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  1. This is absolutely amazing stuff. I must admit even though I'm not usually a maritime modeller you had me as soon as I saw the Holman Projector on the plans!
  2. Well darn, that's a kick in the guts! Is it worth completing the build alone just to see if there are any other tricks or pitfalls with the kit? I can't imagine anything more frustrating than avoiding one problem just to encounter another later down the line with a second build. I must say, while these new generations of Eastern European kits are gorgeously moulded and superbly accurate, their instructions often require a degree of clairvoyance to interpret correctly. I'm sure the end result will be very much worth the effort though!
  3. It's starting to look a real treat! This is one of my all time favourite aircraft and I too have one of these in the stash. So if no-one minds, I'll belatedly tag along as well and make notes!
  4. That's an interesting method of constructing the tail surfaces. It looks like it could be a bit of a pest. I'm assuming the (single piece?) h-stab clips over those fuse tabs? Perhaps the close up photography makes it look trickier than it is. The end result is nothing to complain about, that's for sure!
  5. Wow, that's really generous of you. The decal sheet alone would have been a great kindness, but this is going above and beyond for generosity! You working on a Sainthood or something? Thank you! Yes, I must admit I'm rather partial to Tamiya acrylics despite me being an obligate hairy-stick abuser. Their metallic colours are the only things I'm not really sold on, so I'll keep an eye out for Mr Color metallic (acrylic?) paints. A nice clean Hurri will be just the ticket! It is interesting to see that in the Garth Ennis reboot, Rodimitz has swapped in a Merlin XX series engine (presumably with all the associated gubbins) to replace what was presumably a rather tired Merlin III. It's a clever little detail in the story. Given that, I'm a teensy bit surprised they didn't go just a little further with this and swap out the .303" Brownings for four 20mm ShVAK as was actually done with some VVS Mk.IIs. Perhaps they didn't know at the time. Yessir, as pointed out by Quiet Mike there was a storyline in early 1982 where Johnny had to come to terms with the death of his closest friend, Yakob. It was all a bit sepulchral and wafted into the vaguely supernatural on occasion. I remember finding it quite depressing at the time. The Red Death wasn't precisely a bog standard Mossie as the thread Quiet Mike linked to shows. Two stage Merlins, bomber canopy and with a nose armament of what appears to be eight .50" machine guns, with four of those in US bomber-style external blisters. It also had a small rear gun barbette in the cockpit for Ratov(!) to use... Oh boy. John Cooper always did make fairly liberal interpretations of aircraft types. You'll have your work cut out for you there! Hopefully the Hurri build will behave itself now. It looks like a very nice kit, unhelpful instructions notwithstanding.
  6. Thanks John! It's been a bit rough but hopefully we're through the worst of it now. Popping back onto BM for the first time in ages and seeing the notification for this thread was really uplifting. Thanks also for the decal sheet and the surpise goodies, that is most awesomely generous of you! I have got a plan of sorts for some Falcon builds although my output has been virtually nil since September-ish. (Although I did squeeze an as yet unpainted Bandai Super Star Destroyer in during November. Lovely little kit BTW, highly recommended.) As you may recall, I'm hoping to do Corporal Yakob's MiG-3 (Hobby Boss 1/72) first, then I'll probably be on the lookout for an early Yak-1 for Captain Semoyov. After that? Hmmm, Johnny flew Tomahawks quite a few times in the Joe Colquhoun era when the Hurri was otherwise indisposed and I do like the little Airfix P-40B/C. Alternatively, there is always Johnny's shark mouthed Typhoon from the Carlos Pino era which would be an excuse to build that Airfix kit again. Decisions, decisions... The Arma Hobby kit certainly looks a treat. How are you finding the Tamiya lacquer silver? I'm assuming you're still using their acrylics elsewhere. If so, were there any problems with it going over the semi gloss black? It's early days yet, but have you decided if you are going to add any external ordnance to the Hurri or keep it clean? Johnny seemed to be able to tote an A-10's worth of bombs and rockets when required.
  7. Great to see you back in action with this super project! I've been more or less absent from BM due to a few rather difficult months and have been feeling quite down and grim lately, but seeing you start on Johnny's Hurri has proven to be quite a pick-me-up! Rock on!
  8. Superb job on this early VVS workhorse! The crappy transparencies may be an accurate representation of the real deal. Early on Soviet industry had a difficult time making good quality (acetate) canopies. They would yellow quite badly with age/exposure, often having optical distortions and fragile - generating stress cracks quite easily. It was sorted out in the end (switching to acrylate?) but perhaps ICM is trying to simulate this? Za Rodina!
  9. Oooh, nice and shiny! At some point the paint may have been stripped off on the real deal, prior to repainting perhaps? Did they ever wear camouflage? Call it a snapshot of that time. Or not, as it looks pretty damn fine in any case. It's looking a bit overcast outside there. Which certainly tones the finish down nicely, but I still reckon you'd need to keep an eye out to keep magpies from trying to pinch it!
  10. Ura! People can keep their Hollywood blockbusters. I'd see this without any translation. 2021. I hope they can get it done!
  11. Excellent work! She looks like she could indeed fly right off the ground! It is a pity that the Herald wasn't more commercially successful. Not that I begrudge the F.27 its success, but variety is the spice of life.
  12. Congrats on the win John! She's a real beaut' no doubt about it! The A-wing is one of my favourite starfighters (sharing with the TIE Interceptor). I see they subtly updated it to a slightly sleeker RZ-2 version for the latest trilogy. I must admit I didn't really notice the subtle changes to the actual design in the latest flick at first, I was too busy goggling at the rather easy on the eye pilot, Tallie.
  13. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Hats off to Bandai for this. That box scale regular Star Destroyer you've got there is a work of art. What is it, 15cm long? What a little gem! What are people's thoughts on the colour of this wee beastie? I have a vague recollection that in Empire it was a rather darker grey than the regular Star Destroyers with something of a blue tint. Was it the same in Jedi? I believe the wreck on Jakku that Rey flies the Falcon through was meant to be one of these ships as well. Poor thing.
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