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  1. Nice Tonka! I didn't get an impression of 1:144th at all. Kind regards, Joachim
  2. Very neat Grasshopper in a very attractive setting! I could think of various figure embellishments on the pier – the pilot sitting there with a fishing rod, or maybe enjoying a picnic lunch with his girlfriend? Nice work indeed! Kind regards, Joachim
  3. Very impressive. That last photo is really powerful, with a 'being there' quality. Kind regards, Joachim
  4. A most excellent build, with a very convincing finish! Kind regards, Joachim
  5. Superb build with a lovely silky finish. IMHO, the Tempest II is the second most beautiful airscrew driven aeroplane ever. Of course the Spitfire PR Mk XIX is number one. Great modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  6. A little jewel of a model on a 'simple' but excellent base, telling a background story of cold weather field conditions. Beautiful and careful modelling. Kind regards, Joachim
  7. Magnificent Beaufort presentation! Not being well versed in British bomber kits, I wasn't sure if the model is 1:48th or gentlemen's scale – anyhow, a real beauty! And I just love the offset front wheels of the Tilly (or whatever its is). It adds so much 'life'. Kind regards, Joachim
  8. Very smart looking Sabre! Must've hade a diligent ground crew! Kind regards, Joachim
  9. The F-20 is an exciting machine and it's well reflected in your model! The finish is excellent and the photography looks great. The fly in the ointment seems to be in the basic assembly. Perhaps the Freedom kit parts breakdown makes the fit difficult? Anyways, it looks like it might have benefitted greatly from some trimming of joints and a smear of model putty here and there, along with wet'n'dry sanding to get rid of more obvious gaps and joints, that mar an otherwise impressive F-20. Kind regards, Joachim
  10. Beautiful Fork Tailed Devil! Rosie the Riveter had her hands full on a Monday morning! Kind regards, Joachim
  11. Very convincing war horse! Kind regards, Joachim
  12. A most excellent He 112, detailed and brush painted by a perfectionist! Regarding Clashcityrocker's remark above, one might be tempted to call the Spitfire a British Heinkel. It's alleged that R.J. Mitchell was inspired by the Günter brothers' Heinkel He 70, when it comes to the elliptic wing planform of the Supermarine Type 300. Kind regards, Joachim
  13. Beautiful Mustang, looking just 'right' in every detail. The markings really look painted on, weathered along with the main fininsh. Impressive work. Kind regards, Joachim
  14. Slick Gazelle! The finish is superb and the subtle exhaust heat discolouring is totally convincing. Exquisite modelling. Kind regards, Joachim
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