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  1. Have a look in the "girly" isle in a supermarket for eyebrow tweezers etc - take Wife / Daughter Units with you and just look bored whilst sneakily scanning the products. There are some wicked looking tweezers there that are very robust and stand up to a lot of abuse. I wait for Wife / Daughter Units to buy them then borrow / "disappear" them. Unfortunately they're a bit wise to this and raid my Build Area periodically. DU also knows there's always Nail Polish Remover somewhere on my BA, aka "Acetone" acrylic paint remover.
  2. Not boring in the slightest, thank you for taking the time to photo it and post it! I tried doing this a few years back and found it terribly addictive. I would make parts just for the fun of it. Might start doing it again...
  3. Doing it on the sprue is brave, I hope you manage to get it off and sanded okay!
  4. Try Morrisons. They sell a white plastic bottle of "Savers All Purpose Cleaner". 1 litre for about 25p Dropped a Tamiya acrylic painted figgy in and it shifted the acrylic PDQ.
  5. Fabulous work! Would love to see what you're powering your LEDs with and how they're connected. Are you using 3.5v soft white LEDs and resistors?
  6. As stated: "Your painting techniques are fantastic". I couldn't put it better! It's such a gaudily painted ship it looks like a (model) painters nightmare!
  7. Very, very nice. Excellent job on the wood effects!
  8. Lovely, neat work on those masts!
  9. Them faces look like they's in horrible pain. Looking good to me though.
  10. Is a Dremel rotary saw blade too small? I suppose there's a danger of melting the acrylic with a Dremel saw too... They do seem to have blades that allegedly will cut plastic without melting it and I think I have one. I'll have a look and get back to you.
  11. Looks well worth the "evenings entertainment" though!
  12. I think the "Settee" area gives an idea of how small she really was.
  13. Terrific job there, coming on beautifully!
  14. Lovely lovely lovely!!! Great work on the rigging and cranes.
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