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    Why don't we spell 'Phonetic' like it sounds?
  2. Beautiful work and I've enjoyed following the WIP thread over the last few months. Best of all, now that it is finished Tamiya are bound to announce a state of the art 1/48 Scout next week! Cheers John
  3. Beautiful, and what an interesting aircraft, like you say it has several elements of familiarity, and yet looks different. Cheers John
  4. Perfect! A classic airliner in a classic livery. Cheers John
  5. Lovely work on bringing the old Marauder kit up to date with scribed panels etc. I agree that we don't always have to show models with weather beaten & tatty paintwork. I definitely belong to the 'Less is more' school of thought! Cheers John
  6. Nice pair of classics Neil. You are a man of good taste, I'm just finishing the Airfix Comet in Red Square livery, and have started the Trident to go with it! Great minds etc. Cheers John
  7. Thanks Matt! Want to stretch/shrink this kit? You'll need two 146-200/RJ-85 kits but end up with 2 models, a 146-100 and -300 in more detail here Dave Swindell did some beautiful drawings to show what to do, follow the link in my link above (if you see what I mean!) Cheers John
  8. I just love a Mossie! fabulous collection you are building Tony, and the PR variants are amongst my favourites. Cheers John
  9. Hi Terry I look forward to seeing your Welsh Models Comet, make sure you post it in RFI, or even do a WIP Thread. I'd be interested to see how the kit looks. I'm slowly building a collection of RAF transports from the 60's/70's The Britannia is here. There is a Beverley as well. And a Herk! Cheers John
  10. Hi Terry, Great to know that is brought back some happy memories! I had a similar experience in 1974, spending 4 and a 1/2 hours on VC10 XV106 out of Brize Norton. The kit and decal sheet are in the stash awaiting their turn to join the Comet and the Brit. As for choosing a kit, It seems the Authentic Airliners one is out of production, I wouldn't tackle the Amodel one again, and I haven't seen the Welsh Models vacform, that leaves the Airfix kit, which is the one I would choose. (It seems to be still available at Hannants) It is not perfect, but also I think it is better that the others. It needs pinion tanks adding, but is is not too difficult to do. See this Dan Air one I did. Ideally the wheels need replacing too, as they are woefully thin. That's partly why I did my Dan Air one in flight. There was a very interesting thread on 1/144 Comet kits neatly summarised in a Comparison done by Tommo Have a look and see what you think! Fortuitously enough, I am just approaching the finishing line with another Airfix Comet, in the classic BEA Red Square scheme from 26Decals. I'll put it in the RFI section once I finish it. For a kit around 60 years old It doesn't come out too badly. It'd b nice if Zvezda would do a modern tooling though! Good luck, John
  11. What incredible work, it looks as near perfect as it is possible to get. Cheers John
  12. Exceptional! Amazing finish on it, the streaking showing under the translucent red is really effective, as is the read wearing off the white of the fuselage cross. An absoloute pleasure to look at! Cheers John
  13. Crikey Dave, that's a real beauty! What a really attractive livery as well, finished to your usual high standards. Those engines have come out well, and the Braz nose makes it look right on the money. I have to agree with you about the cost of the Eastern Express kit, what a shame that they are ridiculous prices. They do plenty that I would like to build, but I just can't justify shelling out for them. I see that the Tridents are £60+, I'd love to build one but figure I'll get more pleasure out of fettling some of my ancient Airfix ones, warts and all! Cheers John
  14. That's come out really well Dave, yet again I am astounded at your ability to get such a good finish with a brush! I've been very tempted to do that Jacobs scheme myself, so it is nice to see it done here. Proof again that these Roden kits are still worth building! Cheers John
  15. So it's only taken 7 years for me to spot this beauty! Great work on the old Revell kit, and the little dio really makes an excellent way to display it. Cheers John
  16. Lovely collection of Concordes, It's nice to an 'in flight' example. It really shows off the elegant lines. Cheers John
  17. Thanks all for the nice comments! There is a good possibility Mark! it would be interesting to find out but I guess we will never know. I love this photo Ryan, I could have done with it during the build. Thanks for posting Cheers John
  18. That is really lovely, It is definitely going on my Christmas list! Cheers John
  19. Avro RJ-85 Brussels Airlines Revell 1:144 with Draw Decals This RJ series of airliners are now disappearing from the skies, but were a common sight for a good few years from the 1980's to the 2000's. It started out as the Hawker Siddeley 146, before evolving into the Avro RJ-70, 85, and 100. This is the now hard to find Revell kit, which makes into a very nice little model, apart from a very fiddly main undercarriage. (I broke mine twice during construction). Decals are from Drawdecal and behaved impeccably as always. I spent a few months in 2009 travelling to and from Manchester to Brussels in these, when the day job had me working on a project in Maastricht. I recently realised that more than 10 years has elapsed so I'd better crack on and get the kit built! Anyway, I finished it a few weeks ago, so here it is,: Thanks for looking, John
  20. Very elegant airliner! The Amodel kit looks pretty good. I might have to get one. Cheers John
  21. You wait ages for a BOAC liveried Concorde, and 2 come along at once! It really does look different with the side glazed nose and the short tail, Cheers John
  22. I remember when this kit first came out, a bit out of my pocket money range. It looks lovely in BOAC livery, and as you say, a shame it never wore it in service. Cheers John
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