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  1. Want to get this and the F14 Tophatter done before I do anything more on the F18. And definitely before I start the Attack/Strike/Bomber GB. All decals are on and all undercarriage painted white and worst oversprays have been touched up. It's gloss coated and I'll give a light pinwash then dullcoat. Then finally I'll do the metal sections at the rear end. I'll do it at same time as F14 cans. This build has been one of my longest and most challenging, but also it's given me the most satisfaction. I really like 1/72 jets. When done well they look so good because of their size. I understand when people say the one true scale! However they are fiddly as ____.
  2. I feel like mine is on its last legs... it's pretty old and spent a long time in the tropics too. Today it was struggling to give 1bar
  3. Agrghhh forgot to spray black anti glare panel while I had the airbrush out today!
  4. Just cut the tabs off the side of the cockpit bucket and it'll go in with a bit of coercion!
  5. A little more progress. Pin wash done and all painting done except the cans, tyres, and a few little details. I mixed up my own wash from black, white, brown and blue oil paints. Not too much work now to get this done. Oh, and missiles....
  6. I had no issue dry fitting the parts and pulling them apart again. They did need a little coercion to get apart again. But I did glue them together before installing the cockpit/front fuselage assembly which was a bit of a mistake.
  7. If I only read this with no context or without the explanation above it, I would be extremely confused! A very thorough explanation however!
  8. I saw the first picture and thought, "oh that is very nice" As I scrolled down it just got better and better! Amazing work Stratos! I need to learn how to build cars like this,.
  9. A magnificent build. I will definitely need to get one of these. I'm so disappointed that I never bought an WW Albatross when I had the chance This kit would at least be a consolation prize. If I can pull something off half as good as what you have done I'll be even happier!
  10. Wow this is looking good. Are we going to be able to see any of this when fuselage comes together?
  11. @Enzo Matrix can you please move this to the KUTA!? Thank you
  12. I was thinking you should persevere... Until I saw that step gap in the spine! Hope you'll still make the swissair version if you decide to get the Academy. Perhaps you can use this as a paint mule instead of recycling binning it!
  13. I'm pretty sure these were not used for ground attack!
  14. I need help deciding.... all 1/48 Hobbyboss A6-E Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier Meng Me-410 I'm leaning towards the Intruder, or perhaps the Bucc
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