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  1. Bigdave22014

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    I've always liked these "ships of the sky", especially the flying chinese restaurant in The Fifth Element film. But never really thought about building one, now i am feeling inspired..... might take a stroll to the LMS and see if he has any boat kits
  2. Bigdave22014

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    Outstanding workmanship Sir! I will echo the Martian here, that flightdeck DOES look amazing! Nice work with the decals.
  3. If you're just going to do one or two bits in your life that one might be a workable solution. If you're going to be doing more then I'd say invest in a proper Iron.
  4. From a whitemetal soldering "expert"...... NEVER use a standard soldering iron near anything made of whitemetal (usually pewter nowadays) unless you want it to become an unrecognisable blob. Whitemetal melts at at around 170c, normal irons get to around 450c. I have got away with it with very thick parts (about 6-7mm thick) such as running plates and boiler halves on large railway loco's, but would never dream of using a standard iron to attach small detail parts. If you want to start soldering whitemetal then i would suggest you invest in a purpose made iron for that purpose, just do a search on t'interweb and many come up and not too expensive (altoughh you will need low melt solder as well don't forget). Now back to your unregularly unscheduled Sea King.....
  5. Smashing work Johnny Riveter! Can I just check...this is still the Tamiya kit? not swapped it for an Italeri or similar? With those gaps on the nacelles? Horrifying
  6. Totally amazed at this ongoing build. You're putting more work into that ball turret than most of us I put into a complete model
  7. Bigdave22014

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    I love this idea of leaving the brass unpainted. Makes it look like a manufacturers model... Thanks for the comparative pics, shows what an improvement these bits make.
  8. My god! I have just spent ages looking at these pictures trying to figure out what all the bits you have used are. An inventive use for all those bits. Can't wait to see more progress pics, and then paint! Keep it up.
  9. Nice work Hendie, good to see you back.
  10. Bigdave22014


    I once had the difference in male/female logic explained to me thusly: Men will pay £50 for a £35 tool because they need it. Women will pay £35 for a £50 handbag because it's on sale.
  11. Bigdave22014

    Nearly clear!!!!

  12. Bigdave22014

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Personal satisfaction of causing other people unhappiness.
  13. Bigdave22014

    On hols

    Welcome back nuts, glad you had a nice time (feet not included...). You've got to watch out for the sun: A friend wore her "jeans with holes in" at the weekend, and now has sunburn patches on her legs where the holes were!
  14. Bigdave22014

    All about the Carpet Monster...

  15. Bigdave22014

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    I have an unscientific theory that carpet monsters, sock monsters and ladies handbags (especially if they are Mums) are all linked..... There is an alternative parallel space/time continuum that is linked to by all three. The sound of a dropped piece of model "hitting the floor" is actually the sound of it departing through the event horizon. Once through it enters the same dimension that womens handbags utilise for extra storage space - seriously, have you ever seen how much they can cram in there? I once emptied the entire (and I mean entire) contents of my mums handbag to illustrate this concept and the pile was bigger than the bag.... but it all came out and it all went back in! The only difference between a womans handbag, and the carpet / sock monsters is that the handbag allows bi-directional travel of items, although an occasional distortion of the event horizon will sometimes let a sock / model piece back through at irregular and unexpected times. Tardis technology is available if only we could crack how handbag storage space works!