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  1. Wow! I'm glad you like it everyone,I only normally make cars with numbers on the side! Good luck. Chris.
  2. I must say your interior looks both very neat and smart, Chris.
  3. Oh dear we appear to have got you into trouble! Some people have no sense of humour do they?! Chris.
  4. Yes Fawlty Towers, If you have any problems with a model car you can attack it with a tree branch ! You've got a nice room there,we all need more space...Chris.
  5. The black and the chrome go really well together,it's doesn't look too blingy. That's a very smart looking car there. And they give you decals for the wheel centres? Chris.
  6. Underfloor heating,that's luxury! As they used to say in Monty Python.........Chris.
  7. There’s plenty of other kits in the stash, I daren’t count! I’m not sure about another group build,but it’s nice to have a completion I wouldn’t have otherwise, it would still be there next year! Chris.
  8. Finished! I'm surprised I did it on time,my first ever group build. Now looking at the pictures I remember that one door mirror is missing,it literally has no contact area being so small and in an ackward spot. I'll try again with a very small dot of superglue. This kit would still be in my stash today,so that's another one less now and I think it's a good looking car. Chris.
  9. My 1/43 Roush Racing IMSA GTO Mustang.
  10. It looks fine to me Keith! The interior looks very smart,and it's a very nice looking car decal problems or not....Chris.
  11. This is good stuff! Ive never set eyes on a Studio 27 F1 kit personally but it doesn't seem that accurate! The rear end especially seems a bit off,the wing position is quite bad on its own. Interesting to follow along if that's ok! Chris.
  12. I couldn't work out what was in the box,till I realised it was just the box! One complete now?! Chris.
  13. I think your model is very smart,brave to do the stripes and you have a very good paint finish there. Chris.
  14. Thanks all,and have now flooded the body with Klear to level it all out. Thinking about about finding a new bowl for decalling with too! Chris.
  15. A big improvement! I like it,will you be leaving the windows open!? Chris.
  16. More progress,it's nearly all decalling and correcting the decalling! It didn't go smoothly at all.There's a picture of my decal dish and it's not a very pretty sight,the big blue decals on both sides wouldn't bend at all so it's all been repaired with Tamiya blue paint and blue decal stripes. That took a quite a few hours work but I think it's all over now. The other pics now are really the top and bottom of the car,but there's still quite a bit of finishing off left to do. Chris.
  17. All looking very good,I'm impressed with bare metal foil everywhere- a very fiddly job! I noticed too that the deadline is coming up ,it's October 1st.tommorow. Chris.
  18. Some very nice cars there,my favourite is the Cosworth Merc. Chris.
  19. Ditto to the above,that's a bit of real modelling! Chris.
  20. Oh dear,I feel your pain with the decals. I believe Shunko decals do this car,it's a Lotus 78. High quality decals. All the best Chris.
  21. Bare metal foil is very difficult to do,it's looking very good! Chris.
  22. That's a really nice result,I love these Porsche's and have made a lot of 1/43 ones.its great to see a 935 in 1/24 that's not just a Martini one,there are so many variations on this car. Nu Nu or Beemax promised us a Pink Pig Le Mans GT car from Le Mans 2018. I'm still waiting! Can you put your pictures on for us all to see? Chris.
  23. Another vote here for the Xtradecal sheets,they're very useful. I then smother the decal with Daco decal softener. Chris.
  24. A very definite improvement on the parts provided,I've never actually seen an Ace resin kit it looks like a very base though. Chris.
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