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  1. Small update on this... I bought a new set of collets. And a chuck (didn't know one existed for the Rotacraft RC-18 until I went searching), one of these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EXPO-12800-MINI-3-JAW-CHUCK-FOR-EXPO-ROTACRAFT-MINICRAFT-DRILLS/312622694476?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649. And the old Rotacraft RC-18 multitool now works as a slow speed drill, although I do have to have the speed controller turned up quite a bit otherwise the multitool bogs down. But it worked nicely on a piece of 1mm styrene sheet I used just now to te
  2. RobL

    Giving up 1/48.

    Italeri 1/72 Sea Harrier. Also the Xtrakit Vampire, nice little kit, apart from the decals.
  3. Possibly a bad batch. They had massive problems when they launched them however many years ago it was - they basically replaced a batch free of charge for members of a certain private online model club I was a member of. Contact AK and see what they say. My (limited) experience, having only used their Polished Aluminium, is that they can be put down at whatever psi you like, and go down well, although you do have to avoid handling them for quite a while whilst they go off (I painted a Games Workshop model with it and rubbed through it due to handling). It was far easi
  4. Heard the sonic boom here in Braintree, Essex also.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll continue looking, on eBay most items seem to be momentary or the body of the switch is too long/big for my need. I've got some micro (and they really are micro) slide switches, but I failed at soldering them to wire last time I tried it, and I don't quite know which of the 3 pins to use anyway...
  6. Hey all I have a project or two which requite LEDs and small switches (that will fit through a hole as small as 5mm for example), but I'm stuck on what switches to buy because I don't know the correct terminology for what I'm looking for. What I want is a push button switch that when you press it whatever is connected to it will come on, then when you press the button again, whatever is connected to it turns off. I think what I'm looking for is a latching switch, but my searches so far for such parts haven't been very fruitful. Would anyone here
  7. Just want to report back on this... I have purchased the parts to make the speed controller in the video above, and I can confirm it works as a speed controller for my Rotacraft RC18 "multitool" using it's own power brick. I set the the Rotacraft tool's own power dial to max, and it spins up from 0 at a speed which seems slower than normal and I can turn it right down (which is what is needed), although I've yet to try it with a drill bit as I seem to have mislaid the collets for it. I did try to fit the chuck I've got on my Dremel 3000, but it seems the thread on the Rotacraft t
  8. Sorry all, but I have something I wish to get off my chest. I have given up on model kits and gone back to painting Games Workshop models and building/doing stuff for that hobby. Why? No one asks... A few reasons. A little background first - Back in 2013 I had been away from doing anything model related, for some years, even Games Workshop stuff, which was my bread and butter for about 2 decades, due to circumstances related to where I live and work/life balance. Games Workshop's prices were also rising, as they always do! I had ho
  9. I have had similar problems with Mr Flory's washes. Particularly the last bottle or two of Dark Dirt I purchased between 2019 and earlier this year. Mostly the "trick" is to have deep trenches for panel lines. I've quite often found that Flory's wash does not catch in shallow panel lines. Even when I use a semi-gloss clear coat. Flory's videos only go so far in being helpful, because he vigorously defends his products and he assumes that you have the exact same environmental conditions that he does, and that you do everything his way. I was a member of his private c
  10. Finished another one last night. Still 4 adventurers to paint and 1 still to buy... This one is a Chaos Warrior. Not sure what a Chaos Warrior is doing adventuring in a dungeon but hey ho GW made a box set expansion for a Chaos Warrior... It's a kitbash of a couple of GW parts, but mostly from a single plastic model.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm not sure using a speed controller with my Dremel would work, it has a standard UK 3 pin plug and cable on it and is 230v/130w. My limited electrics knowledge tells me that it wouldn't be possible to convert it to 12v DC just by plugging it into a speed controller. I have however just come across this video on youtube - I think building one of those, and buying the 12v grinder tool bentwaters81tfw linked to would be my best route to go. Should cost less than £30. Might be even less because I have an old rotacraft "m
  12. Hey all I seem to have arthritis spreading throughout my body, and at times when modelling my hands start to ache. Particularly when drilling stuff with a pin vice. I have considered buying a Tamiya Electric Handy Drill kit, #74041, however it seems a bit limited due to the fact it only takes up to a 3mm bit, and reviewers say the collets don't take really small bits very well, plus it's battery powered so you can guarantee when you come to use it the batteries will be dead... I have a Dremel 3000, but I know it's too fast, even on the slowest speed, to use for drilli
  13. RobL

    Lockdown crafting

    Made myself another book from a PDF today. Not as good as my first, but then that wasn't exactly publishing for sale quality either. It is surprising just how easy it is though. Kirsty Allsop can kiss my asthma, I am the arts and crafts god!
  14. RobL

    Packing peanuts

    So, I received an item in the post today, and as usual it came with packing peanuts. I was wondering what to do with them, wondering if they're recyclable, and then I hit on an idea. They're starch, so they dissolve in water. So I stuck them in the sink, filled it with water. Packing peanuts, what packing peanuts!? Don't know if you're meant to flush them down the sink or not but it's only starch.
  15. If we're talking same age and ability as when Lauda and Regazzoni were racing, I think both would disagree with you. As an F1, and motorsports in general, fan/anorak, for some 30+ years I certainly disagree with you. You can put any half decent open wheel car driver, who hasn't sat around doing nothing for a couple of years, in today's F1 cars and they will do well, particularly when you put them in the top cars. The last race at Sakhir with Russell in the Mercedes proved that (same driver, better car, night and day). Even Schumacher somewhat proved that point when he came out o
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