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  1. Murdo

    Hot Product?

    Perhaps the "Artist" who designed the label is: Colour blind google Specsavers. Or perhaps just blind. Or is non human. Never met Richard 3rd. Has never polished one ... So many possibilities here... Could start off another Four Word Discussion
  2. Murdo

    Lets scratchbuild an FE2b...

    Cracking stuff, cracking!!!
  3. Murdo

    Tug S.A. Everard

    If the fumes don't go inert then - add some black ink to the glue and you might have natural smoke from the 'chimney' for years to come.
  4. Murdo

    Tug S.A. Everard

    Thanks Kev, I didn't know that, very useful information! Maybe my desire to get airtight seals on my models isn't a good idea after all. I assume then that the fumes don't go inert over time... Or do they do the damage before they go inert?
  5. Murdo

    Tug S.A. Everard

    Go man, go!!!
  6. Murdo

    North Atlantic in a frame.

    A very impressive dio mate. Well done! Where did you get the 1/700 Hurricane from? Scratch built?
  7. Murdo

    1/144 Jaguar

    Wow! Now that is GREEN! Need shades to look at that.
  8. Murdo

    1/144 Jaguar

    The 1/144 Academy one isn't great but it can be made to resemble a reasonable Jaguar (or so I think). Decals are home made and the Missiles are from another kit.
  9. Murdo

    Harrier in private hands

    One of my all time favorite aircraft and a superb piece of British engineering. I remember cutting my first picture of it out from the back of a cereal (cornflakes?) packet back in the '60s. The 2nd pic was a Chieftain tank.
  10. Murdo

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    That's not just modelling, that's absolutely beautiful craftsmanship!
  11. A crackingly neat build. Very well done indeed!
  12. Murdo

    Helen Craig

    Another fabulous job Bob!
  13. I've always liked Tamiya for spraying, not so keen on its brushing abilities though. Revell Aqua is great for both.
  14. Absolutely fabulous work sir!
  15. Murdo

    1:147 HMS Surprise

    It's coming along splendidly. Some lovely detail there.