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  1. Wonderful! The open door with the mail bags is a lovely gimmick. Great modelling overall and a pleasure to follow.
  2. Thanks @matti64 Convert a Vac Wings? Wow, that'll be a bigger challenge than my FineMolds - good luck! The Ki-10 was perfectly varnished and kept very clean, even during operations. I've got a couple of photos that show a glossy overall surface and no trace of grease whatsoever. The pictures of the Ki-10-II obtained by Russia, that you find in the public domain, are not representative. Happy modelling, Michael
  3. The work is done! Here is the finished model - For more pictures in the gallery click this link. Thanks for following my build. Michael
  4. Kawasaki Ki-10 'Perry' 2nd Daitai 1st Chutai Tianjin, China 1937/38 Lt. Kosuke Kawahara, 3rd Shotai Leader 1/48 FineMolds Ki-10-II converted to Ki-10-I. Please find build log here. Thanks for the inspiring groupbuild which pushed me beyond OOB modelling again. Michael
  5. Wonderful! The floor tiles in the room are the cherry on the cake.
  6. Absolutely lovely! What a great idea to jack it up.
  7. Great Sturmgeschütz! I read about the Finnish Army's operations with the StuG III in Osprey's Duel 96. A very interesting and brave episode of the war.
  8. Good-looking Frank! I like the old attire, too.
  9. 第 10章 Nose, tail, feet ... and finish - moved up into the main topic.
  10. Two great Zeros! Absolutely perfect builds, and a nice comparison.
  11. 第 9章 Struts and strings - moved up into the main topic.
  12. Excellent, particularly the wood and fabric effect! Absolutely superior detail for this small scale.
  13. Toryu

    Japanese Zero

    Fully agree with Daniel @Fukuryu - The best series in sequence: (1) Model Art Profile 12 & 13 (Photo captions in English, but unfortunately sold out) (2) FAOW 55 & 56 (Japanese only - available here: http://www.arawasi.jp/) (3) Aero Detail 7 (English text translation - sold out?) (4) The new Kagero publications (English text - I don't have them but they are usually well researched) I wouldn't refer to Squadron/Signal anymore since it provides not enough detail and is somewhat outdated. While the early Zero models 21, 22 and 32 are relatively easy to distinguish the issue gets more complex with the late versions 52a/b/c, 63 etc. For Japanese aircraft modelling you don't get around publications in Japanese (more challenging to grasp but also more rewarding) except for the already mentioned blog and publications on colours by Nick Millman http://www.aviationofjapan.com/ Cheers, Michael
  14. That's excellent scratch-building. I like your using 'household' bits and pieces, and the result looks perfect!
  15. Great job on the old girl. I like a vintage model looking vintage.
  16. Absolutely superb carrier deck! That's a great inspring project - well done!
  17. Superb finish! The Bearcat is one of those warplanes that should have been a racer right from the start - looks fantastic!
  18. 1/144?? This is extraordinary. If I were ever able to achieve such detail I would go for the small scale, too. Must look fabulous in the show case!
  19. Hi Smithy - back from a short vacation I tried to identify those two Hayate proposed by Hasegawa. The first one from the 22nd Sentai was stationed in Korea at war end. There is a colour picture of a contemporary example painted green (strongly flaked) over silver. It can be assumed that the Hasegawa one was camouflaged similarly. The second one from the Hitachi School (No. 63) was a second-batch prototype from early 1944. It should have been painted green because the directive of olive-brown camouflage was issued much later. From a b/w picture it appears possible that the lower surfaces were indeed grey and the no-step lines were yellow which would be irregular but not impossible due to the special status of this aircraft. Cheers, Michael
  20. Fantastic model of Maj Preddy's Mustang. It seems the Eduard kit offers all you need for an OOB build. Great result! (but no antenna wires in VIII Fighter Command)
  21. @spitfire Very good Dennis. That's how I should look like fresh from the factory. Great choice of colours!
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