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  1. Another absolutely cracking scratch build!!! Sheer genius!
  2. Went away for a while and discovered that Outlook has been dumping a lot of inbound posts from Britmodeller into Spam. Not a happy bunny!!! Also discovered that The Wife has been deleting lots of posts so they weren't "filling up her phone." She has no clue how the internet and email work, it's a seriously dark magic to her. As is "cooking"... ... And "Modelling"... I'm convinced she was a Seagull in a previous life. Sorry! Crack on Kev!
  3. That is really starting to look the part!
  4. Drat! Missed this one! Looking good mate, did you finish it / RFI it?
  5. That's looking very nice. Too clean though, needs some decent weathering and assorted maritime & fishing gubbins added... Or even a seascape? Considering you get a readily available kit with a pretty decent hull, superstructure and parts for little more than a tenner it's perfect for experimenting on. The kit all fits together nicely and with little difficulty and scratchbuilding extras should open up a whole new adventure.
  6. Did the crew row it to the target then swing round and fire the cannon?
  7. Cracking job on that mast!!! It must be pretty fragile.
  8. Naw. It's quite normal on Britmodeller to be honest. Some posts started off with a 1/48 Spitfire and moved on to discussing motorbikes, beards and guitars. It's part of the appeal here.
  9. Sometimes it's just better to put on the shelf for a while till the mojo returns. It usually will, it's just the day, week, month, year that changes.
  10. Lovely work! love that lifeboat and cracking job on that radar tower!
  11. An absolutely stunning result there and in the lovely 1/144! Did you design the heli yourself? I'm getting more and more tempted by these printers but I have the artistic skills of a sheep (a dead one too).
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