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  1. Yesterday
  2. Really good! Was there a WIP thread? I would love to see how this was done.
  3. Sadly in today's "interesting times" it's probably sensible not to give people an easy opportunity to drop anything unwelcome on the ship as it passes under the bridge !
  4. Some highly reliable gossip is pointing towards Monday. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/hms-queen-elizabeth-expected-to-sail-monday/ New titbit; bridges are to be closed to the public during departure. However bad some of their PR has been, I don`t think the ACA can succeed in sneaking the 70,000t warship out without anyone noticing.
  5. Excellent build, very crisp and wonderfully detailed. I like the water effects and photography too. Nice to see another merchant ship! Ray
  6. Looks like Norman Court has been becalmed! Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean.
  7. Late to the party but FWIW i'd go for the Left (though I follow the argument) Either way - it's shaping up rite rite Nice Rob
  8. Super video - she is tamping! Rob
  9. Swan's mizzen looks a bit overly aft. I'm using Edgar March's published drawings but making the boat at about 45 feet to make production easier. He also wants a Lowestoft ketch some time! Martin
  10. Hi all here is the progress so far.
  11. Happy Birthday by the way Andy
  12. The shape of the centre chain looks the most realistic to me if you could twist each link a bit more. The r/hand one looks way oversize and the left one's links don't look right, but if they were all painted the same colour it would be easier to judge. Andy
  13. Doh! I actually scrolled up to look......... None so blind as those that cannot see Cheers Mike
  14. Afraid not @LLOYDY Forward funnel 38mm fore and aft Aft funnel 36mm fore and aft The dimensions of the forward funnep are correct to scale. The aft funnel is undersize.
  15. A clue to that question might be in the heading Kev. Mike
  16. Great job well photographed What scale is she? Kev
  17. You can't get much easier than a lugger Thanks for sharing them clipper, beautiful boats. Lovely to see the Swan in her element Kev
  18. I Have just finished doing the funnels on the 1/200 hood and I can assure you they are both the same size
  19. I Have just finished doing the funnels on my Hood and they both the same size
  20. They were BIG boats, and carried huge sails. Two are restored in Scotland - Reaper FR.958 at the Fisheries Museum in Anstruther, http://www.scotfishmuseum.org/reaper and the Swan LK.243 http://www.swantrust.com/ Worth checking out Swan at speed in a squall here (especially at ~1 min in! Pull back your volume a wee bit)
  21. Thanks for explanation, I'm a metric animal, those imperial things mean nothing to me
  22. Nice, very smart indeed, I like your photos too, especially the last one with the waterline view point, it has a very real look to it. Steve.
  23. Some more rock-solid and reliable rumour.... https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/hms-queen-elizabeth-likely-sail-soon/ Liking the webcam feature. Edit- Here`s the direct link to a series of webcams covering the Forth. http://forth-bridges.co.uk/queensferry-crossing/gallery-queens/rosyth-dockyard-webcam.html
  24. Very nicely done Lussino, great piece of scratch building, the cake looks inviting too LOL All the best Chris
  25. Well, thanks, folks. Nice to know it might be popular. Apart from the capstan there's little left to do, hence nearing the paint, but it's currently raining (Hurray). 4mm scale is 1/76th. I will possibly be doing a similar item in 7mm (1/43rd scale) for the O gauge fans later. Nev just wants some unusual scenic accessories in his range and I have little else to do and he knows I'm a boat man. We will probably be doing a motor version of this later too. I should have mentioned that there are also some white metal parts and that the whole deck is a separate item with the hull hollow. Of course rigging in such a small scale is not easy to reproduce in quantity, so a diagram will probably be issued with each kit and builders will have to do that themselves. Cheers, Martin
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