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  1. This is the last online social media account I'm signed up for. Time to go. How to do it?
  2. noelh

    A good mitchell

    Ah! that explains it. Missed that bit. It's certainly a very well travelled kit.
  3. Always love a Corsair. You've captured the grubby look perfectly.
  4. I don't know but the Osprey is a bit scary to me. I dare say the crew of the CV 22 weren't too upset being stranded in Cornwall. A pilot friend of mine spent a happy time there working for Skybus.
  5. Yes I first saw one taking off in the distance. It looked huge. That impression was not negated when I walked into the real thing. Think your school hall multiplied by three. I sat in one of the seats along the fuselage and marvelled at the space. Also everyone who calls themselves an aeroplane enthusiast must go to Oshkhosh once in their life. I also sheltered from the rain under a B17. Plus you can walk up to a warbird touch it and chat to the crew. Or the latest USN jet. I'm seriously looking at going back in 2022.
  6. Isn't that the problem? A totally unforced and frankly basic error from an inexperienced designer. Yes an easy fix for the bomb bay but really? I'm no rivet counter but that's ridiculous to miss something so obvious. Transparencies, a consistent issue with Airfix. Their flagship 1/24 Typhoon issue is well known. I have three canopies, all of them are poor. Yes it's a big improvement on the Matchbox kit. After 39 years you might expect that. You might also expect the designer to do his job properly. None of that takes away from your rendition of the kit. Which is great.
  7. You could just put yourself in the position of an individual crew/unit and their interpretation of the camo. Looking at photos and videos. It varied widely. I think sometimes modellers apply quite complex schemes. But looking at the photos sometimes crewmen themselves just slapped it on as quickly as possible.
  8. Finescale models forum came up with this: 'Like Rob says, no "great" kit of the M4A2 HVSS 76W exists. But to kitbash correctly, I'd do the following: 1) Tasca JGSDF for the components Rob says 2a) Academy M4A2 HVSS for hull or 2b) Aftermarket resin late M4A2 hull (Tank Workshop) and source a lower hull tub M4A2 from DML or Academy or Tasca' That's 1/35th scale and problematic. So obviously 1/16th scale........well? Aren't Shermans complicated?
  9. No pressure but there is a sub culture here of Corsair aficionados of which I'm a member. If you meet the standard you may be invited into the exclusive bentwing club. Remember when it comes to Corsairs and weathering, too much is just the start.
  10. They look great. Of all the Soviet fighters the Mig 19 was the one I liked most. I particularly like the PAF F6. Many years ago Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine gave away PAF decals for the F6. I don't know what kit I used but I built one using the decals because I liked the Western style colour scheme of the PAF jets. It wasn't nearly as good as your version though. Well done.
  11. Yes indeed, Sophie, some of the builders out there surpass your skills. If you'd kindly point them out to us right now I'd be grateful. Because you've set a high standard based on those models. The people who are better than you must be worth seeing. Put those models up on RFI right now. Seriously though. By all means show your models. I particularly like the P47.
  12. That's excellent work but I agree with sockjo1. It's too heavily weathered for a brand new peacetime RAF newly delivered Spitfire in October 1938. Six months later.......maybe? But your skill is well advertised. That's obvious.
  13. Absolutely brilliant. The kit is good but your execution of it is impeccable.
  14. Excellent. I also notice it has a 'realistic' opening canopy. Great fun.
  15. That is very nice indeed. Looks as real as it gets. The T33 is one of my favourite '50s jets. Which makes me wonder why I've never actually bought a T33 model? Love the photos too. I'd love to go back in time to the '50s and be a USAF pilot in California.
  16. My favourite is John Cunninghams Beaufighter.
  17. I really like that. You did a great job on it. My favourite photo is the low level one nose to nose with the other V bombers. The glass table looks like a rain soaked ramp and the red brick is somewhat reminiscent of a classic RAF airfield hangar. I've never built a V bomber but only today I took a long look at the Airfix Valiant in the LMS. Maybe I'll look again tomorrow?
  18. Absolutely excellent. I always liked the Jaguar. I also like the 54 squadron crest. It's literally the opposite of my family crest. It's an azure lion rampant on a 'or' background. My family crest is an Or lion rampant on an Azure background with daggers. No idea who chose that scheme but I think I'd enjoy being in 54 squadron.
  19. Plus the Nazis using fanatic teenagers. Ask the Canadians who came up against the Hitler Jugend at Carenten
  20. I agree that it was a practically non existent problem. If the tank was close enough to attach a magnetic mine. The attacker had to have a magnetic mine handy. The average infantryman had no such facility. Particularly the Western allies. As for the Soviet anti tank dogs. I do remember it being said that the experiment went wrong because the dogs couldn't tell a T34 from a Tiger. As for it being something people would object to, well millions of dead people trump a few unfortunate dogs.
  21. Brilliant, more pictures though. But I love it in the studio setting. Very nice.
  22. Nice one. You've definitely captured the desert camo 'Imperial' RAF scheme. Zvezda seem to have made the definitive C130. Speaking of Marshall Aerospace, my brother is an aircraft Engineer who was a Contractor there in his early career. He fondly remembers working on Hercs among other interesting aircraft. He really enjoyed living in Cambridge.
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