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  1. Great work on an overlooked variant. I always found it odd that the Merlin was better on the Lanc than the Hercules & it was t'other way round on the Hallybag. I've bookmarked your WIP for when I get round to doing my Airfix B III, it should give me some good pointers. Pete
  2. Nice work. Not something I would like to have gone to war in! Pete
  3. I do like the Aeronavale Corsairs, especially in Suez markings & your rendition is superb. The exhaust stains & fuel leakage are both particularly well done. Pete.
  4. Excellent job on the winter camo. Actually, excellent job all round. Pete
  5. Lovely work, the finish is very convincing. Pete
  6. Amazing work, that's got to be the best Phantom I've seen. Gold medal standard. Pete
  7. Excellent work which belies the trouble you've had with it. Detail & weathering are first class. I've got the AMK Fouga Magister in the stash. It wasn't cheap but has lots of detail & certainly looks good in the box. I won't be using the kit's decals as it will be in an Irish Air Corps scheme. Fingers crossed! Pete.
  8. Very nice indeed. Stowage looks good & the base sets it off nicely. Pete
  9. Lovely work. I can almost hear the mud squelching. Pete
  10. Nice work & nicely finished. I like the fuel stains under the tanks. You can't go wrong with Tamiya, I recently completed their Churchill which is probably of a similar vintage to yours & was pleased with the result. Pete
  11. That looks very nice, are the rank chevrons on the crew decals? Not done a Bronco kit but waiting to get my mitts on a their Comet. Pete
  12. What a tiddler, absolutely lovely. Don't loose it! Pete
  13. Crumbs! What a fantastic build, got to be one of the best Tonkas I've seen. Pete
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