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  1. Still a fantastic job. I can't imagine the time and patience it took you to create this wonderful work. For me it is a dream, thank you for proving that it is possible to achieve such a high level of detail. Thank you, it makes you want to improve (it's great, even if it's a long way to go)
  2. Still great. I'm learning a lot with your work. Thanks!
  3. +1 Simply great. Thank you to show us it's possible.
  4. What you manage to do is absolutely ... out of the ordinary and really fantastic. Great art. Doing this at 1/72 is a real feat. Thanks for this sharing
  5. Ok, I don't need these parts. I usually build my kits without any weapons, except those embedded, not additional ones.
  6. Thank you Andre, Yes, thank you for the pieces, it's great, but I wouldn't want to disturb because I don't have a level as high as what I see here, but I hope to be able to progress. And I think that being able to "transform" a kit is a very attractive thing and I enjoy it. @CharlieGolf2009 Oh thank you, I didn't know this existed. The price seems a bit high to me, but seems correct considering what is provided ( for this price ,even less, I can get an new FM Phantom II. ) But it's something to think about. However, I don't understand what some of
  7. Gentlemen, you are great! Thank you for the valuable information and details! @iainpeden you're right: F4-F will come later, i'll focus on the Hellenics ones. ( my first idea ) One thing is certain: I will build the one of 339M, 65th anniversary. I will also make a version of the 338, but I haven't yet decided what livery: 60 years, or the one seen at Volkel in 2019... @scotthldr Thank you for the photos: 1/ they will be precious to me. Especialy the one with both 338M 60years & 339M 65th taken side by side, ( i ca
  8. Thank you. Ok i miss these pieces , My challenge is going on, i'll see how to build/duplicate this system.
  9. @lainpeden : thank you! i've noticed that there was DIAS on one of those 2 hellenics F4-E This is the long horizontal thing with black on the intake ? 01507 F-4E AUP Phantom II | EHVK/UDE | 14.06.2019 by Adrian Stürmer, on Flickr ( sharing opt ) Well, i don't think i've in my stash this piece/part. Another challenge .
  10. Thank you a lot. Please forgive me, but what are the DIAS fairings ? the 4 four little parts on the nose ( like those on the japanese F4 E/J ) ?
  11. Oh Thank you. I'm looking for the 339 with Ajax on the tail for the 65th birthday. i do like the tail paint About the 338 , i'm not sure if i'll keep same year: i've not still found pics about same year. So i'll probably go with another year, with Ajax on the tail but it wont well matching... By the way, on the intrados i've found some pics showing a kind of a flat antenna lookin like this \_________/ : this is on all hellenic F4-E ? Yes, if you have some pics or links, i'll keep it with pleasure.
  12. Hello, I would like to know what modifications would be needed to a Phantom II F4-E early to make a: F4-E ( late) or F4-F ? I allready have a 1/72 F4-E "Thunderbirds " from Fujimi ( I suppose it's the early variant of the "E" without gun , am I right ? ) I can use or duplicate some parts from my stash, can I use some of these parts bellow ? * The elevators (I don't know the technical term) are they the same . I have those of the F4 E/F/G old Italeri ( raised panel to rescribe ) of the F4 E "Thunderbirds" Fujimi ( see
  13. I apologize: You are right, i made a mistake I answered too quickly with these 2 brands in mind.
  14. Great, this is one of my favourite Sukhoi. I had started a transformation of Zvezda's Su-27 SM to try to make this beautiful bird. My project has been on pause for 3 years. My researches have found different variations on the livery: the last one is the one with the 350 displayed. It was also presented with the radome in grey, then in white, with and without the 350... Then the 703 was assigned to the Russkie Vitiazi with the withe, blue and red livery. Well, you won't be surprised if I tell you that I will follow this topic very assiduously?
  15. Hang in there The reaction of the resin is strange. I hope your solutions will overcome these problems. In 2017 I had started a transformation (on stand-by for the moment) of a Zvezda kit to make a T10M ( 703 ), but with the only zvezda kit, and I had to find different solutions. But your subject teaches me a lot, really, it's a mine of information and tricks. Thank you very much. I haven't expressed myself on your subject yet, I'm still a bit new, but I'm very assiduously following this transformation. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll make it, an
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