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  1. Cheers, Stef ^-^ Still have to tackle the Miniart one lol Might leave it until a few others are done. Gaz
  2. Thanks, Riley ^-^ Gaz
  3. Finally took photos of my completed GDR T-55 AM2B from Takom. Not many good close ups unfortunately, due to the annoying dust and white fibres that seem to cling like no tomorrow after it sits on a shelf for more than a day >< I actually got this kit when I grew frustrated with a Miniart T-55 and its overly complex construction, and just wanted to complete a T-55 kit The figures are from the Miniart Tank crew, 1960s-70s set, with a rough representation of the GDR uniform camo. Thanks for looking ^-^ Gaz
  4. Hehe, thanks very much, sanfrandragon ^-^ Gaz
  5. Thanks, Rossco ^-^ Never too late. I had this one painted up and decaled sitting for years before I redid it. Still wish I had the before and after, because the difference was stark to say the least Gaz
  6. Sorry, could have sworn I'd replied to this oO I remember these though on the JML ads, heh. Hmm, interesting. I have wondered about breaking out my airbrush sometimes to give them a blast, maybe with a little bit of water. Never knew if it would have a major effect. Gaz
  7. Thanks, Vinnie, DeepSea ^-^/ The paints for the figures were (some had camo decals on them previously, but when I did the newer figures, it wasn't wrapping around, so I had to paint most of them a little to match up), if I remember correctly: Mig Ammo Middlestone A.MIG-200 Mig Ammo Red Brown Base A.MIG-913 (think it was this one) Mig Ammo Light Gray Green A.MIG-201 For the vests I think it was Tamiya NATO green, with Red Brown Base, Tamiya NATO Black, and Vallejo Medium Grey 70.987. The faces were a few Mig Ammo flesh tones Gaz
  8. Thanks, Riley ^-^ If I remember correctly, the boxes were by Matho Models. Might be from a few different sets (water/soda) Gaz
  9. Hi all. This here is a culmination of a Bradley kit I got years ago, probably early 2000s, that sat on a shelf as a relatively simple job for the best part of ten years. I sprayed it over with the Tamiya sand can back in the day, added the decals without gloss, and painted the odd bit of detail. No weathering at all. Instead of buying a new kit, I repurposed it. I removed the flaking decals, fully repainted with a more accurate colour. Glossed, applied decals from the original sheet that I retained, sealed and weathered. Crew were repainted, and additional figures from Trumpeter and Masterbox were added, in addition to some Miniart and Meng extras. The external stowage is mostly original, just repainted, weathered, and more accurately attached, with a few other bits based on reference images. Do wish I had a shot of the vehicle as it originally looked to show the change, but much like an M1A2 I have had on the go in a similar manner, forgot to take a picture, heh. Thanks for looking Gaz
  10. Thanks John, dogsbody, Bandsaw. lol, bit extreme on a move or chucking I've kept some in these pop up plastic shoeboxes for a while, but it seems lately as soon as anything comes out, instantly coated in dust for some reason I even thought about those little sticky putty things they use for model trains and dusting. If only I could remember what they were. Gaz
  11. Thanks Harry, Ray, Bonhoff. And lol, I've had that issue before with parts getting knocked off, only mine tried to cover it up Gaz
  12. Thanks, Chris, ckw, Colin Yeah, wish the display cases weren't so expensive. But I'll have a go with a brush to see what I can take off. Gaz
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