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  1. @vytautas, Thank you Vytautas! I appreciate that; it is frustrating to not be able to do much when I have a lot that needs doing. Oh well, time heals all wounds, or is that, "time wounds all heels"? The foot feels much better, while the tendon injury remains more troublesome. All in all, I'm fortunate compared to so many others. Thanks for everyone's concern for me!
  2. Well, it turns out that there is a fracture of the big toe on my right foot, near where it joins to the foot. I'll get fitted for one of those big, black "walking boots" tomorrow morning. WhooPee! Meanwhile, I've had the right foot encased in ice for a couple sessions this afternoon. My doctor has ordered a referral to a podiatrist as well, to see what they think. The pain isn't as bad now, and the torn knee tendon hurts much worse. Thanks for the well-wishes @Maddoxx77! Here are a few progress pics : injured left "index" toe: encased in ice (getting double-duty from that ice-note the drink in the corner):
  3. Thank you so much for those good wishes @echen! Both feet were x-rayed and my doctor didn't think there was a fracture but we'll see what the radiologist says after seeing the x-rays. I'm to stay off it, and keep it iced for now...then I guess it's waiting for TIME to do its thing!
  4. Hey @Maddoxx77! It's wonderful to hear from you again. I wish I had good news to report; but it's starting to feel like "when it rains, it pours!" around here. I've been dealing with a torn tendon just under my right knee for about 6 weeks and have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist coming up. But yesterday, I somehow got my feet tangled up while walking out onto our back porch and fell hard. My right foot is really swelled up and sort of purple, hurting like hell too! I see my primary-care doctor at 10 am this morning (about an hour from this posting) and I'll see what he says. Perhaps I'll be on crutches or a "walking boot" after that? Anyway, it has really been a set-back, as I sure don't feel like doing any model work at the moment. Damn. I really appreciate your support Maddoxx77, and look forward to getting more done on this Bulldog! Thanks so much for commenting!
  5. Great to hear from you @BerndM! Thank you for commenting, I sure appreciate the support and encouragement. I'm finding this project to be a lot of fun and a great diversion from aircraft builds. It just seems a lot less stressful to me (so far! ). I am also glad that this tank might've given you some ideas for your own M41 build; I'm look forward to seeing that one too! Thanks again Bernd!
  6. Well, hello to you too EB! Thank you so much for those kind comments! High praise from an expert modeler! I feel honored to be the recipient of your first post here at BM; there are some pretty good ol' boys 'round here, and some damned good modelers too. I hope to post some progress soon, still dealing with an issue or two but I feel the need to scratch that modeling itch! I'll probably tackle some crates and boxes next, please stay tuned! Much appreciated sir! Thanks for the generous comments Ed!
  7. Mike, what a wonderful comment to wake up to here in hot ol' Central Texas! Thanks so much my good friend for those kind words. They mean a lot to me Mike! And thanks also to @Dric for your "like" for the model! Cheers!
  8. Thanks so much for your kind comments Michael @WildeSau75! I really appreciate it!
  9. Jean, she's far from a masterpiece, but I am very happy to read your wonderful comments mon ami! It doesn't seem like a year has passed since I presented the model here, but it almost has. As for more, I do have some pics of my work under my profile here at BM. Please have a look and see if there are any you may have missed. Cheers to you as well Jean! Thanks also to @Unfinished project, @Bigglesof266, @Maginot, @Pantherhawk27263, @Mozzy19 and @CJP for their recent likes for the Tigercat! Cheers gentlemen!
  10. Oh my, what a pleasant surprise to see my Tigercat get some more love! Thanks @SoftScience for your wonderful comments! I am so glad that you like her! And thanks also @ilj for the "like"! Here's wishing all a great Saturday night!
  11. Hi Peter! Great to hear from you! I've been busier than a pair of jumper cables at a family reunion. I haven't touched the tank in two weeks. I've had several other "tasks" to get done and a few other issues as well, but there will soon be more to report. Hang on for an update in a few days and thanks for the bump my friend! Enjoy the upcoming weekend.
  12. Wonderful result! Incredibly well done Ivo...and yes, those tracks are brilliant!
  13. I concur. That is amazing art, scale realism personified!
  14. Thank you sir! I really appreciate that! Why, thanks Bertie! That is so kind of you to say. I do believe that is the first time anyone has called my rate of work impressive. I tend to think of myself as one of the world's slowest modelers, as it takes me forever to finish a 1/48 airplane. I'm glad the enthusiasm is coming through because it has been a fun project and I feel like I'm learning new stuff as I go. Perhaps it's not too late for old dogs and new tricks? Thanks to all of you who have stopped by for a visit and had a look at the Bulldog. I sincerely appreciate your interest and especially all the nice comments! Have a grand weekend...and as always, onward through the fog!
  15. Wow, that does look great! Fine work @MVTB, with a superb paint job!
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