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  1. Lol, I had the same thought! Brrrrrrrr...
  2. Incredible brush work Chris! Man, I don't see how you brush guys get that fine finish; heck, I still struggle to achieve the same with an airbrush. This is a great looking 190, and a nice gift from your daughter. You, and she, should be quite proud if it!
  3. Well, I would say that this wonderful scale model leaves me speechless, but obviously, that is not the case. Instead, I will say that this is some of the finest modeling work I've ever seen. Your added details have enhanced and completed a true work of model art; please sir, take a well-deserved bow for this excellent result! and, I'm certainly "borrowing" that painting technique (described just above ^^^) on my next camo-job!
  4. Fantastic scale modeling! I believe that's the best weathered winter finish I've seen yet. I really like your work in the cockpit as well; man, this is a great airplane model GRK!
  5. Wow. Just amazing scale modeling Mike! What could I possibly add that hasn't been said already; you da man?
  6. That is absolutely stunning Pete! Across the pond, I never learned much about the Javelin but I do admire them now. Your's is a fantastic scale model with an amazing paint job! Oh, those stripes!!
  7. So ugly that they're cute! No, really, the F-35's looks are starting to grow on me. I think they look pretty cool now and suspect that they will prove to be a real bad*ss in battle. This is a great example and a super modeling job!
  8. That is a beautiful scale model and some excellent work! Very impressive in every aspect. But, I must say it's the only model Hun I've seen with no paint damage around the engine area. She must be brand spankin' new!
  9. Very nice scale model work here! That's a great looking plane and the paint and weathering look spot on to me as well. Congrats on a fantastic debut Frederic!
  10. Very impressive claudius! Great paintwork on the S.79 too! What are the issues with the Trumpeter kit? The type is a favorite of mine and I need an Italian WWII model in my collection of multi-engined birds.
  11. She's a cracker Vinnie! Quite nice indeed sir; may I ask what scale? I have the old 1/48 Hobbycraft P-26 in my stash and get it out from time to time, think about starting it, and then back on the shelf it goes. Your model does inspire me! Thanks for showing her to us here.
  12. Great looking model Werner! All of them look really good in fact! Love seeing the group pics.
  13. Great work on the tribute bird, and kudos as well for the group! They are all fine looking models. Giddy yup indeed!
  14. Wow! I'm very impressed with your woodcraft skills! Mighty neat work.
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