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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, model class is now in session. Wow, Mathy, you do it again! Seriously, where do you store these real aircraft? Must have a helluva hanger. Dude, your skills are just off the chart; may I respectfully ask how long you've been building models? Fantastic T-Bolt dude!
  2. Wow, that's a beauty John! What a cool scratch-build! I find it simply amazing that such a beautiful model can be "created" from a pile of plastic card and wood. Audacious and ambitious beyond my wildest dreams, your craftsmanship inspires me every time I see it here. Thanks for that John!
  3. Thanks for that info Martian! Yeah, "winch"...that's the word I was thinking of but just couldn't get it out, lol. Reeling mechanism...sheesh.
  4. Very cool and striking! Great job on a difficult build! Is the small prop on the SB side connected to a reeling mechanism for the targets?
  5. I've always rather liked the MiG-23/27 family. I have the old and poor AMT (ex-Esci?) MiG-27 in 1/48 but I doubt that it will ever see the light o' day as a finished model. Your terrific 23 is really an great inspiration to fans of that type. Thanks for posting your build of a type not often seen on model forums. She's a great looking model!
  6. Beautiful G! Great work all around. Man, you guys have it going on don't you?!?! One fantastic bird after another, bravo!!
  7. Yes, very nice work! You should be proud of your results here!
  8. Sweet build of an iconic Cold Warrior! Man, those F-5s just have the classic shape for a jet fighter, long live those great '50s designs!
  9. Smacked my gob too! Dayum, that is some fantastic modeling, especially that striking camo job. Very impressive for sure!
  10. Beauty Russ! I love that era of flight so much, it's a bloody shame they all had that darned rigging! As usual, you've done a fantastic job on the model and I love that drab, monotone look. I'm glad you posted this old warbird!
  11. You got it mate! She looks great and would be a worthy, and welcome addition to anyone's display!
  12. Well I'll be damned. There they are. How can these pics still be seen when none of the others show up? Very strange indeed...
  13. Well, the last day that I could use my Photobucket account was December 18. It has been down since. Mine must be one of the last accounts that hasn't been restored yet since their big "power outage". The last model that I posted here was my F-104 and the pics went down that very day. But...The oddest thing about this is that in spite of the fact that none of my pics are now showing up (here or anywhere else on the 'net), there is one thread in which the photos still appear. And that is this one. I'm bumping it to see if they actually do show up when the thread is brought back to life. Please bear with me as I try to keep my cool over the fact that PB dropped the ball bigtime.
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