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  1. Incredibly beautiful like your other masterpieces Lee!
  2. Sorry to mellow the enthusiasm about weathering by citing Lt. James S. Gray, CO of Fighting Six who commented on 3 June 1942 (source: Lundstrom, The First Team) - 'No dirty airplanes ever flew from Enterprise in these days. Plane captains took pride in keeping their aircraft gleaming and sleek. Many bought wax with their own money to outdo the others.' I guess, when looking at contemporary pictures, that was basically the practice on all US carriers during this period. The Navy was an immaculate outfit. You would rather find worn Wildcats in Marines service on Guadalcanal where their was no time and no facilities. Impressive model nevertheless! And great photography. Michael
  3. This chapter is about 'piercings and tattoos' or - in modeller's language - 'panels, hatches, scoops and hinges'. Instead of scribing I occasionally use thin paper, decals or primer to accentuate panels that can be opened for maintenance. Slightly elevated areas look more realistic in my view. I applied all these techniques and more -
  4. @Ratch So many lovely models, Richard. It will take some time to admire all the fine details! Thank you!
  5. Searching, masking, sanding - my three most favourite modelling themes (30% - 20% - 40% of my modelling time...)
  6. That looks great! Superb match with the reference photo. Who cares for raised panel lines when the model looks so realistic!
  7. Very very well done! No other comment than lot's of applause from a fellow Japanese aircraft enthusiast. Cheers, Michael
  8. The matching of two kits looks absolutely flawless - well done! I like the fine NMF and the appealing decoration.
  9. Replaced title picture which was a bit blurred and out of focus. I hope it's more appealing now...
  10. Terrific modelling! Realer than real. Being a humble airplane modeller I'm flappergasted by those technical details and the associated building skills!
  11. That's a nice one to embellish an airfield, Adrian. Should fit well into this collection.
  12. Section 5 ‒ Filling the fuselage (part 5) now moved up into the first post.
  13. Great result on the old beast Eric! Makes me think about advancing the restoration of mine. Congratulations! Michael
  14. @Graham Boak The 20 mm gun in the nose of the Ki-61-I Tei was the Japanese Ho-5, a larger version of the 12.7 mm machine gun based on the Browning design. It required an elongation of the nose by 20 cm. Ironically, the Ho-5 was too large to be installed in the wings which led to the import of 800 MG 151/20 for the interim Ki-61-I Hei. Michael
  15. Section 5 ‒ Filling the fuselage (part 4) now moved up into the first post.
  16. Tamiya Camel Yellow is very well suited for the USAAC Orange Yellow, which is not the same as used by the US Navy! A lighter mix will be needed for that. For the differences see here (last picture at the end of my topic) Your model is coming along very nicely, old man!
  17. There is no difference in size (depth) of gun troughs between Ki-61 versions. The Ki-61-Id (Tei) was the one with 20 mm guns and the fuselage extension. The Revell kit is most likely meant to represent a Ki-61-Ic (Hei) of the 244th Sentai. The 1960s box art, however, depicts it with retracted tail wheel which was found on the Ki-61-Ia (Ko) only. More here.
  18. I think you come very close to reality (all other stuff is unlikely to me taking into account other Yokosuka Kokutai Raiden and IJN colour standards of the period). Starboard wing tip replacement noted very well - bravo! - I just wonder whether it included the whole panel or only the forward part. We will never know. Great model and analysis!
  19. Beautiful model - superb detail and weathering! I need to acquire some of those sea-building skills for my floatplanes.
  20. That's cute, and absolutely masterful scratch-building. Another wonder model in your colletion, Roger! Cheers, Michael
  21. Fantastic - the model and the photography! That's the way to exhibit such great work.
  22. Section 5 ‒ Filling the fuselage (part 3) now moved up into the first post.
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