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  1. So GS Hypo is going on the shopping list. All that measuring and lining up has paid off. Lovely simple method for making identical undercarriage thingys. Richie
  2. Cheers Chris, life's been a bit complicated for a while but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have vowed to get back to the BE2c this week so hopefully there will be an update soon. I loved the scratched radar on you Anson BTW! Richie
  3. Great stuff Tom, it looks like you had fun doing this step so the beaching gear will be an absolute scream! I love that you even added the body of the instruments behind the instrument panel. Richie
  4. Hi Chris, sorry I haven't dropped by for a while. Your Anson is looking breathtaking and you even have the Skyraider at an advanced stage since I last checked in. It's great to see you working away with such skill and enthusiasm! Richie
  5. Wowzers Hendie, you've made great progress with this. I've had a few things going on that have kept me away from the hobby for a while, i've missed some seriously great work! The engine details are astonishing and the undercarriage looks incredibly precise and delicate. Great stuff!!!! Richie
  6. Hi Steve, I have a bit of catching up to do after being out of commission for a while. This has made a dramatic leap forward in my absence. The litho skinning looks great, something I'd love to have a crack at one day. It's gone from looking Miragey to very much Mirage. Brilliant work mate! Richie
  7. Loved seeing the last few years of this amazing/bonkers/awe inspiring project. It really is a staggering achievement! Museum visitors are going to enjoy looking over all the amazing details you created....from odds and ends!!!!! Richie
  8. Beautiful, loving the paint scheme. This is seriously impressive! Richie
  9. Superb bit of scratch building Audra. Very true to the archive photographs. Richie
  10. I think you've done a great job, it looks fantastic. The DH88 is such an elegant aircraft and your lovely gloss black finish really enhances it. Richie
  11. Looking fantastic, I love the cheat on the double wires. With so many wires to attach I think it's a very sensible Idea! Richie
  12. This is a fantastic project, I didn't know the Ferrari badge came from Barraca's family crest. I suspect that is not the only thing I will learn from following this multi Spad build. Richie
  13. Was thinking exactly that too! Some terrific detail work going on Chris. The Skyraider looks very businesslike, I think it will have great presence when done. Richie
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