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  1. Since the last post here it's become clear that this is becoming the first drone war. Drones operate from austere fields, in fact fields. The abortive river crossing that looks like a repeat of the Falaise gap massacre was probably led by drones, accurate artillery fire and possibly killer drones. People are talking about the demise of the tank but we might also be seeing the demise of manned close air support. I also saw a video of four tanks tens of kilometres behind the front line being knocked out by artillery using a laser designator on the watching drone. Cheap and cheerful battlefield drones are the future.
  2. Given that a lot if not all cockpit shots in this movie were shot in F18s in flight. It's likely. In the original movie neither Cruise or any of the actors flew in actual F14s. Just mock ups. The US Navy wasn't having that at the time.
  3. Having worn both back and seat types I concur with all of the above. Never had to use one in anger. But a friend of mine did after a mid air at low level approximately 300 feet. It was a modern seat type and opened almost instantly. His view on the exit technique 'Get out any way you can'. Like @dogsbody , Chris that was the rig I wore for my first jump. A round chute. When it came to the reserve the memorable advice was 'If in doubt, whip it out' I had no impressive moustache though, too young to grow one.
  4. Great job. The Comanche was always an attractive aeroplane. You've done them justice. I remember a few years ago a flock of them flew flew into my local airport from the UK. A grand tour of some sort. They were accompanied by two interloper SF260s. Another attractive type. The same couldn't be said for the boxy Aussie GA8 Airvan I was flying at the time. Nice one.
  5. Well in a first, Top Gun is the first movie both me and my wife want to see together. But for entirely differing reasons. I didn't know her back then but photos of her at the time of the original, shows hair suspiciously like Meg Ryan's. I was never bothered by the lack of realism in the original even though I was already knowledgeable enough to recognise it. It won't this time either. We'll be bringing our teenagers with us. They know little of Top Gun and their disinterest in aviation is total. Their reaction will be interesting. I enjoyed the Popgun video. Definitely a couple of chuckles. I loved the start with him kicking increasing amounts of FOD into the tie-down points just before he boards the F14. Thanks for the link @Alan P
  6. Really fascinating topic. Definitely an interest of mine. I'd love to visit most of the places mentioned. I live in Galway city. On an aviation theme there's the former RAF Oranmore nearby. Now set up as a possible industrial park although still an open field and mooted once as a possible airport. Once it was a base for No 2 Squadron Bristol Fighters. A long way from the current Typhoons in service with 2 squadron. But of course the city is actually medieval so chock full of hidden history. Not so hidden are the city walls in the local shopping centre. The medieval streets are not so much fun for us car drivers. But a lot of it is hidden in plain sight. My brother in law who happens to be the local heritage officer produced a map showing various medieval features in the city centre. You'd never know until you had the map. It was very much an English city at the time. The walls kept the Irish out. There at least four maybe five or six castles nearby, more fortified tower houses. One restored tower now houses Ukrainian refugees. Imagine how they feel about finding themselves living in a medieval tower so far from home? Then there's the Alcock and Brown landing site. I stood on the spot and sank nearly as much as the Vimy on the day in 1919. Chock full of history this place.
  7. No pics at all. No links. Looking forward to the fix. Sounds great.
  8. We're the Sweeney son and we 'aven't 'ad any dinner. Brilliant!
  9. An absolute icon for me. George Carter and indeed DI Regan (John Thaw) of the Sweeney represented a familiar contrast to the US cop shows in my teens. Actually I couldn't believe London could be so violent in the seventies having being there on a school tour. My teenage illusions have been shattered since. Even my native Dublin makes the 70s Sweeney look understated these days. Terry Mc Cann his other iconic character in Minder I really enjoyed. After I drop my boys to school most mornings. I settle in as befits my age and have breakfast and watch ITV4 repeats of the Sweeney, Minder, Avengers, The Saint, The Professionals. Most of the cast of these shows are now dead. At least Dennis Waterman is still with us I thought. No more. I find that really sad. Now my only remaining icon is Martin Shaw, Doyle in the Professionals. I actually worked him in George Gently. Plus he's a fellow pilot. It's sad when you reach an age when your contemporaries are fading out. End of an era.
  10. Those photos simply show extremely faded OD. The middle one in particular is obviously taken in Kingman, Arizona post war. It's not yellow It's faded OD. But if you want to accurately depict 'Bit o Lace' in the timeframe of the photo the anti glare panel needs to as faded as in the photo.
  11. Ukraine was a Republic of the Soviet Union at the time and so Soviet markings only. It wasn't an independent country. I think there was an air service after WW1 until the USSR was formed in the twenties. In WW2 there were Ukrainians who were in German service. Doubt if there were any pilots. Edit: Did a search. It turns out Ivan Kozhedub the Soviet ace was in fact Ukranian. So one of his aeroplanes might fit the bill.
  12. I think it's a good example of even a colour photo being misleading. Like @Michael51 I have Roger Freeman's, The Mighty Eight in Colour. Some of photos of B17s might lead you to believe B17s were painted in desert camouflage given the fading and reproduction of the photos. That photo was obviously taken after 'Bit O Lace' was repaired when flak blew off it's port tailplane and riddled the tail fin on April 4th 1945. Possibly post war. So the fading on the anti glare is extreme by then. Incidentally I'd recommend anyone with an interest in US aircraft in the ETO to acquire a copy of The Mighty Eight in Colour. I constantly refer to it. It's invaluable. Some are available online for the Amazoningly low price of £1.45.
  13. Very good, reminds me of the time in my former life when a retiring aircraft engineer was given a present of a rocking chair made from with jet engine parts complete with a compressor disc as a back rest. Excellent.
  14. This is the last online social media account I'm signed up for. Time to go. How to do it?
  15. noelh

    A good mitchell

    Ah! that explains it. Missed that bit. It's certainly a very well travelled kit.
  16. Always love a Corsair. You've captured the grubby look perfectly.
  17. I don't know but the Osprey is a bit scary to me. I dare say the crew of the CV 22 weren't too upset being stranded in Cornwall. A pilot friend of mine spent a happy time there working for Skybus.
  18. Yes I first saw one taking off in the distance. It looked huge. That impression was not negated when I walked into the real thing. Think your school hall multiplied by three. I sat in one of the seats along the fuselage and marvelled at the space. Also everyone who calls themselves an aeroplane enthusiast must go to Oshkhosh once in their life. I also sheltered from the rain under a B17. Plus you can walk up to a warbird touch it and chat to the crew. Or the latest USN jet. I'm seriously looking at going back in 2022.
  19. Isn't that the problem? A totally unforced and frankly basic error from an inexperienced designer. Yes an easy fix for the bomb bay but really? I'm no rivet counter but that's ridiculous to miss something so obvious. Transparencies, a consistent issue with Airfix. Their flagship 1/24 Typhoon issue is well known. I have three canopies, all of them are poor. Yes it's a big improvement on the Matchbox kit. After 39 years you might expect that. You might also expect the designer to do his job properly. None of that takes away from your rendition of the kit. Which is great.
  20. You could just put yourself in the position of an individual crew/unit and their interpretation of the camo. Looking at photos and videos. It varied widely. I think sometimes modellers apply quite complex schemes. But looking at the photos sometimes crewmen themselves just slapped it on as quickly as possible.
  21. Finescale models forum came up with this: 'Like Rob says, no "great" kit of the M4A2 HVSS 76W exists. But to kitbash correctly, I'd do the following: 1) Tasca JGSDF for the components Rob says 2a) Academy M4A2 HVSS for hull or 2b) Aftermarket resin late M4A2 hull (Tank Workshop) and source a lower hull tub M4A2 from DML or Academy or Tasca' That's 1/35th scale and problematic. So obviously 1/16th scale........well? Aren't Shermans complicated?
  22. No pressure but there is a sub culture here of Corsair aficionados of which I'm a member. If you meet the standard you may be invited into the exclusive bentwing club. Remember when it comes to Corsairs and weathering, too much is just the start.
  23. They look great. Of all the Soviet fighters the Mig 19 was the one I liked most. I particularly like the PAF F6. Many years ago Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine gave away PAF decals for the F6. I don't know what kit I used but I built one using the decals because I liked the Western style colour scheme of the PAF jets. It wasn't nearly as good as your version though. Well done.
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