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  1. I agree, jhutchi – it came across sounding more negative than I intended; I see that now. I apologise and would like to explain that what I really thought when I saw the model was, "that's a very neat and clean model. With some additional work, a bit of light weathering, etc., it will be a very realistic replica of the full size aeroplane." Kind regards, Joachim
  2. Very neat and clean build, although looking rather bland in the absensce of any weathering, no emphasis of where the movable surfaces connect, no red and green for the wing position lights, and with tyres that look like they're newly delivered from Good Year. In short, appearing more as a 'model' than a miniature of a real plane - perhaps unavoidable with such a quick build. Kind regards, Joachim
  3. Fabulous model of one of the strangest contraptions I've seen in a long time. Apparently, only one prototype was constructed and it appears to have been quite a handful. According to Wikipedia, "controlled turns proved difficult however the various control surfaces were combined." Superior modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  4. What a chunky little fella! Excellent build and finish, and I think that lengthening of the build was worth it – good to have the thin hatch as a contrast to the, well, chunkiness. Kind regards, Joachim
  5. Especially Photo #3, I had to look several time to convince myself that it's a miniature set-up. The clincher, I think, is that feller turning his head that adds direction and life. Superb modelling and ditto photography. Kind regards, Joachim
  6. That's a lot of built-in headwind! Superb rigging and otherwise work. Kind regards, Joachim
  7. Generally superb work, as we've been spolit with. But that oddly overstated shading of the fabric covered control surfaces looks just plain wrong to me, as it gives an impression of sag. Anybody who's spent any time around veteran aeroplanes knows that especially on the control surfaces, the fabric is taut as a drumskin. No sag at all. So, misplaced shading, IMHO. Kind regards, Joachim
  8. Amazing work. As 72modeler said above, I just assumed it was an unusually convincing 1:48th Devastator and had to double check the post heading. Impressive and inspiring! Kind regards, Joachim
  9. Beautiful build, subtly weathered, looking just right. A great comeback! Kind regards, Joachim
  10. A magnificent Messerschmitt! The attention to detail and the careful weathering are really inspiring. Excellent modelling. Kind regards, Joachim
  11. Beautiful models of highly (!) interesting prototypes! And thank you for the Wikipedia link. I've been a little involved in the story of an American spy ballon that crashed in Sweden in the 1950s and it's very interesting to read about the ancestor of the M-55, the Subject 34, that was designed to combat these ballons. Superb modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  12. A very convincing build and those li'l guys make all the difference adding life, and a size reference. Sweet work! Kind regards, Joachim
  13. Neat'o Hurricane! And the scale antenna wire works wonders for the realism. Did you use Winsor & Newton Galeria matt varnish for that great finish? Kind regards, Joachim
  14. Very neat model! But the lighter, greenish beige, topside camo colour looks a bit strange, if it's intended to be Dk Earth. Likewise on your Airfix rag wing – same colours? Kind regards, Joachim
  15. What a little charmer! The scale looks much larger than 1:72nd, too. Superb work with what is obviously a superb kit. Kind regards, Joachim
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