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  1. Outstanding modelling. The river test piece has come out well. Something to consider, depending on how fast the river is flowing a lot of sediment will have been kicked up by the plane and might still be around.
  2. I'm not surprised you've got a Hernia moving that thing about! Best wishes and we eagerly anticipate your return.
  3. That interior looks so 50's sci-fi! (Yes I know it was built in '47....)
  4. There was a lighthouse keeper who took a cat (Tibbles) with him to an island off New Zealand. The keeper recognised the birds (a flightless member of the Wren family) as a new species. The cat recognised them as breakfast, lunch and dinner and proceeded to eliminate the entire species.....
  5. Mine would have been up the ladder!
  6. Giemmie, Because you told me and I knew where to look I could see it (and I still had to look closely). If you hadn't told me, I doubt if I'd have seen it. Be proud, she looks wonderful.
  7. That's why "Walter" has a winch! Just attach it to the drawhook on Pegasus. Simples!
  8. That looks a nice base to work on for aluminium. You might want to go over it and "polish" it a bit as the aluminium will pick up any unevenness and make it look worse. The smoother the better.
  9. But if you have this kit in your stash, give it a go: the build is really straightforward, and it's totally enjoyable Oh it will be built, I just need to clear a few projects first.
  10. Ooh that's not good. A decent spanner monkey should be able to swap out a new one in a couple of minutes. If you get bored, just do what I do when I'm really ill. I not only sleep-walk, I sleep-talk! 2 nights into a 2 week stay I was moved into a private room due to the chaos I was causing on the ward at night No chasing the nurses now. You'll be back at the modelling bench before you know it.
  11. 1: Woodlouse 2: Crawfish 3: Typical british weather.... 4: Water fountain 5: I call her Sarah 6: No 7: wooly hat 8: trainers 9: stick / banjo / sub depending on contents East Anglia Oh, and Sofa and "K".
  12. Looks at wip. Looks at stash. Looks at workbench. looks at wip again. *sigh*
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