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  2. Thank you so much, I'll get looking straight away
  3. Thanks Dave, I assumed they would be the same but you know where assumptions can lead to.... Don't Assume, Check! (read that before somewhere?).
  4. the figgies are pre-painted - I went to the local railroad store and picked out the N-scale figures that looked the most like a trawler crew (take a look and you'll see one that's clearly a train engineer. I need to go back and modify him).
  5. Today
  6. Mike, yes the landing craft are the same, so this set could be used for the Wasp kit.
  7. Aye it's nice and big bugger, and with all the stuff available for it it definitely is a tempting subject. Just not exactly my favourite time period, same as this nazi piece of scrap
  8. Yes, 1:700. I was looking at the 1:350 in a model shop last year and I was sorely tempted.
  9. Me Too please, if possible? Superb build! Christian, exiled to africa
  10. Even better, 1:700 then? I was strongly considering the bigger brother in 1:350, maybe some day...
  11. That's real modelling. Lovely to look at and thanks for showing. We live not that very far from North Berwick and climb up the Law. It is a conical pointy hill and has some wild ponies. It's quite a small but prominent feature with some military observation posts from various wars past. I looked up he history of the ship and see she was lost having left port Aryan on 13 March 1886 and not heard of again. Sad really. Reminds us how unforgiving and hard life was then. Bob keep showing them. It's a public service !! I learned stuff anyway.
  12. Thanks Mike. PM sent. Bob
  13. Hi Mike It's a Revel boxing of Dragon's CVL 22. Cheers
  14. Bob - just browsing on Britmodeller. I'm pleased to see you are still building great models. Keep the skill going ! Mike H SNWMS
  15. Yesterday
  16. Like like like! Very nice mate. Excellent weathering and well done on the funnel smoke. Are these pre-painted figgies or did you paint them?
  17. Cracking build
  18. I finished this beast off last night and finally took some photos. It's Revell's North Sea Fishing Trawler on a scratchbuilt base. She's built pretty well straight out of the box and painted up with Vallejo and Model Master acrylics. I added some N-scale figures to the deck to make it a little more lifelike (a first for me), a new made of cheesecloth and some cotton smoke. I'll admit it right away - I was very influenced by Beefy66's Fishy Rust Bucket build of last year, even though I'd bought the kit before his work was posted. His work on the cabin windows and the salt-job to simulate chipped paint inspired me to try it myself, and I'm happy with the work. [/URL]
  19. What with us to cheer you on? Martian the Perplexed
  20. Looking very good Beefy, like the prop wash. All the best Chris
  21. Nice one Chris those figures look tiny beefy
  22. Well taking a break from my Huron build to get work done on the house so had a little bit of time to get back with this one have now set it in some water and started to paint in the main color beefy
  23. The splinter on my Tirpitz didn't match up in the side view, it's more tricky than I though.
  24. Not me your honner!!! Frank.
  25. Somebody has stolen Kev's Mo & Jo..................................................................
  26. Last week
  27. 1/700 USS Triton SSRN-586 the first submarine to circumnavigate the world submerged, also the only western submarine to date with twin nuclear reactors. This is the OKB resin model, hand painted in humbrol enamels, populated with Eduard 1/700 naval figures. Build thread here; All the best Chris
  28. Thank you Bernd Cheers Frank I've been missing you, does this mean we might see some more epic building from you.... Things a bit slow here, Mo & Jo have left the building ....... just tinkering with some bits & pieces Kev
  29. Phase one of my own attempt. I'm sure, that it can be done way better, I'm learning and experimenting as I go, as everyone else Dave which Independence is that? If one of those LCS's than armour methods will suit it well, it even looks more like Abrams than a ship Cheers Mick
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