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    I've lost several friends and acquaintances in flying accidents. I also saw a fatal accident. In fact I flew a 'missing man' flypast for one. You never get used to it. RIP to the man concerned.
  2. noelh

    ASD diagnosis

    It's interesting that it's more difficult to diagnose girls than boys. My godson was diagnosed quite early. But it was certainly obvious because he displays many of the well known traits. His older sister was only recently diagnosed. She was born with a congenital and usually fatal heart condition and had years of surgery and treatment which thinking about it, probably masked her autism. It makes sense now. Neither of the parents show any signs. I feel so sorry for them. The boy while high functioning and intelligent has been violent to his parents and his home shows signs of his loss of control. But I've never seen it because he controls himself around me and my sons, his cousins and I've been minding him since he was a baby. Interesting that. Clearly he holds back with other people. Only with his parents can he let go.
  3. Thanks for that, as a Corsair fan myself. That's very useful. I think I remember Dana Bell said something similar.
  4. As the window was only eliminated during the F4U-1A production. I think you can safely assume that 'birdcage' F4U-1s did have them. Don't know about the propellors though.
  5. That's very nice and I fully approve of the colour scheme. Nice photos too. I like the F-84F. It's a quirky bird. As is your user name 'Patrick from the sands' ? Nice one.
  6. Wow, wow. What is the German for wow? The first and last pictures are superb the others merely excellent. Even knowing it's a model it looks real.
  7. That's looks great. Given the ubiquity of the classic Jetranger. It's surprising how few kits there are.
  8. There was a thread here which discussed the issue. I think the conclusion was that British bombs were carried along with the larger centreline fuel tank as seen in that screenshot. But there is a suggestion that US bombs were carried. But FAA didn't use the smaller drop tanks used by the USN on their -1Ds. Edit, here's the thread.
  9. That looks great. The Mi 24 is iconic. I first thought a Macedonian military helicopter is a pretty obscure subject. But of course you are Macedonian. Do you have any other Macedonian military models?
  10. I could tell you but I'd have to shoot you. Actually I believe you're right, it is some form of tactical command post. Manned by the secret service. Probably chock full of secret stuff.
  11. It hardly looks like the original Airfix Sherman. It looks great. Nothing like the original. The Airfix Sherman was my first ever AFV followed by their Panther. It looks great.
  12. I have to admit when I read this: "Due to a malfunction of a piece of equipment in the cockpit, " I thought, yeah the piece of equipment called the pilot. Cynical me. But it was a faulty ASI it seems. So no fault of the crew. But all's well that ends well. I can empathise with them though. I remember landing a bit long and a bit fast and found myself rehearsing the excuses as the hedge loomed large. It's funny how your mind works in extremis. But I stopped in time much to the relief of the cows in the next field and me. When I taxyed in. I muttered some excuse to the ground guy when he queried my extended landing run. Thank goodness the Vulcan was undamaged.
  13. Actually 'stop press'. Here's a video of the actual East Kirky tower as it is today. 45 seconds in. There's the stairs.
  14. Ignore this post. Check out my post below. YouTube is invaluable for subjects like this. YouTube is full of videos where people visit old airfields. A quick Google produced this. About 22 minutes in he explores the control tower. He didn't reveal which airfield it was. The stairs is to the right of the entrance door. I also found this: https://www.controltowerstays.com/ Seem like a nice place to stay. But look at the picture of the stairs. Is it original? I don't know but it definitely resembles the one in the other video. Particularly the point where he descends the stairs at about 23:20. Hope that helps.
  15. Yes as Stef says you can paint the main components separately. For example I'm building a Meng King Tiger at the moment so I built the turret first. I'm well pleased with it. Now I'm working on the tracks. Yes I foolishly bought the separate individual track kit. You have to be bit zen about applying dozens of tiny track pins smaller than, frankly bloody anything. Just so you have realistic sag on your tracks which no one except YOU will notice. So yes modelling armour may seem easier but it's just as complicated as as aeroplanes if you're not careful.
  16. Well I always pre painted the wheels before assembly. Just try to paint the rubber tyres on a Tiger or Panther with all those interlocking discs? Also the lower hull before adding the wheels. Same with the tracks. With some tanks like the Churchill you might get away with it. You can't rely on weathering to cover it up unless you are simply going to daub mud everywhere. My main tip is to avoid too much rust unless the tank is burnt out. Yes the advantage of armour modelling is that you can 'crack on' and mistakes are easier to hide. But if you look at some of output from the really good armour modellers. You can see the real skill.
  17. No question, that rendition of that model kit perfectly reflects the the original F-111 in scale. Photographed in the right context it would be hard to dismiss it as a miniature. Superb work.
  18. Absolutely. I recently went through my photo collection. Specifically my aircraft and airshow photos. Half them went straight into the bin. The rest are hardly worth keeping except for reference. Your pictures remind me fondly of my first foray into modelling photography. Several pictures of an M4A3E8 Sherman advancing along a jungle track during the little known battle of Greenhills. Actually the Tamiya kit in the potato patch, taken around 1974 with my sister's Kodak Instamatic. Very realistic I thought. Just like your photos only I couldn't afford colour film so they were in black and white. I think your photos are great. But I always wish I'd taken more photos at the time.
  19. Certainly this interesting. I don't think The Big Fella has ever been modelled before.
  20. Very good.Those old kits can with a bit of work look excellent. A little bit of old fashioned modelling.
  21. Yes apparently the smell is nasty. He had a lucky escape. It wouldn't have been the first a fast jet was brought down by bird. I had a bird strike once during take off so quite slow. But I had just enough time to duck. It bounced off fortunately. But the thunk of it hitting was pretty loud. I'd hate to think of the result at higher speeds.
  22. That's really nice. I'd love one of those displayed in my front window. I live just back from the seaside. So it's oppropriate. I'd like to sail in one even more.
  23. Definitely the front end of an Apache. Reminds me of a Fairey Barracuda. But unlike the unlovely Barracuda that thing would never fly unless it was fitted with a number of advanced warp engines powered by refined unobtanium. Mined on planet Mars. So yes like fusion power, it's twenty years away. As it has been for the last fifty years.
  24. Excellent. I think helicopters suit big scales. It's easy to see you put in a lot work to get that result. Very realistic indeed.
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