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  1. I really like doing that. It gives a nice bit of context and scale. Its a slippery slope though, as you can suddenly find yourself with a quite a stash of coins after a while...
  2. Thanks so much everybody for the words of encouragement. It means a lot. There's heaps of potential in 144 and the kits that are coming out these days are just getting better and better. I hope more people will be tempted to give the scale a try.
  3. It is! I thought of the Mew Gull and Comet quite a bit and would really like to do both. Plus a Dragon Rapide... so many choices Last night I ended up dragging out the Fe2b that I've been working on for years now. Perhaps I can continue pecking away at that while I try to make up my mind.
  4. I totally agree! I often suffer from what I charitably call "an excess of inspiration" and suddenly find myself jumping from one project to the next too.
  5. I was wondering about that. I happened to source a nice 2 Lire coin from 1926 the other day. It would go nicely with a Macchi M.39. Then again though... I'd love to do a Heyford in 144.
  6. Hehe, I actually wondered about that! I noticed in some of the later shots of N221 towards the end of its career that the beaching gear was fitted with metal wheels. Apparently the air in the rubber tyres made the whole thing float and was quite a bother.
  7. Richie, thank you! That is very kind I have to think of what to do next now. Here’s a link to the RFI thread for some more pics.
  8. Hi all. Here are some pictures of my latest build. Just finished today. This is Supermarine S.5 N220. Winner of the 1927 Schneider trophy race in Venice. Scratchbuilt from plastic card with struts from sterling silver sheet and rigged with 0.07mm nickel silver wire. Paints are from the Mr Color range of lacquers, and the decals are a mix of hand cut and home printed. For those across the pond who are wondering: the shilling is about the same size as a modern 10 cent piece. While the matchstick is actual size. So am I for that matter... Thanks for looking. I've made a link to the build thread at the bottom. Hope you like it!
  9. Not too easy to come by. We have our own ones of course, but they have sheep on them.
  10. Phew! Done at last. Yesterday's stormy weather is out of the way so I did the final dabs of black paint on the wheel hubs and ventured out onto the balcony to spray the chrome tip of the spinner. The sun peeped out every now and again, so I was able to take a few snaps too. A pretty challenging build and the silver finish could perhaps have been better. But on the whole I'm fairly pleased with it. Thanks to everybody who followed along. I'll make a topic in the Ready for Inspection area soon. In the meantime here's a few pics.
  11. Almost there now. Just a few more bits to add. Then all I need is a properly level surface and some decent sunlight for the final pics.
  12. Definitely not just another Gladiator. Beautifully done!
  13. Congratulations, it looks great. Done in record time too. You zoomed in and got the job done, then flew out again before the jerries were even onto you.
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