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  1. For HB's 1/48 F-14A: Aires F-14A Tomcat Exhaust Nozzles - Varied Wheelliant F-14A Tomcat Weighted Wheels Master F-14A Early Version Nose Tip & AOA Probe For HB's 1/48 F-14: F-14D Tomcat Open and Closed Nozzles Wheelliant F-14B/D Tomcat Weighted Wheels Master F-14 Alfa Probe & AOA Probe
  2. Dang, you're certainly having to work for this one! Reputation or criminal record?
  3. Excellent work on this. I'm fairly confident you won't have a single as-provided bit of plastic on this build and quite a lot more scratch-built than kit-provided parts. If you do, the Revell kit is quite nice--unlike this model. They provide standing and sitting Lindbergh figures.
  4. I'll sign up, with a 1/48 D.VII or D.VIII. In Polish markings of course!
  5. What airbrush? I primarily use Mr Color paints or other solvent-based paints with Iwata airbrushes. I use hardware store lacquer (cellulose) thinner to flush the airbrush after each use as well as for full tear-down cleaning. I've never seen ill effects to the needle seals within the body or to o-rings in the air-inlet and at the nozzle. I do use Iwata's lube when I re-assemble the airbrush after the full tear-down. The trick is to apply a drop of lube to the blunt end of the needle and use that to lube the interior needle seal. I also use Medea airbrush cleaner after the tear-down. My most recent tear-down was this past weekend.
  6. Excellent work on this, I particularly like seeing a Kiwi version. And you painted that with a brush?!
  7. Very nicely done! Particularly the zapped roundels! I just caught up with this from the RFI. As I have this kit in the stash, I very much appreciate your build!
  8. Excellent work! Hm, there seems to be a pattern in Lindbergh and airfields. Roosevelt Field, where he started his solo flight, is also a shopping mall.
  9. Wow, this is just some amazing work! I especially like your hand-cut masking. That's one of the several reasons I really do like my Silhouette Portrait cutter and Inkscape. So sorry about the paint lifting. I think most of us know all too well how that feels.
  10. Started working on the stencils and I found these gems. The stencils are too small to try to fix or to replace.
  11. Etienne du Plessis It's a marvelous collection, with quite a few images gracing these pages.
  12. Wow, those are very well details. Eduard's 1/48 resin tires are fairly under-detailed compared to these--not even a hint of anything on the sidewhalls.
  13. Excellent Tomcat collection! I do like the variety of markings
  14. Outstanding choice of markings! I have a sheet from Fightertown.
  15. With the GB end looming large, I've got to get something done each day, like the canopy, made easier with the provided masks and quick-drying Mr Color! This is the 3rd attempt at this photo. Both prior times had a stray dog hair... the stuff get everywhere!
  16. With builds in the Hellcat and High Wing GBs, a 3rd is not the wisest choice. I'll start when my Hellcat is done. I'll be one of the few to build a 1/48 F-14 that isn't Tamiya. I'll entertain you with HB's F-14A or F-14D.
  17. Welcome aboard! Those are some fine models. Congratulations!
  18. Very nice! Particularly the weathering, which I have negative skills for... I have 2.5 of the PE straps; 2 are intact, 1/2 is the upper part. I had a brilliant plan to use the upper parts with a full strap but...I'm reminded of a reflection on a mouse and her nest.
  19. They offer a "complete kit" for $76. Likely works out cheaper unless you have the overtrees in your stash.
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