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  1. Excellent , great to see in the classic scheme
  2. Superb, one of if not the best scheme the Skyhawk ever wore imo
  3. Very nice, lovely scheme
  4. Hi, here’s another recent finish. Tried scratch building the small intake on the port side behind the cockpit as it’s not in the kit, not brilliant or completely correct shape wise but it’ll do for me! Used a Master metal pitot plus some seatbelts from spares, otherwise SFTB.
  5. Hi here’s one I finished a little while ago. Nice kit
  6. Very nicely done, lovely pair of shorts in the last pics!
  7. Fabulous work, love the details and the exhaust effects, easy to overdo in the small scale. Looks like a nice place of work!
  8. That’s just excellent! Hope it’s not too long before you show another finished build here!
  9. That’s really impressive, excellent job
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