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  1. Hi I have just finished two - the K and Z, the P has to be done yet... I managed it! It was a long and intense weekend with modelling, the weather in Krakow was right for it.... The K was almost finished yesterday. But the Z was not very advanced in morning. I started with masking canopy (vinyl masks by Pmask). I found them very good, Then I painted all around with gloss varnish and started applying decals. I used the squadron emblem from Revell kit (from drawer) and all other decals are by Techmod from their improved set. This scheme is not there, but there are characters H black and white as well as F1 codes. I used only stenils from Techmod set, the Airfix has more of them. I general I think that human life (especially mine) is not that long to apply all possible stencils on model .... Then I sealed decals with next coat of gloss varnish (Tamiya acryl) and applied matt varnish (Vallejo) and made some weathering. I put the photos of K and Z into Gallery, here just one for each: Some progress could be noticed also for P, but I did not finished her in time... Better quality y day light photos I will give on RFI soon. Regards J-W
  2. Do 17 Z-3, Summer 1940, Airfix kit 1/72, decals Techmod and Revell, mask bu Pmask I managed to put here the second of my triple build! The thirs one later. Better photos with daylight on RFI... Regards J-W
  3. Do 17 Ka3, 3 Zrakoplovno jato, Borongaj, Croatia 1943, RS kit 1/72 Better day light photos will be on RFI... I have just finished her Regards J-W
  4. Many thanks. The rules and the life sometimes does not stick. At those two photos https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/media/ryan-nr-1-recruit.7178/full https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/69/Ryan_NR-1_NAS_Jax_1942.jpg/772px-Ryan_NR-1_NAS_Jax_1942.jpg?20091012150614 showing the same machine (B No 4107) at least majority of fuselage is silver, in one case besides tail also nose looks like being yellow... The restored Ryan NR 1 has very dark blue (rather then black ) anti glare surfaces, NMF fuselage and yellow wings and tails Regards J-W
  5. Thank you, I think I will go this way . The other option is to do her as army trainer where color photos exists...
  6. The band is lighter then the anti glare panels. Also the reoeated number betwen engine and cockpits is lighter so do you think that both are insignia blue?
  7. Thank you. I was to busy with different things that I was not doing any modelling for eight weeks! This is very unusual, but today I dis some progress od my dorniers. During this long weeks I painted Do 17 K but not posted photos. So today at morning the Do 17 K (Croatian) was the most advanced one of three. On morning I started with painting frams on canopy: Then I painted overall gloss varnish And applied decals few minutes ago: During day I worked also on Z and P. First I did masking of the camo on Do 17 P and Do 17Z Here is view after applying Humbrol 91 as Schwartzgrun: Both RLM 70 and 71 applied on both Dorniers I have bought mask for canopy of Do 17, so I will use it Regards J-W
  8. From drawings I have it is 44.6 mm in 1/72 Regards J-W
  9. Wow! Who expected that! Great news! I would rather think that Azur-Frrom will give us the Belgium Firefly series, following the Renard fighter... And here Kora did it. This is a next Kora model which is "must have" for me! What next, after Fairey III F, Gordon-Seal series and Romeo Ro 41? Maybe they will release series of Breguet XIX? Or Fairey Fox series? Regards J-W
  10. Hi, I am thinking on construction Ryan Recruit bit in Navy livery, so the Ryan NR 1 trainer. Here is a photo of formation of them coming from 1942, I think I think the machines are with yellow wings and tails, NM (or alu dope) fuselage and olive drab anti glaze pannels. Is the dark belt on fuselage red as well as the number on front of fuselage? Or it is in Navy Blue? Can I expect numbers on bottom of wing? Regards J-W
  11. In this Portugal web page https://altimagem.blogspot.com/2012/12/53-junkers-ju-86.html It is nothing about delivery in natural metal, opposite, it is said about three color schemes and numbers from 251 to 260. It was typical fro Germany , that exported machines were in three color scheme but with soft lines, not splinter. Regards JWM
  12. Thank you,,,, Apparently this late spring and summer I have much less time for modelling that I was expected, But I am going to continue his thread. Regards J-W
  13. One blade is very simple to cast in resin. Just use a silicon from tube to do a form immersing in one blade of whole propeller till the hub and after about a week or 10 days take it out and then pour inside a vain in form a resin glue, the best are a hard one with slow fixing. Then attache this extra blade using a tinny metal rode (drill a hole in hub and in prop blade) and CA glue ... You can cast also whole prop very easy. Regards J-W
  14. Very, very nice! Next life I have to start doing WWI machines, they can look cute, even with black crosses! Regards J-W
  15. I am afraid that it is true. So maybe only Frog cowlings are suitable for this kit bashing... Regards J-W
  16. Me 210 - please note even the same position (non typical) of writing the serial http://www.samolotypolskie.pl/uploads/Products/product_1843/preview_messerschmitt-me-210_src_1.jpg Regards J-W
  17. My answer is yes, you can! Regards J-W
  18. I was searching yesterday for availability of AMG R-5 in 1/72 and at least on a Polish modeler market it is not present. Moreover, the AMG web page https://amg-models.net/our-products/page/6/ does not show any scale R-5 among products. Anybody knows what is behind it? Is the model produced or it is phased out for some reason? I am waiting for R5 SSS in SCW livery, but it never appeared so far I think and I became afraid if it will appear ever. They were suggesting the release of P-5 civil variant later, so I do not know if one can count on that as well... Regards J-W
  19. If I may as - what is wrong with rubber? Is it aging badly? I am asking since sometime I use rubber o-rings especially for spoke wheels... In my Nomad and Catalina I used the resin copies of the ZTS PZL 37 Loś tires and resin copies of Academy gears. The tires were 11 mm diameter so right for it. Here I mentioned this in post from June 4th 2019: Just to show here are final results of both my conversions of PBY5A amphibians (Academy and Airfix) to flying boats with beaching wheels . Still I have to do an Amphibian one! (and in US markings) Regards J-W
  20. A month lasting break happened, I am sorry to say. I had some more intense period in my regular job, so the hobby had to step back for a while... I am about to return Some progress with painting can be observed: thank you - here a whole set of SCW, as for today (please exclude the top shelf) On above photo you may notice the bottom sided of Dorniers painted light blue... Regards J-W
  21. Nice! I bought both boxes, transport and trainer hoping to do them in not very far future... Interesting to see one nicely done. Regards J-W
  22. Why Tonyot can be banned? He is one of the most active and perfect modeller, what could happen? I noticed his absence, but was afraid on possible health problem or similar... Anyway, still you may see all of it (or most at least) if you just google in graphics the "Tonyot, Britmodeller, {the model name}" - but they will be visible as not full size photos, anyway something you will see... This is an example that nothing vanishes from net if it was there. Regards J-W
  23. Very nice, I have in stash, so I look with a special interest.... BTW - I am sorry to say it, the current war is about this statement: is the Kharkow area the Russia or the Ukraine? In 1942 it was the occupied territory of Soviet Union... Ragards J-W
  24. Waiting for Caproni Vizzola machines - but in 1/72 and injected... BTW, the F6 was only manufactured as a couple of prototypes, whereas the predecessors, F4 and F5 were the short production variants. Regards J-W
  25. BTW, unfortunately, the La-11 was too late to take part in WW2, this is a cold war specie... So perhaps more experts reads cold war section. Regards J-W
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