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  1. Bigdave22014

    Packaging Awards

    I work in the Parcel business, and I shudder at the lack of packaging we get on some "parcels". In a carrier bag with the handles tied together? check. Just a label stuck on the item? check. A framed mirror in a bin bag? check. I once spent ten minutes inspecting 5 kits that came in. The kit boxes weren't even sealed...... Fortunately, everything was there. So I sealed them, bubblewrapped them, re-labelled them and sent them on their way. Well, some things have to be taken care of..
  2. Some wonderful Plastrickery going on here. And praise from the Wizard Of Wessex's! You're definitely on the right track.
  3. Bigdave22014

    What's your day-job?

    Started on British Rail at 16, worked as fraud officer (Ticket Inspector but with more training and responsibility) for a few years. Always enjoyed going to court to give evidence, seeing the "professional" people hauled over the coals when they could afford to pay. After that I became a Train driver, working in north London before moving out to East Anglia. Unfortunately several "things" happened and I ended up with severe mental health issues (PTSD and all its joyous off-shoots) and had to leave. Then became a lorry driver, and now work as a supervisor for the same parcel delivery company. No more lorry driving, but sorting out all the mistakes that everyone else makes.... Dream job? did it. Train Driver.
  4. Bigdave22014

    Sharing is Caring....

    This is a lovely story. I saw a tweet from Air Vice Marshall Smith about this thread making a tentative enquiry about a flypast in tribute. Would be wonderful if this happened. Slight diversion here... Are you aware that after WW2, many Dutch children adopted a War Grave to look after? Many still do so even though they are OAP's now.
  5. Bigdave22014

    Yaaaay!! I've won the lottery....again.

    I've never had one about the lottery. But I've had a lot telling me there's a few things wrong with my health / body. Apparently my "thing" isn't long enough, doesn't get hard enough, and doesn't last long enough. Which is a shame because there's a load of desperate Russian/Thai/Chinese/Asian/Wherever girls (and some men?) waiting to date me... Oh, and my breasts need enlarging. Perhaps I can use some of the money I'm expecting from that nice Nigerian prince. I can put it into one of those bank accounts I don't have which I need to update my security info for.....
  6. Given the age of the kit and indeed the age and state of the decals I think you're doing a cracking job. Keep up the good work Sir!
  7. Bigdave22014

    Well blow me it’s a Ka-27 Helix in 1/48.

    Ahh excellent. A wobblychopper. And a strange one at that... We'll get you onto a Seaking yet I remember our dear Martian attacking the interior bits and thinking they looked "Agricultural". Finest Russian technology of its era. I shall follow with interest Johnny-Light-Blue.
  8. Bigdave22014

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight by Billy Connolly
  9. Lovely work as ever Hendie. Before trying to flare the oleo's did you anneal the metal? It will make it much softer and easier to form. And (I'm getting ready to run away and hide at this point...) shouldn't the end of the fuel dump pipes be hollow? Yours appear solid. You know you're going to remove that extra "arm" on the underside....
  10. This isn't a kit. It's an "aid to scratch-building".
  11. Bigdave22014

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Did you wipe down with IPA before you sprayed? That can cause the paint to pool like that if it hasn't dried thoroughly.
  12. Bigdave22014

    MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.

    The level of detail is exquisite. Outstanding work as ever.
  13. Bigdave22014

    Tis the season for damage to packaging during transit

    It always amuses me how some people pack their parcels. They seem to think the courier that collects it places it lovingly on the passenger seat and drives it oh so carefully to its destination. Nope. It goes to the nearest depot and gets thrown/dropped into a cage. It then gets unpacked onto a conveyor belt into a trailer (thrown in) with up to 6000 other parcels of different weight and sizes. Then driven several hundred miles to the main depot where it is offloaded onto a conveyor and then dropped into another cage. This is then emptied by hand into another lorry, driven several hundred miles to the nearest depot. Offloaded onto a conveyor, probably thrown into a sorting chute, picked up and thrown into another cage or even a sack. This is then loaded (thrown if a sack) into a smaller lorry and then driven to the local courier. Who will then tip the whole lot out onto the floor to sort them out. Minor variations of now hard/far things are thrown will occur. This is pretty much the standard throughout the parcel industry. We've even had people sending items in just a carrier bag.....
  14. Bigdave22014


    A chap boarded my train once and asked for a single to this place (we were deep in East Anglia). He reeled it off and looked smug. Single or return Sir? says I as I start writing (yes, it was that long ago). Single, I'd like to see you fit that on a ticket. Not a problem I reply as I write Llanfair PG on the ticket. He didn't look impressed for some reason.....
  15. OOh 'eck. That loco will never move! (yes I know it's plastic....) The side rods are at 180deg to each other, one side should be 90deg forward. As they are, the pistons would be "balanced" and no amount of steam will get them to move! Ah well. It's all hidden under the side skirts anyway. But, a major error regardless.