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  1. Dang, that is a beast! The 1/144 A-90 is one of the largest 1/144 in my display case--this dwarfs it! At least the wingspan is relatively small! Looking forward to seething this come together. I get your comment on price. Would like this, but not enough to overcome cost and stack growth resistance...
  2. That is superb work. Everything about it. The model, the dio, the stories.
  3. Do make sure to remove the clear varnish that's beneath the chrome. It can obscure a fair amount of detail.
  4. dnl42


    Welcome aboard!
  5. Love the stuff coming out of Black Cat! Looking forward especially for a Butler-class (or Rudderow) DE
  6. I primarily use Mr Color with Mr Surfacer as my standard primer. I always clean parts with IPA before painting. Vinegar never worked for me, but Mr.Metal Primer does the trick. Brush it on, let dry, then prime and paint as normal. Et voilĂ !
  7. Very nicely done. I'd be thrilled with such a result on any of my builds...
  8. Your result from that diminutive lump is extraordinary!
  9. Very cool! And very well done. I got confused as I scrolled through the images. I don't believe I've seen a rock crawling dio before!
  10. dnl42

    Hello all

    Welcome aboard! That's where I am, but I gave up on weathering.
  11. dnl42

    Saying hi

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Looking forward to seeing a Mustang in those markings. I quite like the Airfix kit. Your Eduard cockpit replaced some weakness. In case you've not built this or other recent Airfix kits, be very careful with alignment. Also watch the wingtip trailing edge lest you break it off.
  13. Welcome aboard! Sorry, can't help with VP, but I don't see any artifact of a photo in your post. Here are my pups; Cora on the seat and Omar on deck.
  14. dnl42

    Metal Paints Tips

    It's always more cautious until it's not. I try to be as careful as I can with metallics. My standard paints are Mr Color. I will use Alclad for details.
  15. dnl42


    Welcome aboard! Nothing like diving into the deep end! The barrels suggested above from Master are superb. I always look to see if they have parts for my builds.
  16. Brilliant! I hope I can remember that!
  17. This looks fantastic! Wow! Looks to be some very nice 1/48 Ag aircraft on that table! Also looks like the Jamo's 1/48 Grumman Ag-Cat is left of the PZL Dromader
  18. Looking forward to this. Excellent collection of books. I used the Polish Mustang Units books to build Tamiya's 1/48 Mustang III in Horbaczewski's PK-G markings.
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