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  1. Very nicely done. Must have a shufti at your WIP in the vain hope that I can replicate your work! Pete
  2. Lovely work. The base sets it off nicely. Still not got a Chally in my collection, must remedy that. Pete
  3. Amazing job on every aspect of the aircraft. I did the Eduard re-pop recently & was quite pleased with it. Then I saw yours! Pete
  4. Very nice. Just shows what can be done with a kit that isn't in the first flush of youth. Pete
  5. Lovely work. Got the F-6 on the go at the moment. Pete
  6. You should be well chuffed with that, look at it as another string to your bow. Skills are transferrable! You can have feet in both camps, I've got an Eduard 1/48 F-6 Mustang, Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-104 & Tamiya 1/35 Achilles on the go at the moment. Pete
  7. Lovely work & some very nice touches, the dings on the fuel tanks for instance. What Russian green did you use, I always struggle to find the right match. Pete
  8. That's very nice. It's quite an attractive vehicle & you've certainly done it justice. Pete
  9. Great work, very nicely weathered. Pete
  10. A stunner. You've captured the worn & weary look of a Danish Starfighter perfectly. Pete
  11. Crikey, that takes me back! Lovely. Pete
  12. Great work, first class job on the rigging. Pete
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