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  1. The blue has gone! Undercoat now on and as usual has shown up dents and defects. So more filler required
  2. Thank you for a very detailed superb build. I'm looking to build a H version (41-29433) in the future and this build has answered a lot of questions.
  3. Engine inlet reprofiled Sink marks filled Checking over the model at this point I noticed the tailplane from above looked wrong from above as was not even. It was then removed and to bring it right another gap now needs filling. Hope to get a first coat of grey alclad undercoat on tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, i've been looking at the site and has helped. Please keep an eye on the build so I don't make any silly mistakes.
  5. Lovely work. I found it interesting to see the tanker conversion to the bomb bay as yesterday I was at the RAF Marham museum with someone who may well have worked on the original aircraft.
  6. I've run out of filler so waiting for some to arrive. Meanwhile the wings have gone on. A problem has shown up with the engine inlets, the port side is higher than the starboard. I think I will have to cut off the inlet and try to drop it and reprofile the engine area. Looking from the side both wings look even so the problem looks to be with the shape of the engine nacelle.
  7. The translucent blue plastic is horrible to work with, having sanded down the dimples in the fuselage, it's shown up many more places needing filling. The model is going to look like a lepard soon!
  8. Yes I dont think it will be a huge problem, I'm treating the kit like a vacform and flat sanding the mating edges on a sheet of wet and dry. My main concern at the moment is how much extra weight will be needed in the nose to ballance it out. Ballance wont be critical as it's going to be glued down to a display base (I Hope!)
  9. The fuselage is now straight, I clamped the side down finger tight to a block of wood and used a heat gun to soften the plastic. It worked well but has left a slight dip where the trailing edge of the port wing fits.
  10. Hi, With help from Canberra Kid i've identified a aircraft (WK115 ) I want to build for a surprise Christmas present for someone who worked on the Squadron and possibly the aircraft. The starting point is the 1/72 kit from High Planes and a decal set from Hannants. There was a crack down one engine and the port side is very warped, also note sink marks in the moulding.
  11. Thanks John, that has answered so many questions.
  12. That's brilliant thank you so much! I think I will do it as a standard aircraft without the Hind, but put a squadron badge on the base. One last question any idea as to what markings squadron codes will be and are there any decal sheets that can be modified regards the squadron code? Thanks Ian
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