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  1. Nice one. Great photography too. At first glance I thought the first shot was real and mistook the stand for a distant searchlight.
  2. Beautiful work and a fantastic result. You had me at Malta.
  3. Fantastic images. I think I want Beaufort Homes to be my porn name
  4. Interesting that its only the DE. I’d remask and touch it up. All is not lost. Summon your British phlegm!
  5. Such a beautiful aircraft and with the extra you are putting into it, it is really coming to life. If the brilliant little Aviatik is anything to go by, this will be equally special. My only criticism would be that the pictures are too darn small!
  6. Beautiful and thought provoking introduction. And one that cannot help but stir the blood. Thank god for those people, the things they did and the sacrifices they made. Otherwise, we’d all be building Messerschmitts by now.
  7. Incredible work and a truly beautiful creation. I'm sure it will be treasured for centuries.
  8. Nice job. I really like it
  9. Hello chaps. I'm hoping somebody might be able to help me. Specifically someone who owns one of the Airfix 1/48 Blenheim kits and has an accurate way of measuring things, such as a set of calipers. I'm building a Blenheim Mk I which is mostly from scratch, and I'm having a hard time finding out the correct distance between the two engines. For such an iconic and beautiful aircraft there are few reliable drawings out there, and the ones that I have gathered over the years do not seem to agree on shapes and dimensions. So.... here's my plea. If anyone has an Airfix Blenheim in 1/48, either built or on the go; could you measure the distance from the centre of one propellor hub to the other for me? That would be a massive help and allow me to ensure I'm on the right track! Also, I f you're feeling generous, it would be reassuring to know the exact diameter of the cowlings too, as these are often drawn differently on each set of plans that I have. Finally, if it isn't too cheeky to ask: I also hear that the kit wheels are too small in diameter, but an aftermarket company (Barracuda, I think) has released a set of wheels to the correct size. If anybody out there owns a set of these resin wheels, it would be amazing if they could tell me the diameter of the tyres. Phew! That's about it. I reckon armed with those key measurements I should be able to get things moving and keep on with the project. Thank you to everybody for having a look and season's greetings to all!
  10. Dick Bong Edit: Sorry. Just checking to see if I could.
  11. OMG. I'm still trying to process that. Arthur Harris couldn't wreck a home more completely than that. That strap lying on the table...
  12. Really nice. Eduard caught the shape of the 262 really well too. It looks great!
  13. Thanks for the kind words everybody! It feels good to have it finished at last and to see the littlest display case with my other builds. Nooooo! While its true that 1/144 has an undeserved reputation due to the 40 year old Crown and Minicraft kits that still get re-released, things have definitely moved on since then. For example, next time you are at your local hobby store, keep an eye out for some of the recent Super44 releases from Eduard/Platz. You can check out the quality of the mouldings through the cellophane bag. I encourage you to give one a try. They are cheap, crisp, and eye-wateringly accurate. They also hit all the pleasure centres of a modellers brain, as you can put them together quick and end up with a palm-sized little gem practically over the course of a single evening. Thank you! I've just been admiring your own amazing scratchbuilding work. The bracing wires are simpler than they look in 1/144. I use nickel wire from Albion Alloys which is supplied in straight lengths. Because each piece that I use only has a short span, the material doesn't sag in the middle like it would in larger scales. It's not that bad. Some people go to much greater lengths than me. Seriously, I dare not go to the beach anymore, lest gangs of burly 1/700 ship modellers all come over and kick sand in my face! All the bloody time mate!
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