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  1. A beauty! An absolute cracker! You should be very proud of that! I love these wee 1/144 aircraft.
  2. Been to both Stranraer and West Freugh several times. West Freugh, in particular, is a long way from anywhere.
  3. Eh? You're a bad man!
  4. Nope. Looks like 1/144 is your perfect scale! Lovely build and a cracking model!
  5. Quite seriously impressed with her work so far!
  6. If you mean the two very slight paint ridges on the middle part of the bridge, perhaps some gentle sanding with a buffing stick will sort it? Until you mentioned it I hadn't noticed it... And even then I had to look hard to see the problem. Don't be too hard on yourself. Love the 1:1 boat!!!
  7. A very sad loss, especially to Her Majesty, The Queen.
  8. Try dangling them on fibre optic cable instead of wire? 0.50mm or 0.75mm might do the job. Unfortunately I won't get near my modelling stuff for another few weeks so can't advise on the diameter but it is extremely clear and hides well. I would advise against trying to light the Dementors & FO cable with LEDs as that leads to another well of light darkness.
  9. It would be a terrible pity to cover this incredible work with a fuselage and wings!
  10. Fabulous work Dirk! Really quite fabulous! Would the black areas be wood or metal?
  11. Welcome to the site and you have some seriously nice models / dioramas there!
  12. I bought a Valom 1:144 Sopwith Pup - dual combo last July from a site. On opening the sealed pack (very carefully as I knew there was tiny PE in it) I found that the PE was missing. As the PE was for the undercarriage and struts it would be sorely missed. I emailed Václav at www.valom.net. In a very quick return email he apologised and said a new PE set would be dispatched the next day. Sure enough, about a week later a new PE fret arrived in the post from the Czech Republic. Sometimes it really is worth contacting the manufacturer and the Valom response was superb!!! Rigging the wee beggar in 1/144 has been a different matter...
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