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  1. Incredible work Steve, the scratch built detail is amazing!
  2. That is quite seriously impressive for 1/144. Lovely work!!!
  3. That's some honking huge guns on such a small hull! Cracking job mate!!!
  4. That sir, is one of the loveliest builds I've seen in a long time. Congratulations and my sincere admiration!
  5. Nope. I stand there in the "Beauty Isle", surrepticiously perusing the (actually chemical) stuff I want whilst leaing on the trolley handle, looking extremely bored, as Wife and Daughter Units compare and fill the trolley with their "needs". Then I point out to the wife what I want. She knows its for my modelling and stopped giving me surprised looks tears ago. The problem is... Sometimes my modelling area get raided for things they've run out of.
  6. Cracking stuff! Coming on beautifully! I've found that once you start playing with LEDs and Fibre Optic lighting it starts to become a bit addictive...
  7. Superb! I love these 1/144 (non Tube liner) kits!
  8. That's a pretty fascinating boat you're building there and what a cracking job you're doing too!
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