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  1. It does say includes Silk Cut,think they are hidden in case of offending someone! Chris
  2. I think I would rather go for the Shunko ones myself,very good decals. They look very purple too which helps!
  3. Thanks Neil,received the Bedford today,very well packed and signed for too! They are nice kits aren't they? Chris.

    1. Derbyeomanry


      They are - i'm concentrating on larger scales - currently building the Airfix 1/48 MWD


      Enjoy the kit



  4. It's come out very nice,I remember seeing them in this colour scheme too!
  5. There's also Indycals who I quite like. The paint is extremely good I have to say.Chris.
  6. There you go Simon,no one else has ever seen this picture before. It actually says on the back 17th.March 1968 Brands Hatch Race of Champions,I went to the G.P. That year as well,and the 6 hrs.Sportscar race. And I still go there now,next real event is the historics in July. All the best,Chris. Should show my SMTS kits as well now,I'll dig them out.
  7. I was definitely there and took this photo with my Kodak Instamatic! No one else in the world has ever seen this picture before,just rediscovered it in my loft. The front view is even better,so I should stick that one on now.I have a massive amount of pictures cut from magazines etc. I managed to get myself a 1/24 resin Lotus 49 at Telford last year and recently got 3 SMTS Loti 49 that were owned by Colin Fraser of Formula models,these are 1/43. Have you got the Haynes manual too? I don't have the Oliver book though. Chris.
  8. I agree to all of the above comments,it's a great model you have made.Chris. Also I couldn't help but post this picture taken at Brands Hatch in 1968(a bit late now I know) Graham Hill just before the Race of Champions in April 68. Hope you like!
  9. I agree about a top post! Very very nice model you're made there. I might have to go and fondle the bits of my unbuilt kit now... Could not resist adding this picture above (bit late now I know). This was taken at the Brands Hatch Race of Champions in April 1968. No one else has seen this picture before,I just rediscovered it in my loft. I also have the front view as well..Chris
  10. Hi John,I think this one is more than I bargained for to be honest! I have made one of his kits,the Ferrari Squalo F1,think it was a 1954 car. Fairly simple that one. I have just completed a K and R D Type Jag,but have not seen the MK2 in the flesh myself.I know that I have 2 of their 1/43 kits in the stash. Good luck. Chris.
  11. Sorry Keith! I must have been thinking of mr. Sabrejet,apologies to both. Chris.
  12. Thanks Keith,I suppose the clue is in your user name? I probably bought your one at Telford,I have 2 now. The resin planes seem simpler to me as that's what I'm more used to,I find the injected ones more fiddly,the Thunderstreak has the wings already made for instance. The Ferrari is more complex than I expected though! Chris.
  13. Hi,my latest 2 resin kits,first is a 1/24 Ferrari kit I wanted the moment I first saw it.Fernando Pinto models,it's got lots of very fragile resin parts as you can see! A lot of the smaller parts are very very fragile looking too.Also a resin airplane for anyone interested- there was a very complimentary review of this kit in one of the monthly mags recently. The Ferrari was £122, I hesitated ,then it was my birthday so I went ahead and the £ went up and it was £118! Chris.
  14. It's nice to see one of these built! I like what you have done. I have one of these in the loft myself,my neighbour gave it to me in a clear out of his loft! All the best,Chris.
  15. Very very nice! I have always liked this car. Chris.
  16. 1/24 is my preferred F1 scale(I must be awkward) but there is a real lack of 50's F1 kits even in 1/20 scale. I can't think of any others apart from the the old Merit kits myself. Oh and that Mercedes already spoken about. Have a look on Scalemates,great for searching stuff. Chris.
  17. I agree with the above two! I think your paint job is also better than the real car! I remember this being in the news all the time when it was being built and run. Chris.
  18. That's beautifully done,and a very smart colour for an ERA. I read the other day that SMTS are moving to bigger premises,which is always a good sign as I know they moved to a smaller place last time! Chris
  19. I like this a lot,only the wheels are too chromed,but that's just me.its turned out very well.Chris.
  20. Whoops,yes you're right,I remember admiring the John Surtees Lola now. Must add some more of mine now,I'm getting lazy. Chris.
  21. I got mine in WHS the other day. I'm in Gravesend ,Kent. Normally I manage to get it in Sainsbugs,but haven't been there for months.Strangely enough this very same WHS hasn't got any other of the latest model mags,why not? They normally do! Chris.
  22. This is a beautifully built model,it has to be said. Chris
  23. It's very nice! 1st.time we've seen a Can Am car on here? Chris.
  24. I've used Le Mans Decals too with no problems,they are quite thin and flexible. You can still get all Tameo decals for all their kits separately from Grand Prix Models and other shops. Very nice Ferrari,another 1/43 model builder! Chris.
  25. Just beautiful drawings! Or are they called sketches? Just fabulous. Chris
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