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  1. Why not place the roof behind the body, on a framework so it is slightly higher than where it should sit? I think that would look better than plonked on the floor, and wouldn't take up as much floorspace as leaving enough room for the underframe to be visible.
  2. The comparison between the two sides is a wonderful illustration of the work needed to achieve the standard that you have. Wonderful.
  3. It's all those canals on his home planet. He must be a dab-hand (dab-tentacle?) at it by now.
  4. I bought the old man one of their Combine Harvester kits a year ago. I think he's frightened of it. How long should I wait before I offer to do it for him?
  5. Please note the "Security" in the second picture of the engine. That'll look nice next to the chicken run John.
  6. yum yum. More yogurt! Nice to see this wonderful project back.
  7. Nothing wrong with printing things. This is the Future! Anyway, most of us buy cast/etched things to add to our models - you're just cutting out the middle man. Do the supports appear automatically when designing/printing or do you have to add them to the plan?
  8. I had something posted from the former colonies as Priority Mail International (6-10 business days). It took 6 weeks to get to the UK. Sat in one sorting office for 3 weeks alone! The Royal Fail sent the customs demand to the wrong address.....
  9. Why not put masking tape on the bar before fitting the rail? Just make holes where the pins will go through. Fit the rails. Paint. Varnish. Remove tape when everything has hardened off. Although, given your abilities so far I'm surprised you're not electroplating your chrome fittings yet
  10. Nobody tell him about Scunthorpe......
  11. What? you mean the sliding door doesn't work? How about 1/3rd open?
  12. Bigdave22014

    Lock Down.

    Mini-rant time (sorry) I work as an HGV driver (key worker) for a major delivery company (damn, key worker twice over!) so we are all working at the moment. Our parcel numbers are now back at peak (christmas) levels and we're trying to run a service with less staff and couriers than we need due to self-isolating. I actually delivered some customer parcels last week to help out. I was subject to quite a lot of verbal from a woman because she had been waiting so long for her parcel. It was clothing..... Where was she going to wear it? a party? the Grand National? Also had one shouting at me to go away because I will (not might, will) infect them! Please be nice (from a safe distance) to ANYONE that is still working. We are doing our best to provide a service in very difficult circumstances. Rant over. Thank you for your patience. Mind you, its nice driving my lorry on all these empty roads
  13. Now this is interesting (not just because I live the other side of Ipswich to Martlesham). How did Spitfires work in their ASR role? Were they just for searching, or were they able to drop supplies (dingies, etc.) as well? And what is the "night stripe" that @72modeler refers to?
  14. Optivisor? Hah! We all know you've got an electron microscope! (Thinks: must get an Optivisor)
  15. No wonder you're only putting them on one side! They're minute. I've got the Tamiya Yamato in the stash. I don't want to think how many guns she has..... Edit: 24 AA guns
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