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Supermarine S.5 Scratchbuild in 1/144

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Hi all.  Here are some pictures of my latest build.  Just finished today.


This is Supermarine S.5 N220.  Winner of the 1927 Schneider trophy race in Venice.  Scratchbuilt from plastic card with struts from sterling silver sheet and rigged with 0.07mm nickel silver wire.  Paints are from the Mr Color range of lacquers, and the decals are a mix of hand cut and home printed.


For those across the pond who are wondering: the shilling is about the same size as a modern 10 cent piece.  While the matchstick is actual size.  So am I for that matter...  ^_^


Thanks for looking.  I've made a link to the build thread at the bottom.  Hope you like it!

























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Very very exciting. I love this scheme so superbly replicated in this small scale!

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That's a little jewel, literally given the silver in it. Where did you get the 1927 shilling? I think it's probably worth more than one Bob these days. 

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Incredible modeling! :worthy:  Bloody strewth mate, you take the cake with this one.  🏆

What small-scale precision and craftsmanship is on display in your work sir!    And, those tiny spoked wheels...just too much!  Wow. 🍺

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As I said in the WIP thread, this is one of my all time favourite models. Sheer perfection! 



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