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  1. Great set of images Jorge, but if you look carefully, you will notice that the exhaust stains do not come over the wings from the outermost exhausts on each wing - very clear in the images shown. The outer exhausts were below the centre-line of the wings so they exited and stained the nacelle and under wings and not over the wing as you have done in your model. Your photos clearly show 6 sets of stains while there are 8 exhausts. I'm not being critical but as a judge in many competitions it is a point I look out for as it is a common issue and is included here for your information anyway. Your
  2. That is a very impressive build. Your transparencies are a work of art alone, and the riveting sets the model apart from most builds I have seen - well done and a reward for perseverance. When you build your next one, please note that the outermost exhausts stains go under the wings and not over the top - just line them up with the wing and you will see why, and look at any photos from the war-time. Great build despite that little glitch.
  3. That is a stunning model, especially with the fuselage extensions. Is it normal to have just one prop feathered on its own? I would have thought that all four would be feathered, or have you done this to add interest and for artistic license, as you are certainly a great modelling artist.
  4. That is really lovely and an inspiration for me to get back to my Contrail vac-form version which is 1/2 done. Nice decals as well.
  5. Excellent modelling skills and fantabulous painting Heather - deep green envy from here in the Antipodes. I have exactly the same three kits in the stash with the same decals to build exactly those three aircraft so I found this an excellent post and some inspiration. Thanks you.
  6. Me again! I have also just dug out the Aircraft Illustrated Special on the dH89 and in the centre is a couple of nice photos of G-AHKV with some descriptions of the "sophisticated array of radio and navigation equipment, including a Bendix SCR269A Automatic radio compass and Ekco VHF and three other pieces of radio gear, including a fan market receiver"This put too much of a load on the electrical system and "the port Queen III was modified to drive a 1000W generator producing 24V" The photo shows a different setup behind the pilot and extra aerials and an acorn fairing above the cabin. The al
  7. OK Dave - a quick search revealed the following issues - Aeroplane Monthly November 1990, March 1994, and April 2004 as likely candidates. Have you hunted through ABIx files as they may have a host of stuff? And you are a member!.
  8. Dave - I believe there is an article in Aeroplane Monthly from some time in the distant past that included some of the info you are after - I will try to hunt it out, and it will be an excuse to cruise through the magazine stash to while away this rainy weekend!
  9. Fabulous bit of modelling and an inspiration for me to pull mine out of the stash , although I do intend doing a military one,
  10. Great work and encouraging me to fork out some readies to get one Tony - and I did not envision it being bulkier than a Dak.
  11. Like a few others, I'm a bit late to this amazing build. That model is absolutely breath-taking Jonners, and just a little different from your day job!! Thanks for sharing your techniques, successful and not so! Stored away for future reference. All the best from the Antipodes,and looking forward to the full reveal on RFI.
  12. A bit late to this build but I can only echo the praise heaped upon your work Stix, a truly lovely bit of work and I am deeply envious of your brush work skills.
  13. Oh Moa , you do keep stunning us with the weird world of aeronautical oddities. A lovely job, and am I wrong to ask if this first appeared on Internet Modeller some years back?
  14. What a lovely piece of work, great model, nice accessories and a well-planned scene. Great work. If I can offer one tiny suggestion and that would be to replace the aerial with stretched sprue or EZline to get rid of the sag.
  15. Be still oh beating heart! That is just scrumdiddlyumptious!! That interior is gorgeous and your overall finish is perfect. Oh well, back to the butterfly collection!
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