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  1. A really smart looking car you have there Trevor,that BRM certainly looks like a real racecar. I have made one Kaiser kit,the orangey brown Chevron 2 litre car. It’s very nice! Chris.
  2. That’s true about the engine,where is it exactly I wonder. The two models go together very well though. Chris.
  3. You’re doing a very nice job on what is quite a complicated model. I saw the original car race at Brands Hatch,it crashed right in front of me,I think I still have the picture that I took. I also thought that there was ever only one car,every day is a school day! Chris.
  4. They’ve spelt Meri Kits wrong,that won’t get them very far! Meri kits were mostly 1/43 F1 and rally white metal kits,and some very good ones too. Chris.
  5. Wow! And unbelievable detail. This is such a vast improvement on all the previous kits of this car. In 1/43 that is. Chris.
  6. A shame,I think this is a re release though from a few years ago. Normally very good reviews of his kits. Chris..
  7. Very nice model Trevor,the body mods are quite impressive! You beat me for your first race visit,mine was the Boxing Day meeting at Brands Hatch in 1966,and I still go there now. Support your local racetrack…Chris.
  8. A friend of mine had one of these and when we filled up with fuel someone would always shout out what’s that?! A lump of cheese? Is that a new release as I thought Air Track had disappeared? A quite interesting model this one.Chris
  9. Museum quality if I may say! The paintjob is actually far better than the real car was in real life! Chris.
  10. None that I’m aware of but I do know of the IXO readymade 1/24 die cast motorbikes,and there are a lot of them! I do diecast conversions on cars but I don’t know if this is an option. Have you looked on Scalemates? Chris.
  11. And in the correct scale Trevor! Not seen this colour scheme before, a nice looking model there,a one off actually. Have you got the Postman Pat Ecosse in your stash!? Chris.
  12. It’s just beautiful! I wish I had one,I couldn’t afford one when they were new…..My favourite racecar too,well one of my favourite Ferrari’s. Superb! Chris.
  13. Ditto to all of the above! It looks as though the Revell kit is only 3/4 there! Very nice model,I think Revell are re releasing this? Chris.
  14. Excellent work,and I just love any Le Mans car to be honest. Nice French racing blue as well. Chris.
  15. That’s good! I think they’ve been going since about 1973? In a few different places though. Chris.
  16. BBR haven’t made kits for a long time, those are all old stock,it’s a bit of a shame. I have quite a few of their kits, I think the newest one is from Le Mans 2005. I went to Radlett a few times on a Saturday when I was supposed to be doing overtime at work! Apparently SMTS will be winding down now, I read this on the Model Auto Review website,which was also a printed magazine that I had to buy! I worked at St. Martins accessories in London on Saturdays when I had no overtime on that day. But I’m still making the kits! chris
  17. GPM was run by Brian Harvey and his wife,he died last year or the year before. I get their weekly newsletter every Thursday,they used to do a 10 issues a year magazine called Four Small Wheels,which was my bible.It ran from I think 1982? I’ve still got every issue,I can’t remember when it stopped though! Chris
  18. Ditto to the above! I haven’t got this actual kit,but have a Revell 1/24 F1 stash,I’ve even started buying the IXO made Hachette diecast 1/24 cars,they’re very good. Chris.
  19. Just to reassure everyone,I was in the Kitkrazy shop last week,so they are still very much a going concern. I’ve never actually looked at their website,but I know they do buy old collections,it’s what the shop is basically full of. Chris.
  20. That looks very nice, a bit different for Airfix, I hope they do more and I’ll also be looking out for the E type! Chris.
  21. Love the Gold Leaf Lotus 69! I have a 1:43 kit of one,driven by Fittipaldi in 1971,it’s yellow. I would like to have the real one though….I’m also in the U3A across the river in Gravesend. Chris.
  22. That’s really nice Trevor,loving the rear wheel vents myself. Are the Remember wheels already gold coloured? Chris.
  23. I saw these cars in real life,and this is just like the real thing! The best Merc model I’ve ever seen I would say,the colour especially is really spot on. I thought that Jonathan Palmer was partnered with Schumacher? I’ll go back and check my memory….Chris.
  24. I think it’s a nice build and well done too,certainly looks like a good representation of the real car. Chris.
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