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  1. Stunning Tonka with extra all! A truly impressive accomplishment. Kind regards, Joachim
  2. Nice K! A nitpick: the swastika really looks 'pasted on' – overlapping both the rudder hinge and the rudder balance without any gaps. In fact, I doubt that it would've been applied over the hinge IRL. Some work with a scalpel might improve the impression, perhaps? Kind regards, Joachim
  3. Superb realisation of this fascinating Hohenjäger! Kind regards, Joachim
  4. A beautiful Seafox! And the base is verry effective, too. Superb work. Kind regards, Joachim
  5. What a charming little 'boat! Superb model, as expected. Kind regards, Joachim
  6. Not quite sure what you mean by 'MigNazi', but your MiG-21bis is a beautiful model – very convincing. I couldn't find the scale. 1:48th, I'd guess? Kind regards, Joachim
  7. SAAB's Flying Barrel wasn't the first one, apparantly… Super cute, even! Kind regards, Joachim
  8. The head-on photo makes me suspect that this MiG has been refuelled with Stolichnaya… The Matchbox jet kits didn't get much of the refinements that the designers lavished on the biplanes, so it's not easy to turn them into silk purses. Kind regards, Joachim
  9. Superb is a word that comes to mind. Kind regards, Joachim
  10. Your style is inimitable! Kind regards, Joachim
  11. Fabulous Firefly, totally convincing. Kind regards, Joachim
  12. You gave that old lady an amazing facelift and makeup! Thoroughly impressed by the skills and dedication involved. Kind regards, Joachim
  13. Superb Tiggie! The rigging is fabulous, as is the entire model. Kind regards, Joachim
  14. Good work, by Alex and Grandad both! Kind regards, Joachim
  15. Superb Magister with an enviable finish! Kind regards, Joachim
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