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Horatio Gruntfuttock

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  1. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Bristol Beaufighter TF Mk.X 1/72 Airfix

    Be still, oh beating heart! An excellent job building and painting. That is really lovely Libor and it is great to see you remembered to remove the fuel pump fairings from the upper wings near the nacelles - something often overlooked.
  2. That looks great David - and may prompt me to get mine done in that format - nice work!
  3. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Beaufighter If

    That is one beau Beau - lovely finish and I agree that the red should be a bit toned down but that's the way the decals come.
  4. This is well and truly smacking my gob! Great skills and patience and attention to detail - this could persuade me to get a move on with my 1/72 version of this particular aircraft,
  5. That really is stunning - great NMF and I like the lighting effect as well - how on earth did you get the wiring up the clear rod without it being visible? Very clever.
  6. Oh dear Mr Moa - you make my brain ache in pure wonder at your skills in construction and finishing! What pretty little aeroplane that one is - well done again and it makes me feel like pulling out my Khee-Kha kit to give it a go.
  7. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    1/72 RS Models Avro 671 Rota MkI

    A cracker of a model there and I do like your choice of colour scheme - nicely executed.
  8. That is scrum-diddly-umptious Mr Moa - what lovely little plane with such an interesting story-line. I also enjoyed your attempt at macrame in the tail-feather shot. Thanks again for a break-down image to show just what you work with - great stuff!
  9. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    Messerschmitt Bf110C

    Excellent skills and your masking is exemplary.
  10. Another fascinating piece of aeronautical history and thanks for both the back-story and the break-down of parts for this aircraft. As usual, you have assembled and painted a lovely little model - just wonderful. I am green with envy at your skills and patience.
  11. I have added some info to Julian's review page. Hope it is useful.
  12. I am building/working on both kits - suffice to say they are lovely but need a lot of test fitting and care in interpreting the instructions which are rather generic and do not reflect the parts in the boxes nor the actual aeroplanes represented therein. The general fit of major components is good, but the slot-in nose and rear fuselage underside parts need a bit of fettling. Also be aware that the examples in various museums may not be true to type - the one that is at , I think , Moorabin is a MkIV and cannot be built with these kits ( use the old FROG one) and the one at the South Australian Air Museum is a Mark II that was converted into a civil hack for the Church Mission Society and then into a MarkIII for the museum but still has the Mk II radios behind the rear seats whereas the Mk II has the radio beside the pilot in most cases. The Vega Gull kit should not have landing lights in the wings while the Proctors should have them in both wings while the kits include them in the port wings for both versions - easily fixed. Seats are incorrect for both versions and the control columns are not for all versions - the military ones appear to have sticks rather than spade grips but I could be wrong. Both kits include a lot of 'spare' parts that indicate further versions in the future and several parts have no reference in the instructions, the PE being particularly the case, some of which is beyond my ability to handle being too small for my clumsy fingers.
  13. A stunning model of a very unusual aeroplane. Well done, again, with both the Staaken and the Tourer.
  14. Horatio Gruntfuttock

    RAAF Beaufighter target tug

    That is really lovely - beautifully clean and well painted. Could we possibly have a peek at her (giggle, giggle) stripey bottom??
  15. Another truly wonderful model Moa - I'm a bit concerned with the flying shot and the open passenger door!! heh heh! The interior looks wonderful, especially the ablutions room and the lovely fabric pattern on the lower walls - great stuff!!