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  1. Look out. You just got another one from me in the dreaded Vic too! There’s been some sort of Freedom Day declared today, as we get past 70% vaccinations. However I don’t think we’ll be declaring victory until I get my haircut, which is tentatively scheduled for the 1st of November. Bloody hell it can’t come quick enough. I feel like I need to wear a headband when I sit down to work in the man cave!
  2. Argh. So close and yet so far. Some 1/350 airships at last, but my particular interest is for the Schutte Lanz variety. All the same, I’d love to get hold of one of these. I hope you will be sharing some build pics down the road. You lucky fellow! Envious of Uranus
  3. Brilliant! I would love for the original mould maker to see this.
  4. Nice! I really like the Skua. I can still remember assembling the Frog/Novo version at the age of six or seven. Sitting on the floor and turning the canopy this way and that... Trying to choose which direction did not look wholly un-aerodynamic.
  5. Hi wonderful. I’d love to have an Anson in the collection one day. Looking forward to watching it come together
  6. Hi Victor, here’s a link to the styrene sheet. Probably work getting a few different sheets to give you the thickness you need if you are building in 72nd: Link I haven’t quite worked out what to do next, but I’ve been keeping busy by trying my hand at some generic parts. Idle hands and all that. At the moment I’m making some LeRhone and Gnome Monosoupape engines that will probably come in handy at some point. If I can mould them it would be a nice ready supply. Here’s a test shot of one with a wash of colour so I can see how it looks. Only 20 parts (or 19 rather... one bit has fallen off). It’s not quite there yet but looks promising.
  7. Cheers, you're welcome! One day if I can pluck up the courage I will take advantage of the clear acrylic wings and try painting the underlying spars and ribs before adding the topcoat If you are buying materials it is worth keeping an eye out for the sheets of high impact styrene too. If you are working in larger scales the sheets that are 2mm and above tend to stay flat after shaping. It's much easier to work with than acrylic and can be shaped much more rapidly.
  8. Hi Victor, sorry for the late reply! I make the wings from solid acrylic as it tends to stay nice and flat, plus you can get a razor-sharp trailing edge too. I usually work in either 1mm or 1.5mm sheets at this scale. Ebay is a good source, and A4 sized sheets can usually be bought quite cheaply. They last a lifetime in 1/144 too I score both sides of the sheet and snap off the piece that I need. The underside of the wing is the first bit to be shaped. I get an old metal ruler and file the end to the right curve, then use it as a scraper to do the lower surface. It pays to start with a strip that is longer than you need. Then trim it to length afterwards. I usually double-side tape the acrylic strip to a flat surface, then position a straight edge next to it to act as a guide. Then its just a matter of scraping the profile in. One of the advantages of 1/144 is that this isn't so messy and requires less elbow work. Once the underside profile is complete I gently remove the wing and stick it down again with the top surface pointing up. Do this with the trailing edge slightly overhanging the edge of a block of timber or something. Then get a nice big two handed file and shape the upper surface of the wing. Try not to file towards the trailing edge too much. This just makes a lot of swarf build up there. Filing towards the leading edge is better and gives you a cleaner result. When the rear part of the upper wing is shaped you can the turn the wing around on the block and shape the front. A bit of a sand afterwards will clean up the file marks afterwards. Here's a shot of one pair of wings that were done this way. It was probably an hour's work from start to finish.
  9. That’s an amazing haul. Well done! Ive got many of those issues in my collection as well. And they are just as good at 52
  10. Oh I'd love to do a Fury! I still remember my Matchbox one so fondly and would not be able to go past those black and white chequer board markings. I've been after the Arch Whitehouse book for ages. I'll take that as a good recommendation! Thank you so much for the kind words everybody! After such a hard slog it is nice to see it so well received.
  11. Hi Serkan, thanks for asking. I've used a bunch of different things over the years from monocular scopes to desktop magnifiers. Strangely, the best thing I've found for small scale modelmaking is the cheap non-prescription reading glasses that you get from discount stores and chemists and whatnot. I started out with 3x magnification and soon got more and more addicted to higher levels of magnification. These days I'm using 6x glasses that I found on ebay for about $7Au and it has made a massive difference to to my work. Desktop magnifiers are less effective, as it is always a struggle to both work and bring the piece into focus at the same time. With the glasses you subconsciously move your head to maintain focus, so you're not working in mid air or trying to do things in a blur half the time. They also work better than a visor, as you can focus and work a lot closer to your nose. Plus you can easily peer over the tops of the glasses to check your references or watch your netflix or whatever I've actually burned through a few pairs due to careless handling and my big stupid head. However I found that if I pulled a lens out of one of the broken pairs, I could temporarily blu-tac it to the front of the glasses to give me super-squinty vision when doing really fiddly jobs. It's like having bionic vision or a borg eyepiece or whatever. When you make something with the glasses and get it looking nice; you take them off and have a look at the thing and think: My God... did I do that???
  12. Hi I'm so glad you like it! Sorry if the wip link didn't work. You can find the BM thread here: Cheers!
  13. Thank you everyone! I'll have to rest my eyes for a while now as I work out what to try next. Maybe it needs an Eindekker for a mate. Here's a link to the RFI thread with more photos:
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