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  1. Hi, My next French machine, this time of extremely short life time in my stash: when I bought the kit about two weeks ago I immediately started build... This is Kovozavody Prostejov new mold kit of D 501 (1/72). I used the paint scheme not from the box. It is machine No 198 (R-228) belonging to GCII/10 in January 1940 ( so still in Phoney War time) based in Rouen-Boos. When this squadron got more modern machines the Dewoitines were phased out to flying schools, it is likely that this particular machine went to Polish training center in Lyon-Bron. I reshaped the wheel spats to unique one seen on some D 501 (including that one). Here she is: Comments welcome Regards J-W
  2. I think some time (few years) ago similar thread was here and AFAIR there was a photo o Ju-88 tire produced by Dunlop... But I cannot find it now. I think that the forms to do tires were the same right before the war and in following war time years, but maybe during war there was no time but also no reason (no need to advertise) to emphasize the producer name in white... The contracts for huge numbers were already signed without it... Regards J-W
  3. Indeed, in description people write like that, however on above photo from Net as well as in book the hook seems to be on position... Thank you for suggestion on Humbrol 125. Is it not a bit too dark? I 've read somewhere that it should be Humbrol 144 with a dash o white ... Many thanks! Regards J-W
  4. Thank you! Hi Jean, Thank you! I was searching for this camo schemes for years, that is why they spent so long in stash... As I mentioned this No 24 (N-523) in war time three colour scheme was seen in photo published in Avions No 78. The alternate for MS 225 was to paint is in grey/grey French Navy scheme as prototype of MS 226 (with arresting hook and additional fuel tanks) for which I had photos from 1940 in a book ("La Debacle de mai-juin 1940..." Avions Hors Series No 24, page 42. ) Below is photo of this machine found in Net, done a bit earlier then in 1940 (photos from 1940 in book has different numbers - smaller white BA 25 on a break of white stripe along fuselage, in description it is said "ex-BA-4"): BTW, in the same book on p. 23 there is another photo from 1940 showing MS 225 (No 64, N 333) but the quality of it and position of airplane not allow to tell is it camouflaged in three tones or a pre-war green/alu scheme. With MS 230 it was much easier, there are plenty of schemes available, not only French but also Greek, Belgian (with another engine) or Spanish Republican, but I chosen that one from aesthetic reasons simply...(wanting to do spoked wheels of course) This profile I was trying to follow was published here: https://www.avionslegendaires.net/avion-militaire/morane-saulnier-ms-230/ Best regards J-W
  5. Many thanks! It is something a bit strange to build a model which you could also do 50 years ago ( but you did not done it ) and for last 20-25 last years it was waiting in your stash... Regards J-W
  6. Hi, After some break I finished two old kits by Heller (actually both were Smer re-boxed kits...). They are: 1. fighter Morane Saulnier MS 225 and 2. trainer Morane Saulnier MS 230. Morane 225 was phased out the fighter role in 1938, however some machines still were used as advanced trainers. Some four years ago I have received from @Jure Miljevic (many thanks again!!!) a photo of MS 225 No 24 (N-523) in wartime camouflage described as taken in 1940. Photo was published in Avions No 78. Model has only small corrections regarding the box - I added the gunsight and corrected the error in elevators, I made some modifications in cowling mount (opened it from rear) and removed spats (as seen on photo). Decals from drawer. To be frank I think this kit has serious misfits to drawings I have, but I decided not to corrected them, otherwise it will be be a huge scratch project and I am not 100% sure, that drawing I have are better then drawing on which Heller based their model... The second machine is Morane Saulnier MS 230 No 380 (M-851) served in Ecole auxiliare de pilotage 44 in St. Etienne in May 1940. Decals also from drawer. I added some inside details and gave the spoked wheels made from PE spokes and rubber o-ring as tire and added air intake below engine. In both riging by EZ Here is MS 225: And MS 230: Ooops - I the Venturi tube moved the angle... - Need corrections, sorry... Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  7. Pat, very nice! This small Morane in still nice kit to construct . BTW - apparently we went for the same party : I mean I also just finished mine MS 230 & MS 225 and I hope to post photos on RFI very soon! Regards J-W
  8. There is a book https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8543720-swedish-fortress I hope it will be helpful Regards J-W
  9. JWM

    Brazilian P-47s?

    P.S. Here is interesting set of weapon: bazookas+bomb+fuel tank... https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/media/brazilian-p47-italy-campaign-1944-45.12700/full?d=1533598770 Some nice colour photos here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/88963-p-47d-color-question-little-bunny-norma/ Regards J-W
  10. JWM

    Brazilian P-47s?

    For 1/48 there is a nice decal set for both OD/NG and NMF https://www.hpmhobbies.com/fcm-brazilian-p-47-thunderbolts-jambock-squadron-decals-1-48/ If you just google "Brasilian P47" several dozens of photos appears Regards J-W
  11. I was recently applying +40 years old decals by ESCI without any special treatment. After applying I used three times Microsol/Microset softening, because the film was thick and too stiff . In general I have found vast majority of decal applicable directly even if they are that old. However, I was unable to use old Williams Bros decals at all. They were stick to paper as there was no soluble glue in between... (soaking for an hour did not helped at all). J-W
  12. Very nice! I love shapes of SM 55. I have one SM 55X from Spanish Civil War by Delta 2 on shelf and now I wait for SM 55A by Dora to do the second one in Romanian WW2 colours... Regards J-W
  13. Very nice result! The Airfix kit is still OK, though improvements are most welcome. Few years ago I was refurbishing the mine one, done first time in 1976 or 77... Regards J-W
  14. The full Vichy painting was applied I thing right after the Syria war between Vichy and Britain in June-July 1941, so perhaps in August or September 1941, not earlier. During the Syria campaign only yellow tails and engines were used and full "pyjama strips" were the next step. So to have full Vichy colors the D510 should stay in service till this time. I am not sure if they really stayed that long. Here is decal set for D 510 in Africa 1940 https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Dewoitine-D.510-over-France-39825314.html Of course there are photos of D510, but also even older D501 or D500 among machines (mostly destroyed) taken in 1940 campaign (or right after it) in homeland France, Regards J-W
  15. Great small model! Out of the another planet... Regards J-W
  16. Very nice surprise! Interesting. what will be FH 6002 ? J-W
  17. Very nice! Nice to see the end of war scheme of Sq. 303 machine Regards J-W
  18. Talking about Junkers family in 1/72 - the W33 in 1/72 would be also much appreciated Regards J-W
  19. Very nice build. Those machines were flying last couple of years on route Brussel-Krakow=Brussel, so I saw them quite often. It seem now cancelled due to pandemia, maybe it will return... Were a bit more noisy then other machines of this size. Regards J-W
  20. If you look for drawing those drawings are perhaps OK Some idea on insides you can get from preserved machine https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000542275.html the dashboard of flight over Everest machine is here https://www.wondersofworldaviation.com/everest.html Some differences with regular machine must be there, unfortunatelly... Here you may find the Wapity cockpit https://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/aircraft/past/901-wapiti.html#gsc.tab=0 And piece of Mk II Regards J-W
  21. Looks that small correction of rear edge will shift the canopy back and the fit will be ok... Regards J-W
  22. A great couple! Very nice builds. I have just bought the Airfix B25 so I appreciate your warning regarding the correct amount of lead bob in nose. BTW - if you glue the triangular wheel chocks from rear side of main u/c tires you move the point of support (rotation axis) some perhaps 4 mm or even 5 mm aft, what should be far enough to stabilize the position. I have noticed this trick on someone build here on BM some years ago (I am sorry that I do not remember who it was), but I started to use it.... It is very useful Regards J-W
  23. That is really incredible amount of excellent modelling and so rare and obscured types! When posted separately the impact or response would be greater I think, but in such massive thread some added value appears also.... A loud "bravo" for your and especially yours dad efforts! Regards J-W
  24. Let me summarize a bit available options 1. Old Airfix Mk III 2. Frog/Novo/Intech/.... Mk Ic 3 Matchbox/Revell Mk X 4. MPM/Revell/Italeri family (many variants incl. Mk Ic, II, III, IV, X, VIII ) 5. Trumpeter (Mk Ic, Mk III, Mk X. Mk XIV) 6. New Airfix (Mk Ic, VIII and II) Airfix seems to be the best, Trumpeter has too narrow engine nacelles and wheels, MPM is said to have some problems in canopy and some turrets. Still no kit of Mk V, VI or turretless early Mk I... A whole timescale "tree" starting in 1939 Frog Pinguin one (!) here https://www.scalemates.com/pl/products/product.php?id=102683&p=timeline Regards J-W
  25. The Soviets had huge achievements in ground-effect machines. This is still very obscured subject in modelling, thanks for sharing... Regards J-W
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