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  1. Yes sir, that is something else! Wow. Some amazing modeling skills on display, and an incredible attention to the details. For instance, along with the aforementioned bomb wiring, I was drawn to the inside of the intakes. Great replication of an area not often "modeled"!
  2. Great looking Lightning sir! She looks fantastic sitting in that sunlight.
  3. Incredibly good paintwork Libor! What a great model in any scale!
  4. Great work! I love the hand-painted stripes so much, what a cool touch! Super scale modeling here mcdonnell. but wait, is it a "Tiger", or a "Panther"?
  5. Lookin' good from what I can see Loren! Not an oft-seen type for sure, at least not for me. Thanks for sharing her!
  6. I agree with all the previous comments. That's a very classy and great looking Tomcat! I've recently acquired this kit and only hope I can do it justice when its time comes. Congrats on some mighty fine scale modeling Dave!
  7. Great scale model work Bob! A fantastic 109 to inspire us all!
  8. Bloody strewth mate! That's a superb scale model; most excellent indeed!
  9. That means a lot to me Bernd, thanks again! I'm looking forward to seeing your MiG-17F too. And again I thank you Duncan! I really appreciate those kind words.
  10. Thanks so much for the kind words Bernd! I am really pleased that you liked the MiG!
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