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  1. Thanks guys! Currently got a 1/144 vacform Supermarine Scimitar F1 and a 1/144 Bell 412 helicopter on the bench. Both have some scratch built parts. This is the scratch built ejection seat for the Scimitar: It's smallish:
  2. Thanks guys, your help and encouragement whilst building Jura was very much appreciated! By the way, temember the other wee ship I was building alongside the Jura, "SS Anonymous"? Well... I've lost it. Can't find it anywhere! Terribly careless to lose a whole ship.
  3. Fabulous! Absolutely beautiful! I love seeing these 1/144 builds!
  4. Murdo

    My Wife and DIY

    Nowt wrong with that. Mine is the same. It's when she goes near my power tools, or any tool, that I get worried cos she's lethal with them. Clueless.
  5. It might be worth "drawing" lots of wee square shapes with added lines in e.g. MS Word (or something similar) and then printing off on paper pre-painted with the correct colour and gluing in place. So create one then CTRL C (to copy) and CTRL V (to paste) then print on pre painted paper. Lots of identical copies in a few seconds. The 1/350 ship in the foreground shows an example of this. Obviously these are hold planks so would be failry large: By the way, the Carpet Monster got that entire scratchbuilt ship and I can't find it!
  6. Cracking job! It's got a really stubborn, determined look to it. Those wings look huge.
  7. A very striking wee model with a cracking paint job. Very well done mate!
  8. Now, I really like that set up! What is it? An acrylic model display case over a torch and using a seperate sheet of clear plastic for the actual cutting surface?
  9. After almost a year, FPV Jura is finally ready for inspection. Unfortunately I can't give her to my friend David due to Covid-19. She was his first command as a sea Captain. Build thread is here: Night shot, the LEDs and Fibre Optics worked well: Hope you like her.
  10. Aaaaaand... Finally! After almost a year I'm calling FPV Jura finished! Rigging is the fabulous Uschi thread .05 and .03 Flags printed out on Laser decal paper and glued to tinfoil painted with Halfords White Primer. Just a wee bit of weathering added as SWMBO has already had a go at me for daring to put rust on David's ship. I've ordered an identical new display case as last week I knocked my desk vise off it's shelf and it landed on Jura's case about 5 feet below. I stared in horror but the case stood up well. It just cracked the top of the case and knocked some bits and some rigging loose, all repaired now though. The "plaque" on the case is decal paper stuck to a bit of Styrene sheet but I don't think I'm too happy with it and might replace it. The case crack:
  11. That's turned into a right cracking build considering the problems you had with it! Ah... Wolfgang!
  12. I'd love to see more photos of these rather nice looking builds too. 1/144 is vastly under rated for small aircraft - okay, so the Shackelton isn't realy that small... Currently have a Welsh Models 1/144 Shack slowly winging it's way to me and a 1/144 Gannet just arrived at the weekend to join the rest of the 1/144 builds.
  13. A real cracker, love the weathering! Para Handy would be pleased to skipper her.
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