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  1. All the decals are there which could be blown up to 1/48.... TT
  2. A 1/72 version has just popped up on eBay if that helps! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154607978451?hash=item23ff5a87d3:g:GKgAAOSwJNNhPjPr
  3. Just received mine they are absolutely exquisite! Well pleased- he is doing a Kranich next - also in skellington form TT
  4. Thanks T-21 replied Dromia, I've done the same - I think he might be surprised by how popular this actually is and given their size its easy to display a skellington one next to a covered version - I'll have a bash at G-AEGV then when I've finished it, someone will release the decals...! TT
  5. Released £17.00 plus £6 P&P http://laci-ltd.uk/en/kits-72/46-mignet-flying-flea-g-aeeh.html TT
  6. Very nice the muddy tracks in the grass are very effective
  7. https://www.facebook.com/ladislav.hancar Yes I know it's on facebook but there is no website! Great news as I was fed up waiting for the promised AIM one and the Aeroclub one is impossible to find! appears to be in skellington form and fully covered- awesome! TT
  8. Hello folks came across this lot the other day and their two new 1/24 'toon planes'. Now I did search the forum before I got slapped by the mods and found no hits - they seem to do a whole mishmash of stuff - possibly some Tamiya reboxes and Takom? They have a facebook page which I've not posted a link to as people who don't do facebook just complain- but no website - a list of their products seems to be here but I don't know if it is comprehensive https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/manufacturers/Suyata.html Anyone know anything about them? TT
  9. anyone else hearing Red Dwarf trumpets? ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba b baa ba baaaaa - really inventive chap - top work TT
  10. Having built this model fairly recently I can deffo say this is terrific work well done! TT
  11. Adrian is spot on - an edge of black is a good idea - I use a black sharpie on all my transparency edges before I glue them to stop internal reflection -easy to do and really works.... Krystal Klear is great stuff and it will be perfect for you - apply on a cocktail stick and run round the complete edge then draw to the centre to form a miniscus or skin - you dont need a lot though if you overdo it it can gloop outside or 'sag' to the bottom of the 'ole (turn your fuse so its horizontal whilst it cures to stop this happening) - bear in mind that it wont be completely flush with the outside skin when its dry if that bothers you (it doesn't me) I always use it for small windows if i can it saves masking - its especially good at 'porthole' or round windows... mind you I've used it to glaze 1/72 Kiowa rear doors which is really pushing the area it can cover (there is a physical size limit to the miniscus you can actually form without shlepping a shet ton of it inside the 'ole.... Its one of those things that is never off me bench! Good luck mate and well done on being voted in as a member of the Jetstream Jugglers! TT p.s make sure you varnish the airframe before you KK it - KK'ing should be the last thing you do apart from adding props and aerials etc!
  12. Were all thinking of you at this difficult time John
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