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  1. Beautiful finish, extremely nice version Simply great Regards Djordje
  2. Great looking bird, and excellent work Regards Djordje
  3. Everything already said, but i must tell again: brave project, excellent execution and astonishing result. Best regards Djordje
  4. Beautifully finished Lynx, i like the variant you choose and subtle weathering. Regards Djordje
  5. Excellent model. Colours, shades...details...everything Regards Djordje
  6. Beautiful "small" models. i like how precise you paint them. great work. regards Djordje
  7. This is something special, great addition to collection Regards Djordje
  8. Beautiful model of real beast Finished look is great. regards Djordje
  9. Fantastic and unique. I like it very much, great work Regards Djordje
  10. Simply great model, i like how it looks in this unusual colours. Thanks for the story and explanations. Regards Djordje
  11. Fantastic finish of not an easy kit at all. Camouflage, weathering and for sure rigging looks, perfect! Regards Djordje
  12. Very realistic and convincing work. Beautiful early Spitifre Regards Djordje
  13. Unusual and i do not agree with you, it is very nicely finished Phantom, with great attentions for details. I like it a lot Regards Djordje
  14. Both models are Beautifully finished. Must admit that digital one are something special and you managed decal application perfectly. I am planning to do the same scheme but with DXM decal 1/72 JASDF F-4EJ PHANTOM II ADTW. I can only hope that will get a near to your result. Best regards Djordje
  15. Thank you all on the comments. Very kind @Pete There are lot of informations regarding Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo (ONUC), some of them i used: https://walterdorn.net/189-un-first-air-force-peacekeepers-in-combat-congo-1960-64 https://www.key.aero/article/joining-forces So Imperial Iranian Air Force used in Congo both F-86 and B-58 CANBERA . Decals re from : Hi Decal HD72064 (excellent quality, only white colour is little transparent) Best regards, Djordje
  16. Looks great. Very clean and sharp build. Regards Djordje
  17. Very nice work, great story, and....i am envy on your collection :), nice one Regards Djordje
  18. Nice to see this bird in different colours. You done it very nice. Regards Djordje
  19. Simply fantastic scheme and beautifully executed......like a dream Regards Djordje
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