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  1. "He's trying to get up and escape sarge!" "Just put the cat on him lad. He'll give up then"
  2. Don't know if this was suggested before: Mount the roof on clear rods above the coach, but with the roof tilted 30-45deg to allow one to see the top, inside the roof and into that beautiful interior. You 'll need to play around to find the best height, but I think it'll work.
  3. Had a call at work yesterday from "SKY Broadband" saying they were going to cut us off if I didn't pay the money owed on the account. Yeah okay. International company that has its own servers. "I'll just get my wallet" and left the phone on the desk. No idea when he hung up but it was 30 mins later when I did.
  4. Can I ask what you used to spray the cockpit roof glass? I know on the Sea King it's green, but I can't make out if they are very dark green or blackened (in which case I'll use Tamiya smoke). Thank .
  5. Well worth the wait Sir. It has been an enjoyable journey, so enjoyable that I didn't realise how long until someone pointed it out. Not being military, it is rare to find a subject close to my experience on this site. I can honestly say that there are components in this build that I recognise, and have operated (couplings, pipes, isolating valves). Outstanding. Now, she normally runs in a rake of 12 coaches. So we only need another 11, and a locomotive.......
  6. A shuddering amount of hackery going on as usual with a "Bill Build", which will once again result in a wonderfully exquisite representation of the subject - with no evidence of the horrors that had preceded.
  7. Has anyone ever threatened to "slap you into next year"? You may want to ask if that option is still available....
  8. Had a little fun yesterday when I snuck into the bosses office and taped a small piece of paper over the laser on his mouse. Not a major thing but quite satisfying, even if I did end up on coffee duty for the rest of the shift.
  9. Ye gods. Slow down man! First WIP post and you've nearly finished! I think this is the first time I've seen where a whole kit could be lost to the carpet monster.
  10. Lovely work Johnny. Now, my thruppence on the next kit. I think you should go for the lovely wellychopper. Has anyone else had the thought that Johnny would rebuild the entire tail? Gets my vote
  11. Outstanding. It's rare to have a subject on Britmodeller I have personal knowledge in, so I've enjoyed every little reveal along the way. The use of multi media has been a fascinating journey by itself (can I justify getting a 3D printer????). 6 years and still a bit to go. Well worth the wait. Of course, @CedB would have banged this out in 6 days
  12. I've had a family friend and my old man both have cataract operations, both no longer need glasses and wish they'd had it done years ago. Mum's now waiting for hers to be done. There is always a risk with any surgery, and it is quite right you should be warned. Ever read the leaflets in medication? Every medicine has a risk of death!
  13. Gardening is dangerous. Stay inside with those nice safe chemicals and razor sharp knives, where it is safe! Speedy recovery mate.
  14. Strategically placed magnifying glasses and lighting when displayed perhaps?
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