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  1. Tried it for a laugh. Says I'm from Glasgow. The instant I spoke most Scots (and possibly even a lot of the English) would identify the accent as from somewhere in The Hebrides, aka The Western Isles. A fair hike from Glasgow.
  2. It's quite amazing what some modellers here use that "aren't necessarily specific modelling products". "We" use: Floor polish as varnish, Isopon car filler for shaping and filling ship's hulls, sewing thread as plastic saws, belt hole cutters as plastic disc cutters, Clear silicon bathroom sealant for making a sea scape... The list is endless. When wife and daughter are in the wimmen's make up section, I spend time, looking bored, but surreptitiously lurking for files and nail polishers etc which are perfect for modelling. I'm think of getting Daughter to buy some of the resin nail making stuff to try out on models and recently I stole (borrowed) her latest eyebrow tweezers as they're actually very delicate, VERY strong and they're the best I've ever used for handling very small parts. I haunt the flower arranging section in Hobby Craft as you can pick up some superb and very thin different scales of wire there that's perfect for model tank / plane / ship bits. My wife finds it highly amusing to watch me retrieve something she's thrown into the bin to add to my "Scratchbuild resources" (What she calls my rubbish pile) for possible future use. Last week she caught me dismantling one of her wee patio lights (has a wee solar panel that charges a battery thar runs a wee LED, you know the things) and asked what I was doing. I replied innocently that "the battery was U/S and I was just going to change it". "It was fine last night" she replied "and why does it now have one of your modelling candlelight LEDs attached to it? Were you thinking of putting it in that America Yacht model by any chance? Put it back together and back in my plant pot!" Curses! Foiled again! Now I've just texted a mate whose having house renovation done to see if he has any of the insulation stuff mentioned to see if I can find a use for it... Seascapes, ship's hulls, superstructure etc... I'm rather sad really...
  3. In the texts underneath the video it says: "Its called "kingspan" it is covered in a silver outer made of tin foil or silver cardboard, just peel it off, the boards are large, 5ft x2+1/2 foot or so." "AK Interactive Official 7 months ago Insulation foam :)"
  4. An absolute cracker mate, a wee cracker! As you say, it's a lovely wee kit, goes together nicely and is well worth the money!
  5. That's a really lovely and clean build there mate, nice job on something so small. May I ask... What's the strange green thing parked next to it? I take it the single wheel is at the front of the "aircraft"?
  6. Murdo

    Hot Product?

    Perhaps the "Artist" who designed the label is: Colour blind google Specsavers. Or perhaps just blind. Or is non human. Never met Richard 3rd. Has never polished one ... So many possibilities here... Could start off another Four Word Discussion
  7. If the fumes don't go inert then - add some black ink to the glue and you might have natural smoke from the 'chimney' for years to come.
  8. Thanks Kev, I didn't know that, very useful information! Maybe my desire to get airtight seals on my models isn't a good idea after all. I assume then that the fumes don't go inert over time... Or do they do the damage before they go inert?
  9. A very impressive dio mate. Well done! Where did you get the 1/700 Hurricane from? Scratch built?
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