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  1. Beautiful. What is the nature of the blue-green areas on top of the sail? Is it used for model building purposes?
  2. This is a very interesting build. Thank you for sharing your work and knowledge with us.
  3. This is a fascinating build. I am watching the magic you are doing with enjoyment.
  4. Nice!! How big is it in 1/48? How many inches in diameter?
  5. That is really encouraging..... I hope mine ships soon.
  6. I just went there and did not see it. They have the smaller kits though. Cult TV Man still lists it as on pre-order.
  7. I hope you are ok, Nikolay. I have just read your build all the way through. Any progress lately? Keep safe. Randolph
  8. Thank you to everyone for your comments. I very much appreciate all your help and knowledge. I also got this kit when it first came out, so it is an old one. I have the cockpit set for it and Reskit (?) exhausts for it. I knew about the Nautalis insert, but I might try to make one with a contour gage and plastic, but if that does not work I will buy the Nautalis part. It is a shame about the fit problems and the wing, LE, TE flaps. It is one of my favourite planes, so I guess I will get around to it sometime... perhaps this winter.
  9. What about the Aries gear wells? Enough additional detail to be worth the work/cost?
  10. Thanks so much, jpk. That is a great help. Yes, it is a very nice kit. Have you started yours yet?
  11. Hi Folks. I am looking at some aftermarket parts for this kit. Aries makes a resin set for the main landing gear. Has anyone worked with this? What do you think of the detail? And the fit? Does it add to the detail of the kit? Thanks. Randolph
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