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  2. Forgot the Dragon CV-36 Antietam. Almost, but I want one with the hurricane bow. And even it is becoming hard to find, so I better buy one so I won't regret not having done so later
  3. HMS Terror, 1941. Steve.
  4. Today
  5. My mistake. Ship & Co. did a CV-14 Ticonderoga
  6. Yeap the resin kits are OOP although I thought Ships and Co did an Essex rather than a Midway. ARII do/did a 1/800 USS Midway and Gallery Models have finally done a 1/350th Intrepid but in terms of a decent Midway or Essex with Angled Decks in 1/700 then i'm afraid there's nothing readily available which is a shame. The same goes for a Royal Navy Ark Royal or Eagle as neither of these are available in their more familiar full angled deck versions, despite being the most wanted.
  7. I remember years ago when I was trying to find a straight deck Midway class carrier before the Loose Cannon one came out there seemed to be a bunch of kits of the angled deck version. But now that I want to build a angle deck one I can't find any. The same seems to be true of angle deck Essex's. I know that both HP and Ships & Co made CVA-42 Franklin and that Jim Shirley made an Oriskany but I can't even find them on Ebay and I have been searching for months and they don't even show up in completed listings. An I missing a bet or is it just an example of "you snooze you loose" and I am just out of luck?
  8. I've just seen this for the first time and it really is remarkable. Congratulations on a really amazing work of modeling art. I don't mind saying this is probably one of, if not the, best models I think I've ever seen.
  9. Hi all! I finally managed to complete my first ever ship build. Mostly spend my time building planes and trains. Let me know what you think of the build and finished model? I found it to be quite fiddly, what with the small pieces and the fit not being great. Sits on my window sill now though in pride of place XD
  10. I think also a Crown Colony class cruiser would be interesting. I am not aware of any of this type have ever been available in 1/350. Am I right?
  11. A Gross Registered Tonnage of 148,528 is not the weight of of the Queen Mary 2 but is the volume of the hull and enclosed spaces, one gross ton being equivalent to 100 cubic feet. However I congratulate you on a very nice looking model and should you decide to do a model of R.M.S Titanic I can thoroughly recommend the Academy kit.
  12. Well - knock me down with a feather!! I hadn't seen that pic - Thanks Kev - we'll both be doing our MOCAs Rob And thanks for looking+++
  13. That is some small scale modelling at its best. Your experiment with the clear water and its colouring is so spot -on and I think it has really enhanced the appearance of the project overall. Good luck with the bigger scheme . . . Ian
  14. Hens teeth... As you say plenty of line drawings ... The only pic I've found is in Allied Coastal Forces Vol1. Page 33 bottom of page, don't get excited tiny pic Will keep you in mind when I'm browsing Kev
  15. DoDo models ANZAC's available now on ebay quote: One time run. Limited edition (200 sets world wide). Each kit individually numbered.
  16. Thank's for a quick response I just purchased one of the 0394 GATO class . There is no envelope , for the price of $65.00 USD I could not pass it up . I did find the wire grabs and everything else is there . This is my first submarine and It looks to be a fun change from WWII Aircraft and Armor . The best part everything will all be 1/72nd scale . I like that because one can get the added sense of size in relation to all equipment of that time period . Thank's again , WG
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  18. Tidy, very tidy. All coming together now, and looking splendid! Well done! Geoff
  19. Some progress Cheers Mick
  20. Hi Waistgunner, the difference is purely the model number 0384 is Revell of Germany, 0394 is Revell USA, they all come with the envelope, from memory the wire steps are with the kit. If they are missing contact Revell for replacements. All the best Chris
  21. HobbyBoss

    Not interested in Resin prefer plastic
  22. HobbyBoss

    I forget to mention Hobby Boss are releasing SMS Seydlitz in 1/350. Combrig do Scharnhorst and Seydlitz in resin with Von Der Tann coming soon, though they would also be nice in plastic.
  23. Good job Andy, neat and well presented.
  24. Thanks Dave. One thing I like about this place is that there's usually someone around who can explain things better than I can.
  25. HobbyBoss

    Seydlitz Von Der Tann Derfflinger Lutzow Goeben Scharnhorst That would be a good start on the Hoch See Flotte
  26. HobbyBoss

    Great review! I believe Hobby Boss are releasing the entire Danton family, along with HMS Lord Nelson and HMS Agamemnon. I still waiting for HMS Queen Elizabeth or any of her sisters in WWI fit, and any German or Austro-Hungarian Pre-Dreadnought. SMS Nassau would be nice, too.
  27. Can't think of anything off the top of my head but I'm at the stage where SWMBO puts a label round my neck when I go out I will have a rummaged and see what I can come up with. I never seen "British Coastal Forces of WWII" in the flesh so to speak, is it worth getting. One thought, I'm pretty sure the HDMLs were fitted with the same radar would that help? Be back when I've had a nose.... Kev
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