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  1. A great replica. It's all gone together very nicely. Pete
  2. A work of art with some excellent attention to detail. Is that a bottle of vin rouge I see? Pete
  3. Nicely painted & weathered. Only the rubber tracks let the kit down. Pete
  4. I think you can be justly pleased with that one! The last Grant I did was the Monogram 1/32 version. Showing my age now! Pete
  5. Lovely StuG. I like the interior, nice work on the exterior Panzer grey too. A difficult colour to fade & modulate. Pete
  6. First class. I wish I could master modulation like that. Pete
  7. Nice work, not something I remember seeing on here before. Pete
  8. I don't do WIPs due to my glacial build rate. I found this on here that eases the pain with the suspension a little. Used it on my current build & the Carpet Layer I did a few years ago. Pete
  9. Great work on the tank, figure & vignette. Pete
  10. Lovely work & not overdone. I'm currently working on the AFV Club Churchill AVRE, think I might build something with a lower parts count next time! Pete
  11. Fantastic work, so much detail to see. Must have missed this first time round. I've still not got a Stug III in my collection, I need to remedy that. Pete
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