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  1. Thanks for the link, yes that would be her! Wow. They've got backstory for everything there. Oh, and to re-iterate, as I was understating more than a little in my first post, the Y-Wing and Evaan figure you've done there are absolutely awesome!
  2. I'm an absolute sucker for anything Rogue One. She's a beaut' to be sure!
  3. Very nice indeed! So who was the Y-Wing pilot depicted in Rogue One attacking the Star Destroyer? "Ion torpedoes away!" I'm pretty sure she's not the same pilot.
  4. At the risk of being that guy and (ab)using the power of pause button technology I'd suggest that this is an Su-15TM firing an R-98MR. Visible is the (vacant) inboard pylon & rail for an R-60, also visible are the two belly pylon mounted UPK-23-250 gunpods. I have bits of a 1/48 Trumpy Su-15TM all over the lounge table at the moment which is what twigged me to look closer at the clip. Does the series actually have any material from the Soviet PoV, or is it purely US-centric? I'd kind go for a series showing N-1 in all its explodey glory finally getting the bugs (well most
  5. Sorry to sound more dense than usual, but when you refer to the Blenheim museum, I assume you are referring to the Omaka AHC?
  6. Very nice! Admittedly, I originally thought you were talking about the WW2 Invincible. While Victorious did indeed wind up all angled and so on, I was wondering what an actual WW2 'skew deck' carrier would look like. I thought it'd be a bit tricky as all the DP mounts and AA positions need to be catered for as well. Hmmm, I may have to add it to my wish/design/build list. Along with the 12 gun 14O design KGV and the 16 gun (4x 4) original proposal for Edinburgh/Belfast.
  7. Awesome! I see we have the same taste in Star Wars movies too!
  8. Nice ones John! Looks like you're really getting your teeth into 1/48th! Are you looking doing a Blue Squadron X-Wing then?
  9. Ooooh. You wouldn't have any pics of that now, would you?
  10. She's turning up a treat! I'm getting a bit of an American 'Standard' vibe looking at her. Which is rather different than the oiler vibe one gets from the real thing. I must say all this talking about whiffing ships is making me consider a long held perverse desire to build a 12 (3x 4) gun KGV, along the lines of 14N or was it 14O? Can't wait to see this one finished!
  11. Super work on this venerable kit! Like many who have already commented, I built one of these back in the early 80's too so this is pure nostalgia. I seem to remember replacing the chunky gun barrels with stretched sprue and sticking a surplus MG131 from a Matchbox Ju-188 in the rear blister. Actually, I think it may still be intact (or at least extant) at my parent's place on the model shelf in the spare room... I should check next time I'm over there.
  12. Superb work as usual, Tony! The Suez stripes really suit this tubby little bird. (Very slimming ) This must have been about the last time the Wimpy (or at least a derivative of it) was used in anger like this? (Coming under fire that is.)
  13. Eduard's various Spitfire VIII/IX/XVI boxings all have a pair 250 pounders per kit as well. There may be quite a few of these kicking around in people's spares boxes as most Spitfires seem to be built 'clean'. No idea how good/bad or otherwise they are. They look the biz on my Whirlwind.
  14. Regarding Firestreak, these seem to have transitioned from a white painted missile in the 50's/60's etc to a dull green/grey paint scheme in the mid 70's. Is this simply because the Lightning fleet was being camouflaged at the same time? I ask because, IIRC, the original white scheme was at least partly to help with temperature control of the missile airframe. Was this found to be unnecessary? Also, were the missiles ever rebuilt, upgraded or modernised in their, what, 30 years of service? Replacing valve era components with more reliable transistor or later even solid state one
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