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  1. Lovely job, the whitewash camo is very well done. Pete
  2. Hi Ian, I've just finished the Eduard re-pop of Roden's Gladiator & nearly binned it. Fit wasn't brilliant, the plastic wasn't good & detail was soft. I've done their Staggerwing & Rolls Royce armoured car & they've been similar. Maybe the C-47 is a newer moulding & I should get a VC10! Pete
  3. Thanks Bob. Rigging was nylon monofilament a friend gave me. The prop was painted with Tamiya Deck Tan, when dry it was overpainted with Dark Umber oil paint & streaked. After a couple of days I airbrushed a thin coat of Tamiya transparent orange. Cheers, Pete
  4. “Roden” & “about as good as it gets” are words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence. Pete
  5. Lovely build of a kit I always I’ve always had a hankering for. Pete
  6. Lovely work. Taken me more than 2 months just getting my Vulcan into shape! Pete
  7. This is the Eduard re-pop of Roden's 1/48 Gloster Gladiator. It comes with some nice PE but is still a Roden kit at the end of the day. I used AIMS resin collector ring to replace the kit's 3 part offering, made things a lot easier. My first attempt at rigging - no problem with that but I was glad to see the back of the kit. Brush painted & with no weathering as I didn't want anything else to ping off. It certainly won't have pride of place in my collection. Any comments, criticisms & observations welcome. Pete Just noticed the muck on my sheet, must get it in the wash!
  8. Fantastic work. I’ve got one on the go at the moment, can’t say I’m enjoying it! It will be XM603 in that scheme when it was delivered to Woodford.
  9. Certainly am. My Spit was presented to the director of the WW2 museum in Gdańsk the first time the Sqn went over. Here’s my Eduard 1/48 version
  10. Lovely Spit with some great detail. The masked markings look so much better than decals, must have a go. I did the kit years ago as "Why Not" from 318, decals were from Kagero. Unfortunately the pics are in Photobucket. Pete
  11. Absolutely lovely. You've shown what can be done with these older kits. Pete
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