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  1. Fantastic detail and description of the various features! The dio looks very promising, too.
  2. Very appealing model. The combination of camouflage and weathering looks fabulous. Here you can see that tanks were a derivative of turtles...
  3. Exactly who cares as long as you have fun. I love (over-)detailing cockpits - and then close the canopy... But I know it's there! Hope I'm ready to show my SB2U crew compartment on Saturday. Nice job on the wing structure under the battle damage, btw! Cheers, Michael
  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! The propeller is piece of art - to pick just one of the many marvels.
  5. This is a wonderful model, and the diorama looks perfect. It must be a huge base given the 1/32 scale. Are you permitted to move it in the house. Btw, the wing star-and-bar appears a bit small, doesn't it?
  6. Great how clean it looks after stripping. Was that acryl or enamel, and what kind of solvent did you use?
  7. Started? This model (and I don't mean the B.2) is nearly ready! How will you strap hamster Victor into the Victor?
  8. Lord, I've never seen so many decal options! I guess you will go for one winter and one summer camouflage!?
  9. Ow, I didn't see any of these built before. Very impressive, and a lot of detail! Great work!
  10. Wow, that's a great piece of modelling, and unusual in this posting section. I like the photographic perspectives you have chosen. Btw, I think the word you're looking for is 'Kriegslokomotive'. Cheers, Michael
  11. This picture shows a Ki-84 of the 47th Sentai in olive-brown (JAAF #7 Ohryoku nana go shoku) camouflage with a cream underside as described in my post above. The 47th received their Franks in early 1945 and most of them were factory-painted in #7. The white hinomaru band was fully wrapped around. It's just the shadow under the fuselage that veils the lower portion of the band. With the introduction of olive-brown the need for a black anti-glare panel was dropped but the Nakajima factory seems to have continued applying it. I have a different print of this photo that shows a vague outline of a darker colour. The model linked in your post appears very accurate in my mind. I can only reiterate what others have said: Visit Nick Millman's website at aviationofjapan.com and search for 'Hayate Colours' for a deeper insight. Cheers, Michael
  12. Some of the unit's Ki-84 had a blotched others a solid camouflage (source: Pictorial History of Air War over Japan - JAAF, p.151 etc.). The reason may be the change in painting directive: Until late 1944 single seat fighters were turned out of factory in NM and camouflaged at depots or on unit level, usually with JAAF dark green. Those appeared blotched, which they may have been, or they just flaked. From then on, the prescribed colour for production was JAAF #7 olive-brown (inside and outside), with undersides in a light cream colour in the case of Ki-84. Those planes appear on b/w pictures to have a solid dark, slightly glossy colour. Sources: Aviation of Japan, Baker in SAMI 2000 Cheers, Michael
  13. That makes a difference! A very inspiring model that you have chosen. I remember the BISON well from my years in Air Defense.
  14. Wow - that looks great, and difficult!
  15. Excellent build all around! I hope my recently acquired 'I Love Kit' J2F-5 will get half as good.
  16. Since my groupbuild entry is a dive bomber I'd like to show one of my other dive bombers for (my own) inspiration Kugisho D4Y3 Suisei Lt(jg) Kiyoshi Arasu Hyakuri Kokutai November 1944 Exhibited here for your visit- Michael
  17. Such a nice rare ugly subject. I'm looking forward to seeing it build.
  18. Thats a nice choice Scargsy! It reminds me of the Revell 1/72 Black Cat that I built as a child. I love airplanes that can swim...!
  19. Wow, one without wings! It wouldn't possibly fly anyway. I wish your model will fly!!
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