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  1. Ummm; https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-t-8m-conversion-set Keith
  2. That's very cool! Excellent finish & I love the props! Top job! Keith
  3. Got these to do 'one day' so will watch with interest! Keith
  4. Ironically, on tarmac at least, the 131 was always superior to an Escort back in the day.... Great looking car too! K
  5. Try a complaint to ebay under their 'money back guarantee'. An unusable decal sheet isn't what you ordered..... Keith
  6. Da iawn Osian....!! Some cracking cars there again Gary, thanks for sharing! Keith
  7. Your 'ineptness' doesn't show in the slightest M, I think that's a cracking model of a great looking car! Nice work! Keith
  8. Me too, and that's a lovely example! Like the black wire wheels too! Keith
  9. More lovely work done there Jörgen, as always very neat and tidy Keith
  10. Coming along nicely Mike - get a wriggle on and it'll be ready for Wednesday....!! OK, excuse ready for it not to be!! Keith (who just might have two, yes two, things ready! )
  11. If it's not it's a really good homage! Love that Saab too! Keith
  12. It is a very yellow box, but somehow adds to the Safari ambience....!! Keith
  13. Another cool project Pascal, shall watch with interest! Keith
  14. You don't hang about Jörgen ! Keith
  15. Well, at least you'll have time to build what you've got then Steve....... ...............yeh right, that's what I told myself. And now I seem to build less than when I was working....!!! Still, retirement is a lot more fun! Keith
  16. One of my favourite things too! Lovely looking Jag Chris, really mean machine look about it! Keith
  17. Good job on breathing new life into that old thing! Top job! Keith
  18. I'd also not heard of the car until a year or so back and saw it mentioned somewhere, so I googled it and came across a great on-line article about Peter Brock racing them. Of course I can't find it again now.... Looking forward to watching another resin masterpiece taking shape Jörgen! Keith
  19. I still don't get this post shading with a brush business - convinced there's sorcery involved somewhere.... Excellent brushwork again Chris! Keirh
  20. Despite the trials and tribulations Gary, that's another cracking rally car you've turned out! Lovely Porker! Keith
  21. Yet another cracker Trevor, really interesting car too! Great finish from Humbrol enamels too - very impressive! Keith
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