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  1. Excellent. I’m sure your friend’s father was delighted with it. Pete
  2. Great build, finish & weathering. Not a subject I’ve seen modelled before, always nice to see modern stuff. Pete
  3. Looks great. You can be confident yours is the only 1/48 M135 on Britmodeller. Pete
  4. Looks good, nice work on the figures. I've not seen any Trumpeter figures before, they look better than I was expecting. Pete
  5. Amazing work, so much detail packed in there. The water, vegetation, stowage, sweat - just stunning. Pete
  6. Great job. Nicely built, painted, weathered & stowed. Pete
  7. I do like a nice Sea Hawk & yours certainly is. Pete
  8. A lovely rendition of a classic aeroplane. I logged quite a few of those from the terraces at Ringway many moons ago! Pete
  9. What an absolute corker! I can't think what possessed you to attempt that. Pete
  10. You've made an excellent replica of an extremely weary Hellcat. Pete
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