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  1. Great galloping gonads!! That is a very special model and wonderful tribute to your brother - well done.
  2. Well, my gob is well and truly smacked - a delightful little model, beautifully built and finished. Well done and this Antipodean is completely green with envy. Thanks fro sharing your in-progress and competed images.
  3. Great little replica and how nice to see the decals weathered as well and not applied fresh over a weathered scheme. You should be proud of that one, well done.
  4. Great work Ian and I can't wait to see them 'in the flesh' - perhaps they will show up at our June meeting?
  5. Absolutely stunning little beast and how great it is to see some of the olde scratch-building techniques being used to such effect. A beautifully built and finished model - well done!!
  6. A new meaning for 'Herd Mentality" - well done with that impressive herd of buffaloes! Nice display case too.
  7. Excellent job on construction and painting - well done!
  8. Gorgeous aircraft and gorgeous model - well done!
  9. Brilliant job on that model François - I would never be game to photograph my models in that size! Your paint work and construction are wonderful - well done.
  10. Absolutely stunning and thank you so much fro including the in-progress shots . It's hard to believe that there is the old Frog kit inside that miniature masterpiece. I'll go back to my butterfly collection now.
  11. An absolute stunner - and your first rigging job is to a standard I can only dream of - well done on producing a really excellent model.
  12. Nice job and it is one of Matchbox' best kits i reckon. You might even persuade me to get mine out of the 'store of doom'.
  13. An outstanding model Mike - well done . Your finish and rigging are just wonderful. Definitely a 'keeper'.
  14. Another gob-smackingly wonderful model Giampiero and I always stare in wonder at your brush-painting skills.
  15. Thank you all chaps - the shared info is really helpful, and John ( Nimrod54 - one of my musical favourites BTW!), your build was an absolute stunner and full of great tips , a million thanks. I can now make a heap of progress with my builds. AMB , the colours for royal aircraft is particularly helpful. Unfortunately I don't post images on BM as I find the rigmarole of using third party to host images a real PITA - sorry. However, I love looking at all your work from the Antipodes and have met up with a couple of you on my infrequent visits to England ( I caught up with Jonners at Farnborough in 2018), and i hopefully make appreciative comments about your masterpieces. If I am allowed to refer to AMWS ( another modelling web-site), then I will point you to Hyperscale where my work appears under the moniker of 'gcarter17'. Thanks again.
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