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  1. Matterhorn circle has produced two new sets for the Hunter - they are not yet on their homepage but I have seen them at a recent Modelshow. You do not want to buy any other decals for Swiss Hunters once you've seen them! https://www.mc-one.ch/Documents/new/new-1.htm
  2. Great work on the PBY, it's the first time I see how the True Detail cockpit looks when added. I finished a Cat about a year ago with the Belcher Bit tail and it's a real tailsitter! I built it wheels up as I do not think you can make it stand on three wheels.
  3. The Monogram Aircraft Colour Guide for US Navy and Marine aircraft lists on page 66 the dimensions according the Januar 2nd 1942 guideline as follows wing insigna: Circle size upper wing: 138" Circle size lower wing: 136" From tip of wing to centre of star : upper wing - float down: 144" lower wing - edge of float well: 90" Fuselage: circle size 53" , centered between pilot's cabin and bottom of hull, circumference to just clear propeller guard strip These are the official guidelines - I would assume any arcraft painted/repainted after that date followed the guideline (and any before potentially deviate slightly) You noticed that your drawing shows an antenna array which is not in the kit? Thomas
  4. Hi all I am currently working on Eduards Ju-52 in 1:144. Markings will be home made - hope it will work out.
  5. Thank you all for your comments! I have a preference for building unarmed 2nd line aircraft, they are much more colourful
  6. Hello everyone this is my latest build, a SB2C-4 Helldiver flying out of NAS Kanehoe Bay approx 1945/46 in the search and rescue role. It's the Revell/Monogram 1:48 kit with Ultracast seats and the Wolfpack wingfold set. A word of caution to the wingfold se: the flaps are molded closed which is only true for a SB2C-5, the dash 4 had the flaps always in the open position. I added quite some scratchbuilding including building the engine cowls closed, demilitarising (no ammo boxes, no guns), using the Yagi from the Accurate Miniatures TBM kit (more detailed thna the kit ones), changing the rear canopy rails, display the flaps open, adding wing struts, etc. Painting was done with Vallejo colours and all markings are airbrushed. Enjoy the pictures!
  7. the Swiss Bf 109 were equipped with different weapons (MG 29 instead of MG 17) which required different gun placement in the top cowling (300mm space between guns instead of the German 340mm) and the guns were not staggered but same height. Due to the different guns the bump on the cowling vanished (that's easy to replicate). Sorry for not answering your questions directly! I used decals from LF before (for the Swiss Mosquito) and the white of the decal is too thin and is not covering well. Othewise the decals were ok.
  8. @Paul: it's the Special Hobby kit in : @Greg: I realise now that I have put it in the wrong thread - how can I move this?
  9. Hello I have been building aircrafts for over 30 years now. Started with 1:72 kits and changed almost 20 years ago to 1:48. My favourite topics are Swiss and US Navy aircrafts. Just posted a picture of my last completed project here and hope many more will follow Cheers Thomas
  10. Hi all I am new on this forum and want to share with you a picture of my last completed build a Bücker 181 owend by the Flugzeugwerke Altenrhein back in 1942. Later it was drafted by the Swiss Flugwaffe as A-250. Hope you like it - hope pasting the link works
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