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  1. I think almost everything AMK has done has been a lesson in how to not release a model kit. Now i own 6 Mig-31’s and gave supported them financially. A list of what not to do. 1 Never say your kit will be the best most accurate ever released of a particular aircraft...ever. 2 invite expert help and opinion then when it shows clear issues in your project ignore them and dont fix problems with no commentary as to why. 3 Flood social media with images saying kits shipping very soon when it was not because the instructions had not even been printed. 4 Pretend issues which are patently obvious to the blindest more one eyed observer dont exist and everyone is out to get you..even people who have significantly supported you financially buying previous kits and trying to assist you when you requested help early in the project. 5 Run a fake info campaign to discredit anyone with any negative view on your kit by stirring social media at every opportunity to discredit anyone commenting on accuracy issues as “haters”. This quickly descends into a spiral of inflammatory posts and you discredit yourself in the modelling community. 6 Get yourself a decent distribution network..there are numerous countries you cant even order them in being forced to pay huge shipping costs. 7 The serious guys who want accuracy are the big buyers...the guys buying 6-12 kits each so you lose them at your own risk by ignoring them and dismissing/attacking them. Amk after the Mig-31 had a stellar reputation but the F-14. Its delays, people complaining about pre orders unshipped and everyone seemingly having them and building them months ago except those who did support Amk by pre ordering even in the face of the gorgeous Tamiya F-14 have left it in tatters. I have 4 on pre order, still unshipped like everyone else. I can live with those upper rear fuse non existant curves etc so will build them. No more AMK pre orders for me though and AMK has lost the support of many people in the community over its behaviour with this kit.
  2. How many people got Mustangs with the bent spar on the lower wing. I have 4 all bent to various degrees. Hoping they fix the wing tooling to fix it on an otherwise beautiful kit.
  3. Glad i have several on pre order. All that work and they couldnt be bothered to get the rear fuse curves correct. Amazing engineering but its going to take a bit of work to smooth that air bag, rear fuselage curve into something close to what the real F-14 has. Amazing yet disappointing all at the same time. Certainly an amazing piece of engineering and be happy to build them but every time i look at the rear fuselage once you know whats wrong its like a pimple in the middle of your chin before a Saturday night dance....
  4. I must say having a look replacing that front windscreen with an F-104 one will give a very much improved front end. Both look very similar and will make a good substitute.
  5. Picked one up in Tokyo yesterday and just finshed a quick eyeball comparison with Modelvits Blinder. Basic shape and dimensions seem to match up ie wing size, shape etc. id say from a Mk1 eyeball perspective its a solid kit. The coke bottle effect is more subtle tham Modelsvit. General detail is better on Modelsvit ie variety in panel lining, detail with scoops etc. Engineering is easier on Trump kit by some margin, two entire fuse halves etc. Trump has better clear parts. Overall seems like a decent purchase that will build into a slightly less detailed Blinder than Modelsvit but give a far easier build due to the non multi part fuselage and no warping etc prevalent in the MV kit. Have not tried fitting the Barracuda stuff but id be using the engines and wheels for sure. Paid 8800¥?
  6. Just a thought but the “overpriced Sparrow shooter” has been carrying Amraams since the last century and somewhat more successful at distributing Mig parts than any other aircraft in history...
  7. Hope the decals are up to scratch as there are some cracker markings on that sheet. Looking forward to grabbing one or three..
  8. The Lou Drendel F-111 in action has some excellent info on Combat Lancer and Linebacker I+II ops. Mainly high drag low level ops. a good read..
  9. Superb work and a real tribute to Middleton. Congratulations on a brilliant Stirling...
  10. I have now seen 2 excellent builds of this kit. KH with the F-5’s, the choppers and now the SU-34 are turning out some very nice kits. Im thinking of moving my HB SU-34’s on now and grabbing a third KH Sukhoi. They really captured that nose shape and fuselage blend really nicely.
  11. Well considering you coukdnt finish a KH kit is it a surprise you are here whinging about KH again... Maybe you should stick to Tamiya and poor taste jokes on your blog... As for the SU-34 I wouldnt worry about one word jgrease cough cough doogs has to say about KH... The kit is just as sharp as the HB kit with a very nice nose profile and doesnt need the work the HB kit does. Overall a nice kit and only agenda driven Texans would have an issue with it...
  12. For a Tusk i’d take the Rye Field kit over Meng just. I didnt like the flash and ejector pins all over the place. I thought the RYe Field kit was a tad sharper to but both have difficult tracks again in my eye RFM is better. Both will give you a great looking Tusk to me the RFM kit is a slightly easier route. Im not an M-1 ophile though so defer to experts on subtle differences that might apply but believe both got pretty good reviews.
  13. Just go buy the 1/48t Kinetic Kfir. Its better in every aspect than the AMK kit. Had an AMK Kfir and sold it quite quickly after getting the Kinetic kit. No idea about 1/72 but Kinetics Mirages and Kfir are lovely kits in 48th...
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