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  3. I've ALMOST finished the 'ivy'. I basically only have to do a bit more where the porch and rear wall meet, and that's it. However, I have a to decide what I'm going to do with this area first. There's a drainpipe to consider, possibly, and a perimeter wall for the rear yard. So for now, the ivy here can wait. Meanwhile, I did extend the ivy around to the front wall, and gave it all a going over with a Dark Green Humbrol Wash. There's a few glossy areas on the stonework caused by excess CA, but hopefully that can be corrected. I've just realised I haven't added any ivy to the area under the steps. Tut.... more boredomh... But again that can wait. TFL Badder
  4. Incredibly atmospheric when combined with the photographic bits. Some great talent here...
  5. Last week
  6. Thanks for all the comments @Badder, regarding the storage, I've got this perspex case I've made
  7. Excellent, another Cadman dio. And even better, a MASH dio. That was one of my favourite comedy prog's when I was but a nipper.
  8. Starting to see some actual progress on this project now. That's the static grass on both bases -- always good to get some color onto them, although they're nothing like finished of course. This was the Piper Cub Medevac Plane yesterday; And here's how it looks tonight. I only carried out some very basic weathering on it today; fading, stains etc. Didn't want to do too much more for now because the decals are soaking in Microsol and I'll see how they look in the morning. So apart from a bit more staining and slight chipping on the engine nacelle and the access panels tomorrow, that's about that. I'll start defining the roads, well, dirt tracks really, tomorrow afternoon, plus a path here and there and likely build the sandbagged wall up a bit. After that, it'll be back to the figures. It'll be good to get at least some of them onto those two diorama bases while I'm waiting for other stuff to pop through the letterbox. TO BE CONTINUED
  9. Great work as always.
  10. Really nice job, well done Glynn
  11. Great! I am sure those photos have been lying in your raincoat some months after you came home from the east front! Wonderful work!!! 8-)
  12. WTF!!! Great Dio and best photos!! Incredible details and well painted. Awesome job
  13. Thanks guys, both sites appear to have the types of resins I need so I'll spend a little time checking which product is the best value for money. cheers Mike
  14. Hi James and thank you very much. I think the Italeri figures had some surprisingly nice detail and painted and dry-brushed well. Kind regards, Stix
  15. David's Fastglas resin is cheaper I think or this place http://www.mbfg.co.uk/
  16. I use this bunch for my casting resin, largely as they're fairly close to where I live: https://www.ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk/ Don't know if they have what you're looking for at the right price, but they do have a lot of useful gear.
  17. That looks amazing! You have some great figure painting skills. It looks very realistic!
  18. fan-bloomin-tastic. And I know it looked good even before the photoshop. Great figures to compliment a pair of super aircraft. So often the figures let a scene down. You must be very chuffed. Any idea how you're going to 'preserve' the dio? A cover, display case? or what? Rearguards, Badder
  19. Overall it looks the part but already stated, I think cutting the base of the figures would improve it that bit more. Great work and I look forward to seeing the next installment, a QRA shed perhaps for the Lightning(s) ?? Ian
  20. Too hot for typing, so I'll keep it short.... LEAVES ARE VERY BORING. THESE LATER LEAVES ARE MORE BORING THAN THE PREVIOUS LOT. I SEE NO REASON WHY THE NEXT LOT SHOULDN'T BE EVEN MORE BORING. But I'm getting there. No pics until they are all done. It's far too hot to take photos. TFL Badder
  21. Great diorama. So much to look at and I think that the "aged" pictures give it real atmosphere.
  22. Finally finished. Photos taken and photoshopped with the background More photos in this thread Thanks for watching. THE END!
  23. I've started this one over a year ago and finally have the time to finish but here it is. Somewhere in Russia, probably just before the Battle of Kursk. The models used: Heinkel He 111 H-6 - Revell 1/72 Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' - Academy 1:72 Kubelwagen and Kettenkrad from the Academy 1/72 WWII Ground Vehicle Set Figures from Preiser and Revell The 'making of' thread is available here. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching.
  24. wow i better cut my nails before i die
  25. no, but you can copy each image link on your other site and paste it on this page and show the images here. If your other site doesn't have image links, you need to save them on a hosting site such as photobucket, flickr, etc first then copy paste the links here. Saves us having to open up new windows. Rearguards Badder
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