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  1. Murdo

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    That's not just modelling, that's absolutely beautiful craftsmanship!
  2. A crackingly neat build. Very well done indeed!
  3. Murdo

    Helen Craig

    Another fabulous job Bob!
  4. I've always liked Tamiya for spraying, not so keen on its brushing abilities though. Revell Aqua is great for both.
  5. Absolutely fabulous work sir!
  6. Murdo

    1:147 HMS Surprise

    It's coming along splendidly. Some lovely detail there.
  7. Ooooooooh! That's superb! I didn't know such a kit existed! I want one...
  8. That's exactly what I remembered as soon as I saw it. I suppose the (fascinating) flying model has much less weight to mass ratio than the actual? Is that some kind of "wind anchor" that is following the model about?
  9. That's a quite amazing "aircraft" and you've done a fantastic model of it! The more I see of these old machines the more I wonder about the people that built and flew them. It must have taken quite incredible courage to try and fly some of these things.
  10. To be honest mate, at this scale - to the naked eye - a lot of that is pretty much unnoticeable. It's only when the pics are blown up (and issues pointed out) that people see the faults. Please persevere, it will look a cracker when finished!
  11. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! What happened?
  12. Murdo

    Tiny Teutonic SEA STALLION

    Very nicely and neatly done. Beautiful work!