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  1. There is just so much cracking work and cracking thought and cracking detail here that your build is just... um.. Cracking! um, sorry. Loving this! The blether is good too. I seriously hope this turns out better than you expected! And, I think it will!
  2. Got directed here from another post. That is an absolutely fabulous, museum quality display! Beautifully and inspirationally done indeed! Well done mate!
  3. Some excellent models there, and scratchbuilt too! Nothing wrong with your English. Show us more please!
  4. Great to see this wee, absolute beauty back on the production line! You've shown incredible skill & ingenuity and I've learned a lot from what you're doing here. I love these wee 1/144 planes (fighters / small military transports, not tubeliners) and I'm building quite a collection which includes an Airco DH.2 If I can learn to scratch build what I want then even better although I've had quite a fight with a 1/144 Valom Sopwith Pup using PE struts and Ushci thread. The superglue just isn't strong enough to hold the struts. I think I'll try your vaping wire method.
  5. A beauty! An absolute cracker! You should be very proud of that! I love these wee 1/144 aircraft.
  6. Been to both Stranraer and West Freugh several times. West Freugh, in particular, is a long way from anywhere.
  7. Eh? You're a bad man!
  8. Nope. Looks like 1/144 is your perfect scale! Lovely build and a cracking model!
  9. Quite seriously impressed with her work so far!
  10. If you mean the two very slight paint ridges on the middle part of the bridge, perhaps some gentle sanding with a buffing stick will sort it? Until you mentioned it I hadn't noticed it... And even then I had to look hard to see the problem. Don't be too hard on yourself. Love the 1:1 boat!!!
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