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  1. I wonder if this partnership makes the Denford ridiculed Spti TR.9 possibility more, or less, likely https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/news/airfix-partners-spitfirescom
  2. I think there is a thread but its a lovely subject - I just hope they do a BAC Swallow version - given the number of Fox and Puss variants I'd say it's a safe bet - I do like their kits! TT
  3. Super job well done - must get round to mine! TT
  4. It’s just a part on the left, and part on the right, put some glue on the lips and clamp the two parts tight…
  5. Ooh that’s a bit of fun. The ‘waterline option’ much like they do with ships is jolly clever TT
  6. I’m still surprised they haven’t done a Ferret in either 1/48 or 1/35- literally a global series of options for markings… TT
  7. Well that’s not quite true, for example their Messenger has an acceptable Injection canopy not a vac one.. but I take your point!
  8. I think AZ are heavily involved with Pavla now and may have taken over their moulds ie their Messenger etc? TT
  9. God bless Sova, Avis and the lot of them. Proof positive that ventilation in your workshop is a good idea Love it TT
  10. Whilst I've no doubt that it will be an uberkit -at $109 USD+ = £95.00+ tis a funny old world when Airfix have been getting online stick for a £70 1/48 Bucc which is roughly the same size give or take (35cmx30 v 40x28cm) and 1/24 Spit which is appreciably bigger for the same price! TT
  11. Thanks to the mods for moving my post to the correct place! BTW I forgot one- the 1/48 Hunter had FR10 glazing IIRC so perhaps that will be released but I note they still have plenty of F4s left in the current range …
  12. Beg your pardon, didnt see it - can the mods kindly do their 'thing'? Many thanks TT
  13. Well with the nights starting to draw in and Autumn on its way it must be time to start this annual collection of gossip and rumour! So to 2023 - Potential reboxings/new decals 1/72 Meteor F8 Aussie/PR - the parts are on the sprue 1/48 Blackburn Buccaneer RAF/Gulf -inevitable but when? 1/48 DHC Chipmunk 'Foreign Users'? - normally they squeeze at least one more boxing of a 1/48 machine out... 1/48 DH Tiger Moth 'CivilIan Users?' not done yet, they did so with their 1/72 1/72 DH Mosquito TT35? again parts are there 1/72 Bristol Beaufort - second boxing? 1/72 Avro Vulcan Black Buck? - pretty likely Could we see a reboxing of the 1/48 Hawker Fury as G-FURY? Also might the previously heralded reissue of the 1/48 DH Sea Vixen reappear - or indeed the clamoured for 1/48 EE Lightning? Vintage Classics Be interesting to see what people think might be likely here.. Bond Bug? The Beach Buggy seemed to have been a hit SA Bulldog (but see below) Piper Cherokee? Bristol Bloodhound? Rotodyne? F-84? SRN.1? New Tools 1/72 Cold War Jet of some sort - maybe a Jaguar? 1/72 - Supermarine Spitfire TR9 - they've never done a twintub and I go back to my previous 'rumouring' that a friend saw a built up example at Airfix HQ some years ago - see also the large number of warbird operators who fly them now - with either the original rear canopy or 'Grace/Melton' conversion 1/48 Propeller driven aircraft - maybe a Gannet if they want to keep their Naval theme going? 1/48 Auster - already mentioned on Rumourmonger... 1/72 Fairey Battle - as previously mentioned in other years? 1/72 Canberra - time for a new tool? 1/72 Avro Lincoln - also rumoured but did they sell sufficient Shacks to warrant another 4 engined beastie? Failing that a B-24? Finally given their successful Bomber Command and USAAF ground sets - which IMHO were excellent -surely a Cold War RAF Ground Support set or a Luftwaffe one could be in the works? Would they try and seek their previous trainer successes by newly tooling a Bulldog or even coming up to date with a Tutor for the Air Cadet dollar? Be interested to see what people think - for me any highlight would be a 1/48 Auster or the twintub Spit (obvs) to Airfix (not AZ) standard - surely just a new fuselage.... though I would find home for a Cherokee Over to you! TT
  14. Excellent stuff I have one of these in the stash sadly sans decals! Following! TT
  15. Absolutely ace! Sign me up for two Autocrats and an Alpha !
  16. Actually it was the other way round IIRC. Airfix couldn’t understand why they had so many TSR2 sales in the Far East then we’re told about the tv show which explained it- that led to the Stratos 4 licence which also let them reissue the kit which they had previously said was a ‘limited edition’ albeit with new Stratos parts though the prototype decals were also included.
  17. After completing the recent Sywell Clubhouse build it was time to go back to proper things with wings! I saw this release and was tempted by one of these wee machines at a third of the price of an SBS equivalent...read on! A64EFC86-2AC3-43B2-8515-6F9E1D66CA7B by Ben Brown, on Flickr So, first things first, its been pretty well established online that the model isnt the most accurate - the wings are too thin and the fuselage forward of the cockpits is not 'chunky' enough also there is some suggestion its too short. 251D3CAD-B535-4EC7-A0AD-B32390428295 by Ben Brown, on Flickr The elephant in the room is the cockpit openings. Now for a Hawk Major they are much smaller than say a Maggie or Hawk Trainer - the thinking being that egress with a parachute would have been made easier.B4DC3921-EF13-4CDD-9978-273DC0B85005 by Ben Brown, on Flickr As such your KP offering isnt an awfully accurate Hawk Major. Its not an awfully accurate Hawk Trainer either but it resembles the latter more with the larger cockpit 1A535A72-4AB4-46D3-912F-B95AA994DFFB by Ben Brown, on Flickr Then the decals. Well you have three versions. I can't comment on the accuracy of the NZ one K5054NZ might be the man for that but the Shell one MIGHT be in the correct colours but the registration is just in the wrong font not the 'civvy' font we all know. The other option is for a preserved example in a South American Museum and is accurate to their restoration and an attractive scheme but the font on the restored example is wrong as well! So time for a rethink - I pumped for airworthy Hawk Trainer G-ADWT which occasionally graces the hallowed turf at OW and is in a lovely (and immaculate) silver and red scheme. I dug out some of my dwindling supply of Aeroclub registration letters which match Humbrol 60 and we were on. OK they are a bit thicker than the restored machine but beggars can't be choosers. Usual KP fit ie not great with lots of PPP - but builds up ok - primed with Rustoleum white plastic primer. Then hit with Humbrol acrylic Metalcote polished ally - my 'doped silver' aint of choice thinking I could polish the cowling. For the first time ever it didnt adhere too well to the primer, perhaps I should have used it on bare plastic - I never normally have any issues - their sprays are superb. Red was brush painted 2 coats of H60 - then one coat of klear for decals - the Aeroclub decals must be 30 years old and are still superb. I use Mr Mark Setter as my go to for all decals which I think is watered down PVA - anyway it eliminates all silvering. Then a second coat of klear to seal. Note I tend to paint in matt and two coats, ONLY of klear gives an accurate semi matt sheen for doped aeroplanes IMHO. A third would make it too shiny and toy like (even if the full size shines like a new pin!) Masking tape seatbelts were the only addition - the Miles Hawk logos from KP went down fine though I think they should be handed and weren't printed that well. And that was that! The acetate windscreens cut out fine and i edged them in Moltow Chrome pen. KP, AZ, Avis produce kits of machines I really want to build. I'm not THAT much of a stickler fo accuracy as long as it builds up ok. I've lobbed together a fair few. all are a bit crude and need filler but thats half the fun - but just 10% more effort and they would be gems from the box.. I do applaud them for their subject choices, their decal chap needs to do a bit more homework and if he had drawn up a standard British civvy font on his PC he would only need to scale and colour it for each new kit.......dont be lazy and use a MS font! A64EFC86-2AC3-43B2-8515-6F9E1D66CA7B by Ben Brown, on Flickr Vickers Valletta with a twist next! TT Photo of full size by David MacCready from Flickr Miles M2W Hawk Trainer G-ADWT / Serial No: 215 / Built: 1935 by Dave Macready, on Flickr
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