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  1. Hi all. I stumbled across these today in an ongoing search to secure the appropriate decals for my post-Christmas build of an F/A-18F in 1/48. Plan is to do Phoenix and Bob's jet sitting on the carrier deck. Of course, having the right markings would be great, especially for canopy names and in particular, helmet markings. When I saw these I thought I'd hit the jackpot. Then I realised they're only doing them in 1/72 and 1/144, but not 1/48 for some bizarre reason Does anyone with better knowledge know if there's an intent to do 1/48 decals from the movie for the regular Hornets by this manufacturer or others, not just the instructor one? I keep seeing Fightertown decals mentioned but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and if they're the same sets as previously released then I think they're incorrect based on the preview images. They're pretty spartan jets so the numbers can likely be sourced without issue, but having those names and helmet decals would be perfect to get it right. Gaz
  2. I considered it a diorama as the base is part of the narrative Gaz
  3. Thanks, nimrod. I had some figures I could have put with it, but I'd already started up the base and couldn't fit them without it being crowded, unfortunately. Turret facing forward was to have it ready for an ambush Gaz
  4. Part 2 of my Battlefield 2042 inspired dioramas, featuring 'No-Pat' or NP marked vehicles. This time the peculiar T-15, TBMP Armata variant. Again I went for a unique camo incorporating two different pattern styles into one. Initially planned in a lighter scheme, but I liked the contrast of Khaki and Khaki Drab with the Desert Yellow (I think it was). Thanks again for checking it out Gaz
  5. Back at last after quite a while, hah. Finally completed this kit and diorama, plus another in a two-part series I'm basing around the Battlefield 2042 universe (hence the No-Pat NP logo on the sides of the vehicles, and their unusual camouflages). These vehicles are not present in the game, but they're of the era that would likely show up. First up, the 1/35 scale Zvezda Bumerang IFV. Thanks for checking it out ^-^ Gaz
  6. Thanks, Paul. It seems the Hataka set doesn't have a specific colour to match the Su-25 lowers (they just mention Signal Grey, which isn't quite as blue on the MiG I used it for the lower half on), Thanks for the pointers, though. I just need to work out how to do the masking process correctly, hah. Especially with the way the patterns cut into the lower colour Gaz
  7. I've got a Zvezda 1/48 in the stash along with the DN Models digital mask. I've also got the Hataka Ukrainian AF set for the colours, but based on photos, can't tell if the underside of the Frogfoots are Silver Grey, which is used in the top schemes too Did you settle on any specific colours, paul? Gaz
  8. Nice, hoping mine are just as quick. Thanks, exdraken Gaz
  9. If I may ask, how long did it take your Su-25 masks to arrive? I placed an order for some for the new Zvezda 1/48 Frogfoot kit, and they were shipped, but no tracking info. Curious on possible arrival times Gaz
  10. Afternoon folks Had a curiosity. Having watched the new Top Gun I went ahead and put in an order for a 1/48 F/A-18F from Meng. Now this two-seater variant comes with Maverick's well known instructor markings (black spine and fins with the blue stripes) much like the single seat kit, though it would be inaccurate to paint up this variant in those markings. My curiosity is, is anybody aware of any upcoming aftermarket decals for the F models used by the other pilots in the main action? I had a look around and most searches refer you to the instructor markings (which the kit already has). The in movie unit (based on a screenshot) seems to be VF-51, which appears to have been disbanded. I believe it was the unit from the original movie as well. Ultimately no real biggie, but if they were in the pipe, I'd like to get my hands on them. Tiny name decals for the pilot helmets would be a great addition as well, hah. Thanks for your time, guys Gaz
  11. Has an exact release date been confirmed? Some places suggest from the 16th, others the 31st, and then others July I've got one pre-ordered from emodels with the hope it arrives in time for the old birthday. Obviously can't complain much on any delay given the bigger picture, but still curious Gaz
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