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  1. I'm not completely certain on its PSI. I use a little mini compressor with three modes, and I tend to run it on the lowest setting (original Amazon page was vague on the pressures, mentioning 28, 5-10, 15-50, so I'm not sure). However, that setting works fine for Tamiya, Gunze, Real Color, even Vallejo with the appropriate thinning. Its these new 3rd Gen paints that don't seem to want to work either way. Its either super runny, or its overly thick and (contrary to their claims) dries on the tip almost immediately. No middle ground that I can find. Gaz
  2. I got some of these a few weeks back. Good coverage...with a brush, and on a small area. But for airbrushing they are terrible. I cannot for the life of me figure out how some people get them to spray properly, more so when they just wing it on the ratio. I complained about this on AKs original video since it wasn't the first time the marketing was less than truthful (and missing the pertinent information). Tellingly, their next 3rd gen video had the comments turned off, but in that video they stated that 40% paint to 60% thinner is the mix. So I tried that, and you might as well be spraying ink for how runny it becomes, flooding and dispersing under air flow. But if you add say, half a drop more of paint for something like a 45-55% mixture, it'll barely spray, and instead fling the paint like webbing. It has no sweet spot that I have found. It's also an absolute nightmare to clean out of the airbrush. It's incredibly annoying because when limited to brush work, I'm limited to small detail work. Larger jobs result in streaks no matter what. The paint is pigment dense and has good colour, but it remains an absolute mystery as to how you're supposed to spray it Gaz
  3. Thank you very much, Stix ^-^ Aside from the tracks, its a pretty nice and straightforward build. Just takes a little bit of planning ahead for getting everything painted without hassle I did have trouble with the single PE part, as the little tabs wouldn't bend and it ended up shearing. Had to replace it with a custom styrene piece. Gaz
  4. Thanks, Bertie Painted up the lower hull, wheels, tracks and running gear first, then the upper hull and turret separately once fully assembled (for the most part). I did throw some matt varnish over the figures, a few layers in fact, but it didn't dull them all the way down for some reason Gaz
  5. Hi all, back again with another one This time its a Meng 1/35 T-72B1 I got last Christmas and finally completed. Additions include the V-84 engine set (which I'd bought myself and built prior to receiving the kit) and the double pin tracks as the single pin tracks in the kit were proving incredibly troublesome due to insufficient length on the pins. Probably a little anachronistic as a result on this particular vehicle in a late 90s setting, but I left the pads off to make it look a little older. Crew figures are Miniart's 70s-80s Soviet Tank Crew, just painted them up in the later flora scheme. Diorama idea is a Chechnya style setting around '99 (22 years ago and making me feel old ). Small issue with the Ultimate primer cracking and flaking in places, which might be a little evident in some shots around the turret Anyway, on to the pics Thanks for looking as always Gaz
  6. GazB

    Eduard 190 Problems

    Scalemates, as well as numerous written reviews and a build video, where what I looked to when choosing the kit. That and seeing so many people praising Eduard. Since I've never used Eduard before, I assumed it was going to be a decent build. Gaz
  7. GazB

    Eduard 190 Problems

    That's unfortunate Gaz
  8. The left gear went in with relative ease. But the right gear wouldn't hold up at all, and the supporting arm was sitting at a different angle from the previous despite being in the same positions. I had to pack in a lot of superglue and even some white glue and then rest the wings on two paint jars to give it time to set enough. Fully expect it to weaken again if I start with diorama stuff. Thanks, Duncan. Nearly gave up a couple of times, hah. Was lucky to have the F-22 to do at the same time to take my mind off it Gaz
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