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  1. Fantastic model, Rich! Very inspiring. Congrats. Ivan
  2. Wow! Fantastic build! Ivan
  3. Fantastic build of a fantastic airplane! Congrats! Ivan
  4. Great model! Congrats! Ivan
  5. Fantastic!. Tolga, your models are always very inspiring. Keep up the excellent work! Ivan
  6. Beautiful model! Congrats! I've specially liked the turnbuckles. Ivan
  7. This is the ICM O-2A Skymaster in 1/48th scale, converted to a Reims-Cessna FTB-337G as operated by the Portuguese AF. As far as I know, there’s no kit available for this version, in this scale at least, so the conversion was done entirely from scratch. I had originally planned to build a Portuguese AF Skymaster using the ICM kit as is, but then realized, after having committed to building it, that they are different machines, with many internal and external differences, not included in the kit (except for the spinners). As a result, I’ve tried to scratchbuild as many of these details as I could identify by studying pictures of this aircraft. These were replicated using basic tools and materials. The conversion basically consisted of scratchbuilding the following areas, that are appropriate for an FTB-337: - Squared side windows on the fuselage. - Interior, including the additional seats, floor, sidewalls, roof and upper console. - Crew access door, placed in the open position. - Bulbous observation window on the pilot´s side. - Engine front air intakes and landing lights on the nose. - Wingtips and navigation lights. - Exhaust area of the rear engine. - Front profile of the vertical stabilizers. - Wing fences. - Aerials. Despite the conversion work, the assembly of the kit went ok. The only major problem that I had to face while building the kit was the main landing gear strut, which broke around a dozen times. Part of the problem was my own fault, as I´ve decided to use the kit part, after reinforcing it with a bent metal rod inside it. However, this weakened the strut at the wheel axles, and they broke every time I got distracted handling the model. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that I had the white metal gear from SAC, and considered using it, but found the metal to be too soft and too thick for the scale. I had planned to add some ordnance to the model, but could not identify the type of weaponry that was used operationally by these aircraft. I might add them to the model some day, if I find an appropriate aftermarket set. The model was painted using mainly Hataka enamels. All decals came from the Caracal sheet designed for the Testors O-2. Ivan
  8. Here are some pictures of mine. Airfix 1/72nd scale kit, finished earlier this year. Enjoy. Ivan
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