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  1. Looks interesting. I want to build a motorcycle one of these days so will be watching with interest.
  2. Hi Jeff, thanks for the advice. I was looking to photograph it with my Phantom yesterday on a blue background but it wasn't done in time and I packed the paper away. For the final gallery I will do it. Yes! There is a small 1/700 Japanese destroyer Abukuma. The plan was to make a (completely fictitious and physically improbable) diorama with the photoetched Himeji castle you can see at the back of the cabinet. The idea was to have the castle on a steep forest mountain with then a deep water channel (think fjord) running next to the mountains with the ship moored or steaming past. More as an exercise in practising modelling and creating an interesting scene than depicting any real life event.
  3. This kittyhawk kit fought me for around 2 years. It is a tough build but can be built up into something nice, for those of us who are capable or so inclined. I on the other hand just needed to get it off my desk! I really lost my mojo with this one when the colours darkened substantially after giving it a clear coat. It made the black undercoat really show through and so the colour is not very accurate. I was thankful, however, that the 5 part canopy fitted quite well. Obviously an awesome looking Helicopter. I would recommend it if you have time and patience and can do maybe a little scratch building. The decals for the armament are no good and the armament in general is kind of meh. It is finished! One down. The colours look even darker in the photos on a white table!
  4. Beautiful work. But she looks very naked with nothing hanging underneath her!
  5. 1/48 Academy F-4C Phantom II with Eduard Missiles and Hasegawa Bombs. Other than that, built out of the box including Decals. Really enjoyable build and really enjoyable Group Build with an incredibly high standard.
  6. Calling it done with a day to go. Unfortunately the Gunze Aqueous "Premium" flat clear gave a slightly chalky finish to it. Anyway, it is done and the F4 Phantom STGB curse is broken! Despite the setbacks and many flaws I am very happy with it and glad to have a SEA camo Phantom in my collection!
  7. That's a great rendition. Perfect.
  8. Somewhat unrelated, but why do Mustangs always look better in RAF markings and spitfires look better in USAAF markings? Or is it just me?
  9. Noice. I think you should do a speedbuild! This is the kit to do it with.
  10. There's a number of serious contenders for the top prize of STGB fame and glory, and this one is definitely one of them. Somehow, from your description, I think a mask job woild have been a similar level of difficulty. Well done!
  11. Very tidy. I love that scheme. So many nice phantom schemes and so little time. I remember on another hobby website there was a guy who almost exclusively built phantoms. I can sympathize!
  12. Thanks @stevehnz. I am also very pleased about the colours. They are very thick though and require substantial thinning. On the home stretch now! Rivet (or bomb) counters avert your eyes now! MORE! OK OK, even I think it's a bit ridiculous! But it is done. The eduard sparrows didn't fit the kit too well actually, especially in the front stations, but they are mostly hidden away. According to a loading guide I have seen, this load out may have been just slightly above the allowable weight. But with a long enough runway and a little less fuel onboard, I'm sure it could take off! Inshallah I will have this finished for the gallery on Saturday morning!
  13. Awesome model! I think you made it look like an easy build.very deceiving I am sure!
  14. It's not eggsactly an eggplane now is it? However I very much think this looks cooler than the hasegawa eggplanes.
  15. I need to find a good CA glue. Maybe this could be the one! I've Just been using selleys from supermarket. It's a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it works perfectly and other times it's a disaster. I know it can depend on humidity and other things but can someone just invent a glue that holds and sets within seconds consistently! Sorry. End rant!
  16. You can also just keep building it here mate. Only the gallery will lock!
  17. To be honest, it should be displaying completed models. That's what makes it even more shameful... Got the Ford Mustang out today and gave it a nice paint job ... Just need to do all the little chrome details now which seems really tricky. Any hints would be appreciated. Cars are definitely outside my comfort zone!
  18. Well.... lucky there's an extension. All that's left to do now is remove the excess panel line wash, flat coat and final assembly! Today was a long day but thoroughly enjoyable seeing it all come together! Oh... and paint tires and do rbf tags for sidewinders!
  19. Those bombs look great. Nice idea to make them slightly different
  20. I Will try to clear a few of these in this GB. Phantom and Tomcat are part of the on going STGBs. They will get done in time for the end dates. Need to get the Cobra, Ford Mustang and F15 done for sure. But I really want to finish the 787 too. .
  21. Tamiya Acrylic Red for the body and Gunze Aqueous Red Madder for the radome
  22. I will not let the F4 beat me for a second time in a group build! Was not able to work on her for a month due to two weeks in Europe and then unfortunately two weeks covid recovery and self isolation in the spare room. Thankfully my case was relatively mild. Only modelling I did in that time was to put together some Dragon 1/35 USMC from Tarawa. Very unproductive. But with the weather now good (still probably a little hot for optimal airbrushing) I set up my compressor and camping table and got to work! Thanks to lacquer paints I was able to paint basically everything and gloss clear coat. However I ran out of light before I could do the wheel wells and landing gear. But no bother, I can do that next weekend, and all my ordinance is already done! I'm actually quite happy with the mottled effect I have achieved. The camo was sprayed free hand and I think looks reasonably good. Came back few hours later and got the decals on too! Not going to bother about the 200 odd stencils! Most would be invisible on the green anyway. The kit decals are printed by catograph and really work nicely. One little lick or Mr Mark softener and they just sink down into the panel lines.
  23. Think It's when a "rival" squadrons ground crew draw graffiti or other special designs on an aircraft, for example if they are forced to land on a different carrier than their "home" carrier.
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