calm enough outside to finish applying the White Tamiya primer. Since then, I have been applying light coats of Tamiya XF-2 flat white, doing parts of the airframe at a time. I’m nearly there- just need another coat on the underside of the fuselage….
  12. Thanks for the tips- I found them. I see that it is a big sheet of both black and white letters/numbers. Are they intended to work together? Can you use them to make a mix of black-outlined-white- numbers and white-outlined-black-numbers?
  13. After almost two months went by, with no progress whatsoever- it was too cold in my basement shop to paint. But we finally got a warm dry day, so I was able to get outside and apply a coat of Tamiya white primer on it. (It is too big to paint in my spray booth!) The first coat focused on the bottom- today I did a second coat for the top….
  14. Thanks for the tips! I’ve had no luck finding the serial decals. They aren’t listed on the Freightdog site, nor does anyone seem to be offering them on Ebay currently… I’ll keep looking…. -Bill
  15. Any progress? I just found this thread- I just acquired this kit last week! I’ve already learned a lot from your progress so far…..
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