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  1. Ink. Now there's a good idea. I was thinking about wood stain, but I have ink I could use. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Mine is just some bird that was eyeing me up at Lowestoft station one day, back when I drove trains for a living.
  3. Ha! After I was born, they tore the Hospital down! No, seriously they did!
  4. Nice to see the essential types of alcohol there - rubbing and drinking .
  5. So....... Done by Sunday lunchtime then? Astonishing work going on here. Hope none of the portholes/scuttles/round window thingies goes "ping" during the cleanup.
  6. I've just ordered the book as well. Going to come in useful when I eventually start my one....
  7. I bought the old man their combine harvester a couple of years ago. He still hasn't started it... wonder if I can sneak it away
  8. This continues to be an outstanding build. Happy New Year Crisp. Dave
  9. Be careful, She may have discovered a new way to smuggle in that new dress and shoes.....
  10. I have facebook, copied and pasted the link, and.... Not Available.
  11. Something out of the usual again, I'm following along. Now then, does this Bar serve "substantial meals"?
  12. I've seen a re-useable capsule advertised for these machines that you can fill with your own coffee. You'll have to do a search to find the details tho, sorry.
  13. I don't know. 17 months and 56 pages and he hasn't even glued the hull together yet..... I'll go and sit in the corner shall I?
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