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  1. Brilliant work. All the more so for the extra innovation in the markings and added challenge that vacuforms bring. Good show!
  2. It looks fantastic well done! The most brilliant bit for me is the clean patch on the rudder where the blowback from the engine was masked by the tail plane. Genius
  3. Wonderful work and very inspiring. Great choice of markings too. The close-set roundels on the wings and the extra set on the tail really set it apart. I love it.
  4. Lovely result Mike I feel your pain though. When I started, the DH.2 was absolute sheet!
  5. Thanks chaps, that is very kind! I'm glad this one went down well. I hope the next ones come out as well too if not a little better. A crazy thing happened during the last lockdown and I was given a chance via a UK publisher to put on my big-boy pants and do a book on scratchbuilding WW1 aircraft in 1/144 scale. It's a bit scary, but I'm giving it a red hot go!
  6. I’m thinking wow, with an extra dose of Pfhoaaaar!
  7. Incredible. I absolutely love where this is going!
  8. Quite right! But I was concerned what results a search for "Plastic Hips" might yield.
  9. @KingTiger435, you can also search on that online auction site for High Impact Styrene sheet and get pieces at A4 size and over for very little money.
  10. Oops. Sorry for the confusion there. The drum is made from scratch. Basically the brass rod was stuck into a drill and turned down to the right diameter. The raised ring and centre recess being achieved by shaving it against the edge of a scalpel blade. The rod was then mounted into the centre of the protractor and allowed to poke through the styrene sheet so both it and the protractor spun freely. I next glued the little straight edge over the top and scribed the first radial line. After that it was a matter of moving the protractor 14.4 degrees and re-clamping it with the bulldog clip/scribing the next line etc. etc. until all the lines were done.
  11. I spent years pondering how to make tiny Lewis drums in 1/144 scale. You might say that the solution was somewhat... protracted Has anyone ever been banned from BM for making dreadful puns? Asking for a friend...
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