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  1. +1 I love the Javelin. It might not have been the greatest aircraft, and was quickly superseded, but it looks great. The only options in 1/72 are the very old Airfix/Heller kits with low detail and raised panel lines, which are like hens teeth, even rarer if you don't want the T3 variant, or the Frog/Novo/ kit and their clones, again raised panel lines and poor details, or the ZTS Plastyk/Mistercraft engraved panel lines clone of the Frog/Novo kit - I've got one, it's not inspiring me to build it...
  2. RobL

    Horton go229 ideas?

    Actually it was a real aircraft. One prototype actually flew, in December of '44 according to information out there. So think more of it as a WW2 prototype than a paper fantasy like so many of the other Wunderwaffe were. May not have been in service as the Revell box art depicts but the camo Revell depict is potentially correct for the time. Look up the Smithsonian Ho 229 (or it might be in the National Air and Space Museum) if you want to see how a later mark prototype looked - you can make out that there is at least 2 colours with the bottom being lighter than the top, ignore the swastik
  3. Depends on the foam and what you are doing with it. You can get foamboard (also known as foamcore) easily and cheaply from eBay and most artists shops. This is one of the best/easiest materials to make your buildings out of. You can also get XPS foam (XPS = extruded polystryene, not to be confused with EPS, see below), XPS is commonly known as blue foam or pink foam, although it's now all a dark grey, made by Dow Corning as I understand it. It can be obtained, again on eBay or slightly more cheaply at the place I recently found - bluefoam.co.uk. Good for buildings, a
  4. I'll just leave this here for you, you can make your own mind up - https://www.businessinsider.com/talking-on-a-hands-free-cellphone-is-as-bad-as-driving-drunk-2013-8?r=US&IR=T Stay safe.
  5. Have seen this kit floating around on ebay for months now. I'd love to buy it, but I don't want the boat, and I doubt I'd be able to sell it. Wish Revell would re-pop the Sea King on it's own.
  6. Google maps. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. Phone call problem solved,
  7. Thanks. To be honest, I just don't fancy going out and picking up twigs from anywhere. I'll probably just buy another of the log piles I initially bought, or just leave it as is, perhaps have the larger log pile set against one side of the woodstore's frame.
  8. Hey all Got a bottle of Zap a Gap CA glue (see photo below). It's cap has somehow become screwed on tight. Anyone here have any ideas on how I can get it open? Thanks in advance. This is the type of bottle -
  9. Hamleys aren't really a model shop though, they're a toy shop, that sell all sorts. They sell models, but so does my local branch of Autoparts (a automotive franchise, bit like Halfords only smaller), ditto for places like Hobbycraft. Don't know about anyone else but to me a proper model shop is one dedicated to model kits and the supplies needed to build them, everything else they sell would be a sideshow, rather than the other way around as many shops that sell model kits seem to be. Very few of that sort of shop around.
  10. Unfortunately it's a "sign of the times" up and down the UK. There is/was a large book retailer/wholesaler in my region of the UK. They went bust no so long ago, before the pandemic. But they were dinosaurs. They didn't even have an online presence, which in today's age is just asking for failure! It's all very well supporting independent small businesses, but many of them simply don't help themselves!
  11. RobL

    Builders block

    I used to have trouble with paint consistency. Until I started thinning my own paints, and using a 50/50 ratio of paint/thinner as a starting point - it works on all the typical model paints I've come across (Tamiya, Gunze, Vallejo Model/Game Color, Coat D'arms, even Citadel to a point), or 60/40 ratio if I am doing any pre-shading/black basing. Doesn't work with Vallejo Model Air or other pre-thinned paints, so I have to make do with those, but most of the the Vallejo Model Air range do spray OK, if not I stick a tiny amount of water in them. If you're using pre-thinned paints l
  12. RobL

    Builders block

    I too suffer with what might be called modellers block, despite the fact that I have occupied the dining room table so that I don't have to keep putting stuff away all the time. Although it's less to do with the practicalities of mixing paint, and more to do with something else that I can't put my finger on. Take this week as an example. I have a plan to meet with a friend to engage in some tabletop warfare gaming. I have 5 miniatures I want to paint for that day (Saturday), however this past 5 days I've not been able to sleep overnight, and instead have been "sleeping" during t
  13. Thanks, I don't have permission to chop stuff out of the garden. Not my garden. SWMBO would not be happy. I have noted that the big wood pile I purchased, does look a little, small, and doesn't really fill the space up all that well. Not sure if buying another of the same would work, or what else I could do to make it fill the space a bit better. The "woodshed" on Adrian Wild's original Inn seems to have the wood all piled up going into one corner on the right hand side as you're looking at the Inn from the back, and it does fill the space up quite well. I'm guessin
  14. I love this era (60s-80s) of motorsport. Watched the 1986 Australian GP when F1 put it up on their youtube channel a few months ago, great race. Just a shame more of the full length races (of any series) don't exist, aren't of good quality, or just don't get put up anywhere.
  15. As I don't drive, thus have no access to my "local" "waste and recycling centre", I usually dump my paint/thinners waste down the drain outside the house I live in, somehow my late father put a pipe to the drain (or it just goes straight into the ground) when he built the porch for the back door. Either that or I just dump it on the concrete path/grass down the end of the garden and wait for rain to wash it away.
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