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  1. Excellent start! There was an F6F GB last year with a several instances of this kit. Not all of the PE made it into my build.
  2. Bravo! Very nicely done! Must...resist...stash...creep...
  3. Welcome aboard! Please do stay safe.
  4. Received in the post last week from Dora Wings: 1/48 Vega 5C 1/48 Bellanca CH-400 From the LHS: Revell 1/110 Jupiter C MPC 1/100 Titan IIIC
  5. Excellent work! But is the real story the time-warp?
  6. Here is a early version of the tail stabilizer on a USN Mk13 torpedo. These were apparently used during by VT-8 in the Battle of Midway. The torpedo is from Brengun; it includes the (nose) drag ring, production tail stabilizer, and tail ring. Here are the several generations of test parts. While my original version Silhouette Portrait readily cuts paper, tape, and vinyl, it can only score 10 mil plastic sheet. Below is final actual Inkscape pattern. One the left is the 3-part master, with 2 rectangles and a complex shape with 2 Bezier curves and 4 straight segments. The red lines are guidelines to maintain symmetry. The master is composed of multiple parts so I could readily adjust the shapes as I tested each version. The right 2 patterns are what I cut after Inkscape combined (union) the 3 parts of the master shape. By keeping the master pattern, guidelines, and cut parts in different layers, I'm able to readily manage the trial process. Multiple layers are also useful for decals and masks as I can the cut or print the specific items I want without unduly wasting material. HTH -- dnl
  7. I picked up a few POSCA 0.7mm pens from a local art store today. I haven't used them for any model work yet, but a test on some paper looks very promising!
  8. The DC-3, a Douglas-family contemporary to the BT-1, had that feature; most likely the DC-2 before it. I imagine it was due to concern about landing without the gear extended.
  9. Nice work on that! Your result is far beyond my expectations for the kit.
  10. I have that Chopper too, and it does have a limit on the thickness. That mitre box is one of my most used tools. I have another for round stock. I bought them from UMM, http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?products_id=3340 It looks like Aviation Megastore has it too: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/?action=prodinfo&art=188654
  11. I've been playing with Inkscape and a Silhouette Portrait to fabricate the early stabilizer visible in the May-June '42 VT-8 photos. I think this will do; earlier renditions are on the cutting mat. Below are the Inkscape patterns for the side pieces that were cut from 10mil plastic. The left-most shape is the master pattern showing the red guide marks, which help me keep the pattern symmetric, and the 3 shapes that make up the pattern. The rectangles represent the top and bottom plates. I did this as separate shapes so I could adjust sizes and angles until I got the right fit. The 2 right-hand patterns are the actual parts after Inkscape combined (union) the 3 shapes into 1. These 2 are the only parts I cut. The top and bottom plates are 50 mil plastic cut with a razor saw. Thanks for looking.
  12. My work time has decreased. The reason is simple, my full retirement lasted 6 weeks. I now have a consulting gig--way better hours than full-time work, but not full retirement either. I have the Brengun (née Attack Squadron) Mk 13 Torpedo built. Some sort slot-like molding defects(?) are visible on the nose. I filled them in with CA, which while transparent is readily made completely smooth, especially with a 6-cut equalling file. CORRECTION: I've since removed the tail ring, which appeared in Mod 6. Here's the kit's version, which looks very different. It's apparently a Mark 13 (original) version The Brengun parts enable a plain warhead along with the drag ring as well as the stablizer. The result is forward and after torpedo parts need to be joined. I made the joining plane concave to allow better alignment. Here's a better view of the tail. CORRECTION: I've since removed the tail ring, which appeared in Mod 6. The white bit is a replacement for the kit's part. I had sawed it off from the tail as expected, but somehow contrived to lose is while moving it from the cutting board to a parts tray 3 inches away. I still need to fabricate the tail fairing that appears in a May'42 photo of a VT-8 aircraft. That photo and photos of the fairing are on this entry on Tailspin Topics. Thanks for looking!
  13. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/armo-700-39-hms-warrior-1860--1164023
  14. Even though I work in 1/48, I'll sometimes apply the IP decals, even over molded detail, if I don't have one of those spiffy alternatives, like Yahu, or Eduard Look. The key for a decal over molded detail is to accurately align the decal to the details. Decal solvent will pull the decal into the details. If Micro Sol doesn't do the trick, Solvaset will do the job nicely, but apply carefully, i.e., apply and leave it alone until it's thoroughly dry--perhaps a day. Reapply if needed.
  15. Nicely done! I do enjoy these utilitarian subjects.
  16. If you're looking for some, a local art supply shop may have them. FWIW, while I do have those and some ship curves, I now do all that type of work in Inkscape. Whether I'm drawing something for paper, decals, or masks.
  17. This would be quite an interesting diorama! For the P-51, the target would be a little over 2 wingspans ahead, all very manageable at 1/144.
  18. Will done. Bravo! Are those Academy decals? The MIG MAD MARINE decal looks particularly good!
  19. Thank you for posting that, I thoroughly enjoyed it! To be sure, I wholeheartedly agree with the opening statement:
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