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  1. Here are some. Although I regret that they are not very large. I'm putting together references for a Halifax build too and am very keen to find better ones!
  2. Mr Hobby's Mr Metal Color "Alminume" gives a very nice fine-grained rendition of 1930's aluminium dope if you add just a few drops of white to it. It's my go to for silver winged biplanes.
  3. Everyone is probably off to Telford this weekend, so I'll just leave these here.
  4. Happy birthday Mrs Woody! Love the costumes “Do I make you Handley baby? Do I??”
  5. Well I've done my best on the flying trapeze insignia. However I have to admit, some things are just too bloody small. I tried home-printing onto a piece of white decal and cutting out the circle, but the ink chipped away when I trimmed the film back. Eventually I decided to print on clear film and trim the insignia slightly wide, then place it over a disk of plain white to get the correct colour. Bugger it. Near enough I say! I won't gloss coat over the top, so if something better comes along one day I should be able to lift it off with some tape and reapply... Yes, I know there should be a half-inch yellow border to the blue disk. But just this once I'm calling 1/144 scale modeller's privilege!
  6. Adorable. Absolutely beautiful result.
  7. Sounds like a great project. All the more so as the Blenheim is one of my dearest favourites. A word of caution regarding the flaps though: the procedure was to keep these closed when on the ground, not hanging open as is often depicted. I remember seeing an interview with one of the crew who maintain the present day Mk I. He mentioned this and kind of smirked as he said they make an exception to the rule and open them at airshows “ because modellers and whatnot like that sort of thing”.
  8. Test fitting the trapeze unit. Some sterling silver wire was flattened so that it adopted a more streamlined shape and the bits were chopped up and positioned on a simple template. This is just a sample piece of Laminex that I liberated from a local hardware store (grab a handful next time you're there). You can scribe or scalpel your setout lines into it and use it to position all manner of things. I tacked the pieces into position with superglue, then soldered them together. The Laminex doesn't burn or distort with the heat so everything stays in place. Afterwards I just gently lift the finished component off with a scalpel. The hook and skid are only glued onto the N-struts, so it needs to be handled with care. Some turpentine was brushed around the tape, and this released the completed assembly with ease. Then I balanced it on top of the Weehawk's fuselage to see how it looked...
  9. Nice one Roadrunner. Those are the nicest drawings by far!
  10. Beautiful subject and fantastic craftsmanship. Congratulations on such a superb job!
  11. Well done! The Mr Hobby clear is my favourite. It gives a good hard coat that can be handled and polished with ease. I use if for top coats as well as dipping canopies etc.
  12. Birds of a feather there I reckon Actually, if you don't mind the big scales Williams Bros do a Sparrowhawk in 1/32 that is old, but still very buildable. If you search for it on youtube there are a couple of in-box reviews that will probably have you reaching for your wallet in record time! Howlindawg, the nav lights measure 0.4x0.8mm so they are pretty small. I discovered today that Gunze do a clear red and clear green lacquer, so I think I'll be giving those a go. I've also got some .5mm acrylic sheet as a starting point, so I'll try my luck there. Oh, and I managed to repaint the missing portions of yellow today without getting a visit from Major Stuffup, so we're back on track.
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