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  1. Such things happens Your aproach to the fading and weathering is great and very interesting. Could you show the under surfaces? I'm quite currious to see how you fade it underneath.
  2. Your camouflage depicts an Il-2 from the Berlin final operation, one of these: Here is also clear visible the mast position.
  3. Excellent buit! Ecpecially the painting, fading and weathering. Definetelly out of the scale. But you have one major mistake - the antenna mast is on wrong place: In this way the pilots canopy can't be opened. The mast have to be backwards: I'm currious to see the weathering underneath. Can you show it?!
  4. Hello friends. Here is my latest work, the FW-190 D-9 from Eduard. In general good kit but quite far from their latest kits like the new forms of Bf-109's and FW-190's, which are amazing. Flush of parts, bad fit and engineering, etc. But never mind all of this - it was a pleasure to build and paint it. Hope you like it
  5. Yellow one !?! That sounds tasty, do you have picture?
  6. Excellent work!!! Beautiful painting, very sharp and clear edge between white and red. Great weathering, light and spot on, just on my taste. It is definitely beyond the scale, you have just to sharp the wing trailing edges and it can be taken for 1/32. The wheels also need some wight. You rework the wing lights - great job! Everything else is just perfect!!! What about the explosive cord on the cockpit glass, how do you made it?
  7. I have used few shades of Model Master metalics. Smooth blended, I don't like too sharp and different metal panels.
  8. Thank you for the good words, friends! I'm glad you liked my work. The grass is few types, different colors, of static grass, layed over a dirt base, covered with few types of scatter. I wanted to mix different colors of grass to achieve the airfield grass effect and not to fulfill the entire base only with grass, the dirt have to be visible too. I think it happened quite well. About the decals I forgot to mention that the original Revell decals are in wrong color. Lettering and the S band are in somekind of vivid light green shade. Nothing common with the egg blue color. So, I painted and masked the S-band, after that I airbushed the letters in the same color. When they dry I cut them carrefuly and put them on the model. In this way the letters and the band are in same, correct, dolor.
  9. Hello friends! Another one of my lates works. Actually, the model was started more than 10 years ago, in 2007th, but I have finished it few months ago. The model I have built straight of the box, only gun tubes were replaced, navigation and landing flaps were done by me. The exhaust tubes were drilled out also. The painting is clean with light, non emphasized weathering. Some micro weathering, chiping, etc., but nothing too heavy and dirty. For this model I put more attention on the dispaly base, and in my humble opinion, the grass become quite good. The wheel chocks are made by me and painted in wood color. Hope you like it!
  10. Thank you for the clarification, guys! I appretiate it! I tought "she" is used only for ships, tought airplanes have to be "it". Thanks again!
  11. Little thing called .... Ajeet Another one of my latest jobs, the Indian Ajeet. This is an Indian version of well known Folland Gnat. Lovely little airplane in colorful Indian Air Force colors. The model is great, very easy for assembly, the pleasure to build it is full. Have some small mistakes but the kit is on quite high level. The model is generally from the box with few updates. I made the lights at end of the wings, color pieces of plastic, put the struts in the air intakes, drill the holes of the rocket pods. The pilot seat is resin from CMK. Never mind those Indian planes are quite heavy worn, I bet on some fine and not too aggressive weathering and not too dirty. And again some microweathering and chipping. Hope you like this small bijou. Regards!
  12. Thank you guys! I'm glad you like it! I forgot to mention - the bombs are from Eduard, they are just excellent, I love them. I also add the glass of the gunsight, everything else is from the box. The weathering is quite medium, nothing too dirty. I have focused to the so called from me "microweathering"- minor scratches, spots, etc. Talking for the weathering, I'm very satisfied from the exhausts soot, I think it became is quite good.
  13. Hello friends! I'm new in the forum and I like to present to you one of my latest works - Revell's P-47D. I did some scratch work like the formation lights and traffic lights, just a very small accents. The trigger for building of this model were the excellent decals from Kits-world. I just love pin-ups! Hope you will like my work.
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