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  1. Has an exact release date been confirmed? Some places suggest from the 16th, others the 31st, and then others July I've got one pre-ordered from emodels with the hope it arrives in time for the old birthday. Obviously can't complain much on any delay given the bigger picture, but still curious Gaz
  2. Ah, I see I'm not the only one experiencing that peculiar log in only page Gaz
  3. Hi all, something a little different today, which I hope falls within the scope of this channel, hah. As something of an aspiring writer, I've spent many a year building up lore for a sci-fi universe, to include a lot of custom weapon and vehicle designs where I attempt to blend practicality with something aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the setting. While I have artwork, I also made a snap decision to try something I'd never attempted before: a full size prop. I only have access to basic prop making materials and tools: styrene sheets and pieces; the insulation foam I use for diorama bases; some Green Stuff putty; and the usual no.11 blade, ruler, craft saw etc. No 3D printing or vacforming or anything like that So I guess, here are the results of the two projects (I only have these two pictures of them to hand) The pistol was the first to be built, and when that turned out better than expected, I jumped a bit further and went with the carbine. The pistol has a movable selector switch (mirrored both sides), and the underbarrel module can be removed. The carbine has a simple charging handle that can be pulled back and will (mostly) snap forward again, courtesy of some tubing, a plunger and a spring. Selectors move, trigger moves thanks to another spring. Sights can flip up and be removed through the rail, along with the grip and laser module. Magazine can be removed. Made up the little press studs with some old screw cup washers I found in the garage to finish it off. Overall, pretty happy with how they both turned out Well, that's that. Thanks for looking ^-^ Gaz
  4. Back with another one (coming thick and fast, hah). I've had this kit for at least two or three years. I initially built it all up, painted interior, and ran out of a specific paint colour for a single part in the cockpit. Ended up forgetting to do that for probably a year, leaving it with a loose, masked off canopy in place. It wasn't until I got an He-162 kit in the same scale and started pondering a combined 'what if' diorama that I restarted work on it. Unfortunately, that plan didn't come to fruition due to space concerns, and after I painted up, decaled and weathered the kit, I placed it in a shoebox for safety. Now that I've freed shelf space, I finally pushed to complete it on a new, smaller idea, still within that 'what if' concept and using my own scheme and markings set up (some of which were from the He-162 kit spares). This is the second completed on hold kit/diorama after my Corsair one, found here: And that's a wrap. Thanks for looking as always Gaz
  5. Hi all, back with another long term, finally completed project Completed the Corsair and fuel tanker, both Tamiya, at the start of the year. But working on the base got delayed due to lack of shelf space (never enough ><). Now that I have some freed, I could finally finish it off. Feel the scene is lacking a little something, and in hindsight would've liked some 1/48 Marsten mats. But, tis what it is. Bonus cockpit shot at the end. Thanks for looking Gaz
  6. I'm not completely certain on its PSI. I use a little mini compressor with three modes, and I tend to run it on the lowest setting (original Amazon page was vague on the pressures, mentioning 28, 5-10, 15-50, so I'm not sure). However, that setting works fine for Tamiya, Gunze, Real Color, even Vallejo with the appropriate thinning. Its these new 3rd Gen paints that don't seem to want to work either way. Its either super runny, or its overly thick and (contrary to their claims) dries on the tip almost immediately. No middle ground that I can find. Gaz
  7. I got some of these a few weeks back. Good coverage...with a brush, and on a small area. But for airbrushing they are terrible. I cannot for the life of me figure out how some people get them to spray properly, more so when they just wing it on the ratio. I complained about this on AKs original video since it wasn't the first time the marketing was less than truthful (and missing the pertinent information). Tellingly, their next 3rd gen video had the comments turned off, but in that video they stated that 40% paint to 60% thinner is the mix. So I tried that, and you might as well be spraying ink for how runny it becomes, flooding and dispersing under air flow. But if you add say, half a drop more of paint for something like a 45-55% mixture, it'll barely spray, and instead fling the paint like webbing. It has no sweet spot that I have found. It's also an absolute nightmare to clean out of the airbrush. It's incredibly annoying because when limited to brush work, I'm limited to small detail work. Larger jobs result in streaks no matter what. The paint is pigment dense and has good colour, but it remains an absolute mystery as to how you're supposed to spray it Gaz
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