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  1. Thanks, Chris! It's fine - just something that needs sorting out before it blows up! Cheers, Mark
  2. Thanks, Alistair, should be fun (I'm really looking forward to doing the Arma FM-2 in Atlantic ASW scheme as well!), just need to sort out the right paints for this one! Cheers, Mark
  3. Thanks, chaps, it's really appreciated It's a silly thing that I should have got sorted years ago, but for various reasons didn't. Moral - if you've got a hernia, get it fixed quick!!! I'm still hoping to get some modelling in from time to time as and when I feel up to it - it's being "hunched over the bench" that's not so good! Cheers, Mark
  4. Regrettably, very little has happened on the Hurricane front, or indeed anywhere else. All I've managed to do is to add in the ends of the wheel bays on the Airfix Mk.I, and sand, lightly prime and re-sand the Mr Dissolved Putty on the wheel bay roof ejector pin marks: http:// Meanwhile, I've signed up for a couple of Group Builds, and have started my first one which can be found here. But aside from this, mojo is a little bit low at the moment as I'm a tad under the weather: without going into details (and without wanting to sound like I'm seeking sympathy!) I've
  5. I'm planning on going with Option 'B' on the instruction sheet, which is the VF-6 Wildcat embarked aboard USS Enterprise (CV-6) in 1942. However, I usually try to add a little variation to the kit-supplied decals by altering serial numbers etc, and in this case I have a little plan which should manage this but won't involve anything beyond the contents of the box! I wonder if anyone can suggest some paints for me? I normally use an airbrush, but it expired recently, and while I'm waiting for funds to buy a new one (and a new compressor, too), I don't want to be forced to sit on my
  6. So, a small start on the Airfix Wildcat, with obligatory shots, just cos Box top: http:// Instructions and decal sheet: http:// Sprues A-E in order: http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// And these are the two bits of aftermarket that I bought to go with the kit, which I won't be using as either one on its own would take the whole cost over the tenner! http:// Sprues washed and drying: http:// I don't recommend putting them in the dish washer as they go a bit wobbly.....
  7. Hi Pat, glad to be here, and I'm looking forward to taking part My assistant is Daisy - she always shows a keen interest and likes to examine kit sprues closely. Here she's checking out an Airfix rag-wing Hurricane: http:// And she's also quite good at trying to get me to concentrate on one build at a time, usually by preventing work on my current fad! http:// My den has a laminate floor, so I don't have a carpet monster per se - I do have a fluff monster, though, and if anything goes missing, its usually Daisy that's pinched it!
  8. Agreed - it's a nice little kit with a good standard of interior detail - it's a nice introduction to the Spitfire. Cheers, Mark
  9. One of these in my stash as well! Sent the other to my eldest as one of last Christmas' presents. Looking forward to seeing how it goes together! Cheers, Mark
  10. Absolutely superb work and finish, Alistair, as always! This is a really great little Wildcat that I am looking forward to trying to emulate! Cheers, Mark
  11. Fantastic, Alistair! This is one cracking Wildcat! Cheers, Mark
  12. Hi Cliff, Is there any chance I could sneak in under the wire and take part in this GB as well? I've got the From Azur Renard R-31 in my stash, and I've been looking for an excuse to get PZL or two and a Morane Parasol of some sort. Cheers, Mark
  13. Wow, Tony, amazing progress! I realise you already had the innards prepped, but that's brilliant! The dH Hornet is an aeroplane that I know very little about, so I'll be following along if I may and learning more about it! Cheers, Mark
  14. Hi Adam, I'd like to take part if this goes ahead. I've a plan to build the projected Napier Dagger-engined Hawker Hurricane, proposed as a training aircraft in 1940 to ease production demands on the RR Merlin. I'd base it on the 1/72 Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk.I, but I'm not sure yet whether I'd bash two kits together (eg Amodel Hector) or scratch-build the Dagger nose. Would that qualify? Cheers, Mark
  15. Hi Stix, That's very kind of you - I'm looking forward to taking part! Kind regards, Mark
  16. Hi, This is going to be my first-ever Group Build, and to ensure I have a chance of completion before the September deadline, I've decided to apply the principles of KISS, or "Keep it simple, stupid!" The kit cost me £8.99 (plus postage, of course) from Model Hobbies, my current first port-of-call. At the time I bought it, I intended to add a Yahu instrument panel and seatbelts, but as either of these takes the cost over the Tenner, they'll be saved for a future project. Here is the kit, still in its box and unrifled, snoozing beside my Number On
  17. Hi ME, I've been using the same cloths as I used to polish the landing lights on my Arma Hurricanes, which are these. The grades are the same as square pads, I think I've been using the 6000 grade cloth. I've not tried the Tamiya abrasive cloths, but I should think the effect would be similar, although 2500 might be a bit coarse. The thing I've found is to use little pressure and take it slowly, otherwise I go through into the underlying colour! Not ideal..... HTH! Cheers, Mark
  18. Spring chicken to doo-doo-hawk* in one easy lesson! *you know what I mean!
  19. Its a thought, Craig, but I fear I might have a similar problem with being buzzed by low-flying aircraft - that feeling of being strafed! I'll keep a pin in it for future reference, though! Cheers, Mark
  20. Hi Craig, I guess so, and the eyesight is definitely dimming! Space is definitely at a premium, though, and that's the driving factor at the moment! Cheers, Mark
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