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  1. Impressive! I’m going to now dig out my old PM kit now and have a look! It’s the New Man Ayrton Senna car. Horbra made the best 956 962 kit. I like your one very much still Trevor.
  2. And this gives an excellent result Trevor! Starter kits definitely need improvement but they’re quite old now. Like most of my stash……You’ve also chosen a really nice colour scheme too. What’s PMA? Chris.
  3. And you can currently get the Lowenbrau 962 in 1/24 with a resin conversion set from Classic racing resins,to convert the Revell or Hasegawa plastic kits. I’m sure that MA Scale models also make the Jim Busby car in 1/43,they make every other IMSA Porsche. Both are American companies. Good luck,Chris.
  4. That’s a very smart result,especially from an older kit with those decals. Chris.
  5. I’ve experienced exactly this more than once! Luckily you can use those spare decal bits for repairs,fiddly I know,but you have the colour match there. The hairdryer bit works too and Daco decal solution. All the best,Chris.
  6. That’s really nice! In one of the best liveries too! Chris.
  7. Is this a Hasegawa kit? A lovely looking model of a great Group C car. I saw this race at Le Mans,but unfortunately not at Monza! Chris.
  8. To mainly Kiseca- this is the same car,another one shown above,they never made kits of this car,big mistake I think. This is the famous Lola T297 chassis number HU22. I’m sure this car raced 5 times at Le Mans,once or twice with a longer tail. This car did race in The Wall livery once in the 1981 Silverstone 6 hr.race. The Wall LP was released in 1979. When I was trying to find pictures of the wall car the other week,I was looking at 1973 or 4! Who knows where the time goes? As they say. All the best,Chris.
  9. Cheers all,the other ‘missing 1/43 ‘ Lola is the Barclays Bank car,I haven’t come across one of those either apart from an extremely rubbish plastic kit from Luso. I love Chevron cars too,I managed to buy up all of the Libra Miniatures B16 coupe kits,they’ve all gone now,but I kept the 3 that raced at Le Mans in 1970. I have also 2 I think of the Ampersand Indycars. Chris.
  10. Looking very good John,love the dashboard and steering wheel. Chris
  11. Here is a restoration so I apologise as it’s not a kit ,but was/is a hand built resin model. I’ve always wanted a model of this car or any other 2 litre sportscar of the 70’s! It was a limited edition hand built by a one man band called Ampersand from Denmark,they also made some Indycar metal kits,they later got taken up by SMTS. I got this model 2 years ago and it was in a terrible state,it wasn’t white just completely grubby,a brownish dusty colour. Made I think in in 1984 it was expensive and exclusive,only 100 being made. I did manage to dismantle it,the glue was that yellow contact adhesive which had sort of shrunk,and I would love to have resprayed but there is no set of replacement decals. Lots of careful cleaning followed and I added the BRDC decals and a yellow Lola badge. It still looks a bit rough round the edges,but was state of the handmade art a long time ago now. I still like it anyway, no other model of this car has ever been made so far…..(or a decal sheet). In 1/43 that is anyway. Oh and I also replaced the mirror and it’s stalk,far too over sized. Nice picture came with it,could put it on The Wall I reckon! Chris. All the best,Chris.
  12. Looking very good so far,building Jaguar models is always to be very much encouraged ! Chris.
  13. I loved these DTM cars,and I love this model of yours too. Very smart indeed,Chris.
  14. Thanks all for the nice comments. I do have 2 more,one is a GPM metal kit of the 66 Le Mans winner,I made a mess of the windows with superglue. But it was the first or second metal kit that I had made and now needs restoration. I also have the open red car an AMR metal kit,I should be able to do this one a bit better now.. Yes,the GT40 is definitely one of the best looking cars. Chris.
  15. May I present the only 3 Ford GT’s that I’ve completed so far. The no.1 car with the fins front and back is a Metal kit by Marsh Models from Le Mans 1965. Drivers were Bruce McLaren and the equally great Ken Miles. The other white car is actually called a Ford GTP J car,this was never raced but appeared at Le Mans in 1966 at the pre race testing. This is the car that Ken Miles was killed in while testing in the USA at I think Riverside racetrack,but not sure exactly. This car was then replaced by the For GT mklV . Kit is by Sapphire Modelcraft,resin body,everything else is white metal. The Gulf car is the 1968 winning car,the first resin kit that I made back in about 1984! It’s a Starter kit,and still stands up quite well today apart from solid headlamps! Chris.
  16. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this kit to be honest. It’s a 3d printed 1/24 Porsche 917/10 Can Am car,I am sure you’ll all recognise the body shape! It’s made by Capri- schorsch whose 1/12 kits are also on here. Never seen a 3d printed kit before and I saw a you tube video about this kit which made me definitely want to get one. I am very impressed with the very fine detail,some of it is almost see through,all the vents etc.are there. No decals,as you have find your own but I’ve already decide to do the L and M cigarettes car. See below- Chris.
  17. Have now decided to make my remaining Horbra kit in orange and Jäegermeister! Chris.
  18. It looks really nice, I love the colour too. An impressive Jag overall,always liked these cars. Chris.
  19. The carbon fibre decals are all supplied but definitely need some softener stuff! I just had a look at my 1/24 F1 models that I’m attempting to collect now and came up with this picture - 1983 Williams,1991 Benetton and Lewis Hamilton’s 2019 car. Lewis’s car is pushed up against the Williams,it’s not nearer as in Father Teds explanation of smaller things being a a lot further away! Happy new year,Chris.
  20. I haven’t shown much lately but we are now downsizing and I’m packing everything up again! This is the very excellent Silverline metal kit of Jenson Button’s 2009 F1 championship winning car. The box says Silverline but they are the cheaper Tameo kits. It still cost £70 though,and this is the latest F1 car I’ve made so far,I don’t have anything newer,the cars have got quite ugly and big now. The base is a BBR one and the metal label and decal are included in the kit. Hope you like. Chris.
  21. Hi and welcome from Gravesend Kent. I’m a car modeller, but also aircraft in 1/72 and 1/144. I spent some time in Brittany in 1965 + 66 and got introduced to Heller kits and Solido cars! Chris
  22. That’s just beyond excellent! I’ve made loads of Starter and Horbra kits of these cars,but they look like toys compared to this one. Chris.
  23. That's a really nice build,and the real Ferrari engine is just stunning! Does Monza mean the 750 sports car? Chris.
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