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  1. The photo etched belts look likely to cause much less gnashing of teeth and swearing of oaths! The build is coming along beautifully, the cockpit details are superbly done. I'm enjoying seeing this unfold.
  2. Wow, Chris this is stunning! What a great paint job. Lots of lovely details to admire too. Very impressive!!!!
  3. Thanks Chris, your kind words are much appreciated after a long struggle today! I'm really enjoying the steep learning curve, definitely have a bash at scratch building. It's a bit daunting but great fun when something actually works!
  4. Thanks Marklo, I really appreciate the tip. This step worried me into a 10 month absence!
  5. I've been on an extended break from modelling and missed this. Glad I stumbled across it today, it's a little gem! I'm inspired to dig mine out of the stash, if it comes out half as well as this I shall be very pleased!
  6. Thanks Marklo, I have vague memories of making the wing chord a few mm short when this started so long ago. I just realised a problem ahead. I was going to just skin up to the point where the chord changes and then fill. This will leave the end of each wing short. I'm going to sleep on it for a few days. Looking forward to my Airscale goodies arriving. I hope it doesn't mean the parts will be greater than the sum!
  7. You're quite right Brandy, I just looked at the boxes and they're KP kits. My ham fistedness could make them even less accurate. Might be fun though!
  8. All coming together very quickly but looking great. I must get a needle threader, the simplest solutions are usually the best! Love your scratched control horns, they must be tiny but look so precise! I have a few Tripehounds in the stash, 2 in 1/32 from WNW and a couple of the newish Smer 1/72. I'm tempted to dig out one of the Smer kits but at 1/72 I struggle to see even the fuselage halves.
  9. Fantastic start, very impressive stuff. Very worthy subject too!
  10. Beautiful, wonderfully executed weathering. Looks utterly convincing. I enjoyed seeing your model so much I'm going straight back for another look.
  11. Nice progress Rob, your clear doped linen and PC10 choices look fine to me. Those little photo etched parts look like a proper fiddly business!
  12. What a little gem! I can only manage monoplanes in 1/72 so it's a treat to see this to such a high standard.
  13. Super job Dov, the painted insignia look great. Good choice to paint them, I found the WNW decals could be a bit brittle. Looking forward to seeing the RE.8 and Bristol Fighter.
  14. Lovely to see this old classic so beautifully built. What a superb job you have done! I have very fond memories of my dad building this one half a century ago.
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