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  1. Stupendous build Wafu! I love the dashes of color and the subtle tonal variations too.
  2. Thanks for adding that link Gidge. Interesting...it seems they've cribbed at least a couple of the ideas I used on my long-ago J7W3 design. That's an interim type I suppose.
  3. I love to see these aircraft built! (see avatar pic ) Your model looks great to me! I've always thought the Shinden had the most "futuristic" appearance of any WWII airplane and it might have had a successful career if events had been otherwise. As for a proposed jet version...well, have I got a story for you. You may find this tale interesting. Japanese Jet Ace
  4. Amazing Bearcat Jon! Your paintwork is impeccable sir, and very nicely weathered too. Hard to beat a model like this!!
  5. I agree with Michael's comments above. That's a great build of an old classic! Your added details make such nice improvements to the original kit Joe. While not as nice as your version, I've done that Monogram Dauntless too (hasn't everybody by now? ) and here's a look at it: Monogram SBD
  6. Hey Michael! Thanks for the comments my friend. Yeah, when that model was built, I had never even heard of panel washes. The few lines on this one that are accentuated were all done several years post-completion...when that little bit of modeling knowledge I had acquired began to creep into my construction. See, it is true that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  7. Man, that is a great looking 190 and the photography is simply superb Joe. I really like the detail of the opened panels, it makes the model much more dynamic imho. Thanks for bumping this one back to the top!
  8. Thank you Tony! There's no doubt that it really makes the models look better, and that natural light is hard to beat as well. Thanks for commenting my friend!
  9. Incredible modeling! Bloody strewth mate, you take the cake with this one. What small-scale precision and craftsmanship is on display in your work sir! And, those tiny spoked wheels...just too much! Wow.
  10. Great job Bill! I think the photos look good too!
  11. She still looks about the same after 33 years...wish the same was true for me! Thanks for the nice comments F-32!
  12. Many thanks Chris! Ah yes, those Travelairs! You've set a high standard indeed with your beauty! Thanks so much Steve! I think she did photograph well at the airport; shame about the droopy pitot though, but it happens to us all eventually. Thanks also to all who've taken time to "like" this old model. I do appreciate that kind gesture too!
  13. Thanks Jackson! That wasn't too tough was it? Thanks for those kind words Peter! I do appreciate that. Thanks my friend!
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