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  1. Good perseverance Marklo, it's paying off. Your Caproni is coming together nicely.
  2. That's a great approach, I admire your perseverance Marklo. Looking forward to seeing the next stage.
  3. Bravo, it must be a great relief to get this one done after such a trying build. Well worth the effort, it looks fantastic!
  4. Brilliant work, your usual stunning standard in fact.
  5. Thanks Marklo, I picked up a second hand copy a few weeks ago. Fascinating stuff it is too.
  6. Many thanks Dennis the Macchi Wing looks excellent. Does the double sided tape have to cover the entire core? The trick with the spacers and strips for the ribs looks great. It's already too hot in my work space so i'm going to wait for the weather to break before doing any more. I might sit in the garden and carve a wood veneer propeller though but then the test match is nicely poised so I might just put my feet up! Hi Chris and thanks for the compliment. It's definitely not a silly question re skinning the wings. I am a scratch building newbie myself! Yes
  7. Hi Chris and thanks for the compliment. It's definitely not a silly question re skinning the wings. I am a scratch building newbie myself! Yes I will be using the styrene sheet and ballpoint pen method. Definitely have a go at scratch building, I am finding this to be challenging but great fun. No worrying over destroying an expensive kit either. Dennis, many thanks as always. That sounds like excellent advice that I will certainly be following. Thanks Marklo, those Albatros wings are excellent. Your method is clearly a very good one!
  8. It's been far too hot here to spend time at the bench today and tomorrow is forecast to be much the same. Yesterday I did manage to sit outside in the shade and have a whittle on a balsa sheet to see if I could make a wing core. The real challenge is to make it thin enough and retain symmetry. I started with a single piece of balsa long enough to make all of the wings with a bit of excess in case of mishaps. By laying it out along a BBQ table top and sanding in long strokes with a curved sanding block I think I may have got there. It was a hugely time consuming process but I don't mind th
  9. Super working the bomb Dennis, very neatly done.
  10. Superb model, well worth spending lock down time to build. Tremendous work on all that rigging, great painted roundels too. I've enjoyed seeing this unusual aircraft.
  11. Oh no, so much hard work mangled in an instant. Glad you've got most of it fixed. After taking up the hobby again 6 years ago my only intact models are a 1/32 triplane, 1/72 Spifire and Hurricane. Mrs W. is lethal with a duster. She's destroyed more Spifires and Hurricanes and Mustangs than Adolph Galland.
  12. Brilliant to see this back on the menu. The rigging looks excellent. The UV glue looks like a very worthwhile investment. I must investigate!
  13. Good job Marklo, love the scheme.
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