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  1. Well Andy you know how long my builds take, so you've got a long way to go to slow down to my build rate....!! One other thing when we're talking about colours, the two joined 'bottles' in the bottom of your pic are I think the oxygen ones and from memory they should be silver. Good start though, nice neat paint again! K
  2. I only have 4.........hundred of the things too!! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out Andy - one tip - it won't look right if you 2K clear it.....!! K
  3. That's a real cracker hendie, wonderful modelling! Now that you've done the heavy lifting in designing all those beautiful parts in 1/48th, how difficult is it to downscale the files and print them in 1/72nd? Just curious of course.... Simply lovely Scout! Keith
  4. That's another cracker Andy, beautifully clean build and superb paint and decalling! Top job - again!! K
  5. Well it's alright I suppose.... Cracking job again my friend, lovely Porker!! K
  6. I watched it on telly so was warm and dry! Lovely model tehSAC, I do like F1 cars with wets on! Nice job on Ayrton too! Keith
  7. Seconded! And as others have already mentioned a 72nd Javelin - I'd been badgering Airfix for both of those for years at Telford - up to 2019 anyway....!! Already mentioned too - a 1/72 Hastings and Twin Pioneer, pretty please Airfix! Keith
  8. I was wondering that too. Still, if anyone is desperate for one at a price that I'd guess would be similar to a re-issue..... Keith (no connection whatsoever with said seller btw)
  9. I understood it had been cancelled too, but there's a trader on ebay uk that allegedly has 3 in stock and has sold 130 of them....??!! I've got one awaiting its turn in the build queue so not interested in clicking their 'buy it now' button to see if they actually do have them! Keith
  10. And another Granby jet with one that looks the same to me... https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205124125 K
  11. Looks like it was the same - and tbh can't see why they'd have changed it? https://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/tornado/gb/za455_1.jpg Keith
  12. I usually don't like figures in car models but you've done such a nice job of painting him I guess he can stick around (I bet you've already superglued him to the seat anyway... !! ) K
  13. Good start Gary, nice to see Elfyn's car taking shape! Keith
  14. Yes indeed, looks a very inviting place to be! Lovely job! Keith
  15. That's a lovely looking dashboard John! Keith
  16. As they say in Welsh rallying - well tidy mun....!! Keith
  17. Safest place to stand cus he can't make it go either....!! K
  18. I'm actually starting to quite like the colour now....!! Beautifully clean build with a stunning paintjob ! Off to watch the video! Keith
  19. Those little details are making a big difference to the realism Chris - great stuff!! Keith
  20. I don't. I think they look sub-zero!! Brilliant stuff Andy - and that shell? Just stunning! K
  21. Don't know about correct Andy, but I've never seen gold tyre lettering - only yellow, white and grimy white covered in brake dust that might look like 'gold'.... Sorry for late comment but that shell really looks tremendous, top work again! K
  22. Ha ha - I was actually going to suggest that for the model - prepared for a track day or hillclimb! Keith
  23. I've already watched your video Mr. Lin (excellent again by the way!) and already commented on it there, but I don't mind repeating myself! Another beautiful model! I really like the colour combination, so much nicer than the usual blue with white stripes! And I agree with you that it looks just like a Cobra and your modifications really help improve the realism! Keith
  24. I agree it's messy and expensive, but you know what they say - 'if I can do it anyone can!'. I'vs had very usable results casting bucket seats (and much other stuff) in the past. It's only the expensive bit that stops me doing anymore at the moment, the messy bit doesn't bother me! I'm guessing there must be youtube videos on the process now, when I started it was reading on line articles on manufactures websites - which would still be useful. I found it really useful if I needed two identical items as I could never scratchbuild two the same! Keith
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