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  1. Hello, This is my latest build. Superb kit with wonderfull livery. I love it!
  2. Perfect, just perfect!!! I love it!!! It may be a liiitle bit dirtier, but it is OK this way.
  3. To be honest - I have planed to make wash on the undercarriage bays, but I wanted to keep it clean as possible. It looks little sterile like this, but I don't want dirt in the bays on whole clean aircraft.
  4. Good day friends! I'd like to present to you my latest complete project - the belgium F-16 MLU in colorfull and very exciting anniversary livery. The kit is the Revell's, well known to many of you. It appear on the market in 2000 and up to now have 16 different issues, most of them in colorfull camouflages, like tigermeet airplanes and etc. The current livery is most exciting livery for my own. It was created by the Happy Design Studio for the 100tg anniversary of 1st squadron "Stingers". More for the kit and the plane you can read here: F-16 MLU kit and plane
  5. Excellnt work! Beаutiful! And honestly very surpised , I have done the same, just with opened spoilers.
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