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  1. RobL

    Bare aluminium.

    Vallejo Metal Color are also a good option, both for hairy stick use and airbrush, particularly their Duraluminium.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, there's mould lines all over the place. For some reason I tend to not see them during assembly, and then gradually as painting progresses, or when I've taken photos, they become visible to me. Always too late to do anything about them without ruining the paint. You can't see it in the photos (or at least I can't), but one of them still has a small piece of sprue attached on his arm, and there's also nubs all over the place on all 3 where I've not cut flush enough/sanded them off. I don't really wet blend, not by making any conscious effort to do so at least. I used glazes on these. I might have kind of feathered the edges a bit in places where I applied a small amount of glaze for the highlights, but to be honest I was making stuff up as I went along.
  3. Can I mention Tour of Duty, China Beach, and/or Piece of Cake? Vietnam and WWII dramas from the 80s/very early 90s. Also Sharpe? Do it for Sean Bean!
  4. So seeing as most are posting lists here's mine - Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. NCIS - although it's gone off in recent seasons, although I'm 3 seasons behind, so maybe it'll get better again. Magnum PI (Tom Selleck version) CSI, all of them, although I couldn't finish NY and Miami, the last season or two are just, not very good. Mythbusters - can't stop rewatching that, so many little bits you don't pick up on, and Kari Byron, hmm... Many others I have watched and would consider "favourites" but don't rewatch regularly, such as Time Team, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Elementary, Babylon 5, Hill Street Blues, The A-Team, MacGyver (not the rehash), X-Files (the original 9 seasons), Cheers and Frasier. I tried the new Star Trek, Discovery, but couldn't get past the first season, it being marketed at the time with a "look, transgender!" agenda being pushed in your face didn't help, and those Klingons, what thee!?! I tried The Expanse, it looked promising, seemed to be to start with a show with a space detective kind of lead character, but that quickly went to pot and devolved into a boring tired old nuclear proliferation allegory/trope by season 3. I gave up on it at that point. Thought it had been cancelled but somehow it's managed to keep going!?! Guess I just don't like most modern sci-fi stuff... Waiting for the Game of Thrones prequel. Just hope there's less sex and nudity than Game of Thrones, all that was, distracting... Moooore battles!
  5. Hey all Just thought I'd share some figures I recently finished painting. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.
  6. I don't know who "a lot of people" are but the advice I've had from semi-professional airbrush users has never included an ultrasonic cleaner. Misinformed youtubers seem to recommend them though, I think it was one of those trends a few years ago... I do have an ultrasonic cleaner though. Put it away in the shed after a couple of uses because it did very little in the way of cleaning the airbrush I had at the time. I've found that since I started (last year or 2019) storing my airbrushes in a jar of water, filled just so the water covers the colour cup, it keeps the airbrushes from a) drying out and b) in general stops them clogging up. I've had less problems with my airbrushes since, especially as I make sure I've flushed through any remaining paint after use. I used to have to do a tear down before a session, now I just pick them up, flush some water/thinners through, and start painting.
  7. Hobbycraft do paper rolls, 10m long 76cm wide, bigger than A1 - https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/white-poster-display-roll-76cm-x-10m/648510-1000 It's what I use. Had my rolls for about 4 years now. Still in good shape, even the piece I cut off to actually use (which I roll up after use). So I'd say they're durable.
  8. I once looked for a gradated backdrop, and found that any, a size helpful for photographing models, are mahoosive, i.e. meant to be hung behind a person, used by a pro photographer, and/or very expensive. You could use bright green (or any other bright colour) paper roll, and chroma key edit out the colour in Photoshop (or other similar app) and then add the gradient in... Personally I don't bother with a gradated background and just use either black or white paper roll as my backgrounds.
  9. Thanks guys. I guess I won't bother and go seek a new A3 mat. I have a The Works in my local town centre (as far as I know it's still there). All of what you see on that mat is from where I paint miniature figures. I don't use a wet palette all that often (although I probably should), and whatever the mat is made from (rubber?) is a good surface for putting paint on to thin/mix and then apply to a model via a brush. I get the feeling that using anything on top to protect the mat would either a) not be as good a surface for the paint or b) leech through onto the mat anyway and c) the mat lasts longer than anything I'd put down on it and doesn't need replacing as frequently thus saving money.
  10. Hey all I have 2 or three self healing cutting mats. They all look similar to this - Is there a quick way to remove the superglue, paint, etc. and restore the mats back to something cleaner looking? Thanks in advance.
  11. Tamiya X-35 Semi Gloss Clear is my go to, I've sprayed it neat and thinned 50/50ish with Gunze Self Levelling Thinners, never had a problem with it. However just recently I've started using Windsor and Newton Galeria Gloss mixed 50/50 with Windsor and Newton Galeria Matt. Does the job, but I'm only spraying Games Workshop figures with it, haven't tried it on any scale aircraft, although I think I might have used it on a GW tank I repainted recently. I've got a nearly full 75ml bottle of each, so it needs using up, and it's cheaper than buying 10ml Tamiya pots... Some of it can be technique also. A certain well known youtube channel and modelling business owner, who sells clay washes (not UMP, the other guy), did a video a few years ago showing that you can spray gloss varnish, and depending on how you spray it (i.e. distance to surface, air pressure, etc.), it can end up gloss, matt, or semi-gloss.
  12. I think you're wrong on that assumption also. It's just another crime drama. You can take the sub out, wouldn't make a difference. People don't go "oh it's set on a sub, I'm not watching that then!". It's something that, like all of them these days, has a twisting (read intentionally convoluted) plot, fake tension, yada, yada, yada, and a well known female lead, that can be "discussed" at "the water cooler"or ad nauseam on BBC Breakfast... It not being a documentary is rather irrelevant. Nope, didn't see your edit, but that doesn't really change what is an attempt at making an excuse. I tend to pay attention to trends in the media, especially the BBC's output, seeing as we pay a TV tax for it, so I tend to notice things about TV shows that perhaps you don't (don't get me started on ITV's propensity for "new" cookie cutter crime dramas almost every week). So, indeed, lets agree to disagree.
  13. How is it harsh? Most people are not knowledgeable about these things. I also doubt that you're correct on your assumption. Especially as over the last ten years surveys and studies have shown that women are increasingly watching more TV than men. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/about/media-centre/news/report-reveals-latest-uk-tv-watching-trends-NEWS35 https://www.statista.com/statistics/269943/daily-tv-viewing-time-in-the-uk-by-gender/ Women are also drinking more these days. There's been plenty of reports and studies carried out and publicised about the "bottle o'wine after a long day at work" crowd. The BBC are aiming these dramas at a specific demographic, and it's not teens, social animal twenty something's, alpha males, or those who like a bit of blockbuster action. Just because you and yours enjoy them doesn't mean you are an exemplar of the viewership either. I think it's quite fair to say that, despite a few outlying examples like yourself, these programmes are aimed at women who like to sit down with a bottle of wine of an evening and watch some "drama" that isn't concerned with any accuracy. Given that women watch more TV than men, and women are drinking more than they used to. Oh, and allowing the dramatic nature to flow? Oh please...
  14. BBC "prime time dramas" are all aimed at the bottle o'wine o'clock, mostly female, crowd, they aren't knowledgeable so they don't bother with stuff like accuracy. This one is no different. Particularly as it's made by the same producers that made Line Of Duty...
  15. Unless paint and thinners start spontaneously combusting (which they don't), I would imagine everyone's going to be alright. Unless they leave their stuff near a naked flame or something electrical, and faulty, plugged in when they're not around... The trick is not to spray smoke around...
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