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  1. Great looking model and excellent presentation regards Djordje
  2. Great imagination and excellent work, thank you for posting it. Regards Djordje
  3. Fantastic work. Camouflage looks SUPERB! regards Djordje
  4. Another beautiful not mainstream bird Well done Regards Djordje
  5. Great effort, and very nice result. Rarely seen bird Best regards Djordje
  6. Great looking model and also beautiful collection. Regards Djordje
  7. Very nice model, well done regards Djordje
  8. Masterpiece...... At the first moment was like...yes great 1/48 scale work. Than i look better...1/72????? Camouflage work is .... beautiful Regards Djordje
  9. Superb modelling! Details, paintwork, weathering......simply great Regards Djordje
  10. Beautiful finish, and very interesting camouflage version. Regards Djordje
  11. BEAUTIFUL, you done excellent job with this oldie. Bring back a lot of memories.....nice memories.... Best regards Djordje
  12. Very, very nice collection Buccaneer is my favorite Regards Djordje
  13. Excellent work. camouflage is executed perfectly on this small model, especially mottling....not an easy task in this scale. Bravo regards Djordje
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