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  1. Murdo

    'Twin Pin'

    A cracking job there mate. What scale is it, 1/72?
  2. Murdo

    What have you purchased / been given

    It's a cracking shop! As well as some really good kits it has just about everything else a modeler needs... And that's just on the modelling side.
  3. Murdo

    HO/OO Windmill

    Saw this and spat my tea all over the keyboard, Hilarious! Incredibly funny! ...... Ten minutes later the wife said to me in sheer incredulity. "um, that tune you're whistling... Is that the one about the mouse in Amsterdam?... Y'know, wears clogs or something? ..."Are you okay dear?" Curses, can't get it out of head now! Oh, cracking job on the windmill too.
  4. Murdo

    What is this, please?

    I vaguely remember Belize being like that. You couldn't tell you were breathing.
  5. Murdo

    "It's The Bishop!"

    Now that's a real beauty! Superb detail in such a small scale!
  6. Murdo

    1/72 FV 432 Personnel Carrier by S&M - boxart

    A decent 432 in 1/72?? Looooooong overdue! Battle Group cruciform anyone? Hope they aren't silly prices.
  7. That's a beauty!! I love seeing small 1/144 kits coming to life! Looks like a really smooth paint job too.
  8. Murdo

    Ford Trimotor - Now Finished

    Looking goooooood!
  9. This looks fascinating. If I'm ever doing something like this I type the text in word (or similar program), you can also add the URLs then cut and paste to the site, that way I have an easy to use backup copy if summat goes wrong. In the early days I lost too many long (for me) posts because I'm a sh[t slow typist and I was taking too long to "submit". You can also just copy and past it all back into Word or editing if you're not happy with it before submitting.
  10. Murdo

    Falmouth Working Boat

    Lovely build as usual!
  11. Looking great so far! Love it!!!
  12. Murdo

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Actually it sounds like my wife's rationale on everything.
  13. Murdo

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Ta Beardie, copied your recipe and I'll try it soon. I will off course be using "Charlie Barly's" best Stornoway Marag which is the hight of cultural cuisine in it's own right. Just a bit unsure of the wisdom of not eating it neat and actually mixing it with something...