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  1. Soap has been around for thousands of years. Therefore it is outdated and should be shunned.
  2. Accidentally won..... How very careless of you oh be-tentacled one. It's astounding to think they sailed all the way to (almost) America in such a small vessel - makes a change from the usual "Ships Of The Line" that we see. This is going to be an interesting build.
  3. Oooh, missed the start of this one - thankfully no plastic has been cut yet. Strangely, this one is missing from my stash of FAA kits.... That will be rectified promptly. I shall be following this with much interest - and a few glasses of Pussers Rum.
  4. And if the wheel has a flange (such as on a railway vehicle) then when the flange is below the rail head, a part of it actually travels backwards briefly.
  5. 87% of statistics are made up.
  6. FAA? I'm in! Note to self: Must get me one of these.
  7. Brexit has had more dates than me this year
  8. Animal Rights protesters always fail to throw paint over leather clad Hells Angels.....
  9. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi : Gloria Mundi's old van has broken down.
  10. Outstanding work as always Johnny Spooky. Weren't the red gun panels actually doped material that were stuck on to stop weather/objects getting in before they needed to be fired? If so, would there have been the paint wear that you have done so well?
  11. Cardiff : part of the transmission on your vehicle.
  12. Off you go then old boy. Do let us know....
  13. There are as many atoms in a teaspoon of water as there are teaspoons of water in the Atlantic.
  14. Excepting laws about indecent exposure, you are only required to wear a crash helmet whilst riding a motorbike/moped. The pillion passenger can also ride backwards providing they have their feet on the footrests. There is a specific law that means you can be arrested for refusing to get off a train. Resisting arrest is not in itself an arrestable offence (although you can be charged with it).
  15. Is is perfectly legal for a woman to walk around topless in the city of New York. Although given some of their weather, probably not advisable....
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