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  1. Spitfire31

    Vickers Wellesley - Matchbox

    Those Matchbox kits look like toys when you open the box, but in the hands of a skilful modeller they can become very convincing models! Good work with this old kit! Kind regards, Joachim
  2. Spitfire31

    BAC Lightning F.6 Trumpeter 1:32

    A mighty machine, even in model form! The overall impression is very convincing indeed. I think you're being overly modest… Kind regards, Joachim
  3. Anyway, those times when you go through horrible ordeals usually provide good material for interesting write-ups! QED in the WIP… She looks great! And that bold red livery tends to lessen the importance of razor sharp trailing edges, and so forth. Top marks for stamina and inventiveness to wrestle the monster into submission! However, if this were a Stephen King story, in the middle of the night you would hear… noises of struts freeing themselves from the bonds of CA. In the bleak light of dawn, you'd see inexplicable fingerprint smudges on the once immaculate paint finish, a minute wrinkle or two in the Texaco logo on the fin, a slight fogging on the inside of a window… Not being able to stand the sight of these inexplicable imperfections (how could you not have seen them?), you spend hours repairing and touching up. There! The next morning, though… I'll leave it here. Kind regards, Joachim
  4. From the "this day in aviation" webpage above: "4–5 September 1936: At 6:50 p.m., British Summer Time, Beryl Markham departed RAF Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England, aboard a turquoise blue and silver Percival P.10 Vega Gull, registration VP-KCC." Good luck with the model! Kind regards, Joachim
  5. A delectable model of the plane used by the legendary Beryl Markham, of Kenya fame, to become the first woman to cross the Atlantic from east to west. Although she didn't quite attain her goal of reaching New York… Thank you, Dora, for the model and for opening the door to a dramatic episode in aviation history! Anybody interested in the background to this lovely model, try these URL:s: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=199390 https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/percival-p-10-vega-gull/ Kind regards, Joachim
  6. Top notch Hurricane! If you had labelled it 1:48th, I wouldn't have been surprised. Beautiful, convincing finish and attention to detail, such as the drooping elevators and, not least, the wingtip lights – coloured bulbs under clear covers. A small detail that not everyone gets right… Impressive modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  7. Elegant representation of this legendary trail blazer! Those extra little touches, such as offset control surfaces add a lot of life to the model. The prop doesn't match the ones I see in contemporary photos, but I assume that replacement airscrews were available from the support crews, if necessary. Good work! Kind regards, Joachim
  8. The epitome of elegant aeronautical design. And, for that matter, the epitome of airbrush finishing! What is your secret of creating that mirror-like paint surface? If it's not a secret… Kind regards, Joachim
  9. Spitfire31

    OK or BAD?

    Slick work! (Stew beat me to the pun on the registration…) Kind regards, Joachim
  10. Spitfire31

    BAE Hawk Red Arrows Hobbyboss 1/48

    Very smart looking Arrows indeed! Kind regards, Joachim
  11. neil5208 says it like it is: Impressive work – the time and skills that has gone into the model, as well as the final result. In fact, my first impression (!) from the top photo was, Why has he photoshopped that pole on a full size F-18 taking off? Kind regards, Joachim
  12. A great, well kept Phantom! I really like little details like the offset nose gear – adds a disproportionate impression of life. Impressive modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  13. Speechless… Kind regards, Joachim
  14. Very good looking Spitfire indeed! I like the restrained weathering of the wing root and of the traces of fuel leaks – very authentic looking! I'm less enthusiastic the prop blades. First of all because it's unrealistic to see prop blades so damaged and secondly, because Rotol props are made of wood, with a narrow brass sheath protecting the leading edge. Excellent model of a very worthy subject! Kind regards, Joachim
  15. Spitfire31

    Tamiya 1/48 Bf109 E4

    The top photo is just wonderful – very evocative! The one below also does your model (and weathering…) justice. The white backdrop has made the rest of the pics underexposed and tends to exaggerate the weathering, I think. Judging by the top photos – a great '09. Kind regards, Joachim