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  1. Thanks guys. The figures are very well detailed, picked them both up from the CSM stall at Telford last year. Pete
  2. Very nice. Not something you often see on here. Pete
  3. Impressive was the first word that popped into my mind too! Pete
  4. Looks similar to some I've seen in Europe. Just needs some beer cans on & in it! Pete
  5. Looks good in that scheme. Well, as good as an aircraft that the word ungainly could have been coined for can. Pete
  6. I am beyond impressed. I remember reading a pilot’s description of the HP-42, “As steady as the Rock of Gibraltar & almost as fast!” Pete
  7. This is Copper State Model's lovely RNAS armoured car. The figure is also by CSM, stowage from Value Gear & spare bucket. Went together nicely, only hindered by my reluctance to follow the instructions. Paint used was Revell acrylic Hellgrau, weathered using oil paints, Mig pigments, silver pencil. The last photo shows the size comparison with Roden's Rolls Royce armoured car. Any comments, observations & criticisms welcome. Pete
  8. Very nicely done. Always liked the look of the Scimitar - sleek. (that's if you can call an AFV sleek!) Pete
  9. Nice subtle tonal variations. Gets my vote! Pete
  10. Just perfect. The weathering & faded paintwork is the best I’ve seen for a long time. Pete
  11. Very nicely done. Unusual scheme & nicely rigged. Pete
  12. Lovely job. The faded paintwork seen on the real thing is very convincingly done. Pete
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