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  2. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    First of all, this is great news, and a most welcome release!. I'll buy a dozen when it's available (GoModelling Vienna? Moson Hungary?) to use up all those aftermarket decals I've amassed in recent years. While I am familiar with the K4 type, can anyone of the 'experts' explain, what the K6 and K14 versions are? Greetings from Vienna
  3. F.3 Meteor color

    The bit under the back of the canopy is the ammo tank bay. On our F.8 its British interior green with some grey bits. I'd think the F.3 would be the same
  4. "In the year I was born" GB - anyone interested?

    Thats the reason why my stash is so big Remember, did I not build two Hawker Tempests in the Matchbox GB, and planned to build two Sepecat Jaguars, each one slightly different? In reality; the early years of the growth in popularity of plastic kit modelling. The kits of those times are not very good. You might call them ............ umm........ a very rude word Harry Webb was on about dolls when I was birthed If I can find a decent kit from my year I'm in; so pencil me in for now
  5. A sincere Apology

    Welcome back, look forward to seeing your models Cheers, Stew
  6. The detail painting is absolutely faultless stix, superb, the crew'll look a treat
  7. Hi Libor This is a fantastic rendition of this fine aircraft and his pilot. A bout Pierre Le Gloan I can add he became ace in a day after shooting down 4 FIAT CR.42 and 1 BR.20 above The Riviera on 15th June 1940. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Le_Gloan Patrick
  8. Minicraft 1/144 737-300 Magni Charters

    I cast up the Daco U/C bay back last century, no idea where the mould is now, but well worth the effort. There were some intakes done by PAS models that suit this kit I think, probably gone now, but I'll bet you have some anyway
  9. Hobby Boss P38-L 1/72

    I got one of these for Christmas. I'm glad to see it builds up pretty well. Nice model.
  10. شيرمان فرانكشتاين (Frankenstein's Sherman)

    Hey Sgt. Hows this moving ? Haven't seen anything for awhile on it ?
  11. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Super details, fine work
  12. 1/32 Revell (new tool) P-51D-5 Mustang

    Hi all, In fact, it seems that Shick Johnson seats started to appear with the D-15-NA, as suggested by this factory picture of F-6D-15-NA 44-15581 I had made a thread on the P-51 SIG about 7 years ago about P-51s seats, and posted this picture using a couple of NAA blueprints showing why the front of the seat had to be curved, and that the cockpit pictures show 43-12102, this plane had a very unique gunsight, which we can partly see on the pictures. Laurent
  13. Building the three

    Cheers @GrahamS feel free to tag along any help will be appreciated. Going to be making a start tonight and will hopefully have something to show in my first update.
  14. FS36081 Spray

    I agree with @RJP Sandwich spreads such as Princes and Shippams are popular in my house. I often use the empty jars for mixing larger quantities of paint for use over a couple of days.
  15. Will there be a 3 Blade prop option I wonder?
  16. A sincere Apology

    I guess someone has to be first, I never read those posts until now, one can only hope that your new found re-acquaintance with modelling has mellowed you So welcome back, and please post up your completions when you get done , love to see some quality modelling
  17. 28mm Samnites

    Thanks Homer,the only thing the chooks don't look as good with all those feathers missing Cheers.
  18. Škoda PA-II

    A most unusual vehicle, very well presented. Well done.
  19. Today
  20. 28mm Celtic Chariot

    Thank you Sir.you know that was the hardest part,just some fine brass and a bit of Ar**!! Cheers.
  21. The new deck fits perfect and looks really great. Plenty of the old plastic deck left to provide a solid glue base
  22. Hobby Boss P38-L 1/72

    Thank you for your comments, Neil. Appreciate your comments Corsair. Thanks Andwil.
  23. Cutting the deck into Swiss cheese. The photo etch comes with a very handy set of 1:1 drawings showing the cuts. The new brass deck fixes the incorrect Trumpeter plastic deck, providing a correct hole pattern
  24. Show us your modelling space / stash

    Don't like building aircraft by any chance,you have more than I have seen in some model shops down here?Hope your time away flys no pun intended and your back home and into those projects.Cheers.
  25. Nice work. I have a couple of these to build. Hope mine are as realistic looking!
  26. ANOTHER WNW - O.O.P.

    You do have more insight about it than I. I do hope they get some more Hannovers for folks that want them. I have 4 now so I'm good. As an aside I found a US retailer that was out of Pfalz DIIIa and the Jasta 5 trio but still had the Pup listed. I put in an order but not holding my breath.
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