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  1. Hi John, Really a very nice build all around. It is too bad about the door. Looking at photos earlier in thread, I wondered if the "A" pillar might be a touch too wide toward the base, "pushing" the door outward, but, from from the photo above, it seems you have the door flush with wind screen. Is it too late to remove the door and figure out what is keeping the door from sitting flush? Ha - easy for me to wonder about while looking at photos on the computer, and not the kit sitting in front of me! All in all, it seems to be a relatively modest problem, that might only be no
  2. And one more, great build - the color choice is particularly nice as it appears to the reflect the intent of the design -very clean and at the same time strong. Cheers Nick
  3. Very glad to see that class is again in session. Interesting in particular that your finish is better than the quality of the kit parts! This is really coming along nicely. Cheers and stay well, Nick
  4. @silver911, Hi Ron, thanks very much - and glad you are enjoying seeing this move along too! Below, with some damage: And there you have it. The nature and extent of the damage was discussed on the dio post. I concluded that, no, I am not about to rebuild the whole thing in order to make it more suitable for heavy damage, like bowing it in middle, instead, just a hard impact on a barrier of some kind. If you look carefully, you'll see smashed up alu honecomd in the firewall - it turns o
  5. Hello @Pete in Lincs, and @silver911, Pete and Ron, No, I'm not going to build another version of this with massive, hull-wide damage. I did though, inflict some damage. The test and the tools: Well, these two seem capable of inflicting damage - and leave nice tool marks on the metal. Next - to the junk pile, for a part from the Lotus kit, which was replaced by a white metal Studio 27 part, with of course, the early stages of damage: I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this part fit into m
  6. Well guys....ha, piece of cake - so, now that it's done....change it up! hmmm, something to ponder here. I'm not sure about denting it at this point. I might experiment on some scrap metal to see what happens. Believe it or not, the .032" alu sheet used for the hull is fairly strong/rigid. A big sheet will bend/flex without much effort, but a smaller section, not quite so easily. Looking at what I built, it seems the rear portion might be more easily bent up than the front as it doesn't have layers of internal framing/bracing - but, denting the hull, could snap the rise for the fuel cell
  7. Hello gents, I have not forgotten about this project, but have recently been focused on the dio part - I decided to open up a post in the Dio section, as I don't want to push my luck with non-auto parts of the build! Installing, grime, leaves etc: So, progress is being made. I plan to use the great advice Ron has shared about oils and weathering - I'm really looking forward to giving that a go! In the meantime, I have been distracted by a different "shiny object" of an idea - brought forward by @Jo NZ - how ab
  8. Hello model builders, Time for a brief update - @Kitkent, hi Chris, thanks! glad to see you sticking through this off-beat project! My neighborhood is an interesting place - it was an industrial area, part of a very small City, surrounded by bigger places. Over the last 20 years big corporations have built bio and medical labs, Pixar, a train station, and less than 10,000 residents. In the last 12 or so years, lots of town houses have been built, and with more neighbors, have come parks, trails, trees and so on. As it's a small place, it's an easy walk to neighbor
  9. Hi @MR2Don, yeah, I was sort of joking about the noise. Funny enough, the couple I mentioned in the garden have a nice 911 - he had the heads reworked and so on - - it sounds great, and clearly means business. The guy in the red car above, well, who knows? maybe a weekend racer? It was easy to tell he had some serious engine work done, but it was loud! Seems to be pretty popular around here, newer Chargers, Cudas, Camaros, Mustangs, Audis, and BMWs that are tuned with manual transmissions - the owners race up the RPMs in first, then drop the clutch for a loud crackle out of the pipes. For
  10. Very nice work on those fender openings - I have gone the other way, making them wider, and it can be a tough task - yours really look good. Cheers Nick
  11. This is looking very nice! Sorry to hear about the hood, but your donor hood looks good. Very nice dashboard! It's funny, these big trucks do have the wood grain and chrome ringed gauges - even the newer models. Looking forward to your next post - Cheers Nick
  12. Sitting on my porch today, I heard this coming well before I saw it. First glance, coming up 59th Street - I saw it past a couple of my friends in the nhood garden. Just in case the guy turned left, I took out the phone: Nice if not a noisy ride. As for the number plate on the door (s) - well, there's also a license plate on the bumper meaning it's street legal....yeah. Get a better muffler and lose the number plates. I don't think anyone equates 59th Street with Laguna Seca. Hate to be parochial about this - to each their own....haha
  13. Hi Malc, This is all really nice to watch come together - the gear box linkage is particularly nice, and clever! really looks the part. Almost too bad you're already into the paint on the body - not much more scratch work to see until your next build! Cheers Nick
  14. Hello dio builders, I've been firmly entrenched in the dio world the last week or so, clearly not racecars. @Pete in Lincs, thanks for the tips - I looked up some of those figures - some look pretty nice! Interesting subject too - I had no idea what that was (Maschinen Krieger?) looks like you could do all sorts of dios with the figures and whatnot - the robots/droids/suits of mechanical armor seem great subjects for weathering....For now, I'm done with buying figures - spent too much already! @bar side, indeed! On with some decrepitude - I tend to build in somewhat i
  15. @bar side, hi - yes, I live pretty close to Walnut Creek - just west about 10 miles, a small place called Emeryville, between Berkeley and Oakland. I grew up in a town near Walnut Creek. Small world as they say! Funny enough, I'm all for the rambling build - I really don't like it when the project is done - maybe why I like dios - you can just keep building, but that also means I now have dead dios here and there - different scales, subjects, just done. As for the 1/48 van, yes, I understand - the shipping can cost more than the part! I've discovered this - ordering from KFS i
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