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  1. I think the recce machines were flying mostly on high altitudes, and the UV radiation was more intense there then near ground. Likely this degraded the pigment, if it was an organic one. Regards J-W
  2. Patrick, thank you! In mine Marauder the weight of bobs (made of lead) was that big, that after few years the both main and front legs of u/c deformed and finally get broken... I repaired them recently using steel needles put inside the main legs, but the front one gets bounded again.... Regards J-W
  3. Magnificent work! How did you solve the problem of tail sitting? - have you found any place for bobs? Or you've made some trick with photos removing support? Regards J-W
  4. Pat, The wings-fuselage join is tricky in this kit, I made some dry fits and adjustments of opening size before glued them. Do not follow my build from 1993 regarding colors. I had very few knowledge and just followed some painting scheme (profile). I made it in 4 tones (ochra, lt green, dk green, lt. grey. with tl. blue underside. What I think now about it is that He 170 (or He 70K in Hungarian nomenclature) were delivered in export German scheme of soft edges RLM 61/63/63/65 (chestnut brown, olive green, light grey from top and light blue underside. Some people believe, that export colors were of different shades then those of the same name for inner use, I do not know. I am not sure if the four color scheme really existed, however machines were repainted very likely during usage. The dark green should be likely a dark (chestnut) brown - I think now. Here is some set of painting schemes given by Hungarian author: I will believe it more that old scheme from Air Enthusiast (or Profile - I do not remember exactly what I followed) http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/224/pics/73_3_b1.jpg In AZ 1/48 kit they are shown again in 3 colors: They gives Humbrol 29, 30, 64, 65 I am currently doing 98, 117, 64, 65, Looks carefully on propeller, in Hungarian machines it was often in camo colors: https://www.alamy.com/279-replbzis-heinkel-he-70k-tpus-tvolfeldert-replgp-az-1-2-tvolfeldert-szzad-gpe-httrben-az-1sz-hangr-fortepan-52475-image214906883.html Some more schemes are on Wing Palette http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww15/o/224/73/0 Always, the bottom side is Lt Blue! (RLM 65 I think) Maybe one day I will repaint this old my machine.... - especially into colors from Yugoslavian campaign in April 1941: http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/224/pics/73_6.jpg Regards J-W
  5. When I looked through the original CP thread the information is only about DH9A The name "DH-9" appears only in a response of a reader, as far as I noticed, not in any info from side of producer. Indeed, they are pretty different. But it was DH9A, which was produced in Soviets under designation of Polikarpov R-1, so it is much more probable to be issued as model by CP as Ukrainian company. Regards J-W
  6. Great set! Especially I like you well worn finish. BTW - Sweden used both of them so it would be possible to compare them with the same markings, Regards J-W
  7. Very nice! - since you mentioned it already the antenna made of 0.3 mm in 72 scale corresponds to ~2 cm in real - so it looks like it... Perhaps could be done from a hair (diameter of some 0,06 mm, when in scale gives some 4 mm in real thing) taken from silver head person (or cat)... Regards J-W
  8. BTW - There is Hungarian web page on which one can find some info and photos of each individual machine of Hungary, inluding WW2 also. Here is for He 170 (they name it He 70 K) https://www.avia-info.hu/talalat.php?KeresettSzo=He+70&Keresolista=mind&Ujtipus=&Ujfajta=&Gyartoorszag=&Ujuzem=&Hazai=&Ujhely=&Megszunes=&Uzemkezdet=&Uzemveg=&Megjelenes=&Frisseseg=&Sorrend=jel&Darab=15&gomb=ok Regards J-W
  9. You can easy remove fresh paint with proper thinner or paint remover. It is more difficult with old paint, but with fresh shoul go easily. And then paint them over with gloss varnish (diluted). CHeers J-W
  10. Pat, I am sorry, I was wrong - it seems that windows are blinded only on drawings, on photos there is only one in which I have doubts if the window is there. In all other photos which I have checked the windows are transparent - but they are two square on left side and two square and one circle on right sinde. Not three square as is provided in kit! The middle square window is in doors, it is present only in civil He-70. Regards J_W
  11. Today I put wings together and glued them and stabilizers to fuselage I made the safety belts from Tamiya tape painted with thinned black: After installing safety belts I closed the fuselage with top of cockpit. I apologize for this information - it seems that it is not true. I have looked through all photos I have of Hungarian He 170 and in almost all the windows exists. There is only one photo where I have doubts, if they exists. So apparently only color profiles show blanked windows. In my old (build in December 1993) Heinkel 170 in Hungarian colors I removed the paint from five windows (the circle one and four squared) To be continued regards J-W
  12. Pat, since your decals are that bad you can consider some out of the box schemes, like here http://www.airwar.ru/image/idop/spyww2/he170/he170-5.jpg (windows blanked?) http://www.airwar.ru/image/idop/spyww2/he170/he170-c2.jpg (windows not blanked) http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/224/pics/73_4.jpg (windows shown blanked) To be frank, I am not sure if the ALL windows made blank is proper or not. I have to look at more photos I have. When I did my He-170 with blanked windows I simply followed the color profile only. Now in 1/48 kit all have two square windows both sides (but not three) https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10234210/60/1 Regards J-W EDIT: See my next post, the windows are not blanked!
  13. Pat, when you look at the color profiles of individual Hungarian He 170 some has all windows blanked, some not at all. The best is to search for a photo, how it was in case of given machine at the given time - I would not be surprised, if it change with time for given one machine. EDIT: see my next post, this appear to be not true, I am sorry to say it!
  14. Steve, the descent DH9 must appear in 1/72 since not long ago (3 years) I did a scratch conversion of Maquette DH9A (Polikarpov R1) into it. It is always like that... - when I do any massive scratch work a new injected kit appears . There is of course a rational way to explain it - I am simply finding what are the most missing subjects! Regards J-W
  15. The non-camouflage scheme of He 70 from SCW starts to temptate me, like here: I think if it is alu dope or light grey? And if grey is it RLM 02 or RLM 63? http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/224/pics/67_7.jpg That sort of questions (if not solved) will result that I will go to more standard three tone camo variant of paint scheme: http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/224/pics/67_4.jpg There are three variants of three tone scheme - small and soft, large and soft and sharp (German style) - the machines were re-painted from time to time, Or an unusual two tone scheme: http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/224/pics/67_2.jpg 14-44 is perhaps the most colorful (because of white strip of commander machine I think, on a black circle) , but it requires 6 figures "4" in the same font, so maybe too difficult to gather in my drawer with spare decals. To be continued J-W
  16. I decided to do some pimp work on wheel bays: And I put the fuselage together, I shorted the bomb compartment, just to make room for radiooperator/navigator seat The military variant has only two windows on that side, o one is blinded. Regards J-W
  17. Nice to see this Scirocco, with body designed by G.Giugiaro. I had one in scale 1:1 in years 1989-93... Some good feelings remained... So I will watch your build. Regards J-W
  18. Do not forget the Mach 2 kit of Mariner, not that bad as people think about it: here converted to PBM3s variant. Stiil I would like to buy the Academy kit to convert to WW2 PBM5.... Regards J-W
  19. Pat, Thanks for support. For last two years I made majority of French machines from my stash, now I planning to do similar with Italians and Soviets, the Cant Z 1007 is among them as well. I have just double fin variant ( "Bideriva" or Bis) hoping that Italeri will rebox old Supermodel as they did with Cant 506 and SM 81 (both improved a lot). Here is almost finished Caproni Ca 133: Regards J-W
  20. There is also another archive thread with a lot of Heyford details shown: Regards J-W
  21. They looks like all those small airfoils in modern F1 cars - just to improve the airflow in the region. It was added during production, the very early build do not have them The reason of introducing them must be in some record from an accident. Regards J-W
  22. Thanks for good words! I started, The glasses of cockpit area are small and thick so I do not want to do any additional details for inside but the box for bombs, which shuold be seen behind the first pair of windows on fuselage sides. I made it out of scratch. Regards J-W
  23. What about a double build of Suchoj Su 2 (with AML engine conversion set)? I think it will fit the subject. J-W
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