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  1. Hey all Would anyone here be able to give me some help on some colours for a MiG-29UB? The subject in question is a Peruvian MiG-29UB, like this one - https://www.airliners.net/photo/Peru-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-MiG-29UB-9-51/1521871 https://www.airliners.net/photo/Peru-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-MiG-29UB-9-51/2436856 Need to know what the green and greys on the top side and under side, assuming they're different (and also that darker grey if it has a specific name/number) are called, and or FS or equivalent numbers, so that I can look for either MRP or Hataka equivalents. I'm guessing it's in Light Grey and Grey Green, and I'm also guessing that in MRP-land that's MRP 284 and MRP 287, although MRP-287, the Grey Green doesn't look as bright/contrasting as in those photos? Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't post all that frequently here, but I've had a pretty good year and a bit as far as modelling goes, so I thought I'd post up some photos of my recent builds... In chronological order, starting from last September - Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane Mk IID (I'm aware the tail wheel is the wrong way round, it won't actually fit the correct way round, Hasegawa's error in making that part, although I suppose I could have cut it and sanded it and forced it to fit correctly). Xtrakit 1/72 DH Vampire Italeri 1/72 F-117 Nighthawk (unfortunately the kit decals for the underside cracked on me during the build) Revell 1/72 Tornado GR1 (I had a problem with the decals, they're by Printscale, and were very thin, the "Mig Eater" decal rolled up irreparably, hence why it's missing) Revell 1/72 Mig-21 Airfix 1/72 C-47 (my D-Day commemoration build) Airfix 1/72 A-4 Skyhawk (unfortunately the canopy fogged on me, Mk.82 Snakeyes are from Hasegawa)
  3. Thanks, until you posted those two links I didn't know. Steps 42-44 appear to be for the later Cheyenne tail gunner position. Steps 38-41 appear to be for the Boeing one. Shame that the instructions don't appear to indicate that anywhere nor do they state which one goes on which marking option either!?! Lets say you were doing a "Nine o Nine", could you get away with fitting the Cheyenne tail gunner position parts? The clear parts for that look easier to mask up/paint than the clear part for the Boeing variant...
  4. Hi there Just looking over the instructions and sprues of a Revell 1/72 B-17G and it seems to have two tail assemblies, one detailed in steps 38 to 41 and the other detailed in steps 42 to 44. What's the difference? Thanks.
  5. Hi I am planning a WW2 British commando/SAS post D-Day Jeep build. Problem is I'm having trouble working out how best to do it. For a starting kit I have 3 choices (all of which I will need to buy) - the Italeri Commando Car (kit #320), the Tamiya Willys MB (kit # 35219) or the Dragon SAS 1/4 TON 4x4 TRUCK ETO kit (6725). I've seen Legend do a conversion set in resin, but I'd have a lot left over as it's for 2 Jeeps The other Legend set only does 1 Jeep, but doens't have as many Vickers K guns as I'd like. Both I think are too expensive for my build and I'm not very good with resin, so I've ruled out the Legend sets as an option. The Dragon kit on the face of it seems the best option as it comes with all the SAS specific stuff, but I've read certain parts are incorrectly made (apparently the wheel hubs look wrong for a start), and it's a bit bereft of stowage. So, I'm thinking, as the Italeri kit is only about £10, that I could do a kit bash of the Dragon Kit and the Italeri kit - basically take what stowage is on the Italeri kit, and possibly the wheels from the Italeri kit, and put it all on the Dragon kit? My second option would be to do a kit bash of all 3 kits, take the SAS specific stuff off the Dragon kit, the stowage bits off the Italeri kit, and stick that all on the Tamiya kit (which I've read is possibly the most accurate of the 3 kits)? I'm guessing a 3rd option would be to kit bash the Italeri kit with the Tamiya kit, leaving out the Dragon kit altogether, but I think the Dragon Vickers K guns would look better than the older Italeri ones? Your thoughts would be welcome on this, as I'm really lost as the best way to approach this.
  6. OK thanks guys. Seems it's as much of a minefield as Olive Drab!
  7. XF-62 it is then!
  8. Hi When the SAS (or any British commando units) were deployed in Europe after D-Day were their Jeeps just oversprayed SCC 15 over the desert sand colour they used in North Africa or were they completely stripped back and resprayed SCC 15 over primer prior to being deployed in Europe? If so, what primer colour did they use? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Stupid question time... What was the blue that the USAF painted their F-5E Lightning recon planes in? Was it the standard RAF PRU blue or their own variation, and if so does it have an FS number or a good match in acrylic brand paints such as Tamiya or Vallejo? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Andy. I came across that thread after posting this one, along with some other threads with your advice within. I also have been looking at your HAS.1 build. Very nice, and I have taken notes. I have a Fujimi SH-3H that I made a mess of, so I will use that as a donor for the sonar well on the underside (at least I think it has the sonar well). The other changes all seem quite straight forward and I think I will be best going with the Revell kit, I like the riveted look of it and it was the kit I built my HAR.3 from.
  11. Hi there I am wanting to build a Sea King HAS.2 in 1/72. CyberHobby/Dragon make a 1/72 AEW.2 kit, and it's my understanding from reading Wikipedia that the AEW.2 was an upgrade/mod of the HAS.1/HAS.2 so I'm wondering what modifications would be needed to produce a HAS.2 from that kit, obviously the inflatable radome would need to be omitted, but what else would need to be done? Alternatively, because I've read the CyberHobby/Dragon kit may not be all that great (which doesn't bode well as I have the SH-3G version!), what would I need to do to an Airfix 1/72 HAR.3 (the 2016/2018 new tool version) to make it resemble a HAS.2? Or my 3rd option, I believe, would be to use the Revell Mk 41 kit, wouldn't it? I recall a thread on this forum about the changes needed to make various RN/RAF Sea King from the Revell kit, because I used the info in it to make a 22sqn Sea King HAR.3, but I can't find that thread?! Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  12. RobL

    Specific P-38 photos

    Hi there I'm planning a build of a 1/48 Academy P-38F kit. I'd like to build the 2nd marking option but I'm struggling to find any good photo references of the aircraft. According to Academy's destructions the aircraft in question is a P-38F named Oriole flown by Capt. Murray J Shubin of 339FS/347FG. It's nose and tail number is 129. That's all I've got and so far Google hasn't really helped me much, mostly I find generic photo's of P-38s, mostly J's and I've only come across 1 actual photo of Oriole... Would be really grateful if anyone here can help me out on this. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks guys. That's most helpful.
  14. Hello New to this forum, and I have come here because I need some advice on what I can build from an AFV Club kit. I would like to build a British Centurion, Mk 5 or later, and I have been eyeing up the AFV Club 1/35 IDF Sho't Centurion kit, kit number 35159, the 1960/1967 Mk 5/Mk 5/1 version, not the Sho'T Kal kit. I've been looking at this kit because it apparently includes an L7 105mm barrel and the Mk 5/2/Mk 6 NATO boxing, with the same gun, seems to be rarer than hens teeth, also the only readily available alternative is the RAAC boxing which doesn't come with side skirts or the L7 105mm barrel. So, I have a couple of questions - 1. Is it possible to build a Mk 5/2 or later Centurion, armed with the L7 105mm gun, straight out of the box using the IDF Sho't kit (I'm aware I'd have to source decals and the mantlet cover)? 2. Can anyone confirm that it is posisble to build a Suez Crisis Mk 5 Centurion straight from the box using the IDF Sho't kit (again, I'm aware I'd have to source decals and the mantlet cover)? 3. If either or both of those is possible straight out of the box how do I tell which parts on the runners are IDF specific and therefore should be left off? Thank you for any help on this.
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