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  1. Definitely an update worth waiting for, that is some miraculous work on those waist guns! Richie
  2. More awesomeness, more note taking going on. As well as being a fun build for you it's proving to be very educational for me. I've been promised the loan of a 3d printer for a few months, probably not long enough for me to learn to use the software though. Great CAD drawings of the wheels, looking forward to seeing how they print. Richie
  3. Thanks Chris, I was quite worried about making the gun mounts but Evergreen came to the rescue, not for the first time. Their product range is superb! Richie
  4. What a superb model! Seeing this reminds me of watching a Bearcat tear up the sky at an air display. A magnificent model of a magnificent aircraft. Richie
  5. Time has been in short supply this week but I managed to take a small step forward that has been holding me up. The Lewis gun arrived from Gaspatch and very lovely it is too. I made the mount from styrene channel, brass wire, miniature hex nuts and bits of left over photo etch fret. Brass pins are used to help form a stronger bond to the fuselage and the gun which is just dry fitted here. Lewis gun practice fit. by Richard Williams, on Flickr Sorry for the rubbish photo, the worst thing about it is that is shows I have managed to remove the latches and hinges from the access hatch. Ho hum at least it's Friday and therefor Rum O'clock Richie
  6. It looks even better in the daylight photos Chris, I really enjoyed following your build thread. Richie
  7. This reminds me of many a childhood Christmas. If I was a good boy Santa left me an Airfix 1/24 scale kit under the tree. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this and the Hurricane come together. Richie
  8. Another stunner Chris, so much to like about this. Beautiful tonal variations in the camo scheme, subtle and very believable weathering, perfectly painted canopy and the icing on the cake is that the decals look painted on. I think I've enjoyed seeing this come together almost as much as you have clearly enjoyed building it. Very high class mate! Richie
  9. Cheers Hendie, it's getting more Scouty by the day. I've surprised myself by getting this far, might just as well crack on and finish it now! Richie
  10. An Fe2b in 1/144 will test all of your miraculous skills. Was thinking of scratching one in 1/32 but didn't fancy the spider's web of rigging even in giant scale! Richie
  11. I have the DH2 too, it really looks like one to savour. No kit is worth 270 quid though, that's just plain (plane) crazy! I think I paid £75 for mine and thought it was expensive at that price. It does come with a neat little Lanoe Hawker figure but I fancy standing him by the next Bristol Scout I build. He won his VC on the type so probably a better subject. Richie
  12. Ridiculous prices on eBay now, I'm almost tempted to sell my stash but I reckon they'll be a welcome retirement project.
  13. That would have been a much better use of an expensive Wingnut kit!
  14. Thanks Chris, I am actually really chuffed with how it's turning out and it's been a heck of a lot of fun so far. LOL, the wheels certainly do look a lot better on this than the Fokker. It had the most comical wing droop that I couldn't fix so had to be put quietly to sleep.
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