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  1. Nice shots, Paul . The effect is indeed very subtle. I'm honestly surprised they raise them so much on the kits given the molds they can achieve nowadays, even if it was make the detail more pronounced. Even slightly raised sections would catch a wash for definition. It's a shame because I would love to try one. Nobody seems to have made a brand new F-22 kit either, or even on an unrelated note, the ever popular A-10. Gaz
  2. I'm holding out hope someone releases a kit closer to the real surface texture as well, heh. Gaz
  3. Oof, that's going to be a lot of sanding, heh. Thanks for the reply, Dennis Gaz
  4. Cheers, Red ^-^ Gaz
  5. Hi all. I see Meng is prepping a new 1/48 F-35. I've been interested in an F-35 kit but there's one thing that keeps putting me off, and that's the raised surface detail with the sawtooth edging. The bits with the paler grey colouring. Every time I see photographs of the actual aircraft, the fuselage is almost completely smooth in these areas, but all scale model renditions show it raised. For purportedly being accurate, it never looks so. Does anyone know if this is indeed accurate and I'm missing something, because I could swear from any image of the real thing it isn't present in the fuselage. Appreciation in advance. Gaz
  6. GazB

    Desert Churchill

    No problem, Mike. Thanks for the response all the same Gaz
  7. GazB

    Desert Churchill

    Thanks for the pointers, cyberduck ^-^/ Gaz
  8. Cheers, Phil ^-^ Thanks, Jim Gaz
  9. Ack, I never even clicked that, lol Thanks, though, John ^-^/ Gaz
  10. Hello everyone, here's a few shots of my Trumpeter 1/35 LAV-A2 kit. Pretty straightforward and easy build, if a little spartan withouth the addition of the Black Dog Stowage set. It ultimately gives a nice effective, though Black Dog have a bit of a habit (in my experience) of flawed moldings. The rear bustle, for example, did not reach fully where it was meant to, requiring some additional stowage placement to conceal the defect, nor do the armour window pieces come with any kind of glass. A big issues is BD not including instructions, resulting in my having to look at pictures of a Voyager set to see how the telescopic ECM unit went together. Still, overall I'm pretty happy with the result Please check here for more images of it in the diorama Gaz
  11. A simple diorama for my 1/35 LAV-A2 by Trumpeter, with Black Dog accessories and two Miniart USMC Tank Crew figures. Had originally considered doing it coming up a beach, but the beach sand texture from AK Interactive was...less than impressive. it lacked texture and cracked up, feeling more like an air dry clay in the end. So I re-purposed a Mig Ammo grass mat from another planned build for this one. Still not entirely happy with my lighting setup, especially since it seems to highlight every known scrap of dust that I cannot see with my naked eye >< Anywho, onto the pics Thanks for looking, Gaz
  12. Thank you very much, Stix. Much appreciated ^_^/ Gaz
  13. Hehe. I've got an M1083 truck that I modified ages ago for a similar setting. Going to do that, possibly hauling the DC-62 chemical from the game :)v Gaz
  14. Thank you very much, John ^-^ Gaz
  15. Cheers, John. It certainly evokes some chills at times, especially when you go into the Dark Zones. Bet that was satisfying too Gaz
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