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  1. Again, my apologies.... I thought I was actually writing to you in my last post.... Thanks for telling us here how things are for Mike and his wife. Randolph
  2. Corsairfoxfouruncle, thank you so much. That is very sad for Mike and his family and his dear wife. If at all possible, please let him know of my continuing prayers for him and his wife. It must be a very difficult time for them. About 30 years ago I took care of my Dad as he became more ill, and died from cancer here in his own home and bed. Now, Mom is 94, and I care for her as she becomes more frail and weak. I don't use Facebook. Sincere thanks for your kind help in understanding. Randolph
  3. Apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. I have been trying to find a working website for them with no success. Are they still in business? They had great resin stuff. Thanks.
  4. Just noticed this on sale at SpruBrothers. Is this kit an original HAS kit or does it come from another company? Thanks.
  5. Have a look at those old railroad ties (what we call them here in Newfoundland) as they are often soaked in a chemical to prevent or slow rot. This chemical is poisonous to people, and animals, and if it gets into your edible plants, and then into your family it can be very harmful. Just a heads up, in case you were not aware of that. And happy planting for you and your family.
  6. Hello. This build looks really good, meticulous. I have a question about the portholes.... were the bottom line of portholes covered on the ship at this time in its life? Thanks. R
  7. This is a great build. You are meticulous, and I admire your focus on details. Both ships are interesting. The Japanese ship has a "modern" beauty to it. I am looking forward to seeing more. Bravo!
  8. Nothing arrived yet..... But I am waiting on the 1/72 kit of the PanAm Space Clipper..... that will be nice.
  9. It is a beautiful job you are doing.
  10. You, sir, are a very gifted artist. I very much enjoy looking at everything you are doing. Thank you so much. I am very inspired by what you are doing. Randy
  11. I would love to see a Fireball XL-5 model made.
  12. Very nice model. I like the control surfaces in this kit. Looks very detailed.
  13. Sounds like a nice kit, interesting. I tend to like kits of similar scale so you can compare them, so the Aries in 1/72 would be interesting to go with the Orion shuttle. I know that is not always possible. Years ago I visited the Smithsonian museum and viewed a 1/72 kit of the USS Enterprise, US navy. It was massive, beautiful, detailed. Covered with 1/72 Tomcats also. Wonder how much a kit of that Enterprise would cost?
  14. I will try for the 1/72 shuttle. Why not... after the great collapse of civilization, my savings will not be worth anything anyway.... At least I will have something special to work on while I tend to my potato fields. I know... watching way too much SF, listening to too much doom and gloom news. But seriously, I'm almost 70, so I am going to treat myself a bit more while I am still here. I have played with the idea of getting a small Discovery, and then using that as a template and guide to building a bigger version.... not 1/72 though. I hope you can get that shuttle too. Happy New year. Randy
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