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  1. Before smart phones came out, on my old phones you could use the D pad (the direction select button) to highlight and then click the required link.
  2. Bigdave22014

    Covid Jab

    24 hours after jab 2 (Oxford Astra Zeneca) and I'm still waiting for any side effect..... Older brother had 2nd Pfizer and was ill (just like the first time).
  3. Nice looking armament. Do the blast bags come with the kit or are they extra's?
  4. I'm very late to this build, but I'm glad I've caught it. What an excellent execution of your idea. The metal tape gives a very realistic look to the break, specially with the internals that you've added. Outstanding.
  5. I hope your vaccinations were up to date. It's a dangerous thing to cross the border like that.
  6. Oh dear lord, I can imagine the news report... "Horrific scenes in Poole today as a very drunk man and a Martian were detained whilst paddling an old bath tub around Poole Harbour, claiming they were the "Boom Patrol". A number of suspicious containers were recovered at the scene, they are thought to once contained alcohol but the sniffer dog is still pished. All the Emergency Service personnel are now receiving professional counselling".
  7. I don't know which is more amazing... The tracks themselves, or the fact that you had the correct number of pins left! If it was me several would have gone PING!
  8. If he didn't climb out of the cockpit asking what year it was and who won the war, then it was the biggest opportunity missed ever!
  9. A magnificent performance by our Armed Forces to honour The Prince. (and yes, I did smile at the Guards trying to march in their tall boots) The choir were superb, hard to believe it was only four people. But wasn't it heart-breaking to see HMQ sitting alone in the church? Lot of Hayfever around yesterday.
  10. All this 453rd building going on, and now the General is joining in! When all the builds are done and in situ, I might have to dust off the Passport and cross the border into Norfolkland for a visit. I've had all my vaccinations.
  11. Pint of heavy and a pork pie landlord. I did this as a one off for someone when it came out (whilst I was still playing with trains), brings back memories.
  12. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Great Grandfather. War Hero. He was many things, but above all he was always the support for Her Majesty. I met him once, many years ago. I don't think it'll qualify me for an invite to the funeral though.
  13. Bigdave22014

    Covid Jab

    Elder brother has Pfizer on thursday, I had AZ on friday. He's been laid up ever since, I've haven't had any side effects. Is this because I just had Covid?
  14. I didn't think the cockpit would cause any trouble to the man that fitted 6000 (by my estimate...) portholes and scuttles to the Ark.
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