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  1. Oh Moa , you do keep stunning us with the weird world of aeronautical oddities. A lovely job, and am I wrong to ask if this first appeared on Internet Modeller some years back?
  2. What a lovely piece of work, great model, nice accessories and a well-planned scene. Great work. If I can offer one tiny suggestion and that would be to replace the aerial with stretched sprue or EZline to get rid of the sag.
  3. Be still oh beating heart! That is just scrumdiddlyumptious!! That interior is gorgeous and your overall finish is perfect. Oh well, back to the butterfly collection!
  4. Nice work on that lovely kit and how good is it to see some Seth Efrican markings on a plane . Mind you, I'm surprised she is still on her undercart after landing on that landing ground! These ARMA kits are gems aren't they?
  5. You should be very proud of this model - I think you have done splendid job, looks great from down here in the Antipodes. Nice paintwork and general assembly of what I have seen to be a fairly complex build. If I can offer one suggestion? - just check all your joint lines as the ones under the nose and rear fuselage against a pale paint scheme needed a little bit of filling. Just glue it to a base and no-one will ever know!! ha ha!
  6. That really is stunning work and I have scribbled down some notes for my next scratch-build. Thanks so much for sharing those images which helped to clarify your techniques, just brilliant, especially in 1/72. I think I will go back to my butterfly collection now and clean up the dribble!!
  7. A very fine pair - well done on achieving such fine finishes on both - have you had enough propeller-blade-therapy yet?? You must be doing those in your sleep!
  8. Scrumdidlyumptious!! A perfect model and I was very, very impressed with your woodwork painting in that cockpit area - just stunning and so realistic. Well done!
  9. That is just stunning! Well done . I have been wrestling with the Karaya 1/72 kit and I appreciate the enormous work you have done with this one - great stuff and an inspiration for me to get back to mine.
  10. Lovely job and a credit to your modelling and painting skills. Those wing folds are brilliant and at least double the number of models you can fit on a shelf! BONUS!
  11. That's lovely job , on both kits but especially the Broplan model which we all know to be much more work than most vac-forms. Well done and a nice finish as well.
  12. That is just superb - great skills and execution. Love the twilight shots as they look incredibly realistic. Well done!
  13. If I can add my two cents worth. I have built around forty vac-formed models and my method is to run very sharp 2B or 4B pencil around each part and then use a P-Cutter held at 45° to run round each part. Lightly at first and then again but more firmly, and then to snap the parts out of the backing. This leaves a very thin triangle to shave off either with blade or a sanding surface. small pieces can be removed, albeit at some risk to your fingers, by sliding brand-new blade under each part with cutting motion.
  14. That is quite stunning Jon - great finish and detailing - well done. Your moulding of that kit looked to be far superior to one I did a few years back. Mine must have been a later mould as it was much 'softer' than your nice clean set of parts. Don't know if you remember me but we met beside the Coast Watch hello at Farnborough in 2018 when I was over on the Aussie RAF 100 tour. Hope all is well with you - still flying helos?
  15. The Hyperscale What's New page has the latest information, and , like Torbjorn, I fervently hope that WNW will resurface in another form and another place. They are just too good to be lost. The sad news in that TVAL has possibly closed up shop as well.
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