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  1. Notice how it’s always the same one too. It’s the only one I have
  2. Iang, thank you very much! That is tremendously helpful. I'll enjoy hunting them down.
  3. Wow what a fantastic project! I’ve been working towards doing a Fairey IIID as a scratchbuilding and have been having a hard time finding references. Can I ask where you sourced the IIIF drawings from? They may have some similarities that could be useful.
  4. Thanks for the summons Adrian :) I can't speak for the Revell DH.2, as it always eluded me when I was a kid. I do remember the Macchi quite fondly though. I thought they did quite a good job on that
  5. Thank you everybody! It is super encouraging and really means a lot. Truly, thank you Hi TBJ The linen is a lightened coat of Mr Color's "Sail Color" with some light shading with artist oils afterwards. I still need to work on that a bit to get it down pat. Hopefully it goes okay on the next one Oh I think I'm done with pushers for a while. Although there is a little voice calling out to complete the trilogy and do a Vickers FB.5 Gunbus as well! I tried to do some improvements over the Fe2 this time around. Some were successful. Others not so much. The cockpit worked out better though. I was pretty happy with that. Even though I realised after taking the photo that I had forgotten to make a control stick yet.
  6. Thanks chaps. It's good to have this one out of the way. Hi Johnson, I have several optivisors but I find them much too heavy and cumbersome, especially in the summertime. I stopped using them and switched to lightweight non-prescription reading glasses like you get from chemist stores. I have a bunch in various magnifications. My current favourites are 4.5+ and 6+ which let me get things up close to my nose, while keeping one eye on whatever I'm watching on netflix
  7. This is my Airco DH.2 scratchbuilt in 1/144 scale, which I have been working on for the best part of the year. A strange thing happened during the last covid lockdown, and I received an opportunity to put together a book on scratchbuilding in 1/144 with an emphasis on WW1 aircraft. The DH.2 is one of my all-time favourite British aircraft. Not wanting to let the side down, I've been doing my best to make a good job of it. It's been a bit of a learning process and I have a few quibbles. But all things considered, it worked out pretty well. An RFC Nieuport is next!
  8. Phew! All done. 1/144 scale modelling isn't what it used to be. Nor are my eyes!
  9. Gordon Bennett! Smash it right out of the park why don't cha
  10. I love a Whitley. You've made my day
  11. Steady on. Let’s have a Siskin and Bulldog first Lovely work Airscale! These models of yours will surely be admired enjoyed by people for centuries. (not kidding. these will be in a museum one day)
  12. Hang on. I think some of these instructions are in French.
  13. That really is lovely. And amazing that you were able to produce it in just two weeks. The result really is inspiring. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
  14. Brilliant work. All the more so for the extra innovation in the markings and added challenge that vacuforms bring. Good show!
  15. It looks fantastic well done! The most brilliant bit for me is the clean patch on the rudder where the blowback from the engine was masked by the tail plane. Genius
  16. Wonderful work and very inspiring. Great choice of markings too. The close-set roundels on the wings and the extra set on the tail really set it apart. I love it.
  17. Lovely result Mike I feel your pain though. When I started, the DH.2 was absolute sheet!
  18. Thanks chaps, that is very kind! I'm glad this one went down well. I hope the next ones come out as well too if not a little better. A crazy thing happened during the last lockdown and I was given a chance via a UK publisher to put on my big-boy pants and do a book on scratchbuilding WW1 aircraft in 1/144 scale. It's a bit scary, but I'm giving it a red hot go!
  19. I’m thinking wow, with an extra dose of Pfhoaaaar!
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