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  1. Well, this is how I understand what happened, there was quite a lot of discussion about it on a private members site I was a member of... Between the time my mother bought a bottle back in, probably around the turn of the century, or just after, maybe even in the late 90s (yeah the bottle I "borrowed" when I started modelling again in 2014ish was that old), and about 2016, they changed the UK formula to a milky looking liquid, possibly due to EU laws about kids drinking clear stuff. Back in 2017ish people on that forum came across someone on Amazon and Ebay selling the US version
  2. Most probably just get chucked. I know that Cobra Company, who made stuff like a correction set for Revell's 1/48 UH-1 Huey Hog were taken up by another US guy, think his company is called Lone Star Models, current status unknown by me.
  3. I've used Klear/Future on several builds. I have 2 bottle of the current US formulation, one open and slightly used, one never opened. However I was finding that airbrushing it on caused it to remain tacky for far too long (weeks in one example that I chucked before I found out when/if the Klear had actually dried) - never had that problem with the bottle of old original formula that I started out with. Also had problems with brushing it on, it seemed to fill panel lines so a clay wash wouldn't work. So I gave up on it and went back to using Tamiya clears for everything but cano
  4. I saw The Watch advertised and also wondered what had been smoked! Fear not the Pratchett estate have been rumoured to be in the process of getting some proper Discworld stuff made again. https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/discworld-terry-pratchett-new-tv-series/ https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/apr/28/terry-pratchett-novels-faithful-tv-adaptation-discworld In the meantime, if you can find them, there's always The Colour of Magic, Hogfather, and Going Postal, made by The Mob, for Sky, to console yourself with. Think they're all on Amazon. There
  5. Hey all Does anyone here do stuff with Games Workshop's Green Stuff, also known as Kneadatite which is what GW rebrand? I've got some that I've had a few years and last night tried to use it but despite using equal amounts of the yellow and blue it didn't seem very soft and malleable when mixed. Would like to soften it out. I've heard it can go off over time, so would I be best buying a new load of it? Thanks in advance.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56688812
  7. Not sure what it's like in France, but in the UK if a van pulls up with someone selling stuff out of it, often it's a bit dubious...
  8. Yeah probably, thanks. But I feel the need to clear my room out, I currently don't want these kits lying around doing nothing just gathering dust. I don't have anywhere to store them though. I don't go to model shows either. But thanks guys. I'll work something out. I think I'm just having one of those "down" periods and I'm possibly feeling a bit "closed in" where I've been suffering with insomnia and have been stuck in my room at night, door closed, due to other members of the household being asleep.
  9. I think we have two examples, krow113's and Black Knight's, that highlight how different things can look. To me that FW 190 looks huge compared to the figures, just something about it, especially in the first photo, that makes the plane look oversized or the figures undersized. Whilst the vehicles and figures all look relatively normal. Great models though, nice one guys.
  10. Just going to mention part of what I was going to mention yesterday. Taking a Spitfire VB as an example, and assuming the kit maker has the dimensions spot on, the wingspan has about 3.01cm, i.e. over an inch, in difference between it's length in 1/32 and the same measurement in 1/35.
  11. Hey all I've kind of given up on scale models for the moment, due to cost (it's no less expensive than buying most models for my tabletop gaming now), lack of enthusiasm, health issues etc. As a result I have a few kits that are sitting around part built. One for a few years, one for even longer than that. I also have a few models that I've "retired" for one reason or another (usually because I built/painted them poorly), mostly hiding in drawers. The part built models I have are - An Academy 1/72 Blue Angels F-18. It's built to the point I wo
  12. Very nice. Wish I could paint miniatures as well as that.
  13. From ebay community, first Google result putting that email address into the search bar - https://community.ebay.co.uk/t5/Archive-Trust-and-Safety/Hi-received-an-email-offer-from-the-following-email-address-is/td-p/6468899 Same email address, only that persons email was offering him a prize draw. 100% scam.
  14. Depends. It's not orders of magnitude bigger, but... I have a 1/32 Revell Cayuse. Resin details sets are all 1/35 because they're made for the Dragon kit. There'd be quite a noticeable gap if I installed a resin cockpit in the Revell kit. As for a model as a whole in relation to another - if you can't go with 1/35 aircraft, no-one will really notice anyway, especially if you put them that far apart.
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