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  1. I’ve got the Armory 109. It’s pretty sketchy in the accuracy and finesse departments. Nice decals though!
  2. Wow, I so hoped you would do a Fury next. This is going to be amazing!
  3. If you are keen, there is a company called Amercom (not Atlas) which makes some diecast/plastic versions of these, along with Wellingtons Hamptons and Whitleys. They are surprisingly accurate and can be repainted and refurbished like a regular kit.
  4. News just in, and very good news for people like me who have a passion for 1/144. A new company called Beacon Models has introduced itself and announced its intention to produce a range of modern high detail kits representing all of the key aircraft which took part in the Battle of Britain. https://beacon-models.com One notable member of the team is Bryan Wall, former lead designer from Wingnut Wings. Initial development may turn to crowd funding to begin with, and the opening phase for this is expected to happen soon during the northern hemisphere winter
  5. Great job! I love the brush strokes to create the wake. You make it look so easy.
  6. Wow, is that the T.E. Lawrence?
  7. I've been enjoying working with artist oils lately, and began looking around for ways to mix them to standard aircraft and armor shades. My reasoning was that if I could start with an oil version of say RAF Dark Earth/Dark Green for example, I could then tint it up or down to create lots of variations for shading and tonal work. My own colour vision is pretty rubbish unfortunately and usually I need to have some sort of formula and do it by numbers to give myself a fighting chance. I was about to go for some small tubes of oils by a range called Abteilung 502, but it turns out th
  8. Well bombies are loaded now. They look rather aggressive with their yellow tails. Like a swarm of hornets ready to fall on someone's head. I notice overscale Hugo Sperle is suddenly nowhere to be seen... Also put the glazing on today which is a major landmark. I used thinned down PVA that was mixed with water. However this time I added a minute quantity of dishwashing liquid to break down the surface tension and let it flow better. It seemed to work really well and didn't interfere with the adhesion of the glue. The spinner hub got a c
  9. They discovered that among those of us who’d been recruited for Operations Room training, there was one man who’d had over a thousand hours’ flying experience. That was Dudley Mason. He was quickly winkled out and given a Tiger Moth somewhere down in Surrey, where they were busy welding milk crates under the wings to carry bombs with which to bomb the beaches when the Germans landed. He told me, ‘The darn thing won’t even fly, never mind carry bombs, not with all that garbage on it.’ -Sergeant Tom Naylor Big thanks to @Heather Kay for keep
  10. The new bombs are in full production. I'll put some shots of them up over the weekend once I've got some paint on them. Unless anybody can come up with a better suggestion I'll go with a patchy dark grey for the main body and the yellowy-buff colour for the rear portion and the fins. Maybe a silver nose cap too if I can manage it. In the meantime, here's a shot of the prop and the cone over the hub. The prop is styrene carved to shape and brushed with a few coats of Mr Surfacer to help blend in the contours. The propeller boss often appears as a bright metal or painted piece,
  11. Just looking at that last shot, they certainly got the shape of the Hampden rather nicely. Hats off to those old toolmakers.
  12. Just catching up. What a lovely trio and a really fine finish. Congratulations! I hope everything works out smoothly with the op. I'm glad you got to have a laugh with them as well. If ever anyone is looking to point a scalpel at me, I'm certainly keen to lighten the mood!
  13. I was trawling around looking for a clue about the shade of buff and found an excellent link from Dogsbody that contained a profile of the elusive 20lb fragmentation bomb. Now that I have this much better drawing I’m tempted to make the bombs again.
  14. Yeah it wasn't until after you mentioned the buff colour that I went back and realised that. Doh!
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