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  1. A nice job and your ability to brush on silver paint is streets ahead of mine - well done!
  2. Absolutely stunning replica - fabulous metallic finish. Brought back childhood memories as my first flight was from Bombay to Colombo in a BOAC Comet 4 as a lad in 1961. I spent the trip glued to the window watching the towns and villages drift by outside. Lovely job.
  3. Having seen this model through its construction phases all I can say is that that is a wonderful conclusion Ian. Beautiful paintwork - another classic Ian scratch build. See you on Saturday!!
  4. A fascinating story - love the repaints and the old images, or real photos, from the past. Your sign writing skills are wonderful - well done
  5. I do like that tarp idea and the method of attaching it - well done, and lovely build as well. I remember covering part of a Rareplane Stinson Grasshopper with a tarp aft I botched up one of the wing to canopy joints - worked for me!
  6. I agree about the woeful settling powers of those dayglo decals Shaun. I ended up replacing them with Tauro dayglo decals which fit like a glove. A lovely little model in her new clothes!
  7. Oh my sainted aunt! That is just wonderful Moa, you are a true modelling giant! I built this kit a decade or so ago and was lucky enough to score 'best in show' at the ScaleACT competition in Canberra in 2009 but yours is light years better than my attempt. I'm in awe. As an aside I knew an English engineer who has left us now but who lived near Croydon airport in the 1930s and he would tell of seeing these beasts flying onto the grass strips, engines barely ticking over and softly drifting in like giant moths, an image that has stayed with me.
  8. That is absolutely stunning. Your rigging and the stretchers are impossibly small and yet look just terrific, having built couple of these kits I can appreciate your skills - "gob well and truly smacked"!
  9. That looks just scrumptious in those colours - just needs a set of PE 'Gaunt Guards' inside the nacelles as shown in all photos of the plane - named after a chap who got sucked into the orifice during an engine run! Good luck finding some but I suspect you could use some PE engine grills from an AFV such as the Tiger or Leopard tanks.
  10. Another gem Moa , and I can hardly wait to start mine , which arrived from the Big H last Thursday - yours is just lovely and I can only hope mine goes as well. I was under the impression that G-EBJU was a single seater or did she appear in both configurations?
  11. A stunning replica - well done - that rigging looks the bee's knees.
  12. A great result from a 'fits where it touches' kit - well done. I am fairly sure that Dujin did a resin one as well as I have one in the stash and it looks as poor as the Magna one.
  13. Hooly dooly ! That is lovely Moa and how comfortable Annie looks in civil colours. Well done sir.
  14. That really is splendid rendition of that old kit - well done. Lovely smooth finish and the cars really add that extra sense of reality.
  15. Very nice pair - the new kit of the SR53 is obviously much better than the ancient Airfix offering!
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