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  1. That is very impressive! And big! Great looking Peacemaker sir. Many years ago, the last B-36 built, "City of Fort Worth" was on static display in that city. When I was about 10 or 11, my Dad, Uncle, and my cousin drove over from their home in Garland, Texas to take a look at it. I can still recall how impressed I was by its immense size. There was a boarding ladder extended down from the belly of the beast. My cousin, about 13, and I climbed it right up into the aircraft. To this day, it's hard for me to believe that it was open like that. Our little group were the only folks there, and cousin Mike and I walked made our way into the cockpit and took a seat, me on the left and Mike in the right-hand seat. I was enjoying the view and looking around the cockpit when Mike flipped a console switch and somewhere, a whirring sound commenced. He and I looked at each other and bolted out of that plane! I never knew what happened or how it could've activated anything on a long-parked display aircraft. I do recall my Dad and Uncle standing beside the main gear when we exited the craft and was amazed at the size of those tires. Here's a bit about that particular B-36: "City of Fort Worth" A photo of the bomber while on display at Amon Carter Field, Ft. Worth, around 1965, very near the time when we visited I imagine.
  2. Many thanks Steve! I've seen that you know your way around a Panther model; your compliments mean a lot to me sir. Cheers!
  3. Yes, yes, yes! I really like that model. As a "newish" member here, I know I've missed so many great builds and I'm always grateful to get a chance to see them on a second time around. Thanks for posting your link, and leading me to this build. I would be proud to have that one in my display case!
  4. Thanks Steve! I'm off to follow that link! Much obliged for that. Thanks Wulfman! I'm glad you commented, on both the "meat" and the model! I appreciate it man.
  5. Hey Steve, thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated by this old guy! Your Panther is so cool! I don't think I've seen that scheme before; it's very striking and colorful with those yellow wings n' things! It's a terrific little kit isn't it? And as you said, very often overlooked now. I would sure enjoy seeing more of your Panther model Steve, has it been posted here at BM? Here's my take of that kit: Monogram F9F Panther
  6. Thanks so much Hairtrigger! You're just too kind sir; I'm really glad you enjoyed the pics and planes though! I appreciate the comments for sure!
  7. That is one cool little model! Love seeing it! Dust bunnies!?! I hate those wascally devils! wabbit hunting!
  8. Thanks for posting these Michael! They do look great, and it's impressive to see what you've made of them. I'm so glad you posted them for everyone to see just what a fine model is lurking in those Monogram Mustangs. As you might guess, I have also built the Monogram P-51D, in the markings of Drew Urban's "Detroit Miss". It was built in 1989, and is one of my Monogram kits that has never "stood before the camera". It was about my 5th or 6th completion after restarting the hobby, iirc. Maybe it should take that short ride out to the airport and see how it looks out there? Crude by the standards you set with those beautiful Mustangs of yours, I admit that I'm now curious to see how she photographs. Thanks for the pics and thanks for the inspiration as well!
  9. "The wheels etc are also scratch, sometimes I'm lucky and find a part in the scrapbox, but mostly I have to make it myself. For the wheels I have a simple solution, a small dremmel and a hobby knife and very important......a pair of glasses to protect your eyes...." Amazing, simply amazing John!
  10. Darned nice brushwork Tony! (and I know it when I see after many years as a house painter, specializing in brushing enamel) I am very impressed with this model! Great restoration sir! ps. With each Beaufighter model I see, I like the type more and more; I would like one in my collection too!
  11. Very nice! I'm about to embark on a build, in 1/48, with the same scheme. Your's looks great Phil!
  12. @Mohawk, I am so embarrassed that I overlooked replying to your post. Please accept my sincere apology for that, it was certainly unintended. Getting old sucks, but it beats the alternatives, so far. Thanks so much for the kind words sir! I'm glad to hear that you're having a good time with your Voodoo build. Is it the 1/48 version? They are really nice models; I've done the RF-101B so far and have an F-101B still in my Monogram stash. I look forward to seeing your model here on BM! my Monogram Voodoo
  13. That's very nice John! When you scratch-build, does that include parts like tires and wheels, or do you source those from somewhere else? Thanks!
  14. I love it! Very well done and a cool model plane!
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