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  1. Wasn't the use in any form of Baldrick's Postern emissions not banned under the Geneva Convention by a unanimous agreement from all parties? I believe there is still a moratorium on the Generals eruptions as well? I also doubt you'd find anybody willing (even under threat of firing squad, or blurglechruncheoning) to go any where near any part of Baldrick that the pipe could be inserted.
  2. Bit late coming to this thread, I did a "naked" hurricane myself a while back Didn't get it quite right as the cockpit door should have been wood, not metal, @Troy Smith I think it was you that pointed this out to me? (I never did correct it...) An interesting alternative to the usual paint finished jobs. Keep up the good work!
  3. oh dear. Martians famously don't get on with earthly bacteria......
  4. I'm glad the case worked as designed. A fitting end for such a superb model.
  5. HENDIE : "Oh, there's a kit. How can I make this more difficult?"
  6. Bigdave22014


    I understood that the recording system still worked. Oh well.
  7. Bigdave22014


    If you already have a SKY system (I'm guessing from the trying to save money part) you can get a Free to view card which lets you watch the free channels. Call Customer Services.
  8. Do you know, this has sat in my cabinet on display since I finished it and I've only just realised that the wingtip lights are the wrong colours? I've got port and starboard mixed up. Oh well.
  9. Shocking pictures of the Martian "Narrowboat" have emerged.
  10. The grill transfers are very effective. Excellent idea (now "nicked" for future use)
  11. Bigdave22014

    - SAD NEWS

    When your heart has healed a little, there are plenty of Supurrvisors looking for new positions at your local shelter I'm sure.
  12. IK built this a few years ago, no WIP but here's the RFI.
  13. Hurrah! Crisp is out of dry dock and is working up for FOST.
  14. Nothing wrong with drilling a hole in a submarine. If water starts coming in, just drill another one to let it drain out. Outstanding work Martian.
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