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  1. Amazing model. Having built an HPH kit myself, I can just imagine the effort involved to produce a model like yours. Well done! Ivan
  2. Absolutely stunning! Ivan
  3. Very nice build. Great tribute. Ivan
  4. Fantastic build! It has been a while that I haven´t build a vacformed kit mysef. The finished model should look great. Knowing Aeroclub's reputation for producing accurate models, I wonder how this kit compares with the Airfix injection molded version of the Lightning. Cheers, Ivan
  5. Excellent build! I don´t see any huge mistake there. Cheers, Ivan
  6. Very nice build. I've particularly liked the busy cockpit. Ivan
  7. Fantastic model I have this kit in my stash, but it was low in my priority list. It has moved a few steps up based on your build. Ivan
  8. Very nice model, Gary. Congrats! And thanks for the construction tips. They will be very helpful when I build mine. Ivan
  9. You are absolutely correct, Jeff. What I mean by “different” is when comparing details that are common to both ships and should look the same. I believe this should be the case, as they are sister ships. I’m not really too concerned on a kit being extremelly accurate, but I just want to make sure that the build will not require any sort of correction or scratchbuilding to fix some glaring mistakes. And also that a minimum amount of photoetch will be required, if I want to improve some areas. My limited experience working on the destroyer shows that working with photoetch in 1/700 is demanding. Your advice is well taken. Ivan
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