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  1. Yesterday
  2. Building a HAS

    Found the seat. And its ridiculous PE belts - so small and fiddly, a real test of patience and eyesight, but worth the effort. Maybe... Its yours if you fancy a shot at it, looks like you need something in there. Its the Aires A-10/F-15 seat that only come as a pair - http://www.aires.cz/en/product/aces-ii-ejection-seat-a-10-f-15/8-1167/. Think Ill be going for molded in belts in the future...
  3. Building a HAS

    Well going for some Tamiya rattle cans for this. Was toying with Humbrol 164 and Olive 155, but got to Model Junction in Bury yesterday and the very helpful staff there matched up the Tamiya military colours - AS-6 (olive) and AS-27 (grey). Was going for the full set but TS-43 looks a better bright green The makeshift cardboard box spray booth has some bits going in to primer - only grey undercoat & check for joins & lumps & bumps Tried a whole car wheel weight in the nose & thought 'that will do it' - no, not going to be enough. Gonna need more lead. The kit doesn't give a weight, but she is a major tail sitter. Oh, and see what I mean about that seat
  4. That just takes my breath away.Well done,be proud of that.I'm looking forward to the next creation.
  5. The 'underbrush' bulking out one of fishing line plants is visible between the left-most bush and the patch of 'cow parsley'. And the Silver Birch will go here: TFL Badder
  6. I don't often remember to visit this forum, but I'm glad I did today, because that is simply superb! As has been said the bread & cakes are superbly modelled and painted - & the more I look at them, the hungrier I'm getting...!! Brilliant work Sophie!! Keith
  7. Sets it off very nicely Pat! Keith
  8. I've used some Woodland Scenics 'Underbrush' to bulk out one of the fishing line plants, and some more Seafoam to make a Silver Birch tree. The Silver Birch was a piece of cake to make, simply selecting a suitable piece of Seafoam, painting the trunk/branches white and applying black here and there to give them that distinctive look. To finish it off, I sprayed the foliage with dilute PVA and scattered Dil Tops over, let it dry then gave the whole tree several coats of Winsor and Newton's acrylic matt varnish. I have some more Woodland Scenics products which I will use to make further bushes. I am aslo thinking of planting a telegraph pole in a space in the hedgerow, but I will have to decide where the hedgerow is going to be fixed first. TFL Badder
  9. Building a HAS

    What paints do you use? I made a 1/72 A-10 back when I was a kid, Hasegawa I think it was. Im 99% sure the paint conversion for the grey came out as Hu79 and the olive as Hu86, but cant remember the brighter green - the colours looked pretty spot on to me though. No idea how I remember such things from best part of 30 years ago, but paint numbers stick in my head.
  10. Last week
  11. Building a HAS

    Bit of work getting stuff together, undercoat on the cockpit, wing halves together, engines built up. Got the paints today too. Could finish this really quickly but want to 'Improve' the cockpit area a bit first. It's an old kit & showing its age, but it pretty fun to build up
  12. Thanks Stix, I know it's a lot to wade through, so thanks for taking the time and commenting! Rearguards, Badder Thanks Ratch, I've improved the cow parsley very slightly by altering the manufacturing process. Results to appear later. Rearguards, Badder
  13. Thanks Pete, Yeah, try things out, think what might be better and give that a go! Only way to learn, improve and maybe discover new methods/techniques. And yes, staves! Silly me! I'm actually gonna bin that butt and make a new one. We have an old 44 gallon barrel right outside our back door which was used for storing whisky, and it has 4 hoops around it. I won't be using that as a template though. Rearguards, Badder
  14. Ever evolving dio HEDGEROW NEXT

    I too have been playing catch up. It's all coming along very nicely indeed. I like how you modify as you go along to achieve the desired result. My scratchbuilding follows the same lines! BTW, The water butt. The word you wanted was staves. It will need three metal hoops around it too.
  15. 1.24 Aircraft hanger

    Hi Ian . very interesting. definately something to consider. it will be interesting to see how the girderwork evolves. thanks
  16. 1.24 Aircraft hanger

    Do you have an actual plan of the type of hangar you want to/have produce(d) ?? I can recommend this material as a basis on which to start . . . part way through building a 72nd hangar . . . you get the idea? its light weight, boxy, you can build strength into it and add detail as required . . . vertical stanchion added . . . With this hangar I shall be building the internal girder work . . . Hope this gives you some ideas and thought of building your own . . . Ian
  17. Hi Badder. Just been catching up and it looks like you're making good progress. As ever your skill in creating realistic foliage and groundwork is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more. Kind regards, Stix
  18. 1.24 Aircraft hanger

    Hi i have searched trying to find a scorce to purchase an aircraft hanger kit of 1.24 scale .and wondered if anyone could be of help to me in pointing me in the right direction .i have seen the 1.48 builds and am in awe of the brilliant workmanship involved in the finished articles .i did read an article of a member F4TCT who was on the autocad .trying to re produce drawings for a 1.24 build and talked of laser cutting or water jetting saying "it will happen" but am unable to find any follow up on this i have seen that he later biult a 1.48 scale so not sure what happened .any help much appreciated . thanks
  19. Thanks Vince, Much appreciated. Progress slowed due to exhaustion, but I plan to crack on with the hedgerow over the next 2 days. Rearguards Badder
  20. Road to Berlin 2

    Hi Jim and thank you very much for your very kind comments. Kind regards, Stix
  21. Building a HAS

    Cheers @RMP2 may well do. Liked the etch you used but don't think I will be going that way this time. Been loving seeing the A-10 back at Bentwaters in the Museum there now trying to match the colours for painting it. Not that she is near painting yet
  22. 'Defiance'

    Well Badder. The parts are from older kits. The big black box is just that. It is from an old 1/35 truck kit(don't remember exactly which one). The red piece is also from a kit I do not remember. I have a huge 'Misc. Box for parts I have collected over the years. I go through them to see what best matches the parts I need to represent the components I need for a specific build. Hence the light pole. The other small bracket/cylindrical piece is also from 1/24 scale truck(Italeri Scania kit, if I remember correctly). The bolts are 1/35 scale. The ceramic isolators are from 1/24 parts(again, I do not remember the brands as these were purchase over 10 years ago). The wires are from old pieces of wiring I got from the dumpster. I make sure I go through my box before purchasing anything. I tend to use up whatever I have first, before purchasing. This saves from purchasing unnecessary things. Hope this helps. in a way. Thank you for the interest. Oh yeah, the light was cut from a MIG pole and modified to fit the wooden pole, which is a dowel, used to holding plants in place in the soil.
  23. 'Defiance'

    Hi Tiking, Looking at this again, again, can you tell me where you got your bits and pieces for the top of the telegraph pole? You are very good at finding all these little details, and I wonder how much is scratch built and how much is from other kits/toys? Rearguards, Badder
  24. Building a wartime Watch Office

    Ian ... first off let me say that displays like yours actually help me to keep on this idea. It proves im not alone in wanting to do this. Two i cant say how much i enjoy your build and others both here at BM and in museums. I do have this roughly mapped out in my head and some scetches but my thought was build the aircraft first then build the Debden Ramp. Aeronut .. I’ve already converted a 1/48 P-47D into a two seater. I will post that here in the Aircraft RFI sometime soon. I did it in the markings of the 356th Ftr. Grp. Originally i had planned on doing this display in 1/48th scale. Then after having completed 3 of the builds. I Realized my math both scale wise and financially and knew it would never happen. I restarted the project in 1/72nd at that point. I am planning on doing both the two seat P-51B/C you see in the photo. As well as the Famous P-47D Doublebolt used by the 56th Ftr. Grp. I figured that they would’ve both been used for something like this as they were both Sqn. Hacks.
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