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  1. Hello gents, Made some strong headway on the truck - most of the scratch building is now done! The bed and some suspension changes about done - please take a look: First up was setting a bed height - not just a sheet of styrene sitting on the chassis. I found a piece of styrene that worked out to be about the right height, and built the subframe around this point - keeping the bed where I wanted it. I know the bed would slope forward a bit, and I think this looks about right. Above, the new and improved rear end, and same for th
  2. @Pete in Lincs you're probably right! they make it just close enough - in fact the overall look is probably better than what you could get out of the real truck! And yes, the sun!! it's the best! That said, it is also pretty good at highlighting mistakes and flaws @silver911 Hi Ron, yes, I was joking with you! This will get a roof, but of course, it will feature huge skylights! like these (4'x8' and 4'x12': Sorry about the quality of these - in reality the space is really bright - and shiny! OK, back to the bench - Cheers
  3. @silver911 - arrgghh! ha! Ron- you'll have me working on this forever! - well....lighting - I'm not so sure. I have used LEDs before, with pretty good luck. That said, I'm not sure for this one? to be put in the ideas box of now. @Orso - hello, and thanks for leaving the photo. Yes, the bench grinder - my sense is if this were a machines shop, I'd go for the pedestal, and to your point, I'm running out of room! I have seen, and had bench grinders as shown. That installation might come more from purpose, that is, if used once in a while, the bench is fine, but if used freque
  4. @silver911, thanks again for the tips! You'll keep me on this forever!! As to the perspective...see below - this seems to be more about light sources than interior treatment! Hello guys, Well, today I'll unfold the story with a new plot twist - sunlight! It's my very favorite aftermarket accessory! It's free, and it's bright today! Please take a look: \ I think the leaves paid off! The two above are not the same - notice the with and without tree shadow. I need to keep in mind sun orientation, as s
  5. @silver911, hi Ron, well, thanks very much! I really appreciate it - both the words, and the ideas! If you look to the right side of the junk area, you'll see two oil drums - I scratch built them, using old model truck rims to get the correct diameter - now, looks like time to add at least one more - if I can just find another couple of rims! funnily enough the broom sounds like an interesting challenge - maybe use an old toothbrush for the head? I don't know yet...? You're right about the fluid trays - not sure how I'll make those. The versions I've seen have been molded plastic tanks,
  6. Hello gents, Thanks for dropping by - not to worry, this is still early in the build despite it's ridiculously slow progress! @Pete in Lincs, well, you got me thinking...and immediately I knew you were right! So, the engine has moved! Not good to get metal shavings into an engine! Oh, and I have a plan for the air hoses, but it won't show up until much later! @bar side, and well, you got me thinking too....what about that big driveway - I wasn't joking above, I still have one more DFV F1 to build...or, not, maybe something else? I've looked at a few othe
  7. @bar side wow! those look great! Maybe next project will be a Tamiya F1 shop! it would be the size of your hangar but in 1/20! haha - OK gents, on we go. I've been working on the interior, adding to the workbenches, made a shelf for tires, built another engine - this time with the valves/cams exposed, another rearend, fire extinguisher, and so on. None of the big parts glued in place, and figures need paint, but you can get a sense of what I'm trying to do: and above...there is a awful lot of driveway left.....maybe room for on
  8. @bar side, good eye! yes, that's the car and the model kit! The DFVs are fun to build because most of the time, the engine is clearly visible, so plenty of opportunities to try to detail. I have another in the stash, an FW, but, at this point, I'm not sure I can reasonably squeeze anything more in to this dio! - that doesn't mean though that I've given up on the idea just yet.....Maybe the Penske car is being rolled out of the shed, and the other DFV is in the driveway, actually sitting on tires and wheels! Cheers Nick
  9. Didn't Rick James sing about a girl like her? "the kind you don't bring home to mother - a super freak!" Great painting Ron - she almost looks like a photoshop animation! Cheers, Nick
  10. Hi Pete, just came across this - glad to hear you're getting this looked at and addressed! and the results are good! Take care and get well - Cheers Nick
  11. Hi @Tim R-T-C, thanks very much, I appreciate it! this still has a way to go, so, I'll be posting for a while! Cheers Nick
  12. Hello gents, I did not stop work in this project, but have been working on a third car! This time the rear end is torn off, so you can see the back of the engine. I also decided it would be a good idea to build the rear suspension mostly from scratch, rather than use parts from the kit - why not? This was certainly a challenge, and the results are OK, please take a look: While much of this will likely go unnoticed, I enjoyed building it. I used scrap photo etch to make the lower brackets, and a very small diameter alu tube and styrene to m
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for leaving some notes - I think I'll be going back to posting follow on work in the dio section of the forums. Will get into figure painting, finishing/installing walls, building the roof, and adding details like more tools, spare parts and so on. In any case, I'll post car-oriented images here as they come along. It seems car work will include making a couple of throttle linkages, adding brake lines, more various wires and hoses dangling from cars, and such. Thanks for checking it out - and swing on by the dio wip area now and then to see what's
  14. HI Ron, yep, will do, and thanks! I think I'll be back on the dio shortly. Work has been keeping me busy, hence the painfully slow build of this car! even now, on Saturday! I'm just sneaking away for a quick reply. I've got a project going that is a challenge, and this is a nice distraction! which is why I got into model building in the first place! The dio is big, but not huge - maybe a 20" x 30" or so. base. I've been adding odds and ends to it also, but nothing big or interesting enough to post. But, more interesting will come. I think once these cars in various states of disre
  15. Hi Malc, tip-of-the-xacto to you on those mirrors - I imagine they were quite tedious to install, and look great! Cheers Nick
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