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  1. Well I had a very productive couple of days this weekend! A lot of filling and sanding and scribing on the wing joints. I don't know why Revell designed the kit with the outer wings requiring gluing. For me it is definitely the worst part of the kit. I also fought with my airbrush and the weather but was able to get a modulated grey on plus the rear end Alcladed. I have most of the decals and stencils on now, these photos are from earlier today. The tiger stripes will need a little more softner and some fettling to get into place but in general I am very happy. A month left to finish this, and it's basically just the painting of landing gear, canopy and final assembly so should be OK! I do want to put a few dummy sidewinders on though also. Thanks for looking!
  2. Sure, I have them! but how to apply just to the round front windows? With airbrush like normal keeping rest masked? I've done dipping full canopy but not spraying.
  3. Wow that looks amazing. How did you make the canopy green?
  4. It is true, a Voodoo with one can out-do a voodoo with two
  5. Hi Alan, If I recall correctly, I used Tamiya acrylic gloss black as the primer, then Alclad polished aluminium for the airframe and Alclad chrome for the nose ring. Before the Tamiya black I polished the plastic with micromesh down to 12000.
  6. This should be interesting. Make sure you drill and pin where you can. Just using superglue will likely not be enough.
  7. Thanks for the tip Dennis. What are the brand names for such products? It's kind of hard for me to get some of the more obscure and specialty things where I am.
  8. While this kind of plane is not my cup of tea it is for sure beautifully executed and the paint job is second-to-none. Just a wee bit behind schedule but with a finished product like that it hardly matters. Oh... and thanks for keeping the updates going.
  9. I got this kit from the personal collection of John from Showcase Models in Melbourne. He ordered in the Hobbyboss kit for me specially and when I told him it's shape was ... less than satisfying... he took it back and gave me this out of his personal stash. It came to my attention on this website that John passed away some years back, which I was quite sad to hear about as I used to spend a lot of time at his hobby shop just chatting about models and other stuff too. His shop was by far the best one in Melbourne, as he typically focused on stuff which the other shops weren't carrying. This is the second kit he gave me out of his personal stash (first one was a discontinued F-4S), so I will build this one in his memory. His Showcase Models brand was also releasing kits. I purchased a small Collins class sub from his brand but I never got around to getting the 1/35 Bushmaster which I regret now. Enough! Now the kit (second of the same boxing in this GB, so there will be some direct competition! ) And the famous special scheme which was applied upon returning from the Gulf in 1991. The decals are an age old so I hope they behave. If not, the LHS has a Italeri kit with same markings! Good luck everyone and I look forward to this GB.
  10. Got my photos into the gallery. Another GB done and dusted! This was a great GB, with varied but related aircraft giving a very nice theme which was not too broad but also more interesting than STGB where every plane is the same! Thanks @modelling minion for all your encouragement and everyone else for their likes and comments too. This one may not have gotten across the line without the support. Btw the RBF tags are semi fictional and just put on to add some visual interest and draw the eyes away from the faults.
  11. I built this early in 2020 when I was just getting back into modelling. I realised now that I need to weather this and paint the exhaust... whoops! I think this kit was more challenging than it needed to be and kit was decent but maybe I had difficulty because I'd been out of the game for so long! Builds up into a nice looking model but it definitely did not fall together itself! Cheers, Arthur
  12. Trumpeter kit. An extremely good kit that I highly recommend. I didn't weather this but I should probably go back and give it a little pin wash. Cheers, Arthur
  13. Trumpeter kit. An extremely good kit that I highly recommend.
  14. Another group build done! Happy to have finished in time but I really feel I did not do this kit justice. I will definitely need to buy this kit again and do it justice with the Spanish decals that I have left over. This is a Kinetic kit reboxed by Ammo and it is great but I made it much harder than necessary!
  15. Another group build done! Happy to have finished in time but I really feel I did not do this kit justice. I will definitely need to buy this kit again and do it justice with the Spanish decals that I have left over.
  16. With the 104 done and the special schemes GB starting soon it's time to get cracking with this one. Got some primer on. A few spots need some attention. This primer colour is pretty close to the dark gull grey I need so the primer may just turn into final coat with some modulation.
  17. Thanks Sam! Yes I used oils with a dot filter, as well as MIG oilbrusher which I just bought, plus the usual tamiya panel line wash. For the dot filter though I used a little too much titanium white which then lead to all kinds of problems. Thankfully the acrylic flat coat is totally impervious to enamel thinners as it's seen a lot. Let's see how it looks under a bit more light when I get photos.
  18. Very similar boxing for my build (read, identical) but a very different scheme planned!
  19. Well, its done now! Heavily weathered. This fought me every step of the way but it was all my own doing! I'll get some better photos into the gallery tomorrow.
  20. That canopy is like a magic trick! In the past I have polished the bare plastic, then used gloss black, then alclad. It gave a really shiny finish.
  21. This looks great Dermot. But you look at the design of this aircraft and Just have to wonder what these designers were smoking!
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