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  1. I'm sorry I couldn't post earlier, but I continued to follow this new build with pleasure. The improvements made are more than interesting, and the result follows. Thanks again for the given tips that I will, again , keep as a favourite.
  2. I am discovering your work, and I must admit that it is so impressive that it makes you dizzy. It's fantastic! It makes you dream...
  3. Belenko's jet was quite significantly different from the PD. The nose section in front of the canopy was totally re-done - most notably, the prominent IRST bulge was added under the nose, but even the panel lines are wildly different. Unfortunately it's pretty unlikely that ICM (or any Eastern European manufacturer) will release one, either. The first generation Foxbats didn't have an interesting history apart from Belenko, and he's not exactly a celebrated figure there. It'd be a bit like getting a kit of one of the 9/11 airliners. Thank you, I was wonderi
  4. Very impressive job. How did you paint the camo ? I mean the order of the color layers, which one was the first, the 2d ?
  5. White! I still like the ESCI kit, even there are better in the world today, according to me it's still a nice kit. Which one are you going to build ?
  6. Incredible result. Hard to do better: it's really impressive and very nice to see such a so beatiful work
  7. I wish the same but Zvezda has already a Su-35/37 ( T-10M ) but wrong in lenght, shape and with raised panel lines ( I've one on the bench with a lot of mofications: i'm using their Su 27 SM to correct their Su-35/37 )
  8. I just went to see: you're right, some prices of these e-bay sellers are dissuasive : Hasegawa kits are getting cheap on the side. I wonder if ordering directly from Japanese shops ( not e-bay ) would be cheaper ?
  9. It's so beautiful: your work is fantastic! I'll keep it as an exemple to follow
  10. I fully agree: it is a real pleasure to see yours improvements
  11. I really liked looking at your photos: they are really beautiful. The Phantom II is such a beautiful device
  12. You finally got it !!!! Next step: the built! For the decals, why dont you try to print them?
  13. Thank to you for sharing all these steps with us. I intend to keep your build aside to have an example to follow and help me later (I have 2 Tomcats waiting in reserve, but Hasegawa and Fujimi).
  14. Welcome back. What a shame to have had to see all your kits lost.
  15. You are unlucky this time. Perhaps the seller will find the missing part.
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