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Horatio Gruntfuttock

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  1. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    1/72 Airfix Sea King HC.4

    I can only repeat the praise of others and say that you have done a terrific job on that helicopter and your realistic finish is a treat fro the eyes - 10/10!
  2. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Revell 1/72 Spitfire Mk V

    That's a neat little build for a 'quickie' - looks good to me. I didn't know that Revell did a MkV - is it the Matchbox or Italeri kit, surely not their original rivet-box from the 1960s? ( actually I think that was a MkI or II)
  3. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Bristol Sycamore 1/72 - S&M Models

    Very nice job there. Like a number of readers I have one in the stash as well - this might persuade me to get it out - thanks for the build advice , definitely not a Tamigawa kit but one we needed.
  4. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Scratchbuilt 1/144 Airco DH11 Oxford

    That is quite stunning Jonners. I thought it was 1/72 and was most impressed until I saw the last shot when 'impressed' turned to 'gob-smacked'! Must admit I would never dream of rigging in 144 so well done there as well.
  5. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Blackburn Shark Mk.II, Eastern Express, 1/72

    Hells teeth and buckets of blood, Serge - that is just the mostest superbest rendition in plastic that I have clapped eyes on in the past year or more1 Well done - great skills in construction , detailing and finishing. Gob-smackingly beautiful work . . now back to selling my stash and buying a book on macrame.
  6. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Double Buccs

    An excellent pair of Buccs, well done with the construction and finishing of them both.
  7. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    New 1/72nd Airfix Phantom FGR.2

    Yup - I'm with you - its a choice between giving up or just trying harder. I pendulum between these extremes! Bl***y lovely Phantom.
  8. Oh my giddy aunt Mr Moa - that is just beautiful. Those resin kits are just wonderful - I have a stash of Schneider Cup racers from Karaya and the SBS Farman 190 and you are inspiring me to get at least one under way. Very well done!
  9. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    S. M. 82 Marsupiale (Italeri)

    That looks really good and well-executed paint scheme as well. I did not realise that the aircraft could carry such large bomb load!
  10. Another Moa beauty! Lovely aircraft, lovely scheme, wonderful images and great modelling.
  11. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    A Dove from above - COMPLETE

    That's odd Mr W-D - I built this kit earlier this year and mine fitted perfectly. I just beaded each aperture with white glue and popped each one in on a tooth -pick with Blue tack on the end- but I had painted her first. Such is the joy of short-run stuff I guess. It is a nice kit and fits together well - the wing trailing edges are an example of what should be achieved by other manufacturers.
  12. Now that really is yummy! Lovely clean build, great masking and paint scheme - the colour looks spot on - well done that man!
  13. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Bristol Beaufighter TF Mk.X 1/72 Airfix

    Be still, oh beating heart! An excellent job building and painting. That is really lovely Libor and it is great to see you remembered to remove the fuel pump fairings from the upper wings near the nacelles - something often overlooked.
  14. That looks great David - and may prompt me to get mine done in that format - nice work!
  15. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Beaufighter If

    That is one beau Beau - lovely finish and I agree that the red should be a bit toned down but that's the way the decals come.