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Horatio Gruntfuttock

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  1. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Airfix 1/72 Fairey Swordfish Mk.I

    Lovely job Mark - worthy of a front spot on the display shelf - I do like your delicate rigging and aerial work.
  2. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Royal Navy Airspeed Oxford T1

    That is very sweet Chris - I have a couple in the stash and might be tempted to pull one out for a look-see. You have done her justice!
  3. Horatio Gruntfuttock


    That is a cracker of a build ! just wonderful details and step-by-step for us all to ogle. It is terrific to see these old stagers come up trumps with the skills of a great modeller. Well done that man!!
  4. Always a nice scheme for the prettiest twin ever produced - well done with that ancient beast.
  5. Wow that is something special , great effort there. Lovely detail work, alterations and scheme. One question - are you sure that the prototype had cylinder head bulges on the cowlings? I have plans to build this aircraft as well and my references indicate that these bulges did not appear until the Mark VIf. I don't mean to be too critical, as your's looks terrific, but want to get my facts straight.
  6. Just fantastic - and I did not know that the flotation thingies above the cockpit had their own little float balls - you learn something every day! Great little diorama to complement your lovely work, just concerned that the sun is too bright for an English day, heh heh! Presume the wee Landies are from Caramara or Oxford?
  7. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    1/72 Special Hobby Piaggio P.108

    Thanks for that Mr Lanmi, I am more than familiar with 'finger cramp' , a regular threat to spraying comfort. Like you my airbrush has a paint volume control, actually two of them - one for the lever action and another for the flow from the cup - very handy for these intricate schemes.
  8. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    1/72 Special Hobby Piaggio P.108

    That is just splendid - beautifully modelled and the paint job is stunning - you must have amazing patience, or did you break the job up over several sessions?
  9. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Tired Ol' Defiant NF (1/72)

    That is a most convincing finish - I must have a go at this hair spray lark, pity I have not much hair myself!!
  10. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Airfix Beaufighter (RockBeau) S.E.A.C 1945

    I am not completely sure but believe they covered some pressure devise or oil pump associated with later versions. As I mentioned , they only appeared late in the series , from about RD500-ish, and are feature on all TT versions ( the Airwaves conversion contains white metal ones to add to the wings). There was a discussion about them when the kit was first released and I think that some instructions sheets note that you need to shave them off but I have not looked at mine to check. Easier to get off than to add I believe.
  11. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Airfix Beaufighter (RockBeau) S.E.A.C 1945

    That is a great job and you should be very pleased with your first airbrush efforts - I know I would be, and it is such a nice scheme. One teensy teensy point would be to check the presence of the wee bulges on the upper wings between the fuselage and nacelles - I believe these were only installed on Beaus after about RD500 - yours is a mid 300 serial so probably did not have them. But. . . I do stand to be corrected. Fine replica anyway.
  12. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Done, done and I'm on to the next one ...

    Its a nice little kit and fits like all FROG kits did. The nose may need some attention as it just looks plain wrong. Good to see her being built.
  13. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Lancaster II and the Grand Slam bomb

    Thanks to you all - seems I opened a can of worms but I now have enough info to go ahead with my intended model. Some really interesting information has been posted here.
  14. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Lancaster II and the Grand Slam bomb

    Of course! Silly Moi! I do mean the Tallboy and thanks for the information. i had suspected as much but you never know if you don't ask.
  15. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    1/72 Sepecat Jaguar T.2

    Nice looking Jaguar - this version is the best looking one IMHO. Well done.