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  1. Steve, you're facing the wrong way mate. The computers behind you? Seriously though, yes I've had it as a "home screen" recently. Mine changed to something else today though.
  2. I've seen plenty of this sort of thing over in the sci-fi section (take a bow @Pete in Lincs) so to see this done to an aircraft in here is outstanding!
  3. Good idea for the base. I did this a few years ago but wrapped the hull in clingfilm to protect it whilst I sculpted the waves etc. so there was no damage to the hull. Result? easily removable full hull model for stand display when required.
  4. Working and lit semaphores in N gauge. Nicely done!
  5. The cables on the end of the coaches are RCH cables (Railway Clearing House). As said before they give a control circuit for the lighting and consist of three pins, but strangely shaped... Take a pin, and looking from the end divide it into quarters. Remove two opposing quarters. This now provides a male/female combined pin. The shape of the housing prevents them being connected incorrectly. As time progressed, these cables were able to also carry the public address system, and much later they carried pulsed digital signals to allow push/pull working with a loco at one end and an unpowered coach with a control cab at the other end. The Railway Clearing House was set up to help allocate any money to the correct companies when trains / goods went across other companies areas. They moved on to help set standards so each companies vehicles could operate together - although some stuck it out and stayed different to the end. (The Great Western Railway insisted on using 25 inches of vacuum for their brakes, when everyone else used 21 inches...)
  6. Outstanding! I think its come out extremely well.
  7. Don't forget to ask a grown up to help you
  8. So, Ipswich it is then. Welcome! We have Hannants about an hour away direct on the A12 main road in Lowestoft, cheap prices but very expensive..... I've gone in to get a £15 kit and come out several hundred pounds later . There is also a traditional model shop on London Road which many may overlook because of its more famous neighbour. We also have The Model Junction in Bury St Edmunds, about 20 minutes away on the A14 dual carriageway. This is a more traditional model shop, does an excellent range of kits and also paints (they stock humbrol, tamiya, and also MiG!) There is also a model club here (Ipswich Plastic Modeller Society) which meets every two weeks.
  9. Well, I never thought I'd be impressed by someone putting masking tape on a model......
  10. Outstanding modelling. The river test piece has come out well. Something to consider, depending on how fast the river is flowing a lot of sediment will have been kicked up by the plane and might still be around.
  11. I'm not surprised you've got a Hernia moving that thing about! Best wishes and we eagerly anticipate your return.
  12. That interior looks so 50's sci-fi! (Yes I know it was built in '47....)
  13. There was a lighthouse keeper who took a cat (Tibbles) with him to an island off New Zealand. The keeper recognised the birds (a flightless member of the Wren family) as a new species. The cat recognised them as breakfast, lunch and dinner and proceeded to eliminate the entire species.....
  14. Mine would have been up the ladder!
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