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  1. Looking good! What is your recipe for 'Tamiya' foliage green? I must say, looking at your result here I'm very tempted to add one of these to my collection.
  2. Any idea what will be replacing it in this spot in the display? What about the Fw-190? Once they finish unbending it of course! As mentioned in the OP, the Bristol Freighter was indeed grumbling around in 2017 (seen here at Easter) thanks to a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and generosity with the engines.
  3. No problemo, here's a couple of quick shots for now. I'll have a bit more of a thorough dig around the photo folders a bit later when I've got a spare moment. Lydia Litvyak is quite uncannily realistic. I kept on half expecting her to blink or move... The crowd at Weta sure know their job! The Yak-3UA that usually lives here. I believe it was off in the 'States racing when you went through the display. The stunning P-40E. Not sure, but I believe it is up for sale.
  4. Yes indeed, the casualty sequence for the various nations involved in WW2 is particularly sobering. For those who haven't seen it, there is a big display in the Stalingrad Experience that starts counting up the deaths each country suffered in WW2/GPW with each 1000 (IIRC) represented as a single stick figure. The tally for the Soviet Union just keeps going on and on and on... It is terrifying. I've got some shots of the Canadian P-40E and a complete Yak-3UA next to Lydia that were taken in 2017. I can add them in here if you like.
  5. It is certainly worth it. The trick is you need to plan early as it is a popular show attracting a fair old crowd and Blenheim just ain't very big! Yep, they have eight flying Dr.Is in NZ... Seven of them are painted up in the colours of various Jasta 11 machines. While not all of these live at Omaka, they usually make a serious effort get 'the Maginificent Seven' all together for the CF show. The eighth is the black triplane of Jacobs(?) which does live at Omaka IIRC. They also have the D.VII on hand and an E.V/D.VIII flying razor has popped down for the show on occasion. In theory they could get ten Fokkers in the air I guess. (How many flying razors are there in NZ, one or two?)
  6. Gazontipede

    Next Kiwi Mosquito engine runs.

    Yeah, I think you're spot on. Still, we can all live in hope for a CF appearance. (Or is that denial ?) Way back (was it CF13?) I remember KA114 was on all the early promo posters for that year's show. She did at least perform at Wairarapa before leaving for the US. IIRC, TV959 didn't even do that, fleeing the country almost immediately upon completion of flight tests. I guess we'll see what happens with PZ474. If only one of these birds was owned by Kermit Weeks, I rather get the impression he's quite fond of the CF airshows.
  7. Sweet, I look forward to seeing more of your excellent photography! If you're ever over there at Easter (on odd numbered years) you should really check out the Classic Fighters airshow. It is well worth it!
  8. It's a great little museum to visit, we do a pilgrimage there the Monday morning after every Classic Fighters show. Sir Peter's private collection of WW1 flying memorabilia, much of which is on display in the glassed off walk through area in the middle of the hangar is absolutely astounding. Did you check out the 'Dangerous Skies' (WW2) display while you were there?
  9. Gazontipede

    Next Kiwi Mosquito engine runs.

    PZ474 looks super! I'd be guessing Banff wing too. Nice EDSG/Sky with invasion stripes and rocket rails... Where's this one ultimately off to? The US? I have an unrealistic hope that it will still be in NZ next Easter and may grace the skies at CF19... So what does that leave at Ardmore now? Only DZ542 (B.IV) and NZ2308 (T.43)? I know one of those is scheduled for The Pathfinder Trust in the UK but which one? Working out the final owners of these NZ Mossies can be rather complicated!
  10. Most excellent! I'm wondering if the Mk.XII will feature in an RFI perchance? Or perhaps some more photos of it here. I'd sure appreciate seeing some more of the finished beastie in all its glory, given how much of a trial it was at times. The XVI is awesome too, but there's just something about a XII that ticks all the right boxes in my demented little mind!
  11. I always liked the look of Blaniks. Although down here the poor things are no longer flyable after an AD grounded them* following a rather nasty (and fatal) crash some years ago. *Unless some rather expensive mods were applied.
  12. Gazontipede

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Nice photos! I seem to recall this desert early 'Hurribomber' modification being mentioned in one of the Chris Shores books on the Mediterranean Air War. I believe he also mentioned a load-out of 24(?) anti-tank bomblets on these Mk.I(trop) conversions too. However, I've never for the life of me been able to pin down exactly what these were meant to be. Some sort of sticky bomb (No. 74 grenade) lashup?? The only other thing I can think of, the 9lb AT bomblet (Puffball?) was much later and never saw service IIRC. Any ideas anyone?
  13. Gazontipede

    Iceberg and After

    That is some amazing free-handing on SF there! And you're going to mask and paint the roundels aren't you? Skill Level, Cookenbacher; Rating = Terrifyingly Awesome
  14. So shiny, so chrome! Lovely. This is the old 'Astrojet' livery isn't it? It must have been a bit of a maintenance nightmare keeping these birds all polished up. Worth it though. When we arrived in Australia in the early 70's only Ansett was still running Electras, and only as freighters at that. I still remember the distinctive pre-dawn grumble of these old birds setting about their business to this day. Living in Adelaide I have the local (Edinburgh based) P-3 Orions keeping those audible memories alive to this day. Alas not for much longer though.
  15. Great job! I flew on this very aircraft a couple of years back. (Although not to Tasmania, Melbourne-Canberra.) For those who collect such things, there is quite a nice 1:400 die cast of it as well, by Phoenix IIRC.