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  1. Here in Oz a similar set of airliners was released in breakfast cereal in the mid 70's. Somewhere about I have the remains of a Concorde, a 747 and, a new one to this thread, an F.27 Friendship.
  2. I've been going regularly since 2011. I guess this one did seem a bit 'light on' without the participation of The Magnificent Seven or Keith Skilling's awesome display in the Corsair. The Sunday washout didn't help either. (Although I would have missed it anyway due to some nasty head cold that struck full force on Saturday night.) Even without these highlights, there were some nice new attendees with the early Triple Entente display (BE.2c, Bristol Scout, Sopwith Pup, Nieuport 11 & Nieuport 16), the Fairchild 24C-8C and the Bleriot actually flying circuits on the Friday being highlights. It was also nice to see the Fw-190 back in the air after it's unfortunate 2015 ground looping display. That said, the 2011 show just blew me away. It was bloody marvellous and will always remain at the top spot in my memory. So I wonder if the old saying 'familiarity breeds contempt' is at work here albeit in a watered down fashion. (I would never regard any airshow with contempt!) Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go again in 2021 to see.
  3. Thanks Finn, PM'd you. Your conversion is a real beauty. I hope mine winds up looking half as good!
  4. I got home tonight to find a slightly damp* box sitting on my doorstep that had come all the way from Poland thanks to the wonders of the internet. I've now got my Eduard HF.VIII, so time to start actually working out the conversion. I'm rather tempted to do an example in the attractive MSG/PRB scheme. So, at the risk of sounding like a weasel (and I know this isn't the proper place for it really) does anyone here have any spare Italeri or other Spit VII decals kicking around that could go to an appreciative home? I've got plenty of fin flashes, roundels and stencils so am really just after the white codes and serials (although the Italeri D-day stripes look rather natty too ). Cheers! *It's been pouring here today. Fortunately the damp was confined to the packaging, the model box itself and contents are pristine.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys! I'd forgotten about the cockpit door or lack thereof (easy fix), the deeper rear canopy section should also be doable and I'll probably get out the saws and sandpaper for the carburettor intake (I've got a pair of Sword XIV's in the stash and, IIRC, they come with extra lower wings which don't have this moulded in, so I might just chop out the appropriate sections.) I love it when a plan comes together.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking at converting an Eduard Spitfire HF.VIII into a Mk.VII. (It seems to be a fairly easy conversion that even I should be able to manage.) These Eduard kits come with so many bits and pieces and are such marvelous little works of art that it seems to me to be the obvious choice for conversion. Pointy wingtips - check, retractable tailwheel - check, choice of rudder - check. I assume I only need to do a couple of other things to it. 1) Add a pressure bulkhead at the rear of the cockpit - easy fix with some plastic card 2) Add the cabin pressurization intake under the starboard exhausts - I'm thinking of fiddling with one of the clipped wing tips provided in the kit to produce this item. At this stage I'm not going to worry too much about the thicker canopy bracing and modified rails. Does this seem like a workable plan to the Spitfire gurus out there? I haven't missed anything or made any obvious clangers, have I? Cheers!
  7. Nice shots! We've been doing the three day gold pass thing since 2011 and always enjoy the show. This time I managed to come down with some full-on brain lurgii on Sunday but apparently didn't miss out on much due to the event getting washed out. Now back home we've just got find some time to go through the couple of thousand photos we snapped on Friday & Saturday. One of the things I like most about the Omaka show is that the sun is always behind you which makes photography a breeze. Roll on 2021!
  8. Gazontipede

    A Good Hampden?

    Does anyone know the significance (if any) of the 'inverted bomb' mission marking on the second of the IWM photos posted by Chris above? These mission markers lead from the left with bomb, mine, bomb, the 'inverted bomb' and two more bomb markers. An aborted mission perhaps?? Any ideas?
  9. I'd quite like to see something along the lines a modern mainstream kitting of the P-38F/G/H at some point. Currently the options are a bit sparse with the RS kits having a rather fearsome reputation and the old Airfix & Hasegawa offerings very much being products of a previous era. Fingers crossed.
  10. I still have one hanging from the ceiling that dad built back in 1973/4 or thereabouts. Lovely paint-job and assembly and then he let six year old me put the transfers on... Oops... Anyway, I can confirm that the triangle is red. Yours looks super, just the biz!
  11. Super job! Do you have any photos of the underside where all the gee-whiz electronic gubbins are?
  12. Sweet. I must admit to a heretical opinion that Merlin Beaus look better than the Hercules birds. Indeed, I find the Mk.V (?) with its BP four gun turret quite a fascinating looking beast too. Yes, I obviously need help.
  13. Niiice. Watch the wing guns, they are very easy to dislodge. Ask me how I know!
  14. Superb job Tony. The big fuselage flash really looks good on the desert colour scheme! It is a pity that more wartime RAF squadrons didn't go in for more heraldry like this. Pre-war they had no such inhibitions of course, but I guess in wartime it gives intel to the enemy or something. (Imagining a po-faced AirMin official writing this last on an official document...)
  15. Nice to see the production lines rolling again. Hopefully looking at all these will give me a swift boot out of my current malaise!
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