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  1. My two cents,if anyone cares. I would say that the two aircraft are more similar to each othwr than the legacy hornet and super hornet are to each other, which were included in a STGB.
  2. What are those two big offset holes behind the front wheel well?
  3. I just know of the maple leaves. That's all.
  4. Yes just noticed the bay doors in the instructions too! Look, even their own reference photos show the big Greek dot! This would be a great subject for the entropy group build should it ever happen! In any case, I put the cockpit together and got some paint on the cockpit. The washes are drying now so I'll give them a drybrush tomorrow. I'm not big on spending too much time on cockpits so for me it will be good enough. As long as it looks busy and some contrasts it's good enough for me. Then did a bit of a dry fit of the fuselage and wheel wells and cockpit. I must say it goes together pretty pretty pretty good. I can highly recommended this (kinetic) kit! I'm off to Poland for a week, so won't get to do much more on it until next weekend. Anyone know any good hobby shops in Warsaw?
  5. Well, my plan in the future is a HAF buckeye 1/32 so I'm not that keen on the HAF scheme for this one. Plus the little dots in the roundels really irk me now! I've decided that I'll do the Spanish or Canadian green one. Only the wheels are different so I can really wait until final paint day which one to do. I don't have any Spanish or Canadian aircraft in the cabinet or stash, so these seem like good options. I really like the Canadian flag and roundels too. I've started construction on this evening, will update some photos later but it is definitely a nice kit to build.
  6. That is a bummer! But I don't think it looks too bad. Looks like it's been sitting out in the sun or something. If I were you I'd just try weather it even further. "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents"
  7. You are right. I noticed it too and thought it must be a specific design for the roundels from a certain year but I think it may just be an error.
  8. I'll probably do the academy kit wheels up for a change. That's a good point about the special schemes GB later this year... I did have something else in mind for that but I think your idea is a good one!
  9. It goes without saying I will be joining this one Dennis! I have two 1/48 kits in the stash, a Revell F-15E, which has some really nice looking tiger meet decals in the box. I also have an Academy F-15K Slam Eagle (missing front landing gear and some ordinance) I am not sure if I will build the F-15K or try to modify it to an F-15SG as I have the decals for this. I have built a couple of Academy F-15s, they are so so I would say. My original plan was to convert the Revell to an F-15SG, but the decals for the tigermeet scheme I think are too nice to not use. The F-15K decals are also super nice from cartograph so I may end up just saving the Singapore decals for a future kit. Decisions decisions...
  10. Nice work Marklo! I can't wait for the big reveal!
  11. Made some great progress on this today. I dare say by next weekend I can have her in the gallery! My 42degC spraybooth: (drying times are severely shorter!) And finally with gloss coat and decals on. I used some spare EE Lightning decals I had for the roundels and fin flash, as the kit decals are really pretty poor. So at least for these obvious ones it looks a lot better. The kit decals have a very obvious carrier film and they don't really respond at all to decal solutions. But at least I was able to butcher some of them to get the airframe I was after, aircraft number XV361! Of course in order to have this otherwise somewhat obscure aircraft part of this group build, I needed to make this number work. Of course there were other Buccs at the flypast on that day, but I don't have any clear photos of the other serial numbers.
  12. Yeah that mottle definitely helps hide it. There's a bit still showing but it will look fine on the shelf which is my usual measure!
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