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  1. Not really i was expecting far finer panel lines and very few rivets on an F-14. The Mig-31 in reality has very fine fne panels far finer than those in the kit. I think its just fortunate that the impression western modellers have is Russian aircraft are agricultural. The Mig-31 is far from that. Try putting the Mig-31 panel lines up against the big T’s F-14 panels. Maybe then you might puck up how overscale they are. Its still quite entertaining to se some of the very same guys who ripped into Hobbyboss for rivets and geaby panel lines laud a kit with just as many rivets and far heavier panel lines. Double standards rule...
  2. Keep an eye out the price on the SU-34 has fallen significantly ie 30% plus... You can get them off Ebay now for around 85-90 US shipped...
  3. DarrenH

    I-16 Type 28. 1:32

    Great kit ICM are doing some great stuff at the moment.
  4. Far from impressed with those panel lines on the wings, fuselage and the heavy riveting. In the comparison photo to the Mig-31 they look almost identical ie to heavy. No real improvement from the 31 and the wing panel lines are simply far to heavy and where is the chorus of people who belittled the HobbyBoss kit for its rivet work? At least the HB rivets where petite and fine these photos are doing the AMK kit no favors at all. Under paint it will tone it down but those spoiler and slat panel lines which are ridiculous compared to Hobbyboss or Tamiyas beautiful petite panel work. I was expecting FAR better. Ill still pick up a couple to go with my fleet of Mig-31'sand support AMK but the Tamiya kit is so much finer AMK shouldnt even bother with an A they are wasting their money. Its very funny the chorus/howls of criticism Hobbyboss/trumpeter faced when the released similar photos of far finer panel lines and rivets has showered AMK with praise for clearly inferior work. Very disappointed with AMK's efforts here I was expecting close to Tamiya quality surface detail. Pity they are not even close.
  5. Sounds like these guys are trying to turn a large fortune into a small one. A new version with repositioned rivets and tail section? I really dont see many people buying another SU-33 over the Kinetic ones in there stash because they are converned the section of the tail is the wrong NACA aerofoil. Anyone who was waiting for a great SU-33 has already bought Kinetic's so the maket is very limited to people who become new fans of the naval Flanker. Good luck to them but i wouldnt be investing in it.
  6. DarrenH

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT

    Glad i ordered the CWS noses looking at thst photo comparison. The Revell revised lower panel looks pinched not smooth curves like on the big Mig. No complaints on engineering here as without it tooled this way there "would be no 1/48 Mig-25". big aeroplane, big tooling costs and a seperate tool for each model is fantasy land stuff. Cant wait for the big Wild Weasel...
  7. Great looking 25 mate thanks for doing the groundwork on these Soviet birds operating over Israel..
  8. Have both now and its going to come to choices. If have a slightly squashed ie vertically undersized front windscreen canopy that does look a little small compared to KH but more accurate finer details that have no "impact" visually on the look of the kit id go Kittyhawk. if you some how want finer accurate details yet can live with an undersize canopy/windscreen which may throw off the look of the aeroplane more than incorrect panels etc then HB. If you used the KH clear parts on the HB kit might keep an accuracy guy happy at a price ie expensive and spine not fixed but you "could graft the akH spine parts. If you dont care about minutae and can live with the multi part fuse assembling them in there seperate halves oob the KH kit. If you can live with the slightly squashed canopy/windscreen and want ease of build HB. Overall for me the KH kit as i dont know nor care about minute accuracy issues and the overall look/shape is better. Line ball though and if an easy canopy solution appears i might go HB.. Both have faults. Might have to check if my old KP kit canopies fit the HB kit not sure if they will work but might be a solution to at leadt the clear parts.
  9. DarrenH

    Best 1/48 A-4

    Looking at pics if you want to do one in flight with slats retracted the new Hobbyboss kit will be excellent. Far less work than blending those Hasegawa slats into the leading edge. For parked id still go Hasegawa...all the kits you listed need work of some shape ie rescribing etc. Accuracy it really depends how serious you are about it...seen some nice looking Hobbycraft builds but really ifyou can save yiurself the work and grab a Hasegawa kit.
  10. DarrenH

    Kitty Hawk1/48 SU-17

    Agree Dave the kit is not perfect and could be improved. However its fsr better than his review rated it and completely superior in every way to the old OEZ kit. its just a pity modelling has now descended to having reviews put together not to asses the kit but to garner attention in the worst possible style. And then people believe the garbage...
  11. DarrenH

    Kitty Hawk1/48 SU-17

    If you build the kit using a small portion of your brain it goes together quite well. Anyone basing an opinion on the way the kit was built in that video which was clearly to gather clicks and stir up controversey would be better off drinking paint thinner. Does anyone anywhere build any model exactly according to instructions? Rule 1 of modelling is instructions are a guide not a straightjacket. Hence reviewer A builds kit according to instructions not common sense and standard modelling practice. Hence it doesnt fit so of course its all Kittyhawks fault. If he had simply done a build assembling the fuselage halves from there seperate pieces as "anyone" with a modicum of modelling experience would do he would of found it goes together quite well...geez what a surprise... Instead he ripped KH a new one because he checked in any semblence of intelligence/common sense/modelling experience in prior to building it. Looked to me like he was out to score cheap points and clicks not build the kit as he would if he where building it for himself. Poor reviewing at best and an opportunity lost to show people a great technique that saves plenty of heartache in MANY kits including many Hasegawa kits. instead he just took the cheap shot.
  12. DarrenH

    Messerschmitt Me-262 B1a/U1 Nightfighter. 1:32

    Did you test fit any of the parts? There have been significant fit issues reported with Revell aparrantly tweaking the molds after the last test shot. The tweaking meant none of the fuselage bulkheads fit that well leaving a gap top and bottom on fuselage join.
  13. DarrenH

    Sukhoi Su-17 M3/M4 Fitter-K 1:48

    Yes exactly..as per the way you build almost any multi part fuselage kit. Assemble the three left fuse pieces to make a single left fuselage. Assemble the three right fuse pieces to make a single right fuse piece. Then close her up with all assicated bits and its fits quite nicely other than needing tabs on the aft most piece on each fuse.
  14. DarrenH

    Kitty Hawk's 1/48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    Differences there are so insignificant to my eye as to simply say which one builds better? having gotten the 6 part KH fuse together by putting them together in halves its still work I coukdclive without doing again. Next SU-17 will be HB for me.