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    Covid Jab

    The initial soreness from the actual injection had disappeared before I had left the hospital. No other effects yet but I am guzzling lots of water and taking Paracetamol regularly. Tomorrow will be the day when things kick off - if indeed they do. When I had jabs one and two I had no side effects at all but that could be because I had Covid-19 prior to having them. Dave
  2. davecov

    Covid Jab

    I had my booster jab (Pfizer) this morning and my first ever flu jab. I hardly noticed the flu jab go into my arm but I think they used a bazooka to administer the Pfizer. Dave
  3. Thanks Dave. Yes, the Puma is a nice kit and I have built it once before - in the Seventies! Out of the others in my list, I have built only the Lysander. I have been planning to build the Lysander along with a Frog and an Airfix one in my stash so that may well not get built in this GB. Out of the remaining three, I doubt if the Corsair will be built so the A-10 does have a 50-50 chance but I guess we will have to wait and see... Dave
  4. @JOCKNEY Put me down for this GB please, Pat. I have just bought the Matchbox 1/76 Sd.Kfz 234 Puma Armoured Car (PK-76) especially for this GB and hope to build at least one of the following kits as well: Matchbox 1/72 B.A.C. 'S' Jaguar (PK-102) Matchbox 1/72 Fairchild A-10A (PK-121) Matchbox 1/72 LTV A-7D Corsair II (PK-101) Matchbox 1/72 Westland Lysander MkI/II (PK-7) Dave
  5. I hadn't intended to buy any more kits but once again I have cracked. This time it is the Airfix Beach Buggy: Following on from my four-seat, six-wheel Beach Buggy conversion, this Beach Buggy is also going to be a six-wheel job but with four-wheel steering and a pink paintjob like FAB1. Dave
  6. I recently built four Airfix Concordes, three prototypes and a production British Airways model. One of them was the BOAC one but a Seventies boxing so I used the decals from the recent release: I didn't correct any inaccuracies because my logic says that the Airfix prototype boxing was more of a "what-if" based on an artist's impression and so my build is an "accurate inaccurate" one. I used H15 Gloss Midnight Blue for the tail and decals for the rest. However, if I was making a BOAC one again, I would dispense with the cheatline and nose decals and paint them instead as the nose decals are a real pain to get to conform to the shape of the nose! Dave
  7. I think this may be the answer to your question: Vol.9 No.6 February 1968 Fighting Colours part 5: Fighters From Overseas (Curtiss Mohawk IV) I don't have it available to scan for you but I am sure someone will. Dave
  8. I don't have an answer but I will be getting my deckchair and popcorn out just in case as this thread could run and run. Dave
  9. Following hot on the heels of my other three Concordes, here is my build of the Airfix 1/144 BAC Aerospatiale Concorde (A05170V) as the BAC Prototype G-BSST. Decals came from F-DCAL. Here it is along the other three I built for the same ATF Group Build. There won't be any more Concordes for a long while! Dave
  10. I use enamels and always used to dread painting white as well but nowadays I don't have a problem. My choices are Alclad 2 White Primer and Humbrol H22 Gloss White. There was a time when I didn't like the Humbrol stuff but it seems to have redeemed itself recently and goes on really well. Dave
  11. My build of the Airfix 1/144 BAC Aerospatiale Concorde (Air France) (SK700) This was an Airfix 1970s Air France boxing with decals that were shot so I printed my own. The white plastic of the old kit was a joy to work with. Three down now, only one more Concorde to come! Dave
  12. @Aeronut You can only do that if you provide accompanying evidence in the form of photos with lots of red lines drawn over them. BTW, nice review, Mike. Dave
  13. The finish is too ropey for my liking and are only a passing resemblance to the real things. Dave
  14. Definitely a mirrored version as @alt-92 says. At least you can still differentiate between the different shades of greyscale unlike some manufacturer's instructions which resemble a picture of a Myna bird in a coal mine. Dave
  15. Airfix sold the Lowmac and JCB together whereas Dapol sells them as separate kits. Lowmac (C44) and JCB (C45). Dave
  16. As @stever219 says, it isn't based on an actual machine. Airfix based it on an artist's impression. Dave
  17. We have a Concorde Group Build underway on the ATF at the moment. That would probably account for quite a few! Dave
  18. My build of the Airfix 1/144 BAC Aerospatiale Concorde (BOAC) (05170-3) This was a 1970s boxing with decals that were shot so I used a set from a 2021 Vintage Classic release. The white plastic of the old kit was a joy to work with. BTW, here it is alongside two more Concordes well on the road to completion. There is a 70s Air France boxing using home-made decals. The BAC prototype is the grey plastic Vintage Classics release with F-DCAL decals: Dave
  19. SMW 2019 was memorable for all sorts of reasons for me, especially as I handed over a scratchbuilt HMS Prince of Wales to the late and sorely missed Darrell Burge of Airfix who had commissioned it's build. It was also my partner Aileen's first visit to SMW and we had hoped to attend this year. Sadly, this won't be so because Aileen's mother passed away last week. I hope everyone who does go has a good time and remember to take lots of photos - no Spitfires but lots of other aircraft, tanks, ships and cars please - and not just in the competition area but around the many SIG tables. Dave
  20. He's more like Fred Jones, Matt. The cravate is a dead giveaway. Dave
  21. Thanks Tim. The choice was deliberate seeing as there were only four white and six lime green Bond Bugs ever made, the other 2260 were all orange. So, I decided to make a stand for the minority. Dave
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