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  1. GazB

    The Real Color Debacle

    Uh, okay. I didn't exactly say I was discounting what was said here, did I? Long after this issue. I simply reiterated that AK had been misleading in what you can use. I've poured thinner into Tamiya and Hobby Aqueous (X-20A and Ultimate respectively) and both worked fine, using the same thinner ratio. When a new type of paint comes out being compared to Tamiya and Aqueous, you'd figure the qualities would be similar. I asked AK themselves if I could use a thinner that worked with all acrylic type paints, including Tamiya and Hobby Aqueous and they said yes, because at that point they hadn't exactly given up that it was more lacquer than acrylic. I only learned it wasn't an acrylic like the rest when I contacted Ultimate and they told me their tests were contrary to what AK claimed about it being acrylic like the others. So in short, I followed AKs own advice. I kept that paint for a least a month before testing it because I wanted some clarification first and you'd think the company selling it would give you good advice on their new product. Therefore I disagree that I was foolish. I did what had always worked flawlessly before, AFTER I was told it would also work with Real Color by AK themselves. Gaz
  2. GazB

    The Real Color Debacle

    Cheers, azureglo (^-^)7 But yeah, AK didn't do a good job getting their info straight. Gaz
  3. GazB

    The Real Color Debacle

    I got one colour so far to spray almost properly, but it required a huge amount of thinning to the overall amount to do that, far more than the ratio I'd use in Tamiya or Mr Hobby Aqueous. It also sludged up badly. I was cleaning through, and thought for a moment some tissue had gotten into the cup. Since I use paper towels and cotton buds, I was a bit alarmed. Poking at it with a toothpick to remove it showed it was actually a lump of paint. I have no idea what happened there. It was the only time I've seen that happen with the RC stuff I've tried to spray. The only time it sprayed well and it sludged afterwards Admittedly, what did go down was quite nice, but the paint itself seemed to have a lot of faffing about (lots of thinner, the unexpected sludging). Maybe it was the water I used to flush it through after the airbrush cleaner (the former sometimes flows through better than the latter to get the bulk of remaining paint out), but still. Times like this I wish Tamiya would really broaden their range. MiG Ammo paints cover more of my specific colour needs now. They can be a bit more difficult to paint on since you have to do it in finer layers and avoid heavy spraying, but they're overall easier to apply and clean up after. RC is a nice idea, but their initial directions were flawed and the thinning ratio is peculiar. I even followed the thinning directions from another video and their paint sprayed fine, whereas mine still had flow issues and required probably half as much thinner again to get going. Maybe the early batches were a bit iffy? Gaz
  4. Noice one, Andy Gaz
  5. GazB

    Mig Ammo Lucky Varnish Matt Issues

    Yeah it's rough when something seems so promising but seems to fall short. I was looking forward to the AK Real Colors because of their supposed accuracy, but even when I got their brand thinner, they're still so much of a faff to use. They need a ridiculous amount of thinner. I first thinned with my ultimate thinner, since they said you could use others (and water). Not true. Ultimate responded to an e-mail telling me AK had almost willingly given out false info as they had tested it. I think AK has since modified some of their information, but they do so quietly. Still doesn't spray as nice as Tamiya or Mr Hobby for me. Also, the accuracy of the colours isn't exactly spot on either. Or at least the labelling. For example they have a Modern U.S. set which is also used in the NATO set. Problem is, they're using RAL coded paint, which is German and not the Federal Standard used by the U.S. as such the paints aren't accurate for the U.S. set. The CARC Tan also appears to be the greyish Desert Storm shade rather than the newer stuff. Maybe some of their others are more accurate, but I'm wary. They were extremely unhelpful when I contacted them about issues I had with thinning. I tried their e-mail (three different ones) plus their YouTube account and never got any kind of real response or any apology for misleading info they gave me which resulted in making about £30 worth of paint useless (their YouTube channel initially responded and said I could use Ultimate). Even with their own thinner though, you almost seem to have to add half as much thinner again to get it spraying. Just a pain. I wish Tamiya did more colours. EDIT: Was test spraying some AK stuff earlier, almost full to the brim with thinner top up. Still not the best spray, but passable. But then while cleaning I thought some tissue had gotten into the airbrush. It wasn't, the AK paint had turned to a sludge layer. I spent about 15 minutes clean it all out ><. No idea what in the world happened there. Gaz
  6. GazB

    Mig Ammo Lucky Varnish Matt Issues

    Damn, that's a shame, Kev. I'd have to agree, though. Tamiya has been consistently good for me. Gaz
  7. GazB

    Mig Ammo Lucky Varnish Matt Issues

    I got an email back from Mig Ammo about it and they mentioned it could be a result of the airbrush not being completely clean. Now that I think about it, I used to spray it with another airbrush (one I'm using has a larger needle on it). Although, I used both for different paints and cleaned through. They also said hot temperatures might affect it, but not really cold and that it should work as before. I hadn't considered an issue with evaporation, hmm. Wonder if its just gone a bit funny. A little while ago I got some skin tone Mig Paints, and even though they have the mixing ball, they are super thick, like oil paints thick. I'll probably have to drop thinner in them at some point. Other paints from the same line work just fine, so its possible its a bad batch or something. The varnish sprayed better when I put some thinner in it, so maybe that would help. Thanks anyway bmw Gaz
  8. Hi all. Has anyone encountered an issue with Mig Ammo Lucky Varnish - Matt where, when you spray, its hitting the surface with small beads of fluid instead of nice, transparent coverage? When I looked at the spray pattern against the back of the booth, is was almost whisping out of the airbrush instead of projecting as normal. This stuff had worked perfect every single time until now. I only marginally managed to get it to perform by putting in a few drops of ultimate airbrush thinner, but it usually works straight out of the bottle. I shook it thoroughly before use so I'm kinda confused as to what the problem is with it. Its not freezing in the house at the moment, but is temperature a factor? Tamiya paint sprayed perfectly fine earlier and in a subsequent test. I'm pretty confused at the moment and its pain for the reason that Lucky Varnish is the only one I've used without any frosting, bar a rattle can of Vallejo matt (but that's a pain to use on the fly). Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, thanks. Gaz
  9. Cheers, Jim ^-^/ Gaz
  10. Well, I've had this one for quite some time. I've posted pics of it before in the WIP page. Was originally supposed to be in a Japan setting, but over time I've modified some of my plans for things and the dioramas. The base for this one I was contemplating putting with an Italeri Commando Humvee, but when I noticed this M1151s scheme is darker than the M1083 truck I've been working on, I decided to swap them out and give this one its own little diorama. Its also my first time trying snow effects, specifically Tamiya's two snow effect texture paints, as well as the Krycell snow and ice wash. Was terrified I'd mess it up, but I'm happy with the outcome 1/35 Academy M1151 in Tamiya NATO scheme 1/35 Masterbox figures painted in ACU pattern (combo of a buff, dark grey and field grey/grey mix) 1/35 Accessories from Meng's Modern equipment set. Piece of extruded polystyrene foam Tamiya Snow Effect and Powdered Snow Effect Texture Paste Krycell Ice and Snow Wash Without further ado, here it be. Gaz
  11. GazB

    B-Wing - Bandai 1/72

    Awesome work, Andy Also, if not for the stand, those subdued lighting shots almost looked like screenshots from a game Gaz
  12. No worries, W-D I'm actually trying to recall how the handlebars went on, lol. Gaz
  13. Oh, I've already handed it over to my uncle I'm afraid, bhouse, but unfortunately that was the only way they'd mount into the handlebars. I thought they looked too low myself when I saw them. Cheers, Rob ^-^/ Gaz