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  1. Great work on a rather weary looking bird. Pete
  2. Lovely work on the Comet, base & figure. Quite a rare sight on here & all the more welcome for that. Pete
  3. Nicely done. Not often you see a Crusader that’s not in desert colours. Pete
  4. Lovely job. It does look unusual in those colours. Pete
  5. She's looking something approaching spectacular. Pete
  6. Lovely job. What colour our did you use for the green? I used Vallejo Russian Army Green on my T34 but it didn’t look quite right. Pete
  7. Very well built & finished. That’s got to be a tiddler. Pete
  8. Scrubbed up nicely. Monogram kits were were always top quality and always had nicely sculpted crew figures. Pete
  9. Lovely job. It it takes a lot to make a Mirage look ugly but that version manages it. Pete
  10. Excellent work. I have the Eduard re-pop of this kit on the go at the moment. You have set the bar very high with yours. Pete
  11. Great looking IS, the weathering is very convincing. I have the Dragon version working its way to the top of the pile, if it turns out half as good as yours I’ll be well chuffed. Pete
  12. Great job on the build, painting and weathering. It’s not what you’d call a looker. Pete
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