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  1. I rarely see so heavily weathered birds not overdone with chipping and all other effects. Your model is so good balanced, really masterpiece. Excellent Regards Djordje
  2. till now i liked Italeri Hellcats, relatively cheap and easy to build. After seeing your work i like them even more. Great work Regards Djordje
  3. Fantastic, so small but so many details. Finished model looks perfect regards Djordje
  4. Beautiful model, and very interesting camouflage. I like subtle weathering, looks very convincing Regards Djordje
  5. Great looking monster I like the weathering Regards Djordje
  6. I like it a lot. Not often seen finished, and for me very interesting and good looking German plane. Your model is executed simply great Regards Djordje
  7. Something different.... Looks great in this not very usual camouflage combination. Excellent project Regards Djordje
  8. Excellent model, nice color, subtle weathering, and very interesting decals Great work Regards Djordje
  9. Excellent model. Metal surfaces are very realistic Regards
  10. Great result. Nice colors and overall look. Regards Djordje
  11. 10+ for both Very nice models in eye catching schemes Regards Djordje
  12. Excellent model, colors, details, weathering....beautiful Regards Djordje
  13. Excellent build and presentation. This is not a model we have chance to see often, so thanks for posting. Regards Djordje
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