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  1. Eduard's various Spitfire VIII/IX/XVI boxings all have a pair 250 pounders per kit as well. There may be quite a few of these kicking around in people's spares boxes as most Spitfires seem to be built 'clean'. No idea how good/bad or otherwise they are. They look the biz on my Whirlwind.
  2. Regarding Firestreak, these seem to have transitioned from a white painted missile in the 50's/60's etc to a dull green/grey paint scheme in the mid 70's. Is this simply because the Lightning fleet was being camouflaged at the same time? I ask because, IIRC, the original white scheme was at least partly to help with temperature control of the missile airframe. Was this found to be unnecessary? Also, were the missiles ever rebuilt, upgraded or modernised in their, what, 30 years of service? Replacing valve era components with more reliable transistor or later even solid state ones for example? Finally I recall seeing a data board at the RAF Museum, Hendon back in 1990 that claimed the seeker coolant for the (green painted) Firestreak on display was liquid nitrogen. Did this at some point replace the anhydrous ammonia originally used as coolant or was the display board wrong? I guess I'm wondering if there was any other significance (new electronics, new coolant) to these green 1970s Firestreaks other than for camouflage purposes.
  3. I was always under the impression that the RAAF only used Magic I as a replacement for AIM-9* on the Mirages. At least I recall reading many years ago that deliveries started in around 1978, which IIRC is too early for Magic 2. I would have thought that by the time Magic 2 entered production/service (mid 80's) the Mirages were very much on the way out and the RAAF was already sourcing AIM-9L for the incoming Hornets. *AIM-9B initially, although I could swear I have some photos from an airshow in the mid 70's somewhere of an RAAF Mirage on display with what looks like AIM-9E underwing...
  4. Hi Jan, Just wanted to thank you for the upcoming DH Hornets. I hope they sell like the proverbial hot cakes! (Although not too fast for me to get some!) Cheers!
  5. Possibly because the Soviets only used the basic concept and design assumptions when TsAGI started its calculations which would lead to the MiG and La 15's. The Argentinians and Tank appear to have tried to get the original design to actually work, evidently a much tougher proposition. IIRC about 15 years ago there was discussion on gaming forums about the Ta183 when it was added to the flight sim Il2-1946. I believe Oleg Maddox ( the game designer) commented that they put the Ta183 design parameters into the commercial computer analysis software used for designing and testing actual aircraft (I believe he worked for Sukhoi as an engineer) and discovered that the original design was an utterly unflyable deathtrap. I think the main (not the only, BTW) problem highlighted was a severe tail flutter issue that would result in the whole tailplane disintegrating at piston engine fighter speeds* unless 'science fiction' materials were used in its construction. I seem to remember the design was also said to be dangerously unstable in pitch and yaw to the point that computer FBW would practically be needed to keep it in the air at speeds below onset of tailplane flutter! I'll have to see if I can find that thread as it was well worth a read. *700kmh
  6. Very, very nice! I also succumbed to the allure of this kit a while back and did mine up as the PR.IV option. There's just something about the shape of that glazed nose tucked in between those beautifully streamlined Merlins that speaks to me. Did you have any trouble with the Tamiya decals? The radiator 'no step' markings gave me a bit of a hard time and it took quite a bit of Decalfix to get the darn things to bed down properly. I'll have to pinch your technique of using an old toothbrush and neat dishwashing liquid to prep the sprues. Up to this point I'd been just swirling the sprues in warm soapy water with judicious use of a dishwashing sponge, which is not really the best for small parts.
  7. An absolute must have! One of my three Grails in 1/72. Where do I send my money???
  8. Soviet fighter aces like Lydia Litvyak, say? Or Bomber crews or 'night witches' perhaps?
  9. Aha! Thanks for that! I'll give it a whirl diluting it out with some appropriate thinners, after my hands have fallen off of course! It'll be interesting to see if I can get it to behave as well as the Windsor & Newton matt varnish I'm now using. I was seriously wondering what on earth to do with the bottle of Humbrol. Simulating white winter distemper was one possibility. With any luck I'll be able to replicate your excellent results!
  10. Lovely work on this old warhorse! Like many others here this was also a childhood favourite of mine back in the 70's along with the BV141. How on earth do you get Humbrol Matt Cote to work? I've got a bottle of the acrylic version and I can shake the dratted thing until my hands drop off but when I brush paint it on it invariably 'frosts up' as it dries. You've got a lovely clear matt finish there. What's your secret?
  11. Unfortunately Stewart Wilson's 'in Australian Service' series books are long out of print, being published in the mid to late '90's. A great pity and I'm kicking myself for not getting more of them at the time. In Australia they can turn up in second-hand bookstores and aviation museums if you are lucky. (Although that isn't much use at the moment!) Other than that eBay might be worth a shot, or possibly even Gumtree?
  12. Nice one John! She's come up a real treat! She looks like she's come straight out of the comics! It never really hit me just how sparse the fuselage looks without squadron codes, even with the Falcons logo. I guess I'm so used to seeing them with codes, it really draws the eye! Oddly enough I don't notice it so much in the comics though. Weird, huh?
  13. At the risk of being labelled a useless pedant, I'd suggest that the gun is more likely to be a DA than any of the other Degtyaryov rifle calibre guns (DP/DT). http://ram-home.com/ram-old/mgun-da.html Not that there's a lot of difference between a DA and a DT. Essentially the DA loses the DT folding stock and replaces it with an odd looking handle on the back. http://www.imfdb.org/images/e/ea/Degtyaryov_DA.jpg http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/8/87/Morskoy_post-DA-1.jpg/500px-Morskoy_post-DA-1.jpg
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