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  1. Looks awesome! I have never seen a pointy nose Dakota like that before.
  2. You got a really nice finish on that model
  3. Looks really awesome. Somehow I think you need to make the roundels look a little weathered to match the tasty paint job.
  4. Well, decided the other day that with no indication that the LHS is reopening any time soon, I may need to do my spray painting at home. LHS still doing online shopping and delivery, so got these paints. I have never used the Gaia paints before, and I'm a little sceptical about the tan colour. Looks a little too orange. But no choice! This is all they had, and being lacquer I expect they will spray nicely with a good amount of thinner.
  5. That really looks awesome and the F2 and F4 really need to be displayed next to each other on the shelf.
  6. It really does just fall together doesn't it? I am so impressed how the pieces can go together and you cannot even see the join, it just disappears.
  7. Absolutely fantastic. That see through effect is unbelievable
  8. Well I'm at that glorious point where it looks like a Tomcat! I always forget how big these are in 1/48 scale! Reminds me why we are yet to see a 1/32 bird as part of the GB. About half way through the build now. Again, time consuming but a joy to build because (almost) everything just fits. A few little gaps are probably my own doing but so many parts go together and it is impossible to see the join. I think this is superior to their F16 model in this regard. I left the intakes and cans off for now so I can do a proper paint job on them. But the intakes just snap into place .... Ok I'll shut up now. I left the front bottom panel off so I can put some lead sinkers in there when I go buy some, but I am almost convinced that even with wings swept back this kit has been engineered not to be a tailsitter. The instructions don't mention any nose weight. I'll leave that panel off until I am certain. Hmmm maybe I need to push the wings in a little more. The wing attachment design is brilliant too. Cliche load out I know... But there's nothing else I can use those Phoenix on! Does anyone know, would the external fuel tanks always be carried with below load out? I prefer the look of the tomcat without them.
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