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  1. Yesterday
  2. Good story too! and an impressive diorama.
  3. Ever evolvin dio HERE I GO AGAIN!

    Good luck with it @Badder modern solder is awful. It doesn't flow. But if you can get your hands on some proper lead stuff you'll be happier :-)
  4. Building a HAS

    Ejector seat also available in grey.....
  5. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Excellent! Awesome idea and very very well done, freshest thing i've seen for a long time!
  6. Thanks Clogged After lying in wait through the morning's snow a T-34 has been spotted by our sharp-eyed, binocular-wielding spotter. "Tank! On the horizon!" he barks. The crew swings into action, ready to load a shell and punch a hole through the approaching T-34... In truth though, it was a bit difficult to get the talc to go where I wanted it to. Seeing as there are no empty shells lying around the above is my plausible backstory to the dio.
  7. BTW, I popped into Hobbycraft yesterday to purchase a 'glass fibre pen' - a much vaunted item discussed in @Steve_farrier Jagdtiger WIP. And beside said item was a soldering iron. So I purchased that as well. It may be that the iron will be a waste of money if my silly hands can't handle it. I haven't done any soldering since I was an apprentice Quality Engineer for a British car company back in the early 80's, but having had little success with PE and CA I thought soldering might be the solution (That's very nearly a clever pun) And I also had a look for the 'foam board' @bhouse They stocked it and at first glance I thought 'yes, this is the stuff' but as soon as I lifted it up I knew it wasn't. It was about a quarter the weight of the board I've been using, soft and visibly spongy in the middle. Beer calls later, so there'll be little progress today. TFL Badder
  8. Last week
  9. Building a HAS

    Ok just keep it to ourselves!
  10. Building a HAS

    I just did similar with a Lightning... I wont tell if you dont.
  11. Building a HAS

    Good point - hadn’t considered anything but a black frame but... i guess I should have
  12. Building a HAS

    Nice work. I have to ask - Should the frame be black or grey in an A-10? Not that it really matters, just chucking it out there.
  13. Great work! I'm hoping to complete my first WW2 diorama sometime this year. I was just thinking, if the gun has been firing, would the barrel not be very hot and therefore there wouldnt be any snow present? Its just a thought bubble.
  14. Well, this is taking me longer than I predicted! I trimmed the rubber mat to accept the new orientation of the building, but after pulling the 'cobbles' away there was a lot of residual rubber left stuck to the 'foam board'. I'd used CA to fix the mat and it had bonded really well. That took a fair bit of energy and time to remove. Rubber isn't easy to sand, file, or scrape off especially if your muscles don't work properly and also ache even short periods of repetitive movements. In places the 'foam board' was cut away as well, but that wasn't an issue so long as the majority of its surface was left intact. Anyway, once this was done the building sat level . The trimming hasn't been precise and a few gaps will need filling... probably this will be done with weeds! The most awkward fit for the cobbles is obviously that at the front of the building. However, I had by pure chance cut the centre of the top layer of 'foam board' out, turning it into more of a frame. And as it turns out, almost the entire frontage of the building straddles this 'hollow'. So I filled the hollow with plaster then scraped it back so that there is a 2mm gap under the walls and the double doors. This means I don't have to trim the mat to fit the walls and doors, but can instead slip the mat neatly underneath. TFL Badder
  15. Great dio, the gun and the figures fit very well with the scenery.
  16. Thanks Matt The one thing that irks me are the helmet straps. Definitely going to try your suggestion next time around.
  17. Hi Niknak Thank you. It is a Dragon kit and yes, the kit included all figures.
  18. Looks good to me. One thing I have done in the past for helmet straps is to stick some Tamiya tape on my bench, cut strips the width I want with a straight edge and then stick them on the figure head where needed. It makes the strap raised a bit which looks good, but, most importantly, it makes it much easier to paint. Matt
  19. Building a HAS

    Finally got some pe on the seat and base coated it. Then a quick wash over with some silver for raised Detail, olive on the seat and black on the frame. No belts yet but looking good
  20. Very nicely done, which kit is it and did the crew in the winter uniforms come with It?
  21. More rubber mat has been 'sourced'. Once this has been laid down I will sit the building on top of the cobbles and cut around its perimeter Removing the mat from directly beneath its walls will allow me to 'sink' the building into the cobbles and hide the irregularities at the bottoms of those walls. Again, I won't be fixing the building in place until the very end of the build, but I have to make sure that it will sit level before continuing. Photos of the new ramp later tonight. TFL Badder
  22. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Many thanks to all for your kind comments, Chocksaway ill take you up on your panel line advice at the next meeting, sharpie in hand. As for the idea of a table on a table, ill leave that to someone braver than me, 1/12 and scaling down aircraft etc was a big enough challenge for me, using the tips of cocktail sticks to add details, smaller doesnt bare thinking about. All the best Chris
  23. True enough! NASM is one of my all-time favorite haunts...and I've actually been 'visiting' their SPAD since it was a frayed and tattered pre-restoration hulk at Silver Hill back in the day. Their many fine displays were a major inspiration for this base.
  24. Well, that was interesting. I've made in-roads into the new ramp; cutting away a section of the cobbles, the top layer of 'foam board', sanding the plaster down and removing a section of the wire gauze. The PVA sandwiched between the two layers of foam board was still wet. I guess the lack of air in there prolongs the drying process. I'm not sure how far the ramp has to extend towards the doors yet and I've only roughed out the width, but I do have enough mat to complete the cobbles if I cut it up and make a mosaic from the pieces. It won't be ideal though, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get that other piece later today. TFL Badder
  25. Very nice. I notice some museums have drip trays under the engines sometimes.
  26. Ahhhh! Thanks @bhouse Nope, that didn't seem to work @bhouse But that did. And I don't think I did anything different.
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